Computer Game and Internet Addiction: The Emergence of a New Clinical Disorder

bluskies.jpgA few days ago, I was at my aunt’s neighborhood to check for possible houses for sale. One of the most important considerations for moving in a new neighborhood is a fast internet connection. I visited an internet cafe inside the neighborhood, just a few meters from the vilage church. It was 8:00 PM and the internet cafe brimmed with high school and even grade school students playing some kind of war game, possibly Defense of the Ancients (DOTA) , an expanded version of Warcraft. I was horrified to see these kids. Shouldn’t they be studying? It upset me that the parents are not monitoring their children’s whereabouts.

Then I read today’s article in Manila Bulletin . “Computer ‘Addicts’ Rise in Defense of their hobby”

Better Games than drugs. Who would disagree with this reasoning esecially when cited by teenagers hooked on computer games? This is the reason why computer game afionados should not be restricted in pursuing their hobby, said Gladys, a self-confessed computer game addict

So is that reason for their leniency? Addiction is addiction is addiction. The symptons are the same as any addiction. These kids are becoming addicted to the Internet or Computer Games in much that same way that others became addicted to drugs or alcohol which result in academic, social, and occupational impairment. Although computer addiction is the lesser evil compared to drug addiction, it nevertheless takes away the priorities of these children. Even if they are done with their homework, they should be reading books. What have I done to ensure that my kids (who were in high school ) were never hooked to the computer.

1. There was only one computer to be shared by the whole family.
2. The computer is located near a high traffic area, the kitchen. This is to ensure that I can easily monitor their online activities.
3. I never allowed computer games to be installed in the computer unless they were educational in nature like mysteries or adventure. A favorite game was the classic “Oregon Trail” and the “Storybook Weaver” for creative writing.
4. Only one hour usage allowed if playing these educational games.

They never complained of their computer time because they had other activities such as singing, swimming and tons of books to read. I believe that kids know their priorities if the parent helps establish it. Now that the kids are in college, I have faith that the priorities are ingrained in their minds. I provided them their own personal computer which they need for the paperwork requirements and the freedom to install games which can alleviate school-related stress.

What are we to do with these kids who have lost their priorities because of their addiction? They will only realize the bad effects of their addiction once they get failing marks . As long as they are doing well in school, they will continue to play or go online. Parents need to draw boundaries once their kids start using the computer or even game consoles. What can the government do? According to the Business Promotion and Development Office (BPDO) of the Mania City Hall, they are not strict when it comes to releasing permits of the Internet Shops since so far, there is no particular ordinance governing their operation. However the BPDO is strict in implementing two policies:

1. That all computer shops must be 50 meters away from churches, schoools and government institutions
2. and that there should be a notice saying that minors are not allowed to play during school hours or from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

No wonder there are a lot of kids at that time of the night. I still believe that minor children should be at their own homes , monitored by their parents. I strongly suggest that internet cafes allow a maximum one hour usage during school days (from 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM). The laws should be changed that minor children shouldn’t be playing games during school days. I believe children can be taught the wise use of the computer as early as 6 years old and that parents should be firm with their discipline towards the welfare of their children’s educational growth.

Noemi Lardizabal-Dado (1388 Posts)

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  • @JC- great article. I wasn’t aware of what others spoke of gamers. My concern is really the future of theses kids in terms and it’s about time that parents and internet cafes work together to make gaming time a disciplined activity.

  • This is also the reason why we only have one family computer. And there’s five of us sharing. I agree that kids should busy themselves with other activities too, not just the computer or video games.

  • I agree. Im 24 now, but during my online gaming (specifically) days, one of what I did then was to spend 2 weeks of my life playing games almost non-stop. I will eat infront of the PC, take a short nap.

    Back then, it was all MUDs or text-based online games. My parents who got tired of me, let me do what I want, until I realized myself that, to satisfy my “want” to play these online games, I have to finish my studies to get a job, so I can earn money to pay for my [1] internet bill, [2] food, [3] electricity, [4] water, [5] phone line, and so on.

    When pRO (Philippine Ragnarok Online) was first announced, one thing I said then “students will start failing in their subjects, online gaming addiction will soon become an issue”, and so it was.

    It is sad. I am planning on working with NGOs or doctors or clinics to solve this issue as someone who was once addicted. I really want to help them. Just like our Pastor said, “anything beyond 100% is not good” or “anything extreme is bad”. Gaming is good just like drugs, but if taken wrongly it will spell destruction to anyone.

    • Liza

      We live in an island province while my son was studying in UP Diliman. We never knew that he’s addicted to on-line games unitl we learned that he lost his scholarship. At first we thought it was because he got sick during midterm He was diagnosed of having accute UTI (Probably this was also caused by his addiction to these games).. . Later, I learned that he lost his scholarship because he has been spending most of his time in on-line games and he rarely/never attended his classes. So he failed in most of his subjects, re enrolled again until he finally quit and dropped all his subjects. Our problem now is he’s no longer interested to finish his studies. According to him, he doesn’t know what course to take…that he doesn’t have any talent…he has lost his interest and hope…We have talked to him, encourage him, even beg him…but we can’t persuade him to do so….We’ve been praying for him but til now, he hasn’t changed. According to him, he no longer play on line games but his siblings know that he’s still into it. He’s turning 24 this year. What can be done for him to get out of this pit of hopelessness?to continue and finish his studies?Pls help me.

  • i used to play online games morning til night. noong kapanhunan ng counterstrike yun.

    pero ngayon halos wala na. puroonline browsing na lang.

    dapat kasi teh parents should be educated on what are the pros and cons of these interneet games.

    bottomline here is that: everything should be in moderation.

    its ok to play games, but should always be limited.

  • Toe

    I totally agree with you. I don’t think it’s very healthy either to be sitting all day and staring at the computer (I’m guilty of this since I started blogging). The myriad of activities of your children would help them to become well-rounded individuals.

  • @niceheart- when we had the internet, i knew that one computer was going to be healthy for us

    @JC- one of the most affordable treatment might come from the 12 step recovery programs started by Alcoholics Anonymous, Gamblers Anonymous etc. We have these groups already in our country and I have first hand knowledge that these Anonymous groups have helped addicts in their recovery.

    I saw this Internet-a-holics Anonymous

    Perhaps you can start a group here in the Philippines

    @eric- I know games are really fun but I don’t agree that it should be played for hours on end.

    @toe- I am only a bit lenient during summer break but even then, I make sure there are enough activities to keep the kids occupied other than their game consoles or their computer.

  • lemon

    This is very timely. The 2 very young kids of my friends developed UTI from delaying going to the bathroom so that they can play PC games nonstop. The hysterical cries of kids playing PC games until midnight in internet cafes/computer shops used to just annoy me and J. Now that we have a child of our own, the thought that she might someday be similarly hooked to the habit is frightening.
    I even heard of a parent whose child had incurred a huge bill in the computer shops. Unknown to the parents, for a month, their child kept on going there instead of attending classes.
    Most cities have ordinances banning these computer shops near schools, it’s just a matter of having the will to implement it.

  • @lemon: how awful to have UTI at such a young age. Addiction can really happen to the best of families. When my little boy was still alive, he knew he had limits in playing the playstation and the computer. He never complained that he couldn’t play during school days. I believe the parents need to be firm to their kids at an early age.

  • Great article! With 2 little boys, I am concerned about video games. Honestly I don’t want them around. As parents, we’ve already discussed that there will be no XBOX, PS2, or whatever in our house. As an extension, I really have no desire to get my kids on the internet. Considering all the dangers for kids online, I’d rather them call their friends than IM, write letters instead of emails, and go to the library instead of research online.

    Funny that we’re so anti-technology with our kids… both of us are techies!

  • We only have one computer as well. My husband loves games but doesn’t play as much anymore. My kids are limited on how much time they play…

  • Alex Francisco

    Hello! Thank you so much for seting up a blog in this article, there have been oh so few articles on online gaming addiction in the Philippines.. Guess they’re (the media) just not seeing that the problem is practically crippling a considerable part of their population. Yeah, ive found articles but i thik few off them. Ive been looking for statistics on addictions, but in all my sources, i only found around two that says, “Filipinos ARE slowly becoming addicted to online gaming, or MMORPG’s for that matter,” DIRECTLY, and that number includes in this one. With this premise, i ask for permission to use this information, with proper citations of course. Thanks!

  • @Alex- Sure you can use this entry with proper credits. I cited a news feature from Bulletin Today but couldn’t find it in their online version. Sad to say that media doesn’t recognize it as a problem since this is the lesser evil than drug addiction. Maybe you can do your own data gathering in the internet cafes. They say the gaming industry beefed up the dying internet cafe industry.

  • annie

    this article does not discuss the pov’s of both sides of the story. so this coming from an adult is biased. i think your suggestions and the policies mentioned are too extreme. personally it sounds like a dictatorship. discipline is not always the answer to everything. i also believe that you are a old-fashioned and controlling parent. times have changed. btw, anything can be labeled “educational” in today’s market.

  • @Annie- this is not an article. This is a blog entry. THe POV Of the gamers have already been discussed in the Bulletin Article. As a parent I wrote my opinion on “computer game addiction”. You are probably confused between “control” and guidance. Very young children especially high school and below need parental guidance. Once they reach college, they are old enough to decide what is best for them based on the guidance their parents and school offered them. Times have changed but the good old parental guidance is never old fashioned. I should know. I formulated one of the first internet safety rules for children which was approved by the cyberangels and a world kids site way back in 1996.

  • Interesting..
    I am currently gathering data, opinions, PoVs, articles, and other people who thinks that this matter may become serious in our country. Right now tho, many will argue that the country is still not in that state where online gaming addiction (and gaming in general) is something we must spend time on, but I believe that the best solution is early prevention and preparation.

    I’m still thinking of the best way to facilitate communication, I may use Google Groups if it’s the best way. I’ll invite people there. I think it’s best to keep the group a little private as to avoid.. well… some gamers who think they’re gods 😉 (very common)

  • Computer Addiction????

  • Here’ just to write my thoughts 🙂

    First I believe that computer gaming/surfing etc might triger an addiction but blog like this, self descipline, or parents responsibility is “A MUST” (great responsibility) of everyone.

    Source of information to understand the pro’s and con’s is important.

    A kid’s/teens for example that goes to the library doesn’t mean thier really in library. Or even in the library now a day has computer which mean limiting them for using the computer in the house would not mean they will not go to their friend to use thier computer, nor to the computer shop with your knowledge.

    A simple word advice to your kids/teens is very helpful. This is a same logic as to tell someone “try to go home early dont get late”, “dont try to take drugs nor alcohol” or “have fun and be safe”

    So to sum all my thoughs 🙂 hehehe Computer Addiction is as bad as not doing anything. On my behalf I rather be addicted at some point experiencing and embracing the technology in a good way.

    Good way as to:

    Computer addiction often helps you learn how to type and understand the modern way of living.

    Computer addiction open you to the new world out there whats happening.

    Computer addiction gives you information than beyond your reach of social living.

    Computer addiction helps you get information you need such as researching.

    Computer addiction helps you prepare on work force the require computer knowlege 🙂 the more your expose to the computer the better.

    About the poor 2 boys, i deeply sympathize for them. But let us remember thiers alot of illness out thier ready to be triggered by other activities. Computer addiction maybe one but let us not forget that ones fault should not be the blame of all.

    Get inform, get warn, the more knowledge/wisdom you have the more we could moderate all.

    end of thoughs….

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  • ryan

    please help me… i think i’m becoming one of those people.. i still want to have a brighter future. i planned on quitting on computer games but it is easier said than done.

  • /swt

    pwede bang mag tagalog?
    sa tingin ko maswerte mga anak mo dahil nabibigyan mo sila ng swimming lessons maraming disney storry books, mga novels ni Jane Austen mga libro ng mga sikat na nobilista pero pano mo masisisi ang magulang na average na tao? o yung mahirap? di naman nila kayang ibigay yun.
    sa tingin ko bahagi talaga ng buhay ang malulung sa isang bagay, ang sinasabi nyu lang naman ay hindi magiging productive ang batang ADIK “ECONOMICALLY”, laging nababanggit ang pagaaral ang KINABUKASAN “KUNO” ng bata, pero pwede namang lumaking walang modo at pasaway ang bata kahit nasa paaralan lang sa tingin ko hindi yun sa computer games nasa magulang talaga yun.

  • Taong-Grasa

    Madalas na lamang na manisi tayo ng iba sa kinahihinatnan natin. Nakakalimutan na nating itanong sa ating mga sarili kung may pagkukulang ba tayo. Bagamat ang pagkalulong sa mga larong kompyuter ay isa sa mga dahilan, hindi naman ito ang pinakaugat ng problemang ito. Sa aking opinyon, hindi yun nasa magulang o sa anak, kamag-anak, titser, kaibigan, o kung sino pa man. Nasa sa iyo yun, kung magpapadala ka sa kahinaan mo at hayaang malulong ang iyong sa sarili hindi lang sa mga larong kompyuter kundi sa lahat ng mga masasamang bisyo na iyong maisip.

    Hindi masamang maglaro. Hindi rin naman masamang hindi maglaro. Ang masama, ang pagiging adik ng isang tao. Lahat nga naman ng bagay na sobra ay nakakasama. lahat ng bagay na nakakasama ay sobra.
    Parang ganun.

    Isipin na lang natin na may mga mas malalaking problema pa tayong kinakaharap. Alam kong marami sa inyo ang hindi sasang-ayon sa ilan sa aking mga sinabi, ngunit nais ko po lamang ipabatid ang aking opinyon ukol sa mga bagay na ito.

    note: isa po akong computer gamer / college student

  • Digital Artist

    Hindi lahat na nagbababad sa kompyuter, naglalaro.

  • x0pauh

    tama yun..
    Hindi lahat ng nagbababad sa computer ay naglalaro..
    By reading all your PoVs I realized that many of us are really concerned about what’s happening in our country. It gives me great joy seeing people still waiting and wanting for our country to progress. I really like your ideas and opinions. There was an unbiased comment here and I really found it a great idea to look into ourselves first and not to blame others for what’s happening to us. We share the same thought and even though I’m still young I understood the grown-ups’ PoVs and find some of them true and applicable in any situation. I hope many blogs such as this will arise sometime later. It’s good to know that there are still some who sees the wrong and tries to make it right.

    – a PoV of a 16-year-old college student

  • jano

    sa tingin ko po tama talaga na i-drive natin ang maga interest ng kabataan sa ngayon. Ito po ay para rin sa kabutihan, di lamang ng mga magulang pero para rin sa mga kabataan. hindi naman po ito nangangahulugan na dapat nang patigilin ng pag-gamit ng internet ang mg mga kabataan pero kailangang may resonableng dahilan at limitasyon sa pag-gamit nito… Yun lang po Salamat!!!

  • x0pauh

    I agree. The youth these days seem to have lost touch with their priorities. Of course not excluding myself from them. I think the parents play a big part on driving their child’s interests not because they want to be authoritative but because they want to give him/her a better future.
    i just wanted to share my thoughts (again)

  • jive

    !!haloo have a nice day i know what is the problem if you can addict in online game but my i dnt know a cnt control to my self to ploay online game specaily TANTRA!!pls give help me 2 stop my addiction

  • jive

    !!IS true what you see but can you emagine what is the reason why other pepople can addict what they want or what they need !!

  • ryeme

    Everyone has their own reasons whay they became addicted to computer games and net surfing. We should not judge them due to how they act and what they do!

    It depends on the person’s way on how to handle themsleves ..

    if they know how to balance things out, make their own time management and set their priorities right, then thay could easily comply or control their lives..

    I’am a college student taking up Accountancy course and I’am guilty of being addicted to computer games since I was in grade 3…

    It is true that their are certian side effects of getting addicted to computer games..

    But their their are also benefits in playing them..

    because of playing copmuter games…

    I learned to budget money..
    -many MMOPRG and console games uses their own currency and in order to equip your character you must budget your funds and buy what are your character’s basic needs

    It enhanced my vocubolary..
    -the language used in computer games is in American Engilsh..
    by playing they will encounter many unfamiliar words that they must understand inorder to go on with the game..

    It sharpened my decision making..
    -Games have different endings depending on what you do..
    you must chose what you think is the best outcome for you..
    and in playing RTS games(like DOTA) you will be able to excercise your mind..In just a split second you must decide what you will do to win or survive..

    It relaxes my mind..
    -Whenever I feel the pressure in studying for the midterm and finals..It helps me to calm down whenever I play and surf the helps me to release all my frustrations for the day..

    Even now I’am still addcited ..

    but I can handle my self…

    Playing for 3 hrs on weekdays…6 hrs on weekend

    yet I was able to maintain high gades..

    Bottomline is…


    Nasa tao na yan kung papaano niya gagamitin to the full extent ang isang bagay….

    lahat naman may good effects at bad effects….

    Di talaga mawawala yun…

    Sa mga magulang naman…

    Depende talaga yan sa pagpapalaki sa bata..

    kung maaga palang na pa mulat na sa kanya ang magiging epekto nun, alam na niya kung saan ang limitasyon nun..

    Note: PERALTA aq nag lalaro eheheheh

  • Katie

    As an eighteen year old female senior in high school, merit scholar, athlete, and computer addict, I feel I am qualified to offer an opinion here.

    I discovered the internet when I was nine years old. I was always mentally advanced for my age in schoolwork and social mannerisms and did not quite fit in with other kids. Online, however, I could be any age I wanted to be, and adults treated me like one of their own number. In these nine years I have learned more about the world than I would ever have from a book– or a movie– though I enjoy both these things as well. The mistake people have made in the comments above is to think that EVERYONE on the internet is a child molester, pedophile, or freak. About ninety eight percent of them are people just like you, having a good time in the breaks between work in Finland or while nursing a child at home in Germany.

    The OP said that addiction is the same whether in regards to drugs or computer usage. Though they are both physical addictions, this is an utter fallacy with which I must disagree.

    My freshman year, my best friend and I split up. He went on to develop a drug addiction, I went on to develop a computer addiction. His mental growth has been heavily impaired by his alcohol and cocaine abuse, whereas my test scores continued to get better as I learned more and more verbal adequacy from computer games and the internet. He is in rehab, I am headed to a good university.

    The OP also said, “As long as they are doing well in school, they will continue to play or go online.” … I don’t see the problem here. When your generation was young, if you were good you were allowed TV time or pocket money to purchase comic books, novels, magazines, whatever form of sedentary entertainment was out there. Computer usage is no different, except that you are actually interacting with something instead of having information fed to you through a tube.

    The OP also mentions that children who play games or get on the computer have not got their priorities in order. In an increasingly technologically focused age, when being able to use the computer and all programs associated with it is something one might put on a resume or mention in a job interview, this remark strikes me as the most ridiculous part of all.

    The times are changing, and the only people to be pitied are the ones who are refusing to change with them.

  • gemmie

    helo po..tnx po s article/blog mo..i used it in my term paper as my topic is regarding online games and internet addiction..but i don’t forget to put your name and this site in my paper..thnx a lot!!…^-^

  • David

    I am 16 and this is not true I play an average of 56 hours of video games every 2 weeks… I get A’s and B’s for all my grades at school…I only play these games because no one want to be a friend with me…and that is how I get rid of my stress…

  • I stopped playing video games,started to go out and guess what.
    I am stronger,I have a girlfriend.
    It worths it dude!

    PcGamesGalaxys last blog post..EVE Online(Galaxy MMORPG)

  • Anon

    As a kid myself, 17 to be exact, i have a need to say a few things. First off, would you rather kids be out in gangs, doing drugs, stealing things, or would you rather have kids that stay at the house, watch some tv and play some games. My parents agree with me on this, they would rather have me here at home doing something safe, like playing games and watching tv, than out being a criminal. Heck, my parents even play the game i play with me, and yes, its World of Warcraft. Does playing it a few hours every day make me addicted to it? No, it doesnt. Does paying for it monthly make me addicted to it? No, it doesnt. It is people like you who think “Oh, that child is playing something fun that IS NOT educational… lets ban it, while we are at it lets blame all of the societys problems on it too.” What you dont realise is that it isnt JUST tv and video games that are corrupting todays children, 90% of it are the parents that just let their kids run wild, and do as they please. From now on, you should look in the mirrior, and say hey, some of this is because of me too…

  • allen

    any one could help us on our reseacrh about PC game addiction and what are the most addictive PC games
    just a theretical idea wud do

  • BF

    my parents were like what Noemi had done but i still became a computer addict. It gives negative effects on my life but it also gives me more knowledge on computers and things related to it. It did not even really affected my grades. i started to become addicted to computer gaming and is still one but now i am in my senior in UP writing my thesis on this topic. In my opinion, what the blog fail to see is that in any generation addiction is always there because the root causes of these addictions are always there. People do not know how to deal with these causes “effectively” so they are highly vulnerable. Our generation was born into a highly technological state where the use of computer is vital for progress. Our School requirements and reports needs to be in a powerpoint or video presentation unlike in the old days that the default style of reporting was putting it in a manila paper. Therefore, our generation circles around this kind of technology and exposure to all its aspects is crucial for us to learn. Its true i am addicted to computer gaming and even learned to watch porn on the net but as time goes i get bored about it and just move on with my life. it even aided me to be knowledgeable in dealing with computers. the main point here is that moderation and guidance is the key to go through addiction with minimal negative effects. As parents, you should also put yourselves on the shoes of your kids. See their perspective and try to understand why because sometimes it roots down to family problems and blaming worsens it.

  • Well, computers are now what the walkman’s were in the 1980’s, where people tended to isolate themselves by plugging headphones with loud music….The statistics will prove it soon

  • Ooh gosh i just wrote a big comment and when i hit reply it came up blank! Please tell me it worked right? I dont want to sumit it again if i dont have to! Either the blog glitced out or i am an idiot, the second option doesnt surprise me lol.

  • That’s true! Many youngsters today were so much hooked with internet and gaming. They even missed their classes during weekdays. Besides, they almost spend the whole day on computer which is very risky to ones health. Like other stuffs where people get addicted, now internet is one of them. Parents should take care of their children in using computers. Though it’s helpful for their studies and development, there should be some restrictions.
    .-= michael terence fudot´s last blog ..Earn Money Thru Neobux =-.

  • computer games are very critical now a days

  • Greg Writer

    Although I agree with you in limiting the computer hours of our kids, there’s no way we can control the cafe owners about limiting their customer’s internet usage, I am also a parent of a 3 year old girl… and at an early age she is already using my laptop to play games and you know, she’s far more advance than other kids her age. She knows more about Math and the alphabet and even starting to spell and read 3-4 letter words even before starting preschool and I owe it to computer games she’s playing. What I’m saying is that… internet is not that evil, actually it can help a lot in their studies… but again, too much of everything is not good. I agree with you in placing the computer outside their rooms so that we can still monitor their activities or for busy parents, there are a lot of free parental control softwares out there that filters the sites, our kids are not supposed to see, one good Free software can be downloaded at , the site also provide kids with educational games.

    • Anonymous

      Kids should be reading books too aside from computer games etc. Balance is the key in the end.

  • Although I agree with you in limiting the computer hours of our kids, there’s no way we can control the cafe owners about limiting their customer’s internet usage, I am also a parent of a 3 year old girl… and at an early age she is already using my laptop to play games and you know, she’s far more advance than other kids her age. She knows more about Math and the alphabet and even starting to spell and read 3-4 letter words even before starting preschool and I owe it to computer games she’s playing. What I’m saying is that… internet is not that evil, actually it can help a lot in their studies… but again, too much of everything is not good. I agree with you in placing the computer outside their rooms so that we can still monitor their activities or for busy parents, there are a lot of free parental control softwares out there that filters the sites, our kids are not supposed to see, one good Free software can be downloaded at , the site also provide kids with educational games.

  • Although I agree with you in limiting the computer hours of our kids, there’s no way we can control the cafe owners about limiting their customer’s internet usage, I am also a parent of a 3 year old girl… and at an early age she is already using my laptop to play games and you know, she’s far more advance than other kids her age. She knows more about Math and the alphabet and even starting to spell and read 3-4 letter words even before starting preschool and I owe it to computer games she’s playing. What I’m saying is that… internet is not that evil, actually it can help a lot in their studies… but again, too much of everything is not good. I agree with you in placing the computer outside their rooms so that we can still monitor their activities or for busy parents, there are a lot of free parental control softwares out there that filters the sites, our kids are not supposed to see, one good Free software can be downloaded at , the site also provide kids with educational games.