Photo Hunt: Classic (1940s Photo)

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The [tag]Photo Hunt[/tag] theme for this saturday is anything on Classic. What does “classic” mean?

“of or characteristic of a form or system felt to be of first significance before modern times” As an adjective, classic means ““belonging to the highest rank or class” as well as ““having lasting significance or worth.” As a noun, classic means ““a superior or unusual example of its kind”

momasateenagerthumb.jpgMine is a classic [tag]1940s photo[/tag] of my mom as a teenager. She must have been sixteen here in this photo, roughly taken sometime in 1947. I found this photo as my sister Belen (who happens to look like my mom) and I packed up our things from our ancestral home in Cebu. Though a bit worn, we were able to capture the photo with our digital camera.

I like gazing at [tag]retro photos[/tag]. A glimpse of the past is captured forever. I get to see the fashion trends during the good old days. One thing I notice about this old photo is the way she positioned their upper torso. It’s like mom is leaning to one side and her eyes aren’t focused on the camera as if gazing to someone behind the photographer. It’s great that she beamed a stunning smile though.

The eyelet collar on her dress is still a classic in today’s ladies wear. And look at mom’s hair. Obviously they were curled in the vintage 1940s hair-dos using hair-rolls. In true 1940s fashion, the sides aof her hair are pulled up and held into place with bobby pins. The bangs are curled up and secured with bobby pins as well.

Looking at my mom’s photo, I can see where I got my eyebrows and teeth. Haha.

I think mom is pretty in true classic beauty that doesn’t fade through the years.

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  • what a beautiful photo and a very classic look to the picture!!

  • She is truly a beauty. Very classic.

  • what a beautiful woman! Nice take on this weeks theme!

  • Hi Noemi! I love looking at pictures from the past. They are so full of history, family history at least. I remember the eyelet cloth which was a favorite of my grandmother.

  • Yen

    This is simply beautiful! I love vintage photos and this one is stunning! Btw, I read in your profile that you’re a Pinay. I am too:) Nice to met you from Photo Hunt!:) And hugs to you about your son…Ingat po lagi!

  • What a beautiful picture! Love it!

  • Noemi, what a wonderful photo of your mom. You are right, everything about her spells classic, including the locket that she is wearing in the photo. Thanks for sharing your mom’s photo. Yup, I can see a bit of you in her features.

    Have a great Sunday 🙂

  • That is a beautiful photo of your mother. Definitely classic beauty on display.

    My classic photo.

  • That’s a wonderful find! And it’s still in good condition. That reminds me of some old photos I found in my grandmother’s house. She kept some of the photos in boxes and I just found ’em by accident. However, I forgot where I’ve kept them. 🙁 Bad me. I hope I’ll find it again.

  • A lovely shot indeed.

  • your Mom is so beautiful. I can see both Lauren and Marielle. you’re right about the fashion. eyelet is one of my favorites. it was the fabric I looked for in months for my daughter’s Introduction picture and is one of my summer’s must haves 🙂