On Manny Villar’s brother, black propaganda & negative campaigning

I am so sick of the negative campaigning and black propaganda. The latest is in reference to Manny Villar‘s ad where he says ““Nakaranas na ba kayong … mamatayan ng kapatid dahil wala kang pera pangpagamot” (Have you experienced losing a brother because you did not have the money to provide him proper medical care)? Manny Villar asked in his ““PANATA(Advocacy)” TV commercial. Villar and referred to his younger brother Danny who passed away on October 1962. In the same commercial, Villar’s 1962 photo with his younger brother was shown.

The writer claims that ““Villar was not really poor as he claimed. Really, is it hard to imagine that he was once poor? I am sure you all have read the allegations , accusations or whatever you call it…BLACK PROPAGANDA.

Manny Villar has this to say on the question of “Ginagamit ba ang kapatid”

Ginagamit ang kapatid?

Ngayon me mga grupo na nagtatakang guluhin at siraan ako na hindi daw kami mahirap dati. Nais kong ulitin noong araw, ako po ay ipinanganak…kaming lahat na magkakapatid, dun kami sa 500 Sta Maria, Moriones St, kanto, at dun po kami, 9 kami na isang banig, isang kulambo. Nagtitinda kami ng nanay ko ng hipon.

Sa sobrang sikip naming, nangutang ang tatay ko, nagpatayo ng bahay…pinapalabas ngayon na kami’y hindi mahirap. Hindi naman tama yon. Hindi kami wholesaler, hindi kami broker. Nagsimula kami, nagtitingi kami ng hipon, yan po ay paulit-ulit kong sasabihin.

Yung kapatid ko na namatay ng cancer, yan po ay dala din ng kahirapan, hindi namin — kung saan-saan lang namin dinadala. Nung mamamatay na ang kapatid ko ay napilitan kaming dalhin sa ospital. Nangutang kami ng pera, at sa charity pa.

Maliwanag na nag-iimbento na naman ng mga akusasyon sa akin. Sobra naman ang ginagawa sa akin. Hindi maiaalis sa akin na mahirap ako noong dati.

Ang tatay ko mismo, 9 din silang magkakapatid na pawang mahihirap din. Kaya nagtataka ako kung paanong pati ito ay pinag-iinteresan nila. Siguro para ma-justify kung bakit haciendero ang kanilang kandidato bilang pangulo.

He says more in a press conference.

You know, I got to interview Manny Villar last December 17 where he mentioned (watch the recorded video below at the mark 1:05) that health budget is so neglected taking 1.3% of national budget.

He wants to double health budget, He has seen how hard it is for the poor to get health care. His own brother died..he discusses more in our interview about free medical attention during life and death situation. FREE medication for life and death and he claims it is not a empty election promise.

I can’t judge someone for transforming the death of a sibling to an advocacy or an election promise. Most siblings suffer some trauma after a loss of another sibling. I wouldn’t know how Manny Villar felt but in the course of my grief advocacy work, I have known such cases.

So I am really disappointed with all these allegations that he lied, that he was not really poor.

1. How do you know they could afford to pay the hospital bill? Have you ever had a sick family member dying of leukemia? Just because there was no cure for leukemia in 1962 does not mean that Danny did not need comfort to alleviate pain or discomfort?

A parent will do anything possible even borrow at great lengths to keep their child alive. I know some parents still in debt after their child died in a hospital.

2. How do you know if Manny Villar lied about being poor? He was poor once but he didn’t remain poor.

The blogger in Mahirap Tanggapin Na Mahirap si Villar? Ano Pang BASURA ang itatapon nila? adds:

What is wrong with a once poor vendor of shrimps and fish to improve their fortunes and move from poor to middle class over time? Isn’t this the price and prize of sipag and tyaga? Do people expect the poor to remain poor forever? Is it a mortal sin and immoral that the Villars did not remain poor? Remember that the property was bought in 1962, and this ““witness” Jun Borres who claims this is a typical upper middle class dwelling bought the property in 1987. A difference of 25 years!!!!

The Liberal Party (LP) denies being the source of anti-villar emails called “Truth be Told” containing allegations belying Villar’s popular claim that he was a self-made billionaire who emerged from dire poverty in the streets of Tondo.

Maybe not officially…I received a text message in the past from someone in the LP (and I kept the text message as proof so be careful about forwarding such messages)

The problem with black propaganda is that the electorate want to hear the things they want to hear and actually believe it . Take for example the statement that went viral on the internet, titled ““Why I will vote for Noynoy,” allegedly written by Winnie Monsod but which she denied ever writing it. The email says things that voters who desire good governance want to hear. I received one such email and told the sender that it is not written by Winnie Monsod. He wrote back and said ““If you support Noynoy, then it doesn’t matter if it is fake”

Enough of this black propaganda, mud slinging, or negative campaigning.

From now till election day, let’s hear our candidates tell us how to get out of the mess, We need real leadership and a candidate that’s out there listening to the voters, not spewing overtly negative attacks. Every other candidate needs to make a case for why they are the best person for the job.

Disclosure- Senator Manny Villar is in my short list (find out why).

read full transcript from Manny Villar

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  • lili ramirez

    I have read many of your blogs, followed you on twitter, and watched you on blogwatch. I have great respect for you and my heart aches just remembering the grief you went through years back.

    This black propaganda is truly tiresome. I get daily text messages and emails, and yes, I do think they are all coming from the yellow camp of elitists and do-gooders. The hypocrisy upsets me. i have friends there whom I admire and respect, until they started peddling lies themselves. The Mugabe mansion hoax email they circulated? They said it was easy to believe the story given Villar’s reputation! Gosh, have they gone out of their minds? No remorse for having sent something totally untrue, for smearing someone’s character? God save us.

    • I can’t believe the demolition campaign going on,. IS it because their candidate has nothing to hold on to? like track record? Hence malign the character of his closest rival?

      what hypocrisy? They tout that their candidate has integrity and can they honestly say they have acted with integrity?

    • ellen mayo

      even now, he is clearly not in control. i fear the many faceless people around him controlling him from the day he suddenly announced out of the blue he wanted the top position, to these days when he seem not to notice what his strategists resort to to demolish d closest opponent.

      his strategists are brainwashing experts with well oiled machinery. notice the undecided days of noynoy? di ba wala ka man lang maramdamanthey were already in place working and telling him kami ang bahala. their operation is now in full blast.

      i feel limp seeing villar helplessly answering worthless accusations contorted by message experts.

      clearly hirap na hirap silang maghanap ng solid dirt kay villar. kaya nagtityaga lang sila sa “hindi tunay na mahirap”. ha ha ha. clean record talaga. otherwise isinabog na ang alam nila.

      but beware. they will concoct the most unimaginable killer lines and drop it at a time when there is no time to respond. will someone help villar.

      in fairness i believe both villar and noynoy have their fair share of goodness. however, i believe villar can better lead the country given his proven good business sense and his leadership capability

      i also want my president to be personable. i want to be inspired by his achievements despite humble beginnings. he has lots of success stories to tell us. i am sure he would also want to see the story of his family’s life repeated in many filipino families.

  • lili ramirez

    It sure looks that way. It’s a sampler of what’s to come should, God forbid, their candidate wins. In a sense, it is both admirable and his liability that Villar is very sober and non-combative. These attacks are getting more and more vicious. Noynoy should make them stop. If he can’t, then it sure shows he is not in control.

    Happy Easter, Noemi. You don’t know me, but I’m a fan 🙂

    • oh nice to know you now. Thanks for reading my blog.

      I hope these attacks stop in the next few weeks.

  • celes

    IMHO, this is the yellow strategy at work. If there is not much to crow about for lack of any tangible accomplishments, then just RANT and engage in dirty tricks to discredit your opponent.

    • it’s a waste of time actually. we should be asking candidates about their action plans instead of finding out the truth about the black propaganda.

  • I tend to stay away particularly from blogs and communities who make it a habit of destroying other blogger’s personalities and other candidates instead of building up on on their own for their candidate’s sake.

    I am by no means a Villar supporter, but I am also sick of all the negative propaganda going on. We can’t really point fingers on who cast the first stone.

    But in all conflicts there are always three things that are certain, three sides competing… this party, the other party, and the truth.
    .-= Archon Digital´s last blog ..LinkWithin-Inspired YARPP Template =-.

    • your are right archon. We should take all three sides into consideration. This party,the other party and the truth. Wow that gave me inspiration for a topic to write about.

  • I agree with Archon Digital. I am also tired of reading the news, emails, blogs, and watching all candidates. We should really look at all sides.

    I was enlightened by Ms. Noemi’s topic. Senator Villar made it clear that his desire to provide better health services was prompted by his own experience. Masakit mamatayan ng miyembro ng pamilya.

    If all of us will understand every detail of what is written and said the way it was communicated, there will be no people quarelling over an issue.

    I am new as your follower. I know I found a good person and blogger in you, Ms. Noemi.
    .-= espan´s last blog ..Daily Blogging =-.

  • Goodluck sa inyo guys. 🙂

    • elpobre

      Ohmmm…..maganda ang mood…kasi na indors na ni Mr. Manalo ang Noy-Mar.

      Great blog Ms. Dado

  • jienel

    I dont like villar..

  • al saldovar

    you are right about too many black propaganda in philippine politics. This is not new however. For me, the issue is not about the pros and cons of Villar for being poor once in his lifetime. It is the exploitation of a brother long gone almost 5 decades ago. Resurrecting the misery of the family especially his mother, of a sibling impaled by an incurable illness at that time, has no place at all in politics. Reviving his death has nothing to do with healthcare as you implied. What happened to family respect? Remember, Manny Villar initiated this acrimony, naturally his opponents would not be expected to stay flatfooted. “When one cannot stand too much heat, do not lit the fireplace”.

  • ric eleazar

    I wholeheartedly agree with you.

    No matter what the Noynoy camp does, they cannot deny that the son of a government employee and shrimp dealer is now a billionaire because of hardwork (sipag at tiyaga), and business savvy. A true rags-to-riches story that should provide inspiration to people with humble origins. Villar has proven that poverty is not a handicap.

    In contrast, Noynoy is a son of a haciendero-politico-president–a rich and privileged background. What inspiration will his life story tell us???

    That is why the Noynoy camp is scared of Villar… their candidate has a thin resume which can only be masked by playing dirty. In terms of experience and accomplishments, Noynoy is not even on equal terms and the only good he can boast of is a good name. But a good name doesn’t count when you lack the leadership and the management skills to propel the country out of poverty which you never experienced.

  • well, good luck na lang to all villar supporters, and i hope we have a clean and honest election this may 10.

  • anya

    looks like the only comments here are from Villar supporters…..hmmm makes me think….

  • Michael

    @ Salvador So, how does it make it wrong for Villar’s brother to be mentioned in his campaign? Did you know there are many Filipinos to this day that can’t afford proper health care? All Villar is doing is sympathizing with those people by telling him he is there for them and he’s fighting on their side. He even has a plan on how to fix it. Are you saying those people aren’t worth fighting for? Or is it because that sympathy may translate into votes for a candidate you don’t like? If Noynoy promoted the fight on colon cancer due to his mothers fight against it, would you disagree with him for doing that? I wouldn’t. Those are issues that people want to know if that candidate has their back or is at least noticing the problem.

    Anyway, I’ve been spreading the meaning of yellow journalism. I found this in Wikipedia and found it very interesting because it sounds just like the yellow camp of Noynoy and the Liberal Party.

    Yellow journalism, also known as the “Yellow Press”, is a type of journalism that downplays legitimate news in favor of eye-catching headlines that sell more newspapers; sometimes, it deceives the audience it is intended for. It may feature exaggerations of news events, scandal-mongering, sensationalism, or unprofessional practices by news media organizations or journalists.
    Campbell (2001) defines Yellow Press newspapers as having daily multi-column front-page headlines covering a variety of topics, such as sports and scandal, using bold layouts (with large illustrations and perhaps color), heavy reliance on unnamed sources, and unabashed self-promotion. The term was extensively used to describe certain major New York City newspapers about 1900 as they battled for circulation. By extension the term is used today as a pejorative to decry any journalism that treats news in an unprofessional or unethical fashion, such as systematic political bias. Yellow journalism can also be the practice of over-dramatizing events.

    Frank Luther Mott (1941) defines yellow journalism in terms of five characteristics:[1]

    1. scare headlines in huge print, often of minor news
    2. lavish use of pictures, or imaginary drawings
    3. use of faked interviews, misleading headlines, pseudo-science, and a parade of false learning from so-called experts
    4. emphasis on full-color Sunday supplements, usually with comic strips (which is now normal in the U.S.)
    5. dramatic sympathy with the “underdog” against the system.

  • Michael

    @ Anya, that’s good. Although you’re being vague, if it takes all this support for Villar to make you think, then that may be a good thing. You know what makes me think Anya? You know what I’m thinking about? I think about the outcome of the polls. Because a lot of people take it as a possible outcome of the real election. But, not me. For me, I take of it as the percentage of people for a candidate who is willing to participate in that poll. For example, let’s say Noynoy gets 37%. To me that just means that 37% out of hundred who chose to participate in that poll is for Noynoy. You did know there are non-responders, right? But, I feel confident due to the strong support of Villar in my neighborhood and Davao (if you haven’t heard of the huge turnout at the rally). These people have never participated in any of these polls. And that makes me think. Makes me think of location and responders. It’s no question that Noynoy supporters are probably the loudest. But, I think the size of that group is extremely exaggerated to gain more votes from people who want to be a part of the majority or trend.

    • ellen mayo

      i agree with you.

      i think noynoy propagandists succeeded in labeling villar names that villar now have a huge silent following.

      i notice too that many villar followers are non-celebrity idolizers and non-combative, argument-avoiding, just listening/observing supporters

      i share my observations with my kids so they will learn. i ask them to notice how leaders talk and act. and discern who is sincere and who knows what he is talking about

      i like gordon too. how i wish the fight would just be between action men and achievers with clear visions able to describe HOW he will build the nation.

  • Michael

    What happened to my comments?

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  • this is not using his brother as a campaign device. it is merely stating he has gone through the loss of a brother which is not a common event where we loose someone at an early stage in our lives. he lost his brother because they didnt have enough money, which is quite true. how much would a regular blood transfusion cost those times?. how much would constant care from doctors cost? kahit ang mahirap gusto din makahanap ng pinakamagandang solusyon sa karamdaman ng isang mahal sa buhay, ikakaila mo ba sa kanyang mga magulang kng nakahanap sila ng paraan maipasok sa FEU hospital ang kanilang anak? take not FEU hospital bagong establish palang wala pang 7 years. FEU may be like makati med now but this was 25 years ago.

    they had a house 1962, that time a parcel of land in other places of the philippines could be exchanged for a jungle bolo. the next piece of information they have is 1987. 25 years in between. even squatters beside the railways have cemented homes with tv and ref and they havent even been there for more than 10 years. if they were able to have a house would you hold it against them. Since when are poor people not allowed to have their own house?

    what is it that people find unfathomable? people poor who became rich? is sipag at tyaga really that far fetched in todays philippines? is it really a fairy tale for most filipinos?

    • minnie

      well ako rin strongly agree to you thelonite, correct ka jan mas makikita ang tunay na pagkatao ni villar sa mga pinagsasabi nya bakit pa nya gagamitin sa adds nya ang yumao nyang kapatid at ang tunay na kinamatay ay sakit na pangmayaman ,bibihira or sa 100% na taong mahihirap daw cla kuno c villar nuong araw 2% lang ang nagkakasakit ng lukemya e ung naging sakit ng bro nya pangrich people lang un ,how come ako namatayan rin ng kapatid mahirap din kami nuon pero naitakbo ba ng father ko sa mamahaling hospital ang kapatid ko hindi kc db pagmahirap ka talagang rerehistro sa utak mu na wala kang pera dun ka lang sa can afford na hospital db ,beside di ka rin tatanggapin ng pribadong hospital if wala kang ni singko sa iyong bulsa ,as villar says db.khit pa emergency pti ang sakit ng kapatid nya e end stage na wala ng gamutan pagdinapuan ka kaya manny baka maningil ka sa taung bayan sa mga ginagastos mu sa add mu ,ngaun sana lang if ganun nga ngyari sau e bakit sa pagka senador mu e nagconcentrate ka s pangungurap hindi sa pagtulong ang pagtulong nsa puso wala sa salita .cge pagnanalo ang iniidolo nyong MAN evil liar wag kaung magccc pag tumaba pa lalu ang bulsa ,katawan nyan sa pagkapresidente tas magdadaos kau ng rally hay buhay siya ang taung social climer ang taong mahirap na ayaw ng maging mahirap takot ng maging mahirap kaya patuloy nalang na mangungurakot db , kc if hindi sabi pa nya babalik nalang xa sa pagiging negosyante ,ok e kahit negosyante ka naman at marami kang pera quadrillion ang pera mu kahit di ka presidente ishare mu nalang sa mahirap yan db kesa amagin gaya ng marcos wealth and riches .at arroyo ganun din takut ng maging labandera ,ikaw kaya talagang galing ka sa mahirap naging mayaman ka tas naging mahirap ka ulit mababaliw kana gaya ng ngyari s tita ng friend ko ,super hirap nagasawa ng super yaman naging mayabang ngaun nilayasan ng aswa nya naging mahirap ulit ,di nakayanan naging baliw ,so mas kelangan ni villar ng psychiatrist nyan kapag ngyari yan …..na bumagsak xa at di manalo sa eleksyon ay sayang ang ginastos at isinugal nya kung tinabi nalang nya sa pagkawanggawa ng di cnasabi edi mas pagpapalain pa xa .me im pure NOYNOY bata at tumanda man xa mayaman talaga both party ng pamilya nya .goodluck for voting 11days to go nalang may 10 na …

  • Riza

    how well do you know Manny Villar?
    I don’t have any bad words to say to him considering that I’ve been to their home while my grandmother was still working for them. I’m just curious how well you know him.

  • I talked/interviewed him total of 5 or so hours and occasional chat in forums. He is also a mutual friend of the Cayetanos which I just found out last year. The Cayetanos are law partners of my husband way back in late 1990.

  • I talked/interviewed him total of 5 or so hours and occasional chat in forums. He is also a mutual friend of the Cayetanos which I just found out last year. The Cayetanos are law partners of my husband way back in late 1990.

  • Michael

    @Noemi Lardizabal-Dado. I know you’re not working for Manny Villar but, I am a strong supporter of him and I see you are able to meet him face to face whenever you need to interview him. Anyway, I’m working over here in Las Pinas in a building owned by a relative of his wife and I’ve met his son Mark but, I’ve always wanted to meet Manny Villar. And I would really like to help him campaign the final days before the election. So, if you see him can you tell him there’s an American guy who would really like to help him? I’ve always been in politics in America and I don’t normally go for the rich guy but, Manny Villar taught me that you can be rich and still a genuine interest and love for the people of the Philippines. He could be the inspiration and hope for the success of this country.