Enjoying Recovery

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I am listening to this seventies music , Friends of Distinction “Great Day”. I turn to my husband and sing the song “Aint it a great day? Could it be better?” I love that 70’s music.

road.JPG What a journey Butch and I have gone through! For some of you who know the inside story of our journey, it is a miracle that Butch and I have this second wind in marriage. We are enjoying this new life together. It’s been a wonderful journey yet we are constantly working on our recovery. As individuals, we are constantly evolving and changing.

Recovery is universal and applies to any crisis in life.

The road to recovery is often times hard and rocky. Sometimes we climb mountains. Sometimes we slide down the hill. Sometimes we take a breather.

Sometimes we grope our way through the darkness. There are times we get blinded by the sunlight. Often, many may walk the same road with us; sometimes we are alone.

Ever changing, interesting, and leading to someplace good or even better.

What a journey!

I continue to sing to my husband

Whatever we do dear,
There’s one thing that’s for sure
That nothing could be better
Than just being together.

He gives a goofy smile as if embarassed by my serenade. “we need to have a change of scenery.” and makes plans for a trip which might not materialize but it’s the romantic thought that counts right now.

I relax and enjoy this moment. I know I am right where I need to be on my journey.

Noemi Lardizabal-Dado (1388 Posts)

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  • I know exactly what you mean. My husband and I are in our recovery process coz of what heppened last summer before our second child was born. We have a long way to go but I think we’re getting there.

    Congrats to yours :).

  • Hope i could be as strong as you are.

    My mom died in 2000 due to heart attack. And now I am faced with several health issues in the family.

    But I know GOD is always here beside me – listening, caring, comforting.

    GOD bless tita.

  • A great post — chockful of touchie-feelie and well-written too. You’re marriage have been tried by time and tested by crises, Noems. When I look at your pictures with Butch — I see your smiles and body language projecting positive things one can say of a relationship. May God continue to bless you and your family.

  • @dexie- a second wind is always a blessing. Rediscovering each other is such a rewarding experience.

    @UTOY- Just by praying and lifting your prayers to God, one gets the comfort that anyone can ever get

    @annamnila- so much trials came our way. We are constantly evolving changing. Yes we are so thankful to God.

  • the road to recovery may be a long winding road…but it seems that you continue to find your way through the right path. do enjoy the scenery.

  • Marriage is a give and take arrangement.Theres no such thing as perfect marriage. The thing that will really keep the marriage going is if you still have love for each other and I know that you and your husband has that love that will withstand the test of time.

    Its very unusual to have two different persons going into marriage without any differences.Ang masarap after every fight bati kayo uli.

  • @sexymom- we continue to walk the road to recovery. And you’re right we enjoy the scenery.

    @betty- you’re quite right . as long as the love is still there, the marriage will continue to work out,.

  • What a very sweet post. Does Butch read your blog?
    🙂 He should & I’m sure he’ll be very flattered.

    Like you, hubby & I are also in a process of recovery. We’re patching things up after a pretty stressful 2006. And rather than give up we’re sure we want nothing else but stay together.

  • @auee- butch doesn’t read my blog. But I tell him what I post and sometimes he says “You punk” as if embarassed. hehe. Hope you and hubby continue to work together. Stay strong.

  • am i to understand that you would ask the peolpe whose pictures are on this post for advice? i certainly would 🙂 and i love this post, because you are wise beyond your years. always.