Twitter Updates for 2007-04-09

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  • watching the furniture guys install 4 poster bed #
  • ugh cost me 10,000 bucks just to have it repaired #
  • It’s so cool how I don’t have to yell for Lauren to get going. I just IM her. #
  • I love my husband. I just wish he could be a handyman now that I have a frozen shoulder. I just finished nailing a hook to the wall. #
  • deciding whether to go to gym or not. No one is home. Butch is at the gym. Marielle is in Pangasinan and Lauren is with friends in Makati #
  • those terrible cats are using my new furniture as a scratch post. I am ordering a customized cat furniture for these 2 cats. Expenses again? #
  • I’m going to the gym now. Hope to be back in 2 hours. #
  • decided not to go to the gym because butch arrived. We will pick up Lauren in Makati. #
  • My kids think I am a geek mom who can solve their virus problems. M’s computer and one of our laptops are infected with a virus. Geek Squad? #
  • My husband is treating me to a massage in my own room… Aww, sweet. At least he knows how tiring it can be to nail hooks on the wall. #
  • trying to get used to my “rejuvenated” 4 poster bed. For 3 weeks, we slept on Zen like bed aka mattress on the floor. Miss the simplicity. #
  • listening to lauren’s podcast. I want to do podcasting one day when I figure out how to use garage band. #
  • I just woke up and am now sipping a cup of pressed starbucks coffee. Yum/ #

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  • dexie

    I listened to Lauren’s podcast the other day. I’m very impressed. She’s just as articulate as her written words. Quite a refreshing fact considering all those call center wannabes in ‘Pinas :).

  • Noemi

    @dexie- she says she’s better at writing but maybe with training , she can be just good in broadcasting

  • Jeric

    listening to lauren’s podcast. I want to do podcasting one day when I figure out how to use garage band.

    I would love to listen to your podcast if ever you’ll come up with one. I listen to Lauren’s podcast too 🙂

  • dexie

    hope you encourage her to do that. maybe next year she’ll host PBA..oh oh oh. kontrobersya. i’m gonna go hide in my cocoon now..LOL!

    btw did i tell you i loved your dress at the awards show? loved the color on you. 🙂