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It’s inspiring to see before and after photos of people who have lost weight. Take for instance Five stars who went to fat and back like Janet Jackson, Oprah Winfrey, Anna Nicole Smith, Nicole Richie and Jared Leto. Janet lost a whopping 70 pounds:

Janet’s secret is not lipo, not starvation, not gastric bypass. A few months back, Janet signed up for a healthy gourmet delivery service called Fresh Dining, a company that is becoming Hollywood’s new thing.


There’s a similar service in Makati that prepares the [tag]Southbeach diet[/tag] and delivers it to your house. I know of a couple who ordered this diet plan. It cost them 20,000 pesos (roughly $400) every 15 days. God, it’s way too expensive. The result. They didn’t lose weight and I think even gained some poundage. So much for Southbeach diet.

My weight management plan was based on South Beach diet which I prepared by myself. Nothing fancy or expensive. It worked combined with daily exercise at the gym. At the age of 48 years old and afflicted with diabetes, I ‘ve achieved a [tag]weight loss[/tag] of of 30 pounds over a period of 4 to 5 months. I have 10 more pounds to lose.

So here’s my before and after pic:

December 2004 at 163 pounds

December 2005 at 129 pounds

Noemi Lardizabal-Dado (1385 Posts)

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  • Wow! That is an astounding weight loss success. I’m in my early 40’s and I’m also trying to eat healthy. But I guess I can do a lot more better.

  • I mean, a lot better. Ano ba yan? 🙂

  • niceheart: I just wanted to share my story because I thought losing weight past 40 was an impossible mission.

  • you look more fresh and glowing sa first pic, but definitely more sexy and at least 5-10 yrs younger sa “after” pic! wow!

  • Ruth: it’s because in the first pic, I had full makeup from the parlor. Fatness really makes one look older.

  • Toe

    How inspiring Noemi!

  • You look so great – What an inspiration! I am over 40 and I did the Freshdining Diet, and it worked, but with cardio work as well.

  • Toe: Yes I wanted to share it to other women my age so they don’t get frustrated.

    Ling: it’s good to follow diet and exercise that works for you.

  • I need to lose weight, there I said it. I'd love to start a weekly motivation group with the goal of documenting our weight loss.

    I was thinking we could do one layout a week with different weight loss topics.

    The first topic is:

    Title Page with a current picture and your current weight and goal weight (you may want to blur these before posting online.) I plan on printing this one and putting it on my bathroom mirror, although the fridge would be a better place!

    Who else is on board with me???

    A couple more things, we need to figure out a night for a weekly motivation chat AND I'd love to have a nifty little name for us like:
    PAW- Pound a Week
    CHEESE- Choose Health Exercise Eating Sensible Everyday

    I'm sure you can come up with something better!

  • I just wanted to say congratulations on your weight loss. It is such a struggle, and we can’t all afford those gourmet meals like Janet. You look great, and I wish you the best of luck. Thanks for sharing!

  • Wow well done, You look stunning !

  • An

    Hello! congratz for the webby awards.. i was one of those who witnessed the night you received your award.. when i saw your 2004 picture you posted above, i think i didn’t see any of that in the person i saw that webby award night.. wow!!! more congratz on losing weight..

    i am also struggling to lose weight.. i have been looking around for a Pinoy version of SBD. how did you do it?

  • Hi Noemi! Thanks for posting your pre and post photos, very inspiring! I’m not quite 40 yet, but weight loss has become my struggle since having kids (10 years na). If you can do it, i can too.
    You look fab now, btw!

  • that’s awesome. I would kill to lose that much weight. I’ve lost 40 lbs. before. only to see it double after I stopped going to the gym and discovered the love of carbs again. I kid you not, carbs are the devil!

    congrats on the webby awards. i’m one of your silent stalkers.

  • JJ Martin

    Really inspiring. Im following Atkins diet, and hope to see results after this summer, creating a blog like yours could be a good idea to keep on focus..

  • Preben

    Incredible difference! Inspiring to see that change. Weight loss is sure a battle, but all battles can be won 😉

  • Terry

    Your success should definitely inspire others. Your really can do it if you stick to it. Congratulations.

  • Awesome job losing weight, you look great in that after photo! =) The celebrities have it easy with all their money, I’d love to have a live in personal chef or have healthy meals delivered to my door. However, I have recently cleaned up my diet and incorporated a regular exercise routine at least 3 times a week for at least 20 minute sessions. I’ve cut a lot of high sugar foods out of my diet and given up the soda which in itself made a huge difference! Keep up the good work, your progress is very motivating for me!

  • liz

    what gym po kau? nice galing~ amazing improvement. :]

  • are you taking carbohidrat in your diet plan? I am from Malaysia, and have been avoiding rice in order to reduce my weight since last month. manage to reduce, but not that drastic.

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  • dola

    dati nag ggym din ako ,, ang hirap.. kaya hanga ako sa mga nag gygym tapos pumayat. ang ginawa ko kasi may ininom nalang ako na meal replacement. 5 days lang bumaba ung timbang ko ng 4 kilos. hehe.. pang mga tamad ung ginawa kong pagpapayat, ayaw mag hirap sa gym.

    • beth

      what is that meal replacement po? pwede nyo ishare. i want that too…