Breakfast in Bed

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breakfast trayRubbing my eyes, I thought I saw him hold a breakfast tray . He says “it’s my wedding anniversary gift for you, dear” as he plants a kiss on my forehead. I smile and thought “My husband is so sweet , romantic and thoughtful”. Then he lays the tray on my lap.

“thank you dear. that’s really so sweet. Wait. I need to take a photo for posterity”

I eagerly wait…for the coffee.

Lo and behold. He places the apple macbook on the breakfast tray.
breakfast in bed

“I know how you like to use your macbook in bed when you wake up so the breakfast tray is really practical”

“Is that it? No real breakfast ?” I whine.

“no, the breakfast tray is for your macbook”

Taking another photo, I teasingly demanded “Coffee!”

He went back to bed and hugged me “I’m sleeping again. It’s saturday. We can have coffee later. Happy anniversary”

It’s been 22 years of married life with a combined total of 29 years together as a couple. It’s been awhile since I received a really romantic present from Butch. I remember in our early years how he would often buy me a ring for every fight he started. The habit stopped when he found out our marital spats became more frequent . Hehe, he got broke. (actually his grandma, the jewelry supplier died). In the recent years, Butch just buys practical gifts.

But it’s okay. The romance still rings true in the air. The gift is just a symbol. And definitely the love is forever.

(more later)

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  • And suddenly I’m back to being a hopeless romantic. When I’m older, I wish to find someone who’s as sweet as your husband.

    Happy anniversary to you both. More years to come. 😉

    BTW, the macbook fits perfectly. Ayos! 😀

  • Oh yes pretty tray naman. I have a table in bed. lazy bum.

  • Happy Anniversary to you and Butch!
    I was expecting the next photo to be a tray-ful of yummy breakfast hehe. But the tray does work well for blogging in bed 😉

  • Riz

    Aww.. that’s really sweet!! There goes something to remind the rest of us that there’s still such a thing as happy ever afters. 🙂 Happy Anniv to you and Sir Butch. 🙂

  • amy

    How wonderful! This could be a very addicting blog…Nice writing

  • So sweet! My Dad still buys flowers for my Mom and he’s been doing that for more than 50 years! See? That’s why it’s so hard for me to find someone! Aaarggghh!

  • @chateau- i thought so too. at least I thought of coffee

    @riz- it was quite a journey. But it’s possible to be happy ever after.

    @amy- thanks for visiting

    @aileen- oh your parents are sweet. How nice. I am sure you will find that special someone.

  • Toe

    Hehehe… he’s so sweet! Kahit walang breakfast, may apple naman. 🙂 Happy Anniversary Noemi and Butch! 🙂

  • aw, that’s so sweet!
    i wish my hubby is as romantic! hahaha … but funny thing, i love him all the more for being different! weird, huh? 😀

    happy anniversary!

  • Hey, 22 years old na ang marriage mo. Ooh lala … Ang breakfasst in bed, that is if you blog for breakfast LOL. Yes, it is symbolic. The love abides. Congrats again and again.

  • happy anniversary Noemi, i know it will always be a happy anniversary for you, not an anniverSORRY. you have 22 years with Butch already, may you share more, may you always find joy in each other, may each passing day be a new discovery, a new light, a steadfast love. 🙂

  • Happy Anniversary, Noemi- what a great practical gift- that means you can be in bed with him while blogging LOL! what a great idea- it’s gonna be winter here soon hmmm…

  • happy anniversary Noemie. sorry i am late in greeting you and Butch. i was a little busy *ahem* myself..LOL.

    many many more years to come. *hugs*