Grief in the News

9 year old dies from swallowing pencil shavings

Child abuse can happen right inside the classroom. I just saw this news item on ABS CBN news: Mabel, a 9 year old girl from Silangan Elementary School, in Taguig died after allegedly being made to swallow pencil shavings by her teacher. According to her classmates their teacher thought Madel was the one who had scattered pencil shaving and was punished for it.

This news report Pupil, made to swallow pencil shavings, dies added that:

Although there was no autopsy, acute tonsillitis and asphyxiation pneumonia due to the extreme swelling of throat were stated as the official cause of death.

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We need not walk alone

I had the craziest schedule ever. It would have been alright if not for this stuffy nose and sneezing fits.

8:30 to 10:00 AM At the sanctuary of St. Peter’s Basilica, I attended the 40 day mass for Jullian Elaine “Apple” Book (yes pronounced as book). I barely made it. The mass originally scheduled at 10:00 AM was moved to 9:00 AM. I was still in Makati at 8:30AM so I drove quickly and arrived in time for the last part of the mass.


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My First TV interview

I woke up in tears this morning.

I dreamt that I was kissing and embracing my son, Luijoe. In my dream, he smiled and smirked as I smacked him on the lips and cheeks. Waves of happiness filled me. Joy lifted my heart. I felt like a white balloon, floating in bliss.

Then “POP POP”

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Lessons Learned From the ULTRA stampede tragedy

Wowowee will be aired again but there were lessons learned from the ULTRA tragedy. For one:

Now there will be separate entrances for senior citizens and children, who should be accompanied by adults. A blood pressure check is also mandatory for studio contestants, according to Cory Vidanes, ABS-CBN vice president for entertainment. ““Blood pressure rises with the excitement,” she explained. ““We want to make sure they can take this kind of excitement.”

Though I believe that the show promotes “mendicancy and dependency”, I am glad to know that they are having separate entrances for the children and the elderly.

coffin.jpgThere was one child victim from this tragedy and I had the opportunity to spend an afternoon with the bereaved family. This is my story that I wrote for The Compassionate Friends. (written on the day of her burial)….

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