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(ME,Jove, Bridget, Jher, Patty and Pamy who took the photo)

A meeting of Philippine Idol bloggers just before we went inside the theater. Jove Francisco (to my right), a popular Philippine Idol Blogger and ABC reporter told me that Philippine Idol bloggers built up Philippine Idol’s popularity. Maybe it’s true that bloggers contributed to the popularity of Philippine Idol. I remember when I first blogged about Philippine Idol. There were not many readers reading my Philippine Idol entries compared to recent entries. I notice that commercial breaks are getting longer indicating that there are more advertisers. The presence of celebrity guest in tonight’s show compared to the past show a vote of confidence for the Philippine Idol shows.

Tonight’s Big Band Night was such a refreshing change. Philippine Idol felt so alive and exciting. The top 4 [tag]Philippine Idol[/tag] finalists sang songs from the Big Band Era. The elegance of the production design and the songs made me want to dance with my husband. I am such a sucker for old standard music. It might seem boring to the younger crowd but it’s soothing and relaxing. Big bands makes all music sound great.

Gian measured up to the international standards of Big Band music. He was meant to sing this kind of music. I am not too confident if Mau can warm up to western audiences during the competition of a “World Idol”.

Who will be Philippine Idol’s Top 3? My prediction is:

me and gianme and jan
For me, it’s Gian, Mau and Jan. I grabbed another photo opportunity with my Top 3 choices because it’s getting harder and harder to squeeze in a a photo with them. Realistically, all four remaining finalists are vulnerable tonight. Talent vs. Popularity remains a controversial issue in this type of singing contest. And we all know a talented singer is not necessarily a popular choice which is pretty much how politics work in the Philippines. But it’s possible to have both , right?

View Big Band Night photos

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  • I feel like such a star! I’m in your blog! ACK!
    but seriously, tonight, everyone (meaning gian) is vulnerable. I’m so afraid. I voted till my credits ran out. Boo. I hate not being post paid.
    Still, He so does not deserve to get the boot. Dur. Tonight, was HIS night. Objectively, he even outshone Mau. Wow, I’m going to get killed for saying that.
    I hope to see you tomorrow! that’s if I throw caution to the wind and go despite having a quiz the next day. Whee!

  • @Patty- you’re a star talaga. Gian even treats you like one, I may have all these fearless forecast but I still feel everyone is very vulnerable. Though I like Mau too, Gian exuded so much classiness. I want to go tomorrow too. It’s the last show in SM Megamall Theater.

  • teehee! and all it took was a birthday present! 😀 I swear, gian is way too charming/talented to get the boot. It will be the BIGGEST MISTAKE EVER (trumping Pow’s kick out and Reymond’s early dismissal). Grabe na ‘to.

    syempre, we’re both still awake diba?

  • liz

    Hi Ms. Noemi! I stopped watching Phil Idol nang mawala si Pow! Hehe. Nyway, goodluck po sa philweb awards!

  • @patty- I didn’t realize how late it was. After every show, I usually sleep late but never that late 3 AM? ack

    @liz- thanks for the heads up. Anyway, yeah, my kids didn’t feel like watching anymore too.

  • paolo

    Good day fellow Philippine Idol Enthusiasts and fellow Mau fanatics, Well, Mau definitely can measure up to Western Audiences, its pretty obvious with her performances during the early stages of the competition..What she is doing lately is just a ploy, (since she has this ability of putting her Filipino Audiences in her palm)she’s been singing songs differently like the Waray-Waray last night not only to be unique but to be funny so that she can get a lot of votes as possible. She is just playing the game here, singing catchy songs to catch her audiences right?? But when it comes to International exposures definitely she can measure with the others..As what Mr. C said “World Class”

  • @Mau was brillant as usual but I didn’t like how the fashion stylist designed her gown. It was not flattering unlike her attire in Musicals NIght.

  • Sweetie

    ……..i don’t know Phil Idol is not the same anymore..i miss Pow……

  • @sweetie- I noticed there were less PI fans last night. Pow wasn’t even there. Yes, Philippine Idol is not the same without Pow. We will see her again soon at the Finale. I am sure they will all have a number.

  • ria

    i loved last night’s show. 😀 i was also rooting for Pow and was devastated when she was booted out last week, but I’ve also always liked Mau and last night I was so proud of her. She has changed and grown in so many ways. 🙂 thanks for sharing the pictures! 😀

  • Noemi thanks very much for the tickets! It was such an honor meeting a blog icon. Heheheheh. Todo na natin ang pag suporta sa Gian-Mau finale!

    Hi patty sowi di tayo nagkachika masyado. Nice to meet bloggers in the flesh. 🙂

  • @ria- Yes, Mau has really changed. She smiles easily now. More confident too

    @Jher- haha honor? you gotta be kidding. You’re a fellow blogger. Anyway, hope we meet again soon. To Gian-Mau Finale!

  • I agree with mos of your comments. I just hope Miguel leaves tonight. Do read my blog at (he he, as in nag advertise)

  • @aryo- I went to your site. You’ve got a good analysis there. I also rooted for Gian. He was just debonair.

  • @ Jher: its cool, It was nice to meet bloggers who love PI. I swear, my life is so sad as it revolves around this. hope to see you guys again!

  • Jan’s really not a pleasant sight while singing
    Miguel’s vocal folds are not yet ready for such a big event
    Mau may have the talent but her looks is such a sweet sorrow hehee
    Gian, well he is good. Not excellent, not great .just good
    Wala na bang iba?

  • Rob

    Waaaaaaaaaa…. ang bakla ni Miguel sa picture…. napakabading ng pose niya dito…promise… hehehe… sana matanggal na siya…

  • mabelle

    Hi guys, can anyone tell me where to get tickets for the araneta show of PI…? Please!
    You know, im one of the few persons who abhors TV actually but when one time I saw PI on a commercial (earlier seasons) I got hooked, grabe, to the highest level!!! I even spend lots of load voting to the point na napuputulan na ako ng line, hehe. SO please, can anyone grant my ardent request of being able to watch PI live and see my two remaining idols (need I say who?!? syempre Gian and Mau). Hope to see the most famous blogger there also (need I say who again?! hehe)
    Thanks in advance!

  • @patty- it’s good to have a diversion from stress once in a while

    @jerico- these are all talented singers .

    @Rob- well it’s not wrong to cry. Miguel was touched by mr. c’s offer. Well Miguel is out now.

    @Mabelle- Watch “I Love Philippine Idol” every Tuesdays to Saturdays, 9pm on ABC- Channel 5 for details on how to get tickets to the Araneta Coliseum Top 3 Finals and Finale on December 3 and December 10

  • yay! miguel’s out! yay!

  • Olivia

    hey there.. thanks for the infos about Philippine idol. Im so happy that miguel got booted out.

    i just have one question..
    are there going to be 2 contestants or 3 in the FINALE??
    coz people in IDOLFORUMS.COM are saying that the finale would consist of 3 contestants..

  • anGEL

    elo ms noemi.. do you have pics of POW yesterday in mega?!! i stopped watching phil idol in mega eversince she was booted out.. =( i watch it on tv na lang hoping to see POW in mah monitor.. wahhh!!! luckily i saw her yesterday eve.. before the show totally ends nga lang.. yey!!! nwei pls ms noemi.. kindly post her pics if u have.. pls pls pls!! thnks in advance.. =)

  • paolo

    Hurray to Mau. the whole Gay community will definitely be around you, dont worry about that, anyways what else can I say, I already placed all my bets and comments on your YOUTUBE (me as andrewramos).. You are such a Gay Icon Mau continue that..Talent wise you are the best..

  • Sweetie

    hi Ms Noemi, i saw Pow last saturday (SM Valenzuela) promoting their album, what a cutie in person 🙂 my daughter gave her a nice teddy, in return Pow gave her a pass ticket to araneta 🙂 my lil angel (she is 4 yrs old) adores Pow, her favorite song “Nakapagtataka” (Pow’s version syempre) they even had a picture together hugging each other 🙂

  • rani

    how i wish mau will be the first phil. idol. she’s really great.

  • ma.ruby marcelo

    hi its me again,i really,really,really,really miss pow so much i still hurting for what happen,i really adore her,sana naman like others magkachance din sana ko makita sya in person,i really miss her.For me baka c gian ang manalo,pero for me si pow pa rin ang mas karapat dapat sa title na yun,she has so much talent na mapapakita sana binigyan nila ng chance yung tao…

  • Mabelle

    Hi again Ms Noemi!!! I followed your advice and watched I love PI but there was no advertisment whatsoever, nor instructions announced by heart as to how to get tickets for the Araneta Show (except for the smart ads where you have to download somethin to get a CHANCE to win free tickets?!? Im using Globe postpaid, hows that, huhu). I dont care if i have to pay for it, i just want to have some tickets… PLEASE!!!! Kindly help naman po….. Much Thanks!!!! Blessed week!

  • I saw Gian’s story about his being the breadwinner and all. Actually he is my bet and hearing that story proved to all and sundry that he is a big man after all.Great voice, good performer , over all he is the best among the three. He just didn’t get my vote but my outmost respect as well. He is a son I never had.Your family is so lucky to have you. I wish you well, Gian! God Bless!

  • decembergirl

    I’m happy for Gian, Mau, and Jan being in the top 3. I place Jan in #3. Between Gian and Mau, they’re both talented and has charisma. Mau is being cheered for longer minutes than Gian inside the SM Megamall theatre, but I believe as seen in votes (Mau always landed in the bottom 3) lately, that Gian is being lauded in the homes of viewers (as seen in votes – he’s not in the bottom list anymore lately). Mau maybe is world-class (sa boses) but Gian as Mr. C said is the only one that can be leveled with the other international idols. Observe Mau on interviews: she can’t speak straight English and her lack of confidence still shows. How’s that when she goes international? Gian is the total performer and can hold interviews too, can answer questions asked of him. Mau, she returns back the question to the interviewer. Mau is real soul diva, but Gian is the total package. Congrats to the first Philippine Idol.

  • tickets, where art thou tickets?!? this is crazy.

  • @patty- no tickets yet? Ugh . I can’t believe they will fill 10000 people in araneta. did you try to contact gian’s camp?

  • hay, the tickets issue, i just came from the nova studios, madaming empleyado ang frustrated at sad dahil wala na tickets for all of us. SRO na lang daw ang mga tiga ABC. again, sad and happy kami sa indication na dala nito. sino ang di matutuwa? akala talaga namin walang nag aapreciate sa hard work and sacrifice ng singko para i-mount ang show na ito. salamat talaga sa mga PI followers, you guys and girls surely made our network’s dream come true!

  • @Jove- at least the ABC staff can get in di ba? I also thought Philippine Idol did not take off initially . Slowly but surely, Philippine Idol made it.

  • i contacted gian’s cousin na, and she said if they have extras, they’ll give us. ack, i’m lining up early. hope to see you there!

  • Olivia

    hi.. can i use the pics of mau that u took for wikipedia?