Filipina Bloggers in Their Wedding Gowns

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Love is in the air these days. What better way to feature love than through the eyes of a bride in her dream wedding gown. Every wedding gown has its own story to tell. If it could speak, it would be the guardian of memories for the night. It isn’t just proof of one’s most beautiful state; it is witness to the gamut of our emotions, from the moment it is put on to the time it is returned to the box. Instead of featuring socialites in their fancy wear, why not feature our lovely Filipina bloggers? Guess who is who in these photos!



Hint: Visit the wedding gown memories of Gail, Dine, Cookie, Raq, Mec, mine, my sister, Myrna.

Oh and why do I have a wedding gowns blog? Blame it on my brother David in the US. Over a year ago, I went shopping for wedding ideas. David dreamt of having a church wedding with his wife of 15 years and has never gotten around to plan it. Until now, the church wedding remains a dream. I can’t blame him. He has four kids and the logistics of the transcontinental travel just overwhelmed him. In the meantime, this blog got traffic hits from the keyword “wedding”. Sniffing an opportunity for blog monetization, I installed a wedding blog where Lauren now earns a living writing for dream bridal gowns.

The problem with inviting a blogger to participate in the “wedding gown memories” category is that I assume she got married, wore a wedding gown or even had a fancy wedding ceremony at that. Boohoo. What an embarrassment. I stopped inviting altogether. So if you want to participate in the wedding gown memories, send a digital photo of your wedding gown and a write up to noemidado @

love struckAnd while you’re at it, why not join the Love Struck Writing Contest?

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  • gee, I didn’t know you had another blog! I’ll go hop to your wedding blog now. 🙂 looking at the wedding dresses of Blogger friends sure interest me. 🙂

  • sorry, i have not yet scanned my wedding photo for my contribution, thus the delay. yiiikes, papa-scan pa! hahaha! well, at least i know im not the only one who has to use a scanner 😀

  • @feng- I like the story behind every gown

    @lady cess- of course it needs a scanner. I need to redo mine because I just used a digicam. Hence it’s not clear.

  • Macnerdzcare

    wow ang ganda ng wedding gown 🙂

  • Sali ako! 😉

  • Ami

    Can I send in my mom’s wedding photo instead of mine? All I had was a 5-minute “Yes I do!” at the Quezon City RTC e, hahaha.

  • @mitch- sure, i will wait for it

    @ami- yes but write a story about it.

    email me at [email protected]

  • what a nice idea 🙂 maybe i’ll do an entry if i still have the energy for it.

  • @cathy- yay.

  • Noemi, I want to send my wedding gown picture but I’m a bit doubt since there was no special story behind it. I just went to the bride taylor. She took my size, sewed the gown, and finish…

  • @viona- just write anything about your gown, the wedding day. I am sure there are things to write about that day.

  • I would love to see some of our filipina bloggers model some wedding gowns with a paragraph below each images about their own wedding (for the married ones) and their dream wedding (for the single ones). Just a suggestion though 😀

  • I love seeing women in wedding gowns. It’s like a fairytale for me. Very very enchanting.

    This is my first time visiting your blog and I am so pleased to find an entertaining and worthwhile blog. Thanks a lot!!!

  • yes, dear bloggers–it is fun to share!