Living with A Food Blogger

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If you’re a blogger, you probably have your own typical blogger Conversation within your family.

What if you have a food blogger in the family?

You know how it is. I post food photos in my Pinoy Food Photo Blog to complement my entry. Naturally, when my family eats out, I snap away at the food we order. So here was a typical scene when I first started my food blog in July 2006.

Husband: Don’t eat that yet. Your Mom hasn’t taken shots of that dish.

M: (irritated) Have you taken a shot of this? Can I eat now?

L: (pouting) Hurry. I’m hungry. I wish cameras are banned in restaurants.

I bet they got tired of waiting so…

This is my family two years after.


Lauren learned to take shots of her food (at Pepper Lunch) so she can eat it as soon as the dish arrives.

And M too!

If you can’t beat your mom the food blogger, join her. or else, starve.

What is a typical scene with your family or friends? especially non-blogging friends and family?

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  • hahahha! funny, my mom would remind me, “O, take a pic na..” usually i am the one who says “wait lang!” :))

    Brians last blog post..The Sicilian Express

  • hahahaha! me too! i take shots of the food before i eat it 😀

    Jehzeel Laurentes last blog post..Manny Pacquiao Post-Fight Interview Script

  • @Brian – she probably got hungry

    @Jehzeel- It’s automatic na nga eh. One time a person whom I was supposed to meet recognized me because I took a photo of my food.

  • when I finally bought a domain for my food blog in 04 to separate it from my personal blog, my husband acted all impatient every time I took pictures. Things have changed though. Now he asks me before we all sit down to eat, “did you take pictures yet”. And sometimes when I can’t the right setting, like it’s all dark or bright, he’ll take the camera from me and take pictures himself. These days, he uses his own camera so I’ll have options…LOL.

    I’m still hesitant in restaurants though. I don’t like people looking at us because I’m taking pictures of our food. 🙂

    Dexies last blog post..Summer Reading Is Off To A Good Start

  • hirap pala meron food blogger a kasama. hahaha

    Eligios last blog post..Penalized by Google

  • Hahaha! Majority of my posts are food-related and I can so relate to the conversation your family had. No one can pick on the food yet without the food shoots. Last year when I was still in the Philippines, I was seated beside my lady boss during a birthday treat and when I was taking photos of the food, talk went on like this:

    She: Why are you taking photos?
    Me: These will be for my photoblog/ foodblog.
    She: Photoblog/foodblog, oh I learned something new today.

    But I actually don’t know if she knows what’s a blog in the first place. =)

  • i don’t have a food blog although i do have entries about food. my hubby and kids have become used to me taking pictures before they can eat =D

    lady cesss last blog post..Homemade Beef Tapa

  • Hi Noemi, I like this post. When I started blogging, I couldn’t stop talking abt. the blogs, the bloggers, their stories. Then I start taking pictures also of food we ordered in restos. Now, my kids would remind me to take pics before we eat them…Btw, I was so engrossed reading your food blog yesterday and your real estate blog. I got your cell number, in case, some friends would like to invest on some properties.

    Rowenas last blog post..Breaking News: After 6 years, kidnapped Colombian Senator rescued…

  • @dexie- I see a lot of people take photos of their food over here. It’s so common now. I wonder how it will be when I am there in the states

    @eligio- the family members learned to adjust

    @witsandnuts- I remember how it was when I ate out with relatives. And they were like “Why are you taking photos of your food?” I had to explain that I had a food blog.

    @ladycess- soon you will have lots of food entries that you might want to start a food blog. That’s how my food blog started

    @Rowena- your kids learned the cardinal rule: if you can’t beat mommy, join her. cooperate!

    Oh thanks for reading my other blogs. They are just as fun to do.

  • lemon

    Ms. Noemi,

    Last May, my husband came home from Palawan bearing my favorite food-crabs. I cooked them in spicy gata. I don’t have a food blog, but with food like this, I had to make an exception and post photos. So, while everyone else was eating, I went back to the kitchen and was taking pictures when one of the househelp chanced upon me. I can still remember this odd look on her face, thinking perhaps what a weirdo I am.

  • palagi bang busog ang food blogger hehehe

  • Yun na nga ang reklamo ng nobyo, ginugutom ko raw mga anak ko dahil sa kakukuha ng piktyur. SOP na kasi for us na mag piktoryal muna after magluto o bago kumain di ba? hehe. Weird pero nakakasanayan rin. (p.s. kailangan tagalugin ang comment na ito, baka meron na namang banyaga na mang-aasar sa kin, lolz) regards noemi

  • @lemon- at first my relatives gave strange looks but now they got used to it and even hand me their food before eating it. hehehe

    @ajay- nakakainis naman yang banyaga! Oy di mo pinagutom anak mo. What’s 2 minutes of waiting. Nakatempt to eat na kasi once nandoon na ang plate

  • rolly07

    Ha! I have this friend (she’s not really a food blogger but she does have a blog in Multiply) who always take pictures of the food we order before we can eat. At first I was asking her why but later on I was doing the same thing and and my brother was asking why too. Now my brother is doing the same thing, too – taking pictures of the food on the table before eating. And after eating. Haha…

  • @rolly07- Multiply is still a food blog if she has a category for it. See, they follow suit! If you can’t beat them, join them.

  • rolly07

    @ Noemi – Well, she doesn’t have a food category for her blog. Most of her blog entries there are just personal musings and has nothing to do with food. Hehe…But she has all the pictures of the foods posted there. She does that everytime we eat out. And true, we followed suit. Haha…

  • Hi! Just blog-hopped in here. 🙂 The first part of this post made me laugh! Although I’m the only blogger in the family, it has actually been a habit for all of us (including my parents) to take photos of our food before digging in. =)

    Oh, and I was wondering why the video looked awfully familiar! I used to work as an Interior Designer at Ethan Allen in Manila. I left on the first week of June before moving to Singapore. =) I’m guessing the video was taken during the PODS Launch? =)

    annas last blog post..Missing Manila, but loving Singapore

  • @anna – Welcome to my blog. yes I was at the PODS launch.

  • I can relate to this post, hehehe! ;P lagi nga ko sinasabihan ng mga friends ko na “di ka pa ba titigil sa pagpipicture? gutom na kami eh!” hahahaha! 😉

    dyanies last blog post..Dyanie is sooooooooo happy today!!!

  • since I started blogging, i have been guilty of this…but my family & friends has been a willing victims…sometimes they will even be the one who will ask me if I am done taking pics on our food, before they can attack hhehehe

  • I’m not exactly a food blogger and I know what you mean hehe… I always take pictures of the food we eat just in case it ends up being interesting enough to blog about. 🙂 The only thing I hate is when they critique the pictures I take. Better than keeping me from taking photos I guess hehe

    philoss last blog post..Photohunt: Pointed

  • my younger sister is not a blogger but she usually start taking pictures of the food that we order in restaurants or stuff that we both cook, sabi nya for my blog daw lol! kakatuwa kasi supportive sila sa ginagawa ko 🙂

    Same thing when we visit from Singapore, we went to a mall and all the sales staff were singing and dancing, and then she asked them to pose for some pictures taking..prinomote pa yung blog ko lol!

    manilenyas last blog post..US$700 goal for Nikon D60 and my mutterings

  • Please read my interview with Joey Mead about the Philippine Flag Scandal.

    Jan Alvins last blog post..My Interview With Joey Mead About The Philippine Flag Scandal

  • Hahaha! Nakakarelate ako dito! When I came home, that’s the only time when they completely understood about blogging. Pinakita ko sa kanila blogs ko including my recipe blogs. When I first took photos, my mom was like “susme pati ba naman yan?”

    Now my mom reminds me to take photos. Basta ako ang nagluto she would remind “o kukunan mo ba?” or even if we go out somewhere, once nilabas ko ang camera sa bag she’d say “naku iba-blog na naman nya yan”.


    Mitchs last blog post..Weekend Snapshot #29

  • OSS

    I used to blog and post food pictures. Now everybody expects me to take a picture before we started eating.

    OSSs last blog post..Puypuy

  • So true.

    My kids now always ask if I will put the photos I am taking in the blogs. I explain to them that not all photos that I take are for the blogs.

    Sometimes naman, they would say, even the younger ones, “Nay, picturan mo, ilagay sa teacherjuliecom” 😀

  • ces

    i agree! the first year was exactly this way, pero now…they finally learned the virtue of patience…hehe:)

    cess last blog post..weekend snapshot:fire and ice

  • How funny our stories are! Oh the hazards of food blogging. But it is fun.

  • my husband totally hates it 🙂 but when i take photos of what he cooks, he’s loves it, hehe and my kids? they find it weird at first but now they must also take each a shot of their food!

    raqgolds last blog post..Second Best is Also Good

  • joy

    this is hilarious! but i can definitely relate. ^_^ i take snaps of my own plate before attacking the food, but now i’ve gradually moved on to my family/friend’s plates, too. am just glad they’re not complaining… yet! ha ha.

    joys last blog post..Superfriends @ Cyma

  • Very funny 🙂 I can imagine your family waited you shooting the dishes while they were hungry.

  • Not all my friends know I blog. The ones who do wait. The others are amazed why I have to take pictures.

    Em Dys last blog post..Tell Me and Win

  • whenever i dine out, my friends already know the routine. once their orders have been placed in front of them, they’d usually push it to the center of the table so i can take photos of it. if we’ll have other friends/people with us, they will be the ones to explain why i’m taking photos of the food.

    nasanay na rin sila. 🙂

    dyosas last blog post..PERKS AT PERK AVENUE

  • I am recently a food blogger. I guess, just this month. I made another foodblog site at blogspot. Since, I’m in Cebu. I’m definitely will feature the restaurants I dine and the food I eat. As well as other foodtrips in the Philippines. 🙂

    -Obnoxious Queer of

  • @raq- my husband knows I make a living out of my food blog . So he’s okay with it.

    @joy- it really looks funny to someone not used to it.

    @viona- on hindsight, it is funny. My family laughs about it now.

    @em- that’s why I often explain the reasons for my photoshoot so I won’t see puzzled looks.

    @dyosa- that’s funny. You have sweet friends.

    @Foodelity- I don’t see many food blogs from cebu. When I was searching for ngoyiong, I didn’t see much entries about it. I am from Cebu so I will definitely will be one of your readers.

  • Haha! My brother and sister hate it at first but they became used to it 😀

    karlas last blog post..Slammer Burgers

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