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You know by now that everyone in my family has a blog. Heck, even the pet cats and dog have a blog except it hasn’t been launched yet.

Can you tell the blogger state of newbiness or blogger age (not biological) by the following conversation?

1. Husband after an argument:

“I bet you’re gonna blog about our fight. Go ahead, blog about it. See if I care”

2. L and I after an unpleasant bank experience:

“Will you blog about it or should I? If you won’t, I will.”

3. M after gushing over her crush.

“You have to make sure I approve of any photos you post on me. My crush reads your blog. And also mom, say only nice things about me.”

Go figure.

Do you know the difference of an oldie (veteran) and a newbie blogger?

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  • i truly LOVED this post! was grinning ear to ear as i could imagine each scene!

  • Uhm, online, I don’t really know how to tell the difference. During offline events, I guess the more gregarious ones are those who have been to previous blog events, have met up with several bloggers and grown comfortable with them.

    But based on your posted conversations, I guess one can tell who the veteran blogger is by looking for the person that often is the focus of the blogger conversations, which I think is you. Hehe. 🙂 It’s amusing that your daughters ask you to blog about them in a certain way or if they could blog about a certain topic.

  • @The Jester- oooh the hazards of bloggers in the family.

  • @Prudence- hehe, actually Lauren is the veteran blogger. almost Fearless. She eventually blogged about the banking experience. I tend to hold back a bit. Newbie bloggers are more careful with their entries.

  • hahahaha! grabe addicted kayo lahat sa blogging. Sana ganun din pamilya ko… kung may pamilya me.. hehehe 😛

  • @Jehzeel- addiction is not the word. More like love blogging. Addiction is a disorder. Definitely blogging is not a disorder. It’s even therapeutic.

  • LOL. This one made me smile. Don’t have a similar issue ’cause my hubby doesn’t even read my blog. And, my two kids are way too young. 😉

  • @shai- hubby doesn’t read my blog. Funny thing is hubby’s friends read mine and tell him so…now he thinks I write about him all the time. I wonder if it’s better if only one family member blogs.

  • Haha. I would be quite surprised if anybody associated with you doesn’t have a blog! Hehe.

    I have to agree with your point. The established bloggers have more courage to post controversial posts, while newbies tend to be more careful with what they post. In a way, they are slowly testing out the waters. Hehe. 😀

  • I’m the oldie blogger and has imparted tips and tricks to my husband but he’s more vocal than I am, opinions wise, if that’s even possible…LOL. He’d ask me sometimes if it’s ok to say some things or if his title is clever enough, etc. Sometimes I’m stumped coz he’s too freaking vocal. He’s kicking butt for a newbie blogger but I’m still the queen… hehe.

  • My parents read my blog. Hmmm. They didn’t know I had a blog until they saw my URL on tv. lol.

  • Nakakatuwa naman ito, pero totoo, kami rin ganyan hehe.

  • hahah, I love the conversations you shared. 🙂

    hmmm, let me see. Lauren and you are the veteran bloggers (esp. Lauren–no holds brd eh) while Marielle and Hubby are the new ones (medyo, cautious pa to blog).

  • when i was a newbie, i always wanted to write non-bias articles. but now, i usually joke that to write a good post is to just randomly select a side, then defend it until you’re proven wrong or receive death threats from the lynch mob. hehe.

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  • awww hahaha it can only happen in a blogging family. So hysterical, Noems.

    Sometimes, after an EB, i wish my blogging berks would also clear photos first before publishing, pero para namang istariray. ahahaha. so i let them na lang.

  • I’m the only blogger in my family. I don’t even think my parents know what a blog is. I tried explaining once but I think they didn’t get it. he he. must be a technology gap.

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  • My mom used to read my blog when it was still on Friendster. She is my friend there so she’d regularly get updates via email. When I transferred to Blogger, I made it hushed up so she wouldn’t know. Not that I have anything hide (LOL), but it just feels awkward when she talks to me in person about my posts. 😀

  • Being a new blogger myself and the only one in our family, blogging is very therapeutic. It serves as a good outlet. :p

  • Noems: Since I’m associated with traditional media — and was trained in a conventional US mainstream publication, even when blogging, I am aware that everything I say is public domain. I fact-check everything that I write about before I can even give an opinion or commentary.

    Since I believe that social movements are tools for impacting social change, it’s not a matter of controversy that determines if I’m careful about what I write — or if I write a “no holds barred” posting. I just think about what kind of future I want to manifest — and this affects the types of postings I make. (Yes, I’m that intense!)

    A good example is one of my nieces. I once yahoo IM’d her and asked her to be careful about all the four-letter words she writes that are construed as being unprofessional. I wasn’t looking at her 4-letter expletives as a personal statement. I perceived her brashness as indicative of youthful verve. Yet, if she were offered a role to strip in an X-rated film, I would certainly advise her to think twice about blogging the experience because in her 30’s or much later, her past might haunt her, especially if she decided to become a fundamentalistic type of person. (Turncoat! Stay liberal, girl!)

    So, my hats off to perceived “careful” bloggers, oldie or newbie (I’m a newbie). You’re future-oriented… And that’s a good thing.


  • Short but sweet. Very funny.

  • I got into the blogging community when I literally became independent at the age of 20. It’s been so difficult to cope with homesickness especially that I was miles away from home. I had no one to talk to. My frustrations stayed as they were until I found a very good outlet which is my blog.

    My family doesn’t know about blog and so my blog. What they know is I do write political commentaries and they have reprimanded me for that.

    One can get a couple of benefits from blogging but a blogger should know where he stands.

  • Im trying to convince my wife to set up her own personal blog too. Its work in progress but i do hope she acepts my invitation. Hehe, im just keeping my hopes up for this
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