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thank_you.jpgI have a surprise for all of you readers and visitors ….but before anything else, I want to show my gratitude for the many wonderful things that have happened in my life Everyday , I face interruptions, delays, changes and challenges. I have learned an important concept to get me through this stressful time and that is gratitude. I learn to say thank you, for all these problems and feelings. I don’t like this experience but Thank You anyway.

As a gesture of my gratitude, I am giving away Thank You gifts to my readers but of course the gifts are limited so here’s how I will give it away.

1. five (5) special gifts courtesy of Toblerone. (1 thousand pesos gift certificate and Toblerone Chocolates)

Try to come up with a creative or different way of saying THANK YOU. I am looking for just one-liners. Leave it as a comment in this entry. The five most creative one-liner Thank You entries will receive the special prize.

concert2. Two (2) concert tickets per visitor

There will be two tickets per comment for the first 150 ORIGINAL comments in this entry. The concert is slated on October 20, 6:00 pm, SM Mall of Asia. Read more on the Toblerone’s National Thank You Day Concert with Top Filipino Bands or visit

The concert tickets can be claimed at:

GeiserMaclang (c/o Alma Buenviaje)
Unit 7C 114 Tuscan Bluiding
V.A. Rufino St.
Legaspi Village, Makati City
Tel: 812.8828/9199, 0917.5344624


at the SM Mall of Asia venue where I will submit your names and email addresses. Look for Alma Buenviaje.

You might ask, so what is Toblerone’s role on National Thank You Day?

Toblerone together with the city of Manila is trying to revive the lost art of saying ““thank you” by organizing an innovative campaign specifically designed to encourage Filipinos to express gratitude more often. Through this partnership, a series of events and activities that will culminate in the October 20 Toblerone National Thank You Day to be held at the Mall of Asia. Attendees will be able to participate in a rocking concert by the country’s top bands and see their favorite celebrities. It will also serve as the venue wherein winners from the Toblerone thank-you themed contests launched nationwide can claim their prizes. In this endeavor, Toblerone, together with the city of Manila wishes to impart the message to Filipinos to not underestimate the power of the two simple words – THANK YOU.

Read more on Manila Proclaims October 20 as National Thank You Day.

So, let’s think of fun, creative, cutesy, funky ways to say THANK YOU.

EDIT (October 20, 2007): To those going to the Thank You Day Concert at MOA today October 20, 2007 , please text alma buenviaje 09175344624 for your tickets and get them by 430PM today.

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  • Hi Noems.

    Here are my entries: (1) YOU MADE MY DAY, MY MONTH, MY YEAR.” (2) YOU GAVE ME GRAVY!”

    Win or lose, thank you Noems for this FUN contest and for being my friend. Hindi ako nagpapalakas para manalo ha? hahaha

    Will think of some more.

  • “Much Obliged” is the way the people in the west say Thank You!

  • I meant “Mightly Obliged.”

  • No creative juice right now, but I remember how my Tita was in tears as her best friend gave her this note of appreciation for a CD she received:

    “Thanks for the gift of you.”

    I guess sometimes we don’t even have to say much in order to say what we mean. For introverts like myself, sometimes a smile or a simple look would do. The important thing is that there’s mutual understanding. When my friend left to migrate in another country, it was hard for us to say things like goodbye so when we parted ways we just said “bye,” looked at each other in the eye and left. I don’t know how to explain it but that look is frozen in my memory and it seemed as if I saw in her eyes a flashback of pleasant memories we’ve spent as real friends. You see the gratitude in each other’s eyes.
    It’s different naman with my younger friend, she texts me, “salamat…” and since it seems so common for her and it’s hard for her to articulate the deep sense of gratitude that she feels, she follows it up with “i meant it.” hehehe. 🙂

  • Thanks for each new day, as it brings more blog posts to read. 🙂 Nothing so profound as the truth…:)

  • My entry…

    “You made me smile.”

    I’ll try to think of more.

  • how about… “it’s cool to be you!”

  • Maraming salamat po Inay, Mabuhay ka!

  • roses are red,
    violets are blue
    thank you
    for being you… 😀

  • I’m so grateful for what you did that… wait… *Ganns digs into his bag * here… you can have my brand-new delightfully delicious dark chocolate Toblerone bar. 🙂

    Naks, product placement pa. But it’s true! I don’t give up chocolate for anyone unless I’m really thankful for something they did. I denied my own son a right to my Mrs. Field’s Rocky Mountain Mogul bar! LOL

  • Here are more:




    Pwede ba, padamihan na lang ng entries. 🙂

  • You give me a reason to be happy.

    I might not always show it, but my heart appreciates you.

  • I don’t have a smile big enough to show you how much I appreciate you.

    (Puro smile yung akin.)

  • Ako ay nagagalak at ako ay natutuwa dahil mas matamis ang buhay kapag andyan ka 🙂

  • My entry… “You had me at… Toblerone. ”

    OK, I was channeling Jerry McGuire. Har.

  • This is how my husband says thank you to me, whenever the topic of “how his life would have been if he hadn’t married me” comes up. It doesn’t happen often – maybe on romantic days only, like, our anniversary or Valentine’s Day.


    (Then puts his arm around me and pulls me to him, so my head rests on his shoulder. Haay!)

    I know it’s kinda corny but it thrills me no end. hehehe.

    Or, if I’m in the mood to really clean and spruce up our bedroom, complete with lit scented candles, he stretches his body on the bed and says:


  • I want to give you a tight HUG, crinkle my face into a SMILE, hand you a ROSE, gift you with CHOCOLATES, and shout out loud THANK YOU — so that all your senses will know HOW MUCH YOU ARE APPRECIATED AND LOVED!!! 🙂

  • oh nice naman ng toblerone & siempre sobrang nice mo to share… Okay dip din ako:

    “You have my super appreciation deep within my hypothalamus” –> okay geeky I know but that part of the brain controls your emotions

  • rolly07

    Hmmm….like mother, like daughter. Having a contest-of-sort on a blog? =)

    My creative juices are not working at this moment because of lack of sleep so I’ll just make it simple for the meantime. Here’s my entry: “Thank you for showing how to be human: how it feels to lose someone you love and how to cope with it to someone who hasn’t experienced it.”

  • Hi Noemi,

    Thanks to you and Toblerone for this contest.

    Here’s my entry: “That sweeter than Toblerone gesture deserves a double TY: To You, Thank You.”

  • “Thank you for choosing to share your life with me and bringing out the best in me”

  • how do i thank thee? count your toblerone’s with me,

  • Sending you a thank you note sprinkled with fairy dust, so you can close your eyes and let happy thoughts lift you in the air and bring you anywhere your heart wants to go.

  • Hi Noemi! This contest sounds like so much fun. Here are my entries:

    “You make me LOL when I’m DnO”

    “You make me so happy, I’m jumping with glee!”

    “You make life’s glitches and blipblips disappear.”

    Realizing it just now, parang my entries are directed to CHOCOLATES. haha.

  • Hi Noemi, my entry—you’re heaven sent (that’s how I express my thanks to dear friends). One more pa—muchas gracias mi amore.

  • you are the best!

  • I love raqgold’s no. 22 entry 🙂

  • Hi Noemi!

    I hope you still remember me, I am mr.NiceAsh’s wifey. 🙂
    Anyway, this contest is very uplifting. Here are my entries and these are my unique ways of saying thank you: 1.”Wow! Kilig ako”, 2.”Thank God for You are a blessing to me” and 3.”Salamat nang marami.”

  • Another entry from me, in our native tongue: “Salamat ng marami mula sa kaibuturan ng aking puso, tagos pa hanggang balunbalunan. :)”

  • KK

    Oh this is fun! I should come here more often. 🙂

    My entry:

    ” Thank you, you don’t know how much I needed that lift. ”

    ” Thank you very much, Maraming Salamat, Merci beaucoup, Mucho gracias! ”

    “Thank you, it’s so thoughtful of you to think of me.”

  • Here’s my entry, it’s not really that much creative but…

    I usually say thank you and beam my pearly whites (or corn yellows, depends who you ask :D) wide enough to tell that I really mean it.

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  • Dennis Vidal

    THANK YOU!!! Mommy and Daddy for bringing me up to this world!!!

  • Thank you for making my life rock! 🙂

    haha! i’ll think of something else lolz

  • phoenix

    thank you mom for raising me well and letting me live life to the fullest. i will try to be the best mother to my baby. you inspire me, thank you.

  • phoenix

    my child, thank you for being my inspiration. i love you.

  • jenette

    “Can I hug you for this cup of tea?”

    (Simple thing deserves your thank you..Say ‘thank you’ to your loved ones before it’s too late.If you can make it every day, every hour, every minute, or even every second, then do it. It won’t require too much, only a kind heart and a sweet smile. Wtih this simple thing, you’ll never know, you might have touched someones lives. You won’t loose anything by saying thank. So, do it right now.)

  • jenette

    Mom, I thank you for not letting me go to a party and having me sleep early for the examination the next day. I thank you for not letting me buy the newest arrival of D&G dress and instead bought me a book that says “Ways on how to save your money”. I thank you for not letting me have a boyfriend at age 13 because you told me it’s not yet the right time. I thank you for sending foods even if I’m in a meeting to make sure that I won’t skip my lunch. I thank you for calling me even at the middle of my sleep just to say “Good Night”.
    I’m saying this right now, because during those times I always failed to say thank you. Instead, I hated you without even thinking that it’s just your simplest way to say how much you love me. Because of those things, you’ve raised me well to be a better person.


  • Mawe

    thank you for pumping blood to my drained veins and giving my life a second chance of happiness…

  • FPS

    I thank the Lord for the many blessings I have received and you are one of them!!!

  • peekabooo_13

    “you’ve done something really life-changing and your efforts are highly appreciated” (and then a sudden KISS on the cheek) ^_^

  • I’m not exactly vocal when it comes letting my mom know how much I appreciate everything she has done for our family, but I make it a point to attend to my siblings’ adolescent issues, however farcially lame they may seem. All the while I thought it wasn’t rubbing off, and one day totally unexpected, my mom and bro came up to me to say thank you, and that’s not customary to us. I was flush with all the feel good one can have in those two minutes. To this day those return of thank-you’s, however unconventional, is the best I’ve had.

  • More entries…

    You inspire me everyday.


  • grace






    ****hope my entry’s not yet late. my inspiration from ee cummings 😀

  • jhen

    i will be forever grateful to God that 13 years ago our paths crossed and we became friends and for all the things that you did to me, salamat…sobra.

    that’s for my friend who’s always there for me specially during the time when my mom was sick.

  • christian gozos

    for me the best way to say thank you is not by giving a gift or by letting everyone know that this person did something for you..

    the best way is by saying….

    “i dont know how else to thank you but i leave it up to God to reward you.”

    i really believe that there is no correct way of saying thank you but acknowledging the person and making him/her feel that what was done was appreciated is enough.

  • ver

    I can’t compose the perfect words to say how grateful I am for all the good things that are happening in my life..

    all i can say is that…

    “I’m sending you my biggest THANK YOU !! I know that my “Thank you” will never be enough to show my gratitude to all the people who’s making my life worth living…:)”

  • wen_wen

    “thinking of you everytime makes me thank you in million ways”

  • xstin



  • “Gratitude is best expressed through chocolate.”

  • edelweiza

    Seriously, this is how I say thank you to my friends and loved ones:

    “You are heaven-sent! Thanks bunches.”

    Another way:

    “Galing mo! Buti na lang ‘andyan ka…salamat ha.”

  • edelweiza

    Habol pa po:

    “Sa uulitin!” -This is my line whenever I am grateful to someone for doing something nice to me without my asking. Most of the time delivered in a not so serious way, but deep in my heart, I really thanked the person.

    “Thanks a million! ” -another way of expressing my gratitude

    I was browsing through your previous entries when I came across this one. Thanks Ms. Noemi for this fun contest. More power!

  • Nothing beats taking the person you owe to a concert of a god and a goddess of Pinoy Rock – Sir Jett Pangan and Cynthia Alexander.

    Salamat at tayo’y nagkasamang muli
    Salamat at may gabing nakalaan para sa kaunting kasiyahan!

  • tin

    thank you for all the memories that we share each other…

  • Cherry delos Santos

    You have a special way of making the world a better place.

  • Lerma Nadonza

    I couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you.

  • jenny

    You made my heart smile!

  • anthony

    Sending love along with a thankful heart. Thank you a lot!

  • Justine

    Bake her a cake with a piece of note inside saying, “You’re sweeter than this, thank you for being here for me. I’ll be here for you no matter what, I will never let you fall.”

  • Hi All,

    You may claim your tickets at Unit 7C, 114 Tuscan Bldg. (beside UCPB), V.A. Rufino St., Legaspi Village, Makati City. Tel. Nos: 812.8828/9199. Mondays thru Fridays 9am to 6pm.

    Thanks and see you at the concert:)

  • gerald adornado

    Beautiful thank you, for beautiful people like you from my heart to you here’s a sweet Toblerone for you! =)

  • Mark C.

    Everyday I count my blessings and everyday it seems to get better and better. Good friends, great work/career. Just looking someone to love. Thak you so much Lord.

  • hara

    i am so blessed that i have you…you mean so much…thank you for all of these…you’ve given me so much…you were able to give me the freedom i’ve always longed for…thank you so much ninang mingreth…i love you…

  • Can we still pick it up at MoA, Noemi? 🙂

  • i am so bless to have u chalamat for being there:)

  • @benj – Yes! Pick it up at MOA. I submitted the names and email addresses to Alma just now. I told ALma that some of you might be too far away from Makati to pick it up.

  • To those going to the Thank You Day Concert at MOA today October 20, 2007 , please text alma buenviaje 09175344624 for your tickets and get them by 430PM today.

  • Hi. I hope I am not too late, and I want to have free tickets too so I could bring my family along later. Anyway, here’s my simple thank you message:

    “Thank you… Because if it weren’t for you, there would be nothing else to be thankful about.”

  • @porkchop – yes but make sure to contact Alma via 09175344624 for your tickets and get them by 430PM today at the MOA.

  • Thank you so much! Happy thank you day!

  • rolly07

    Thanks you so much Mrs. Noemi Dado. You wouldn’t have a slightest ideas of how much I appreciate your gift and how you and your blogs touches my life. Or maybe you can. I just finished a blog in my Friendster account about this “Thank You” day thing. Here’s the link:

  • thank you for teaching me how to love and letting me fall so that i will learn lot of lessons..thank u for the pain that uve cAused mE it helps me a lot to prove myself..”

    lah lng po..jaz wanna shre it..=)

  • Ray

    Thank you for blogging about toblerone spread the sweetness of gratitude! Please help us spread the sweetness again by allowing me to invite you and your readers to Toblerone Pilipinas website: Spread the Sweetness! 🙂