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1780 by SariSariStore.Com, an iconic Filipino one-stop-shop

I grew up in a bakeshop, smelling freshly baked bread every morning. You know how that aroma is, right?  It’s heavenly. My mother thought of using her baking talent to augment her teacher’s salary  by starting a small bakeshop. That small business grew and made enough income to finance seven of us to Manila for college. I am a great believer that entrepreneurship can bring most of us into financial independence. It was that belief that prompted me to work at the UP Institute for Small Scale Industries and provide consultancy services to small and medium enterprises.

sally's home bake shop

Along with our bakery , my mom built a small sari-sari store for her baked goodies and some dry goods. The bake shop has long been gone but we, siblings hope to revive it one day. I wonder if we did open our bake shop in this technology-driven age, would we also use those online stores like SariSariStore.Com/1780? I recently attended the launch of this iconic Filipino one-stop-shop. Providing a free space where businesses can market their products and where consumers can find what they’re looking for is just so convenient for both the entrepreneur and the potential buyer.

1780 by sari sari store

1780 by SariSari brings focus and creates demand for Philippine heritage products that have yet to make an impact in the market, highlighting the sheer variety of regional delicacies and crafts available in the Philippines and making these products easily accessible for Filipino families across the country. In collaboration with a number of Philippine artisans, 1780 by SariSari puts a modern flair to a variety of traditional Filipino products.

chocolate cupcakes

Owner of hand-crafted cupcakes store Sweet Patti Cakes – Patti Grandidge, exhibits a taste of the Philippines by creating limited edition cupcakes which incorporate Kablon Farms’ chocolate using organically grown cacao. Local designer and fashion influencer Amina Aranaz works in collaboration with one of 1780 by SariSari’s merchants to craft a bag using native Philippine materials, which will be sold exclusively on the site. Aside from promoting food and craft products, 1780 by SariSari is joined by traveler and tourism influencer Ivan Henares who discusses his advocacy towards heritage products and sites around the country.

Visit their main portal at, or check their facebook page at to see more of the featured products that are available online.

Paniya Clutches

Paniya Region 8

Paniya Clutches uses local materials like buntal (palm tree) straw and acacia wood to make beautiful, one-of-a-kind clutches as part of their high-end fashionable products using native Philippine materials and proudly crafted by Filipinos

Jackfruit Marmalade

Jackfruit Marmalade

Using jackfruit, which is readily available year-round, FORWARD (the Federation of Rurban Women’s Association for Reform and Development) joined the Plant Now Pay Later program which allows them to plant the fruits with resources from the government, which they can pay back after the harvest season.


Marbell Bell Pepper Sauce

Marbell Bell Pepper Sauce

Marbell’s Bell Pepper Sauce uses ingredients that can be found locally, such as coconut sugar, brown sugar, onions, garlic, salt, powdered black pepper, and Native Philippine chili; it also includes vinegar that the company personally ferments for 2-6 months in their kitchen.

Mommy Juling’s Atchara

Mang Juling's Atchara

Mommy Juling’s atchara products are freshly made, with the production process leading up to packaging taking only 2 days, so that each package retains the crunchy flavor that Mommy Juling’s is known for.

CT South Tropic Fruit Wines

CT South Tropic Fruit Wines - Mango

Using fruits fresh from the farms in Mindanao, South Tropic’s wines carries a variety of wine flavors including: mangosteen, passion fruit, durian, jackfruit, pineapple, and dragon fruit, among others.

Kablon Farms

Kablon Farms

Kablon Farms sells chocolates that are made with cacao grown under the canopy of fruits and flowers on the company’s plantation that gives one a taste of home-grown favorites such as dark chocolate and spicy dark chocolate.

Banigs by the Badjaos of Zamboanga

Banigs by the Badjao’s of Zamboanga

Banigs by the Badjaos of Zamboanga are not as simple as they appear: it can take anywhere from one to three months to produce a single mat, with more intricate and complicated designs and colors taking longer to make.

Josephine’s Jewelry

Josephine's Jewelry

The designs of Josephine’s Jewelry are one-of-a-kind pieces from materials sourced from across the Philippines, using a variety of metals such as silver and gold, and jewels (such as topaz, opal, or even diamonds).


These products are simply amazing.  By highlighting the best that the Philippines has to offer in terms of gastronomy and craftsmanship, 1780 by SariSari looks forward to contributing to the economic growth of the whole country.




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