Marie Claire Magazine Features Country’s Female Bloggers

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Marie Claire
Grab the February 2007 issue of [tag]Marie Claire[/tag] Philippines Edition. You will read the article written by Luz Rimban entitled “The Secret Lives of [tag]Pinay Bloggers[/tag]”. I feel so vindicated . Finally , there is an article that I can show to puzzled family members that explains what blogging is or what my online business is all about. An ex sister-in-law once confided to me that certain family members think I do nothing but sit at the computer all day . How can one explain in simple terms that I earn a living online? Maybe the magazine article might help.

Other female bloggers featured are Connie (but of course) , Wysgal, Lori, Chuvaness and myself.

Looking at the photo taken during the second week of December…

female bloggers
I can’t believe it took one hour for the photo-shoot with makeup artist, stylist, writer, photographer, assistant to boot yet a small photo was selected. I guess they want their subjects to look good .

I nearly choked on the byline “….Their names may not ring bells to the person on the streets but they are celebrities in cyberspace”

Some minor corrections :

1. The Compassionate Friends Support group is not only for women. It’s for all family members (grandparents, husband, wife, siblings) who have lost a child of any age and cause of death.
2. The title of the award is “Best Website, Blogs Category, 9th Philippine Web Awards” NOT Best Blog. I think there is a difference.

Edit (11:05 PM)
Abe reads the Marie Claire Magazine along with Jayvee, Migs, Gail and other bloggers during a Blog Parteeh Steering Committee dinner.

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  • betty t. lopez

    Congrats!DOnt worry about what ur relatives r saying. Either ingit lang sila o di nila alam ng ginagawa mo.

  • @betty- More like they don’t know what the internet is about.

  • AnP

    It’s always interesting (and sometimes, I admit, annoying) when people do not believe that it is possible to earn from blogging.

    The next time someone makes a remark about sitting in front of the computer all day (which sometimes may imply that you are doing nothing), show the article. hehe

  • @AnP- that’s what I will do exactly. Show the magazine.

  • GEEKS RULE!! 😀

  • @Jayvee- We rule!

  • yey!!!

    more Marie Claire trivia…

    … I was with (but didn’t meet – my gf did) the Marie Claire EIC, Myrza Sison at the Havaianas Walk. The proponents of that event are in the story about couples who work together.

    … Tinamats, did you know that “Sir Howard” was featured in Vox Pop?

    … one more. pero secret muna!

  • @Miguel- Secret? tell me next time

  • In March, I can tell you all 🙂

  • @miguel- very intriguing.

  • not that i read the magazine, noemi (obviously — heh heh), but good on you! am glad people are starting to pay attention to us denizens of the blogosphere.

  • galing! Congrats Noemi… learned about this from Wysgal 🙂

  • @Jester- Slowly we bloggers are being recognized,

    @anton- thanks 🙂