A Cozy New Look

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newdesign.jpgHow is the wide wide world of the blogosphere today? Good to hear that we all agree to disagree . While everyone was busy with a new soap opera in the blogosphere, I chose to putter around and fix my blog’s theme. Introducing my blog’s spanking new layout designed by Juan Karlo Licudine of pinoyblogero.com (of course I hired his services). My angel must have guided Karlo’s hands because the header design is awesome. My instructions for the drawing were “we’re a family . I am using my macbook and Luijoe is hovering nearby”. The header depicted the way I wanted it to be and even more. I love this Karlo! He made me virtually sexy. He even captured my husband’s white hair Haha.

I’m really happy with my blog’s cozy new look.

So yes, I’ve just been through a morass of feelings. I bet you did too. The good news is good feelings are here again. Actually good feelings can become a habitual part of our lives. I don’t have to allow others to make myself miserable and I dont have to make myself miserable. A good day does not have to be calm before the storm

Enjoying my good day doesn’t mean I am being disloyal to a loved one who is facing a setback. A good day or a good feeling doesn’t mean we’re in denial. I don’t have to make myself feel guilty because other people are having a bad day. I don’t have to make myself miserable to be like them. They can have their day and their feelings and I can have mine too.

A good feeling is to be enjoyed. I won’t allow others to spoil it with negativity because it can take me out of harmony. Negative energy sabotages and destroys. It brings out a life of its own. Positive energy has its own powerful life. Positive energy heals , conducts love and transforms.

We should all choose positive energy.