BlogCon on September 25

Calling all bloggers in Metro Manila. There will be a BlogCon event on Monday, September 25, 2006. Here are the details from Abe and Pinoy Tech Blog

What: Philippine BlogCon (Meet the Bloggers)
When: September 25, 2006 7PM to 10PM
Where: National Sports Grill, Greenbelt 3, Makati
Who: Bloggers from all over!

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There will free food (snack) and drinks, thanks to Globe Innove through Jayvee’s intervention. Abe added that there will be “No formal program, just meet and greet fellow bloggers. We might do some informal QA though for those interested in some topics like problogging, podcasting, legal, etc.”

Jayvee mentioned that

If you are a shy blogger and think you won’t fit in, then that’s absolutely preposterous because all of us are actually very shy too.

National Sports Grill is covered by the wireless net of Globe so we might be able to do some liveblogging with great pics during the event.

So what are you waiting for? Register on the wiki if you’re attending the event. Spread the word!

I will be there too. I will talk on “Content is Still King” along with other topics from Jayvee, Abe and Marc. Also, My daughter might attend if she doesn’t have thesis defense the following day. It’s an opportunity for her to meet other bloggers. I can actually bring my husband along since he has a blog but he stopped writing after 2 entries. I don’t think one is called a blogger if there are only 2 entries in your blog. Hehe . Hopefully he can blog more since he’s a gifted writer. He hasn’t gotten into the groove of blogging yet. When I talked to Connie in the last Globe-Innove sponsored meet, she hoped my husband would blog since a male lawyer-blogger might bring a different perspective to certain issues. (Connie and my husband were schoolmates in Law school.) I said that he did have a blog but died on it after only 2 entries. Maybe, he hasn’t gotten inspired yet. Hmm.