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christmas tree
The twinkling rice lights of our Christmas Tree gleam in our living room. Along the staircase, traditional red and green Christmas ornaments drape the sides. The girls’ stockings hang near the landing, as if waiting for small gifts on Christmas day. One thing that you will hear in my home are Christmas carols streaming in every nook and corner. There’s nothing like setting the mood for my baking chores or simply when I am busy with office work. It’s what drives me to glamorize the house a little bit for Christmas without noticing the great tasks ahead. Whether I hum along with the church chorus, the melody and the simple lyrics will never cease to mesmerize and attune me to the holiday mood.

Let me share 4 playlists I organized from this online music site.

The playlist of Filipino Christmas Carols below, I collated for you to add more joy to your Christmas celebration. The first song in the track is Pasko na Sinta ko sung by my two girls and three other members of the Manila Children’s Choir in 1999. The second track is ““Kasadya ni Takna-a” the original version (Pasko ay Sumapit) as sung the way it should be.

Christmas Songs in Tagalog/Bisaya

Filipino (Pinoy) Christmas Songs

Christmas Songs rendered by Filipino Artists

Christmas Songs by Filipino Artists

Vienna Boys Choir

Vienna Boys Choir Sings Christmas Carols

Christmas Carols sang by Foreign Artists

Christmas Songs

My favorite carols of all time are those sung by the Vienna Boys Choir. These traditional Christmas carols embody the ideals of truly Christmas-themed songs and espouse the sacredness and joyousness of the season of the Nativity. I like to imagine Christmas Carols the way it should be. Christmas carols say the story of Christ’s birth. At the time of Jesus’ birth, the angels sang various songs when they encountered the shepherds to tell the news of Jesus’ birth. The practice followed from then on and slowly became a tradition to sing carols on Christmas.

It doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy listening to the upbeat and festive carols.

Whether to greet the advent of the yuletide season, or for wishing each other well in Christmas, the Christmas Carols like “We Wish you a Merry Christmas” or Jingle Bells”, never fail to enliven our spirits.

What is your favorite Christmas carol?