David Cook Wins American Idol Season 7

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(Edit- I posted this entry yesterday before David Cook was declared the American Idol Season 7 winner. I just knew David Cook will win.)
david cook

Even before I started this blog, my American Idol Blog was up and about since Season 3. The American Idol blog was born from one of Lauren’s abandoned blogs which was started in 2000. It started one night when I overheard M laughing her head off as she watched TV. Curious, I watched along with her. Pretty soon, I got hooked on American Idol and I laughed the loudest. It was the year of William Hung and Jasmine Trias.

Anyway….back to the current American Idol Season 7.

My vote goes to David Cook, but I have a sinking feeling that David Archuleta will be winning the competition. He’s got a large teenybopper fanbase, plus his age makes him an interesting novelty to those who aren’t teenagers. I have absolutely no idea who America will vote, but I guess we’ll find out tomorrow.

Who are you rooting for? David Cook or David Archuleta?

david cook and david archuleta

EDIT- May 22

David Cook wins by 12 million votes.

America voted. Out of 97.5 million votes, a spectacular 23 million votes more than Season 6.

David Cook got 56% of the votes while David Archuleta garnered 44%.

Meaning David Cook won 54.6 million votes and David Archuleta at 42.9 million votes.

You can watch the videos of American Idol Season 7 Results nights here.

Watch the announcement here:


david cook

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  • I’m OK whoever wins. For Archuleta’s father, I hope Cook wins. Then again, Cook doesn’t need the AI title to become big. I don’t think Archuleta will sell as many albums as Cook.

    fritz’s last blog post..The Low Down: American Idol Season 7 Finals

  • @Fritz- I agree. The title is not guarantee to become big. I remember Taylor Hicks and Chris daughtry.

  • My heart sank witnessing the crowd go crazy for David A. He has so many fans but I’m still crossing my fingers and hoping for David Cook to win. I agree, win or lose David Cook is destined to make big records.

    Rach (Heart of Rachel)’s last blog post..Wordless Wednesday #22

  • I’m rooting for David Cook too. But, I felt the same way as Rach when the crowds went wild for David A. Win or lose, David Cook is definitely going to make it big.

    chateau a.k.a. imom’s last blog post..Be The Look of The Year!

  • I’m for David Cook too. That’s 4 out of 5; at least in this blog.

    Em Dy’s last blog post..When Space is a Good Thing

  • Likewise, I think that David Cook is more talented. However, the fan base of AI will most likely vote for David Archuleta.

    Fitz’s last blog post..How To Find Your Edge In A Saturated Market

  • Whoever David wins later I think they deserve it. But I believe that David Cook will win based on the DialIdol prediction.

    Jeric’s last blog post..American Idol Live Blog: Show Proper!

  • I KNEW IT! David Cook wins! I just edited my entry.

  • yehey!!


    SexyMom’s last blog post..American Idol: David Cook WINS

  • Ed

    I had this feeling since yesterday. I tried to vote yesterday and the voting lines for David Cook is so congested as compared to Archuleta. I believe my 4 votes for David Cook helped as compared to my 2 votes for Archuleta! =))

    Ed’s last blog post..David Cook – Declared Winner of American Idol Season 7!

  • David Cook won me over since his Phantom of the Opera and Billie Jean renditions. And it looks like that what happened to most of his fans. He wasn’t the favorite at the outset but he gradually wowed audiences to his fold.

    What surprised me with the results was the winning margin! 12 million?!? Wow, I was expecting it to be closer than that.

  • He is now my baby! I predicted he’d win! Obviously!

    Obnoxious Queer’s last blog post..Clumsy

  • I liked DC right from the very beginning… since audition, that is. He’s the most talented and well-rounded among the contestants this year. Sooo glad that he bagged the title.

    BTW, nice cookie-in-undies pic huh?! Kinda hot!

    Nice site! More power!

  • We won ha! I didnt expect our manok (cock?) — the cook — to win so the announcement was so much more delightful.

    You know what, I am now watching the AI replay marathon. I wanted to hear Cook’s songs that I missed.

    annamanila’s last blog post..Paper Chase 1: THINGS I WOULDN’T HAVE KNOWN IF I PAID A FIXER AND DIDN’T BRAVE THE LINES AT NSO

  • Yeah, this years idol was full of amazing talent. it had lots of surprises. I still love archuleta, but David cook is really good. 🙂

  • at first it was really david archuleta whom everyone expects coz of teen votes but then the real idol still is david cook, so he deserves it

    David Cooks last blog post..Meeting David Cook at Taste For A Cure

  • It’s hard for me to ever get behind any one winner in this show, because no matter what season, there are always so many talented performers who never make it to the end. It’s a shame, but that’s just how this show is for me.