Piolo Pascual on Loving Yourself More

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Piolo Pascual and Marian Rivera at the Bluewater Day Spa Capitol Hills Branch Launch

Let’s have some showbiz break with Piolo Pascual. A few bloggers got invited to the BlueWater Day Spa Capitol Hills Opening. Going to the spa is one of my favorite ME time that I couldn’t miss the opportunity to check out another spa especially since it is near the girls’ university. Now it isn’t the first time for me to meet Piolo Pascual and Marian Rivera. I met them in another launch of Bluewater Day Spa last year.

Like I told you, I find Piolo so charming, er gorgeous looking guy to put it mildly. This time around, he looks even more gorgeous than ever. Kinilig talaga ako but I didn’t show my giddiness even if Piolo kept smiling away to everyone. Acting poised and collected, I boldly approached Piolo for an exclusive interview. Lucky me got to sneak in a 2 minute exclusive close-door interview with a few bloggers. Here is his video message to all of you my dear readers:

Piolo giggles as he greets all the readers of this blog and bloggers. (haha kilig!)

On relaxation

Well of course, every chance I get…even if I don’t have a chance to go to the spa, I always have a masseuse on the set or taping. For me, it is something that you should do once in a while once a week, to pamper yourself, to rejuvenate.

On stress

You have to love yourself more. You have to take care of your health. Don’t overstress or don’t overwork. You have to once in a while treat your body to a massage, a spa.

So that’s all there is to it. Love yourself more. Treat yourself.. Pamper yourself and make yourself feel good.

One way of pampering myself is having a photo op with Papa Piolo.

Photo courtesy of Edelweizaa

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  • What a wonderful opportunity. I love the last shot of you and Piolo. I could almost swear you were in cloud 9. 🙂

    Rach (Heart of Rachel)s last blog post..Getting a Tattoo

    • lol, obvious ba? He is so gracious.

  • What a gorgeous guy! I can’t get enough of Piolo Pascual! It’s an addiction!

    • He is so handsome so much so, I told him so. haha.

  • you look so kilig..LOL. Piolo is cute but I think I have a crush on Marian Rivera..hehehe.

    • Yes Marian is so pretty and delicate looking.

      Okay I was so kilig because the mom bloggers and I took turns taking photos with Piolo. There was this one guest who kept on hugging Piolo while in the Photo ops and we all ended laughing and laughing

  • jun

    Mukhang kinikilig ka nga hahahaha. This is one of you most lovable aspects: Letting your hair down and letting your happy soul show..

    • haha yah. we had a fun time other than just having a photo op with Piolo . That’s why it shows

  • I forgot to add, underneath the picture of you and Piolo where it says “filed under”, the tags “marian rivera, massage, piolo pascual” made me think of a possible very naughty tabloid news title…LMAO!

  • I LOVE YOU PIOLO!! hehehe 🙂

    Cookies last blog post..Walking The Green Mile…The Ipanema GB Seeds Launch

  • Hi, Ms. Noemi! I’m a long time reader, first time to comment here. I just got so kilig with that photo of you with Piolo, feels like a teenager seeing her crush.

    phynkees last blog post..A Special Valentine present

    • Hi Phynkee…good thing you commented finally. There is a reason for that kilig. Before my turn, a much older woman hugged Piolo so seductively. It embarassed Piolo so much but he was still game. I was laughing! hence I look kilig.

  • It was good to see you again and we really had a great time 😀

    Papa Piolo is so charming! 🙂

  • Hi Noemi! It was great to see you, and thanks for helping stop Piolo before he left so we can take pictures with him, hehe. I’m now a Piolo fan 😀

    imoms last blog post..BlueWater Day Spa – Capitol Hills Launch

  • Piolo looked like a great guy to meet, and he also dresses very nicely and in style too! I saw the youtube video you posted and I think it really revealed to me that he is a normal person just like all of us, and a great guy too! 🙂

    Till then,


    Bratwurst Recipess last blog post..Sausage and egg casserole

  • hey piolo ang cute cute mo talaga omg!!!!!!!!!
    gustong gusto talagang makita in person dahil hindi pa kita nakita ever in my life so pls. can you have a concert here in Honolulu, Hawaii kasi I would like to meet you and etc.
    Luv Yah:)


  • ang gwapoooooooooooooooo. haha.nakaka beki