On Manny Villar’s brother, black propaganda & negative campaigning

I am so sick of the negative campaigning and black propaganda. The latest is in reference to Manny Villar‘s ad where he says ““Nakaranas na ba kayong … mamatayan ng kapatid dahil wala kang pera pangpagamot” (Have you experienced losing a brother because you did not have the money to provide him proper medical care)? Manny Villar asked in his ““PANATA(Advocacy)” TV commercial. Villar and referred to his younger brother Danny who passed away on October 1962. In the same commercial, Villar’s 1962 photo with his younger brother was shown.

The writer claims that ““Villar was not really poor as he claimed. Really, is it hard to imagine that he was once poor? I am sure you all have read the allegations , accusations or whatever you call it…BLACK PROPAGANDA.

Manny Villar has this to say on the question of “Ginagamit ba ang kapatid”

Ginagamit ang kapatid?

Ngayon me mga grupo na nagtatakang guluhin at siraan ako na hindi daw kami mahirap dati. Nais kong ulitin noong araw, ako po ay ipinanganak…kaming lahat na magkakapatid, dun kami sa 500 Sta Maria, Moriones St, kanto, at dun po kami, 9 kami na isang banig, isang kulambo. Nagtitinda kami ng nanay ko ng hipon.

Sa sobrang sikip naming, nangutang ang tatay ko, nagpatayo ng bahay…pinapalabas ngayon na kami’y hindi mahirap. Hindi naman tama yon. Hindi kami wholesaler, hindi kami broker. Nagsimula kami, nagtitingi kami ng hipon, yan po ay paulit-ulit kong sasabihin.

Yung kapatid ko na namatay ng cancer, yan po ay dala din ng kahirapan, hindi namin — kung saan-saan lang namin dinadala. Nung mamamatay na ang kapatid ko ay napilitan kaming dalhin sa ospital. Nangutang kami ng pera, at sa charity pa.

Maliwanag na nag-iimbento na naman ng mga akusasyon sa akin. Sobra naman ang ginagawa sa akin. Hindi maiaalis sa akin na mahirap ako noong dati.

Ang tatay ko mismo, 9 din silang magkakapatid na pawang mahihirap din. Kaya nagtataka ako kung paanong pati ito ay pinag-iinteresan nila. Siguro para ma-justify kung bakit haciendero ang kanilang kandidato bilang pangulo.

He says more in a press conference.

You know, I got to interview Manny Villar last December 17 where he mentioned (watch the recorded video below at the mark 1:05) that health budget is so neglected taking 1.3% of national budget.

He wants to double health budget, He has seen how hard it is for the poor to get health care. His own brother died..he discusses more in our interview about free medical attention during life and death situation. FREE medication for life and death and he claims it is not a empty election promise.

I can’t judge someone for transforming the death of a sibling to an advocacy or an election promise. Most siblings suffer some trauma after a loss of another sibling. I wouldn’t know how Manny Villar felt but in the course of my grief advocacy work, I have known such cases.

So I am really disappointed with all these allegations that he lied, that he was not really poor.

1. How do you know they could afford to pay the hospital bill? Have you ever had a sick family member dying of leukemia? Just because there was no cure for leukemia in 1962 does not mean that Danny did not need comfort to alleviate pain or discomfort?

A parent will do anything possible even borrow at great lengths to keep their child alive. I know some parents still in debt after their child died in a hospital.

2. How do you know if Manny Villar lied about being poor? He was poor once but he didn’t remain poor.

The blogger in Mahirap Tanggapin Na Mahirap si Villar? Ano Pang BASURA ang itatapon nila? adds:

What is wrong with a once poor vendor of shrimps and fish to improve their fortunes and move from poor to middle class over time? Isn’t this the price and prize of sipag and tyaga? Do people expect the poor to remain poor forever? Is it a mortal sin and immoral that the Villars did not remain poor? Remember that the property was bought in 1962, and this ““witness” Jun Borres who claims this is a typical upper middle class dwelling bought the property in 1987. A difference of 25 years!!!!

The Liberal Party (LP) denies being the source of anti-villar emails called “Truth be Told” containing allegations belying Villar’s popular claim that he was a self-made billionaire who emerged from dire poverty in the streets of Tondo.

Maybe not officially…I received a text message in the past from someone in the LP (and I kept the text message as proof so be careful about forwarding such messages)

The problem with black propaganda is that the electorate want to hear the things they want to hear and actually believe it . Take for example the statement that went viral on the internet, titled ““Why I will vote for Noynoy,” allegedly written by Winnie Monsod but which she denied ever writing it. The email says things that voters who desire good governance want to hear. I received one such email and told the sender that it is not written by Winnie Monsod. He wrote back and said ““If you support Noynoy, then it doesn’t matter if it is fake”

Enough of this black propaganda, mud slinging, or negative campaigning.

From now till election day, let’s hear our candidates tell us how to get out of the mess, We need real leadership and a candidate that’s out there listening to the voters, not spewing overtly negative attacks. Every other candidate needs to make a case for why they are the best person for the job.

Disclosure- Senator Manny Villar is in my short list (find out why).

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