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It is two months before May 10, 2010, the Election day. The Day we vote for a president and the rest of the national and local posts.

I made a choice.

I have chosen my presidential candidate.

I want my candidate to win.

Yesterday, my husband and I decided to openly support our presidential candidate (not here online). The past month, we began discussing our choices, analyzing and researching on the nine presidential candidates. I am blessed and privileged to have interviewed seven presidential candidates and attended three presidential forums. It has given me an opportunity to understand their platforms, the issues and over-all impression of the presidential candidates. I know their strengths and weaknesses but there can be only one President.

How did the decision process go?

1. I already knew what I wanted in a president.

2. Character, competency, coherent platforms and clear vision are the criteria that I look for in the presidential candidate.

The present times call for a tough administrator, statesman and economic leader. That was the critical factor for me.

3. I narrowed down the nine candidates to just three. My initial short list was based on my selection criteria on character, competence, coherent platform and clear vision. My short list of candidates composed of Manny Villar, Dick Gordon and Nick Perlas.

4. I decided to make my short list a bit more quantifiable by using this voting matrix.

5. I wrote about How to Select a candidate to vote for President.

The result ?

Manny Villar, Dick Gordon and Gibo Teodoro is now my refined shortlist.

6. Over many lunches and dinners, my husband and I discussed all these. Two more factors affected our choice which cannot be quantified and this is where gut feel came to play.

– The candidate’s sincerity (my perception based on interviews) to serve our country.

– The ability to communicate with the candidate in case of questions on their governance . A vigilant citizenry is crucial to monitor the powers of the presidency.

A decision is made to support our candidate because we want our candidate to win.

You ask, “So who are you supporting?”

It does not matter who my candidate is. As project editor of, it is prudent that I keep that choice only to myself and my close friends, the people I trust. Certain quarters cannot distinguish me as a voter and me, as the editor. Blog Watch remains non-partisan.

My motives for Blog Watch have been questioned. Some people think that money is always part of the equation just because one presidential candidate has so much money to spare in his campaign. Can’t people think for once that money is not everything?

What a shame!

Is it hard to believe that my only motive is that I love my children, that I think of their future? I have a stake in their future. This is how I can be a part of my children’s future.

The process of selecting a candidate is more important and which I have shared to you.

I believe one should make a rational informed decision, not one based on emotions or bandwagon effect. Discuss them with your family, your friends and the non-internet users.

The only way we can learn more about the candidates is if we educate ourselves and others, we can do this if we help foster discussions of platforms, encourage a healthy debate of issues, raise the level of intellectual discourse and analysis.

All in the hope that we can come up with the optimum choice for our next generation of leaders.

Are you ready to make a choice and support that candidate?

Blog Watch

Visit to read more on the presidential candidates, automated election, the party list and campaign finance.

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  • thebeatconductor

    I have a gut feeling you are voting for either GORDON or GIBO. 🙂

  • Hi Noemi, we actually have the same short list – Manny Villar, Dick Gordon and Gibo Teodoro. But I’m waiting until the first week of May to decide.

    It’s really hard to choose noh?

    And I agree, it has to be a rational and informed decision. That’s what I always tell friends – to not be swayed by hearsay, gossip and the voting “bandwagon” – and be responsible enough to know all the candidates and their platform and then make their decision after that.
    .-= Fitz´s last blog ..Why Business Owners And Not Just Bloggers Should Go To iBlog 6 =-.

    • exactly I am sharing the process to my readers. You are doing your share by talking to your friends.

  • i just want to commend you for showing your readers that there’s a better way of choosing one’s candidate than just basing it on star-power, popularity, winnability etc.

    i find that your last three choices are also quite good although personally i won’t include villar. but that’s just me.

    more power to you momblogger.

    • i had enough hours of interview to make Villar part of my short list. It is shown in the voting matrix,. Thanks for respecting my choices.

  • The criticism you’ve gotten is unfortunate but entirely predictable, the election campaign going the way it is here; everybody who’s opinion I pay attention to has at one time or another gotten tagged with the “paid hack” slur. I don’t think you could have made it any clearer, the importance of deciding on a thoughtful way to make a choice, and then putting that process to use. Whoever your choice is, that’s actually irrelevant to anyone but you — it’s the method that really matters. I think people who understand that can appreciate your efforts (although they tend to be a little quieter than the other lot).
    .-= BenK´s last blog ..Urban Micro-Farming: Promising First Results from a Philippine CSA Test Project =-.

    • thanks to you, Get Real Philippines, Anti Pinoy and other blogs, sites, I picked up a lot of ideas too which I have incorporated in Blog Watch.

      Oh yeah, thanks for the reminder. There are indeed a lot of appreciative ones more than the criticisms.

  • I applaud the rational process you have done to select your candidates. If everyone has been doing the same, we would have been in a better country right now.

    As to myself, I still have not thought about choosing my own candidate, I will do it nearer the elections. But I would sure do remember and perhaps follow how you did yours..

    • I have to thank you too for all your wonderful inputs. The questions on what to ask a presidential candidates were considered whenever I interviewed them. We all helped each other.

  • I’ve been contemplating on Teodoro or Gordon. Villar is a very close 3rd choice for me though. I’m giving myself enough time to think. Hopefully I will be able to make my choice a week or 2 before the elections.

    Thanks for sharing how you made your choice. I hope others would follow suit.
    .-= MommyBa´s last blog ..Deadlines =-.

    • Actually the sooner you decide the better for your candidate but take some time to discuss this with your family members. If you do decide, make sure to support that candidate.

  • I’ve been waiting for this post and I would like to thank you for dedicating much of your time for the upcoming judgment of our country. Like you, I am dreaming a better Philippines for me and my family. I love my family so much that’s why I couldn’t just leave my country. I would continue to believe that all our hopes and dreams for a better Philippines would come true.

    By the way, Dick Gordon is also in my list based on my review on the platforms, political track and character of the presidentiables. I haven’t reviewed other presidential candidates’ profile though.
    .-= Phil´s last blog ..Goodbye Facebook =-.

  • Willie

    Hi, Ms. Noemi.

    I’m impressed with the dedication you are showing in all these election/candidate information campaign you are spearheading. It must be tough, considering how difficult it is to keep a positive attitude toward Philippine elections in general (it’s easier to be apathetic), but it’s always good to see there still are citizens like you who remain willing to take-charge with activities like these.

    Admirable work. Keep it up. =)

  • Leo

    anybody but villar and erap can be a good choice.
    among the 3 on your list, go for nick perlas!
    though i’m rooting for noynoy, my second choice is perlas.

  • Leo

    thanks to you, Get Real Philippines, Anti Pinoy and other blogs, sites, I picked up a lot of ideas too which I have incorporated in Blog Watch.

    my only gripe is that, of all the sources, bakit naman Get Real Philippines at Anti Pinoy pa? it’s a polluted source. being too biased with a particular candidate… that i can understand, but slandering other candidates and calling all sorts of names.. it’s very sad.
    .-= Leo´s last blog ..Nakaligo ka na ba sa dagat ng pagmamahal? =-.

    • the ideas I picked up were not about candidates but about selection criteria, and platforms and matrix.

  • we have the same shortlist choices for president.

    however, i have already decided on who to vote, and it’s “G”.
    .-= siyetehan´s last blog ..Beware of NSE Philippines (International) =-.

  • I have the same shortlist, minus Manny Villar… So it’s either Dick Gordon or Gibo Teodoro for me this May.

  • I can’t believe you actually wasted all your efforts attending forums and spearheading blog watch only to include Manny Villar in your shortlist.

  • @kotsengkuba- is there something you know about villar? Explan.

  • Connie Morata

    I pray that it will be either Gordon or Gibo. Enough of popularity-like-contests! After all, it’s for the most challenging and difficult role to play!
    The rich and the famous will always have the media on their side! Anyone who sincerely wants to make a change, please tell your friends and family and neighbors who you think is best for the counry! If you don’t have the guts, you may be surprised to see the winner will be same-o….another one who can’t control corruption, or worse, part of that corruption.
    I don’t know much about Gordon or Gibo personally, I now live overseas, but based on the feedback/analysis I’ve gathered so far, they are the best from among the many! When I was there, Gordon was very popular as Olongapo mayor, and did great things for Red Cross.

    I hope they are honest Christians with a servant’s heart! And may God hear the prayers of those asking for His guidance in choosing the best candidate!


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  • Ed

    It’s too bad that Dick Gordon keeps appearing in the shortlist as a #2 choice on the account of his popularity or lack thereof. I hope the Filipinos start voting on the account of ability and track record instead of empty campaign promises and popularity. BTW, I like the balance being shown by Blogwatch in its postings. Please keep on informing the people.
    .-= Ed´s last blog ..Building a Culture of Fairness and Embracing Diversity =-.

  • gin

    For me, gibo, villar, and gordon are the only candidates that have the capacity and the competence to be our next president. Sadly, most of us filipinos vote those who are popular.

    I personally dislike this “popular” candidate who’s ad lines always says, “si mama…si papa…” Can’t he do or be proud of something that is really his. He just shown how weak he is. Should he wins, i bet we go back to time when the mayors and the congressman’s are the “head-of-state” in their respective areas….just like the time of his mom.

    He was a congressman and was a senator but have not contributed anything to the legislation. What a waste!

  • ric eleazar

    i have one criteria in choosing my president. it is in a form of a question:

    “what have you done in your life that will convince me to trust your ability to uplift mine?”

    answer: Villar

    Out of all the candidates, only Villar has demonstrated being ultra successful in his own life. The child of a government employee and shrimp vendor became a billionaire thru sheer sipag at tiyaga and business acumen. No other candidate comes close, no matter what their media handler says.

    He also has legislative and administrative experience, business, and economic background which are crucial and vital in a president who is tasked to deal with issues in a multi-disciplinary and multi-faceted way.

  • jm damo

    awesome.. mr.villar is my president.. go for sen.villar…

    • tol

      mabuhay ka jm damo. you are a thinking voter. may your tribe increase. can you change your pic to a happy one

  • Aj Cruz

    Candidates should focus on presenting their own platforms to help improve the lives of millions of Filipinos!!! Let’s vote for someone who has been productive and who has the track record to succeed. It is also important that the candidate we will select will not be under the spell of their fund contributors! Ang kapakanan ng mamamayang Filipino lang at wala ng iba!!!

  • Three Stars and a Sun

    Figures are ok. Data and survey are even better. BUT the criteria mentioned are just front for those candidates especially election is nearing. Thing is, it’ll just dissipate when the election is over.

    Can we Filipinos at least try our inner insight and not based it on just figures?

    Nice post btw! Keep it coming.

  • Michael

    Villar has the passion of his cause and position in his voice. He loves what he does and is successful. He wants to make the Philippines successful again. And you can tell it’s not an act. He speaks from the heart. He may not be the only candidate that can improve the lives of future and current Filipinos but, he is one of them. It is very easy to be discouraged to vote for him since all you see is overwhelming amount of accusations against him. But, the fact is that many of those accusations have been proven wrong yet, are still held as true in the minds of people who can’t think for themselves. People who don’t want to believe that Manny Villar is a good man. The people who already told other people the stories and don’t want to go back to those same people and say they were wrong. And it’s unfortunate in a predominant Christian/Catholic country, gossip thrives.

    It’s a common practice to destroy the reputation of a great man all around the world. And the only reason why those opponents engage in such a practice is because they ran out of things to say and fear losing.

  • maurice

    mangungurakot si villar. ano ba?

    • Mimang

      This is how poisonous black propaganda has successfully infiltrated the minds of the Filipinos.

      But I still do believe it will backfire.

  • nola natividad

    As someone who knows Manny Villar from the time he was a nobody, and having been a witness to his meteoric climb to where he is now, I can say that the man must really be somebody, to be able to do something, out of nothing. He was a millionaire many times over before he decided to join politics. So I believe that he could also make things happen for our country. It would be a very sad if he does not make it, because that would mean, not Gibo nor Gordon who are also very qualified, will become our President for the next six years, but a certified ‘walang alam’. And you very well know whom I mean.

  • nola natividad

    As someone who knows Manny Villar from the time he was a nobody, having witnessed first hand his meteoric climb to where he is now, I sincerely believe that he could transform our country into something, just as he has successfully transfomed his life into something, out of nothing, It’s going to be very sad if he does not make it, because, it will not be Gibo not Gordon (who I also consider to be qualified), who will be the President of the Philippine for the next six years, but someone who just free-loaded on the fame of his parents. Malas lang ng mga Filipino, if that happens.

  • Hello Ms. Noemi,

    I was able to use your matrix as part of my choice process. I’ve made my choice already.

    Anyway, I’d like to let you know that even though you’ve publicly indicated your shortlist of 3 candidates (Villar, Teodoro and Gordon), the Facebook page of Sen. Manny Villar is already sharing your blog post with a note that you’ve already selected him as your choice.

    I just thought that was just too presumptuous of him unless his staff failed to understand that all you’ve named are your top 3 or assumed that he’s the choice because of the order that you mentioned their names.

    I just thought you’d know.

    More power to this site and to blogwatch.
    .-= Cathee´s last blog ..Day 106: Playground =-.

    • lyn ruth

      There is no such note in Sen. Villar’s Facebook page. This was the note that came with this link: Some quarters would try to make us forget about all the good qualities of Manny Villar. Yet of all the candidates, only Villar has a full record of accomplishments and good deeds to society.

      And this: “Yes, Manny Villar is in my shortlist”

      And this too: “Manny Villar says that his opponents
      are stepping up their black propaganda campaign against him as the
      elections draw nearer, and he expects the attacks to turn more vicious.
      He responds to these attacks in”

      Maybe you’re the one who is presumptuous.

  • rosalito j sultan

    My short-list is composed of only two: Villar and Teodoro, they are both qualified and experienced. Final decision is on May 10.

  • Annabelle

    I already voted for Villar yesterday here in Phnom Penh together with my 6 other friends

    • tol

      good choice.

  • Michael

    Awwww, my comments weren’t put on here. So sad, because they were long and thought out comments.

  • Very very informative, Miss Noemi. Besides being unbiased and methodical, I think your objectives are well thought of and can really be a good guide for those who are still discerning. I think that one should not vote because that candidate would win, popular, or have ties to older political figures. Decisions, like what you said, is not based on money or any forms of payment. One should decide based on his or her own reasons first and not because he/she wants to conform to other people’s choices.

    Kudos to you and more power!

  • Thank you for sharing your criteria. I added one more; which was a historical analysis of performance of previous presidents (based on what they stood for or their greatest criticism before getting elected):

    Cory – “mere housewife;” no competence; “Integrity” – She, along with people power, (a) dismantled a dictatorship; (b) had a new constitution with people empowerment as keystone; (c) survived several male chauvinistic coups; (d) led the country through an earthquake, a volcanic eruption; energy crisis (gulf war and no lights); tsunami; and drought in Mindanao; (e) made me feel proud of being a Filipino. She then turn-over the reign to FV Ramos as next president.

    FV Ramos; General; Balimbing – he bolted the LDP camp because it did not nominate him as candidate and set up his own party. Nonetheless, he got the endorsement of Cory (whom he supported against the coups) and won by a simple margin over Miriam Santiago.
    He proved himself well and led the nation to greater heights.

    Erap – “Pro-poor;” competency as mayor, experience as senator and vice-president – He turned out and was proven corrupt. Aside from having the highest number of houses for the poor, his administration was tainted with corruption.

    GMA – Most qualified; with expereince as vice-president; senator; DTI secretary. Yet had a string of corruption scandals. Now a most maligned leader.

    Based on the above. Integrity is number one in my list of criteria; followed by the support of “people power” in governance. This is the reason why i am voting for the Noynoy-Mar tandem. My second and thrid choices are Gordon and Gibo.

    • Mimang

      To be totally honest with you and to be fair with the other candidates as well, I do think Cory’s administration was the WORST. To name of the few problems: numerous coup de etat, the failure of agrarian reform, deaths, plunder and broken promises in hacienda luisita (fyi, cory’s father was its first owner from the spaniards), lack of action on failing power plants (only solved during FVR’s admin).

      Oh and if you one encounters too many coup de etat, like she did, it only means lack of ability to LEAD the military.

    • think

      What was so great about the Cory administration? Yes she was a pawn used to restore democracy, but was she a good President? Now Noy is running, truly a certified walang alam at walang ginawa based on his zero track record. he is surounded by the same T.O.P.A.K. (Trapos, Opportunistas, at Kamaganak, Inc.) Let us learn from history…maybe this article from the TIME magazine (1990) will refresh your memory re the Philippines under the Aquino administration:,9171,969186,00.html

    • rosalito j sultan

      Madam; Gibo nalang po kau, mabuti pa. please vote wisely, we need highly capable leader who does not need advisers, who can choose w/c alternative is best for a particular situation. We decisive leader, hnd yung pa iba2. OK? Basta ako Villar, bata pa kasi ako, I want to see Villar to make difference in our country.

  • Charles

    Go for Villar!

  • My comment was not posted? Was it because it needed editing? or was it ruled out because it presented a different viewpoint? I am curious. Noentheless, thank you so much for the education!

  • kapinoyan

    Those I voted for President in the past elections all lost. Alejo Santos in 1981. Cory Aquino in 1986. Miriam Defensor Santiago in 1992. Alfredo Lim in 1998. Panfilo Lacson in 2004. This trend convinces me my vote is hexed! Hence in this year’s elections my vote shall be for Manny Villar. 😉

  • Justiner

    i will not vote for Gibo..i had bad traumatic experience with him, he is matapobre at palamura…i will not give more details because i fear for the safety of my family..i will go for manny villar..marami na siyang napatunayan na he is worthy to become president.

  • cvista

    I’ll go for Villar because his vision fits my standards. And this is how I rated it:

    Bro Eddie

    Noynoy is the biggest deception. I wonder why he has many followers despite that the fact he has no solid achievements in life. I rather have Erap if he and Erap are the only choices:

    Now a simple comparison between these 2 top notchers in the survey.

    Villar Nonoy
    Became Speaker of the House Son of Cory
    Became Senate President Son of Ninoy
    Became Self-made Billionaire Brother of Kris

    Very interesting comparison hehehehe

  • cvista

    Moreover, I find Noemi’s choice the most credible of all, you know why? See all those pictures, she have met them face to face, talked to them face to face………..etc….. Even Baby James Yap had chosen Villar over his uncle Noy2….

  • Michael

    Uh oh, I think the big support of Noynoy is going to uncover many of his families dark secrets. It will also destroy his families name. People are already starting to realize or remember the Cory Administration. Back then it wasn’t just about ending the Marcos administration and martial law. Yeah, those were great things but, many people were opposed to Marcos too. The Aquino’s were just the loudest and already had a bitter family feud against the Marcos family. Just imagine if somebody else won presidency instead of Cory and they ended martial law. That person would be held as a hero. And it overshadows every wrongdoing or lack of doing of the administration. But, with the recent popularity of Noynoy and him adopting his mom’s yellow ribbon, I think everybody will eventually start finding out that his family and him are always in the wrong place at the right time. Too bad because Philippines need more heroes. But, it seems that there is no new hero coming anytime soon. Since all possible heroes have been smeared and buried in black propaganda. It seems nowadays, you just don’t know what’s real and what’s not.

  • In choosing a candidate:

    Sometimes, it isn’t a matter of having a checklist, as is the case in choosing whom to love. It is often a matter of conscience, and of having the wisdom to discern what is best. Wisdom not only comes from knowledge, but from God, through prayer.

    I know some may raise their eyebrows with this criteria, but then aren’t we still a Christian nation? Or do we not believe in God anymore?
    .-= Joyce of I TAKE OFF THE MASK Blog´s last blog ..Religion Versus Spirituality =-.

    • cvista

      Amen to that Joyce, we have to love and understand everybody in order to have peace with the Lord. But at this time, we cannot be at the middle, its either you go right or go left…..I cannot choose all of them, so my choice is MV..

  • Hector

    It’s time for us to choose a president from the working class.. Kailan ba natin babaliin ang tatsulok? Kung lahat ng iloklok natin ay anak o kapamilya ng mga nasa tuktok.,

  • Hector

    Bat ba hindi mapost ung mga comment ko?..

  • Hector

    Aywan ko kung bakit sa elite class, gusto nila si NOYNOY.. Kahit walang nagawang batas.. Hindi makapagdecide ng walang adviser. Pinaglaban ang lupain na hindi sa kanila. Kahit makapatay pa sila.. Siguro pinipili nila ang hindi matalino para madali nilang mauto…. Kaya nga sabi ni NOYNOY sa makati business club, No new taxes.. Ebidensya ng pagkauto’uto..

  • Michael

    Hey, let’s please talk about credible candidates in this section. I’ve heard about Gordon, Gibo, Villar, Perlas, and other potentials and that’s great. But, I’m confused about one thing. Why would anybody even talk about Noynoy? It’s beyond me why people would even throw his name in here, with the exception of the post because she interviewed him. I mean, if you don’t like Villar, then talk about someone a lot more credible than Noynoy.

    To the people who say they have done extensive research on Noynoy and Villar. Yeah, Villar has many accomplishments that he has done but, there are so much…it’s impossible to know everything he has done good for the community. But, Noynoy on the other hand, you don’t have to be real extensive in your research on him….because there’s not much there. You really have to analyze his platform and character, which both are weak. He can’t look someone in the eye while talking. And he can’t give a well drawn out statement with passion in his voice. It all just sounds like he has been prepped and working off of memory, not passion. That’s probably why it’s so hard to schedule an interview with him.

  • Jess

    Vote for Villar. Gordon would have been ideal too but reality is he doesn’t have the reach – he will not win. Vote Villar and petition Gordon as Head of Villar’s board. Voting fo Gordon is risking a win for Aquino. Noynoy should not even be an option. He is running based on his name alone. No merit. The intelligent choice that would benefit the Philippines is Villar.

    • Ker

      exellent remark.

  • Ker

    There are only 3 logical choices to vote for the next president. they are Villar, Gibo and Gordon.

  • do you know all guys that the mother of villar is not a tindera, they are engage in as a wholesaler, and you also know that sibling of villar died not because they cant afford to buy a medicine, it is because he is determine to have a leukemia and by that time there is no cure for that illness..just FYI.

  • Michael

    @ Cesar….I’m not sure if you really understand what’s going on. For example, you are for Noynoy so, I’m sure you fell for the whole Villarroyo thing. And you probably use that name for Villar somewhere on the net knowing support from the Arroyos would be like the kiss of death to his votes. But yet, one of your choices is Gibo…..openly and proud to be supported by the Arroyos. Don’t you find that a bit of a contradiction?

    Here’s a piece from Hitler of how he brainwashed a large amount of people. And I’m not comparing anyone completely to Hitler but, I am saying there are similarities of what is being used in politics to this day that was inspired by the words of Hitler. And there is a candidate and party using this tactic right down to the last sentence. Research it and you’ll find that this is credible and came straight from the book of Hitler.

    Hitler Wrote in chapter 10 of Mein Kampf: “In the big lie there is always a certain force of credibility; because the broad masses of a nation are always more easily corrupted in the deeper strata of their emotional nature than consciously or voluntarily; and thus in the primitive simplicity of their minds they more readily fall victims to the big lie than the small lie, since they themselves often tell small lies in little matters but would be ashamed to resort to large-scale falsehoods. It would never come into their heads to fabricate colossal untruths, and they would not believe that others could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously.”

    Hitler’s primary rules were:
    1. Never allow the public to cool off
    2. Never admit a fault or wrong
    3. Never concede that there may be some good in your enemy
    4. Never leave room for alternatives
    5. Never accept blame
    6. Concentrate on one enemy at a time and blame him for everything that goes wrong. People will believe a big lie sooner than a little one; and if you repeat the lie frequently enough people will sooner or later believe it.

  • you know if you want to believe these half-truths, go ahead. Villar’s mother was once a tindera. Alangan naman tindera siya habang buhay. Umasenso siya.

    If you have all the intentions to read all sides, then Read this transcript from Villar

  • janus

    well, i was for noynoy and my mom for manny. then i began my own research on both. that is then that i decided my presidential candidate: Manny Villar.


    “I decided to make my short list a bit more quantifiable by using this voting matrix.”
    Ms. Noemi,
    Following is my comment to the voting matrix you used to make your shortlist:

    KT is quite popular since the ’70s and from my experience the best and unsurpassed problem solving and decision making tools for management beginners although there are more sophisticated decision making process technique.
    However , the process is not strictly followed. Ist, the must criteria is a GO-NO GO screen and applied first to select or eliminate a choice(s). The “must”criteria is something that a particular choice has to satisfy. It is an either or criteria. Only those choices that meet the must criteria should move to the want criteria which are the desirable traits and can be ranked subjectively(better if measurable, say, no. of laws passed. In the voting matrix except for the “not tainted by corruption” all others are desirable criteria and can be ranked accordingly. Thus, these must be included in the “wants” screen. Based on Voting Matrix no candidates passed the must criteria, so either the criteria used are “too tight that no choice can be made” or too loose that everybody will pass it.

    In reply to a blogger, the blog author says that she uses KT only as an exercise. I concede that but she has to use KT correctly for her to at least approximate the best choice and not misled herself and others.

    Now my take.

    The only must criteria is “not tainted by corruption” because this is an either or choice. A candidate is either corrupt or not and there is no in between. This is not a want or desirable criteria that can be ranked. If we apply this to the voting matrix only 4 candidates passed, jcdelosreyes, aquino, villanueva and perlas and must be moved to the want screen. Villar, teodoro and gordon fals this test and must be eliminated as a candidate

    • Michael

      You’re an idiot if you take what you hear on the news and from the opposition as if it were a proven truth. To say Gibo, Gordon, and Villar failed due to corruption….without hearsay, where did you get this solid information? I know many allegations against Villar but, that’s all black propaganda and most have been proven wrong already. And besides being aligned with GMA, what shows Gibo being corrupt? And besides Gordon being strict, what facts show him to be corrupt?

      Aquino passing a test of not being tainted by corruption. And how do you come up with that conclusion? I don’t want to follow hearsay and believe it’s true but, Aquino isn’t without controversy. And it’s highly possible that he falls into the conflict of interest category. His family, which I found out in the Philippines are close even if they are distant. The Cajuangco’s and Aquino’s are both united through marriage and have decedents which includes (and here’s his full name to prove my point) Benigno Simeon “Noynoy” Cojuangco Aquino III. They have a majority stake in Hacienda Luisita. Now, when the farmers were promise to get the land by Cory, it never happened…..they were just tricked into signing some paper they didn’t understand but, promised they’d get the land. So, when the massacre happened on November 16, 2004 killing twelve farmers and two children and injuring hundreds of others, who would do something like that? And why would Noynoy not sympathize for the dead and injured farmers without making excuses of how and why it happened? To me, I think Noynoy is one of the worst kinds of politician. And the only reason why I take him seriously is because he has many blind supporters, like yourself that are voting for somebody that has nothing to offer. Nothing to offer but, a always promised end of corruption platform. And let’s be honest, do you really want Noynoy to be the face of the Philippines……how embarrassing.

  • janus

    maghirap na po ang nagmamalinis kuno at kesyo walang bahid, kaipokritohan yan…. Villar for president!

  • Michael

    @Hungkag Do they serve halo-halo in the fantasy world you live in? Anyway, please come up with better explanations than that because those are horrible excuses to vote for Noynoy. Vote for the one that is the least corrupt. Can you tell me examples of how you think Manny Villar is corrupt? And then after you tell me, can you also show me some official documents proving your statements? If you can’t do that, please stop spreading unproved comments in here.

  • AkalaMo is the tab beside Wall>Info>Photos

    Who is presumptuous? You? who makes judgement based on biased media reports. think about it.

  • abe

    isipin natin ito, we are more than 90 million+ filipinos and yet sila-sila lang ang magpapalitan sa pwesto, kaya tayo di umaasenso, pinababayaan natin ang iilang pamilya utu-utuin tayo. sana iba naman para maiba naman ang takbo ng ating kalagayan, ung tunay na may malasakit sa atin lalong-lalo na sa mga mahihirap, hindi ung mga iletista na palaging pinoproteksyunan ang kanilang mga sariling interes sukdulang magkamatayan.

  • anabelle