Problems are Made to Be Solved

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Problems are inevitable.

Some problems can be anticipated. Some are surprises. The idea that problems occur now and then need not be a surprise.

If there is one thing different between my husband and myself, it’s the way we look at our problems. Most of us rant now and then.

“Why is this happening to me?”

“Why is God not listening to me?”

“How come this had to happen?”

I guess he needs more time reacting to the fact that there is a problem than solving the problem.

Maybe it’s his coping process and I am there to balance it. Whenever he is in that frustrated state, my mind starts ticking about possible solutions.


The good news is that for every problem, there is a solution. Sometimes,

1. The solution is immediate;
2. It takes a while to discover;
3. The solution involves letting go.
4. The problem is ours to solve,sometimes it isn’t;
5. There is something we can clearly do to solve the problem yet other times we need to struggle, stumble, do our part , then trust God for help.
6. The problem is just part of life.
7. The problem is important because we are learning something through the problem and the solution.
8. The problem end up working out for good in our life.

Sometimes, problems just are; sometimes they are a warning sign that we could be on the wrong track.

I have learned to accept problems as inevitable part of my life. I’ve learned to find trust my ability to solve problems. I’ve also identified problems that try to lead us in a new direction and which simply ask for solving. I learned to trust solutions rather than be victimized by problems.

We can actually learn to focus on the solution rather than on the problem and maintain a positive attitude towards life and the inevitable flow of problems and solutions.

And guess what? After my husband is done with his litany of rants, his next question is always:

“What do we do now?”

My answer: Let’s come up with solutions.

Noemi Lardizabal-Dado (1386 Posts)

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  • I agree. I believe it’s natural for us to get panic at the first sign of the problem. But after getting jitters and practically getting tired of being crazy of thinking about it, I think we should seek a sense of calmness, and slowly (or rapidly) find ways to solve the problem.

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    Dianas last blog post..Buhay Coke ng Bloggers at Taste of Asia – SM Mall of Asia: An Aftermath

  • @diane- it’s okay to rant about it but one should move on to find a solution. Getting all riled up can cause too much stress.

  • AdB

    Hi Noemi,

    That’s my motto too: to every problem there is a solution, the hardest part is making the choice, a right or wrong choice.

    AdBs last blog post..Makapal (Shameless)!

  • Problems are there to keep us humble and to spice up our lives. And it feels good when you share it in one plate. 🙂

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  • oh yes, problems. you’re right, they’re always there. what i appreciate about the problems is that when it’s over, i have become a little bit better than the person i was prior to the problem =)

    lady cesss last blog post..Hello, How Are You?

  • @ADB- ah yes the choices can be tough. I usually lift my choices in prayer.

    @witsandnuts- it makes us think if we are on the right direction too

    @lady cess- we do grow with lessons learned. At my age, I’ve learned not to be overwhelmed anymore. I take it one bit at a time.

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  • @Manay Gina- Spirituality is a good way to deal with the pain. Nothing can reallly asuage it so lifting it to God is comforting. I ‘ve read the story of the Miracle Shoes. So touching. KC lives on in other people in our lives.

  • That’s one of the reason why two peoples married. To complete one each other. The strong one must support the weak one. In this case you are the one who must support your husband. That’s a sweet cooperation 🙂 …

  • Arlyn

    i always think that there’s a solution in our problems!and that’s true,but…..sometimes im losing hope.maybe because…..there is no solution on my part.i always pray hard but nothing happened…..