Francis Magalona Succumbs to Cancer

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Photo Credits to Francis Magalona’s Multiply Site

Francis Magalona Succumbs to Cancer at the age of 44 at the Medical City Hospital after a 7 month battle with AML (Acute Myelogenous Leukemia with Mixed Lineage) or MLL. Francis died due to multiple organ failure ““secondary to severe sepsis and secondary to pneumonia,” according to a doctor who was not authorized to talk to media.

Rest in Peace, Francis. I somehow know the battle with leukemia as I witnessed my brother’s struggle with leukemia for three years.

Oscar, my brother died from a failed stem cell transplant due to sepsis too. He was only 40 years old just as young as Francis Magalona. Oscar was diagnosed with Acute myelogenous leukemia (AML-M4) on September 1, 1996. Getting sick of leukemia is a logistical nightmare especially if one is looking for blood type AB donors.

Our family worked diligently to support Oscar in his search for a cure, spanning hours and hours of research and inquiries through the internet and electronic mail. Research revealed that Oscar needed a stem cell transplant upon remission but unfortunately, he relapsed before we found a hospital within our budget. Cost of stem cell transplant ranged from 7 to 20 million pesos in 1998. The cheapest transplant was in Israel. To raise funds for his transplant, we put one of our properties for sale. It was a long hard battle and I can just imagine the struggle that Francis’ family had to go through.

The last time I saw Francis Magalona was at the Toblerone Thank you day concert with Maxene, his daughter. It was just a a year before he was diagnosed of leukemia on August 8, 2008.

francis magalona

Before that, he was one of the judges of Philippine Idol where I got to see him almost every week.

That was also the first time I heard him sing a rap song called “Kaleidoscope World” in one of the episodes. I really enjoyed watching him sing!

A part of the “Kaledesicope World” Lyrics,

So many faces, so many races
Different voices, different choices
Some are mad, while others laugh
Some live alone with no better half
Others grieve while others curse
And others mourn behind a big black hearse

Some are pure and some half-bred
Some are sober and some are wasted
Some are rich because of fate and
Some are poor with no food on their plate
Some stand out while others blend
Some are fat and stout while some are thin

As Others grieve while others curse , And others mourn behind a big black hearse , I remember the music.

I happen to enjoy rap music even if my kids say “eww..” Yet Francis is also the voice behind the hits “Ito ang Gusto Ko,” “Meron Akong Ano,” and “Mga Praning” and “Mga Kababayan,” which was included in his album “Yo!” released in 1990. I am going to miss his live music but my nostalgia is nothing compared to how much his family will miss him. I do know his memory lives on in his music.

*sigh* All these images of Francis just remind me that I have to Thank you, Francis Magalona for the music.

As we grieve for Francis’ death, maybe this poem might comfort you. This poem gave us peace when my brother died of leukemia. I’d like to share to all of you.

God saw you getting tired,
And a cure was not to be,
So He put his arms around you,
And whispered “Come to Me”
With tearful eyes we watched you suffer,
And saw you fall away.
Although we couldn’t bear to lose you,
We could not ask you to stay.
A golden heart stopped beating,
Hardworking hands laid to rest.
God broke our hearts to prove to us,
That He only takes the best.

The memory of Francis M is a form of immortality. Those you remember never die. They continue to walk and talk with you. Their influence is with you always.

Francis M’s legacy lives on through his music.

Once again, thank you for the music, Francis

francis magalona


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  • It really is a sad day. One of the best Filipino artists ever! I still remember the day I got the Free Man album. He will be missed but he will always be remembered as his music and legacy lives on.

    My prayers and condolences to his family.

    • Francis will always be remembered through his music. What a legacy!

  • Gizelle

    It was a shocking news to everybody as everybody knows that he was doing good fighting from leukemia. But now he will be with our Almighty. May his repose will rest and peace and I send my condolences to his family.

    We will miss you Mr Francis M.

    • I know the leukemia battle too well. It is a painful battle. My brother had an extension of 2 years and a half from diagnosis and that I am grateful. I understand this type of leukemia does not have a good prognosis

  • this is so sad. i hate cancer, cancer took my grandmother away from me.

    rest in peace francis m.

    • I hate it too. My mom died so young at 45 due to breast cancer. My brother died at aged 40. It’s a terrible illness.

      • mae

        my mother died of AML 2 months after she was diagnosed in may 2001. she was 45. my sister and i were still both in college, while my other two older siblings have only started working. we didn’t have money to send her to better hospitals. my dad, my sister nurse and mom had to fly to manila from zamboanga for the treatment. i was in davao for my school. two other siblings were left behind in zambo. we were scattered, mom didn’t have enough moral support in manila. we were devastated when she passed away. it all happened too fast. we were young and we dealt with her illness the best way we knew how–prayers.

        i am working in singapore for 2 years now and my sister nurse is in the UK who just got her british citizenship. but we may have to fly back home soon. my brother is undergoing bone marrow aspiration in a few days and he may need all the support he can get. doctors suspect CLL.

  • bibim

    The first album (it was a cassette then) that I ever owned was that of Francis M and that was way back in the late eighties. I basically grew up on his music. He is an inspiration to me.

    Kiko, thank you for everything… godspeed.

  • despylyn

    me and all my family are sad but still happy..happy kc po hnd n sya mahihirapan at alam ntin s heaven sya pupunta..s francis m..that is my mom and all the family favorites..pinaglihi p nga po un bunso kong kpatid n babae ky francis m..un nalaman nmin n pumanaw n c francis nalungkot kmi lht at hnd nakakain s pagkabigla..pero s mga alaala n niwan nya pkiramdam nmin hnd sya nwala..we love oyu francis m.. and thank you very much for all you done to all the pilipino..we will miss you..

  • enoll

    sad to know that the master rapper are past away but in our heart u will always be a inspiration ur the man i know ur happy there in heaven, u leave in this world a lot of good things that u done and inspireble we love u kiko and you’ll always here in our heart ………….

  • indeed sobrang sadness na araw tow sa lahat nang mga taow sa pinas, isa syang obra maestra…akoy isa din sa mga taga hangga ni Francis M, at yung sakit nya ay isa sa mga mahirap na sakit sa hanay nang cancer, saksi akow sa pakipaglaban nang aking mga pasynte sa onco, at hindi madali yun.. Pero ka hanga-hanga talga ang taong ito dahil sa kanyang big hope at tiwala sa sarili at Dyos. ma mimiis ka namin kiko!

    Amorgatorys last blog post..ISANG ARAW SA LUMANG BAHAY( PART 1)

  • March 6 should be a special day for my family since it’s my wife’s birthday but then out of respect for Francis Magalona who happens to be one of my inspiration during my teenage years where I was into rap and rock band gigs, we spent the rest of the night after our family dinner at his wake.

    I started blogging when Amiel Alcantara died. I once again resumed after days of being idle but this time for Kiko. It is sad though but then again, I may say that atleast now we know that INDEED HE WON THE BATTLE FOR HIS LIFE AS HE IS NOW WITH HIS CREATOR less all the pains.

    I share with the feelings of his family and friends. I know that he will always be in our hearts because he left a legacy more than the lyrics and melodies… he indeed FILIPINIZED the PHILIPPINES even at the very last moment. One of THE FEW, THE PROUD and THE BRAVE “MGA KABABAYAN”.

    Ryan Ericson Canlass last blog post..LAY-OFFS, BIRTHDAY AND THE WAKE OF FRANCIS M.

  • Maraming nagulat about this yesterday. I was browsing the news yesterday sa office nung makita ko yung balita. At first akala ko hindi totoo, but when a friend told me na it was announced sa Eat Bulaga. Ang nasabi ko na lang.. deym!

    Here are some of the comments from friends and fans of Francis Magalona : Follow the link

    Dennis Victorianos last blog post..Joey de Leon, Michael V mourn Francis M s death

  • I first heard about this from Lauren’s plurk. Brought out a lot of emotions from me coz my Mom died of Leukemia when I was only 10 and my brother was 8. May he rest in peace and my condolences to Francis’ family and friends.

    • same here Dexie. We know the battle all to well.

  • christine

    Kiko, i know u are now in a good hand and im sure ur happy now; in heaven no more pain, no more sadness; Kiko, we will never forget u; U will always be in our hearts and ur music will always be mr rapper…we will missed u!!!!!!

  • RIP and condolence.

    well done Kiko, i know its a new but different journey this time around,

    keep up the nice and legacy battle up there like how you have won the battle down here!


    VeRTiTOs last blog post..IN DEPTH: Fedora 10 Preview

  • We were enjoying Eat Bulaga yesterday (as we usually do for 2 decades) when Vic Sotto announced that bad news.

    Just before I am writing this comment, Eat Bulaga just finished their tribute to Francis M together with old friends like Gary V and Raymond Lauchengco.

    Being younger than him by 2 years, I am one of those who loved his unique kind of music and using his art and talent to tell the world that we should be proud to be Filipino. He is one of the few artists who can start a trend and stick with it.

    Here’s a piece of trivia that I will not forget about him, and I don’t know if anyone can remember this. But during the height of Randy Santiago’s career, Francis M put shades (sunglasses) on the picture of Emilio Aguinaldo that’s on a five-peso paper bill. Somehow, he saw the resemblance of the two faces. Eventually, this became an instant hit and a lot of Randy’s fans imitate him until almost every five-peso paper bill looked the same.

    Surely, the industry will miss another original Filipino artist.

    My condolences…

  • I am just a follower of his journey and upon hearing the sad news and watching Eat Bulaga’s tribute it can’t be help that tears pour down my eyes which is unusual for me. He must have left really something special in me and every Filipinos he touched with his courage, optimism, passion and artistry.

    Chris A of Life on a Pencils last blog post..To See You Again Great Icon – A Francis Magalona Tribute

  • vincent p

    Rest in peace sir francis 🙁

  • magcy

    isang biyaya ng panginoon ang nakamtan
    na sa puso ng pilipino’y d makakalimutan…
    nag bigay saya at nag bigay ng inspirasyon
    sa bawat musikero ng industriyang pilipino…
    araw ng byernes ika anim ng marso
    binawian ng buhay ang taong napaka asensado…
    ang musikang “mga kababayan ko”
    ay sumasaludo sa bawat pilipino…
    sya ay nag tayo ng isang produkto
    para mapakita na sya ay talagang pilipino…
    masakit tanggapin na ikaw ay wala na
    pero sa puso namin buong buo ka…
    paalam kaybigan,idolo,ama,hari
    pagkat sa bagong landas na iyong tatahakin
    baunin mo ang dasal na aming pinapanalangin…

    nag bibigay pugay kamay ako sa nag iisang
    KING of RAP sa puso ng bawat rapper na pilipino…
    mahal ka namin kuya kiko
    may you rest in peace…

  • I was Francis Magalona’s schoolmate when we were still in our elementary years in Don Bosco Technical School, Mandaluyong many, many years ago, and I remember him as a somewhat “spunky” fellow. Though we really don’t know each other personally, I always see him at school playing basketball, or lining up to enter the classroom, and other things that any ordinary student would normally do. Although I never was a fan of his songs’ genre, I do respect his life’s works and what legacy he left for his family and us all. May he rest in peace.

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  • marie

    I was one of the million people who are a big fan of FRANCIS MAGALONA..
    when i heard about his death i was deeply …

  • iSanG mgaLiNg NA PiNoY KiNg of RAp

    yaN aNg BAnsAG kaY fRAnCis m tUnaY naH MKAbYAn

    IPAgPAPaTuLoY namIn aNg yOnG nSiMuLAn

  • ems

    This is a really really nice post in his memory. I still cannot believe that we have lost a legend. He was not only a man with so much talent, he was one with a very very big heart and a genuine love for our country. I only wish that God sends us more people like him.

    I didn’t know you had a brother who suffered from Leukemia. You have been through so much, I continue to be amazed at what a strong woman you are. Keep it up! You serve as an inspiration to many 🙂

    emss last blog post..YTRiP Wine and Cheese Party

    • Type ko talaga music niya which is rare for me because I am not a fan of many Philippine artists these days. The death of Francis M reminded me once again of the struggle my brother went through. Trust me, I wasn’t a strong woman at first but I decided to do good with my life.

  • michiyo shimizu

    Francis M. opened the door for rappers to show the talent they got..
    He showed not just his talent but his care,love and support to everybody..

    That’s why I’m really surprised when I’m told that Francis was dead..
    His life is short but full of happiness and joy not like some long life that’s full of rebellions and uninteresting things..

    The “King of Rap” that really fits to him..
    His artistic and wonderful mind is totally a “WOW” to everybody..

    Thank you FRANCIS M. for sharing your life with us..
    We’ll never forget you..
    We love you..

    Again, THANK YOU…

  • dear francis ang cancer ay isang sakit na parang walang lunas at alam k ang nararamdaman ng iyong pamilya kac nang mamatay ang aking lola sa cancer parang nahulugan ako ng isang malaking bato at kahit dumaan iyon sa buhay ko kailangan tang gapin natin ganyan talaga ang buhay minsan may masaya minsan may malungkot at kahit malungkot man ang mamatayan ng lola kailangan nating tanggapin tulad ng pamilya mo tinanggap nla kahit masakit d2 na mag tatapos ang kuwent ng buhay ko francis m

  • It always hits a special place in my heart whenever I hear a story of someone passing away, I hope Francis Magalona may RIP.

  • francis magalona is the best master rapper i have aver seen on tv and in the npopular tv show eat bulaga anhd he’s the best show host of all. when i knew that she was dead because of cancer of the blood i was totally shocked because his family in eat bulaga were announcing that francis m had passed away in the 12noon. many were sad mostly his family and his family dabarkads on eat bulaga was soi saddly left by the master rapper, although he had passed away but his songs and his dabarkads, family friends did not truly left by his memories in the years goes by but the memories of francis m will never fade away mcoz of his family will forever do the things that magalona will be truly missed. may you know rest in peace forever master rapper. thank you for your wonderful songs that we will truly love….