Liwasang Bonifacio Rally on Communal Action for Truth, Justice and Change

be not afraid



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View Photos of the March 14 Liwasang Bonifacio Rally and read my husband’s entry on Liwasang Bonifacio Multi-Sectoral Rally to Oust Gloria.

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Before the Rally

Today, UP community will join the March 14 communal action for truth, justice and change at the Liwasang Bonifacio

Banners on “GMA Must Go Now” are being prepared just before the program of mutisectoral groups in the Palma Hall steps of UP Diliman,

I will be meeting up with my husband later in the afternoon and take some photos of the rally.

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  • sus! the communists leftists posse…naindoctrinate lang, may messiahnic complex na..

    there are two sides to a story.. don’t judge through trial by publicity and political conspiracies.

    didn’t your religion teach you to not judge others quickly, ugh and based on political propaganda..

    kayong mga communist/leftists ang mga boblatz..matagal ng tsugi ang komunismo. your dream will never happen.

    Lay down your New People’s Army’s arms first before using your political front organizations to pollute our streets..and literally ha..andami nyong kalat pag nagrarally kayo..ang ingay ingay nyo pa..lahat na lang ng issue sinasakyan nyo…

  • @ellen- Just because I want change does not mean I am a communist or an NPA. haha. Imagine, I am already 50 years old. I am intelligent and mature to differentiate between right and wrong by now. The youth are smart and discerning.

    Tell your boss that this type of counter propaganda does not work. Panahon pa yan ginagamit ni Marcos. Laos na yan. Mag-isip ka naman ng ibang counter propaganda. Salamat.

  • @ellen – Look in the mirror and ask yourself: Who’s being judgmental here?

    You’re the one who judged the author outright that she’s a communist/leftist.

    Kung naiinggit ka, magrally ka rin.. dun naman kayo sa Mabuhay Rotonda sa QC. Hehehe 😀

  • What I don’t get is what’s communist/leftist about the post? :/ I really can’t see it.

  • saludo kayo sa yo noemi 🙂

  • Kelan kaya matatapos ng rally. Since I can remember lagi na lang may rally sa Pinas. Pintalsik si Marcos,tapos panahon ni Ramos,Corp at Erap may rally din. I hope someday we can channel our efforts to other constructive means.I dont mean that going to rally is destructive kaya lang from my point of view dahil time and again walang nangyayari so its a futile exercise.

    Lets wrack our brains and think of a better means of achieving change. Kulelat na tayo pero at least first place…being the most corrupt government. O di ba…

    Good day!

  • watch out, the youth are on the move!

    it’s nice to see that we’ve finally shaken off the ennui that has assailed the citizenry after EDSA DOS showed us that faces may change but the corrupt leadership remains.

    by the way, the wikifilipinas pinay stories link is fixed – the link is not working over the picture, but there is a text link right above the icon.

  • @Tiffany- counter-propaganda is using the old-school Red Scare tactic so that we parents will fear for the safety of our kids.

    @Betty- if the government had better communication avenues, there would be no need for rallies. Congress is controlled by her administration. Senate can’t prosecute. Rallies are not bad at all. It’s a means to voice our grievances.

    @dr clairebear- I never joined EDSA Dos. I didn’t believe the EDSA 1 can ever be replaced. That was the original People Power.

  • Waa, hindi ko alam na naroon pala kayo sa rali noong Biyernes. 😀

    Nagkita kami doon ni JM Tuazon at Tonyo Cruz.

    Kita-kits po sa susunod na mobilisasyon.

  • @Jhay- I met JM tuazon lang. Next time!