Human Hair and the Guimaras Oil Spill Cleanup

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oilspill.jpgI just had a haircut yesterday. While entering the door of Azta Urban Salon in katipunan , a sign caught my attention . The notice said our cut hair willl be used for cleaning up the [tag]Guimaras Oil Spill[/tag]. A few days earlier, I saw the TV news on human hair being collected by Les Reyes of Reyes Haircutters . Reyes mentioned that all members of the Philippine International Hairdressers Association signified their intention to join in the efforts to clean up what is believed to be the worst oil spill in the country. This article says more on the experience of human hair in cleaning up oil spills:

In the 1989 Exxon Valdez oil spill in Alaska, human hair was found to have great adsorptive quality. According to the CNN website, which wrote about it, oil clings to hair as the tiny scales on hair snag and hold the oil. Chicken feathers, wool, and straw may also be used, but human hair is found to be more absorptive.

Not only do I feel good about my new haircut, I feel that I have contributed a little to the oil spill cleanup. I wish I could do more. Like what fellow blogger, Abe Olandres wrote:

One of the projects we’re looking into was to collaborate and utilize all our IT resources in pushing advocacies like expanding awareness for the Guimaras Oil Spill on the internet and maybe helping pool donations or fund drives.

Let us think of something to contribute to the cleanup . Perhaps we can cut our hair? Hehe. Or maybe we should import cut hair from other countries or even just writing about it might bring out awareness for the Guimaras [tag]Oil Spill[/tag] to other countries.

Photo source Ariel Catubig/AP

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  • am one of the owners of Newsbarbers, Making The Right Cut at SM Fairview; Circle C Malls, Ever-Gotesco Commonwealth; SM Hypermart Pasig; and, SM Bacoor.

    we have also started collecting cut hair from all of our shops for us to be able, in our own little way, to help in the Guimaras mishaps.

    we are not advertising this activity because we just want to be anonymous in our efforts.

    in this times of crisis in our national history, people like you and us (newsbarbers) are really needed to be involved in activities like these.

    thanks for being concerned in our environment.

    God bless.

  • @newsbarbers- I don’t mind the plug. But it’s great all the salons are into this hair collection. Kudos to your efforts. Every little effort counts. Thanks!

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  • Toe

    Oh darn! I just had a haircut. I wish I could have helped.

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  • When I learned that hair could help clean up the spill, I decided I would make sure my salon donates my cut hair for the clean up. Unfortunately, I was a bit harassed when I finally got my cut. I forgot all about helping with the clean up. 🙁
    I’m glad you were able to make that contribution. Good job!

  • Olga

    Haven’t visited for a while. I love your blogsite’s new look.

  • It is ironic that at this point of time where there is still a slim window of opportunity to take that leaking oil tanker off from the waters of Guimaras, Petron is delaying its obligations to clean up its act. As a consumer, I am disgusted at the company’s seeming insensitivity towards the environment, and how it washes its hands of any responsibility.

    I wanted to help in letting Petron feel my displeasure, but I felt helpless in making a dent at the company. But then, I remembered how Gandhi evoked change through civil disobedience wherein he urged ordinary people to boycott English cotton which resulted in hurting of the sales of foreign business and the eventual attention of the British government.To evoke change is to provoke Petron where it hurts them the most: their pockets. In this regard, I urge all petrol-consuming Filipinos to BOYCOTT ALL PETRON PRODUCTS AND GAS STATIONS until they remove that ship from the Guimaras waters. I’m doing my share of protest in the hope that they will listen to the voice of its consumers.

  • @Toe- I wonder if other countries will donate hair

    @fionski- maybe your salon sent their cut hair too

    @Olga- thanks. The template has some defective parts in it that I am still trying to fix

    @Julsitos- I wonder what’s taking them so long. A boycott on their products is a good idea. I hope others pick up the idea.

  • sandyfawcher

    The hairs really do wonders, it has been prove more effective because its strong and absorbent and naturally grabbing onto oil.

  • sandyfawcher

    The hairs really do wonders, it has been prove more effective because its strong and absorbent and naturally grabbing onto oil.