The Evolution of Geek Parents

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Noemi Lardizabal-Dado (1388 Posts)

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  • Yes you are one cool mom, Nao. I wouldn’t mind you having for a mom.

    Thanks for a glimpse of the evolution of computers in a family household in the Philippines. I remember my first encounter with computers is way back in 1995. The floppy disks back then are sized 5.5 (I think). Only a few people have hard disks on their computers. I am delighted to play with good old pacman then also through an MSDOS program. And the (I think) the earliest version of Prince of Persia game (gamers now this title). I did also learn BASIC on my first year in highschool. Those where the days. But the MSDOS know how comes in handy once in a while especially when our Windows crashed. It helped us repair the problem on our own. Its really cool to be geek.

  • @tofubaby- I loved the DOS. I could easily fix stuff using DOS .

  • 1970s? Grabe, wala pa ako nun.. hahaha! about Geek Code?

    My geek code’s on my old blog. Try it! 🙂

  • You, Noems, are a geek! I think for you it comes naturally. See, you are in the IT business and is in the local blogging who’s who.

    As for me, Noems, I am just very happy I have caught the bus of IT … just in the nick of time. I think you were still in the ISSI when the office began to computerize and there was this training program for the staff … very selected because the (first generation) PCs we had were very few. I wasn’t supposed to be in the first batch of trainees .. but I insisted (I thought if I didn’t learn then I couldnt learn later) so I brought my own pc borrowed from a sister just so I could join.

    Not a geek — cannot be one if I bled trying — but at least IT literatre enough to wordprocess, desktop publish, email, pla online scrabble and blog. How happy! LOL

  • @nightfox- how leet. I will try that geek code soon as I figure it ou

    @annamanila- I blush when you say “in the local blogging who’s who” Trust me when I say that you will soon be there.

    It’s good thing you grabbed that opportunity to be trained. I think I left (got terminated) the office when that happened. That was the perfect moment for you. You are going places.

  • sheesh… geek parents hehe
    I often imagine my son answering the question “What does your parents do for a living?”
    In my mind he’d say his dad is a nurse & his mum finds “bugs” for a living. Weird ko ‘no?