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For those searching about Danvil Plans, my post on this is in the middle. Read also the comments section to know more about Danvil Plans Scam or How to Cancel your Danvil Plans Policy.

What is it with freebies or raffle prizes? Sure, a freebie or raffle prize is exciting to receive if there are no strings attached or pressure to buy another product or service. Scammers or near-scammers use this time tested innovative marketing strategy to get what they want: MONEY.

This morning, I received the following text message from +639266957989

Globe 3g congrats for winning a Nokia N95 in our network to claim ur prize pls call toll free #09266957989 per dti ncr permit, #2838 series of 2008. God Bless.

I am sure a lot of you receive this type of text message but what caught my attention was no prize money was mentioned. Just a Nokia N95. It piqued my curiosity so much that I wanted to know their modus operandi. I called the number:

Man: Hello, Globe 3g.

(Hmm, the con man is trying to sound official and important)

Me: Hello, I called because I received a text message that I won a Nokia N95. Is this true?

Man: (who sounded defensive) If you see in the text message, there is a (Department of Trade Inc) DTI permit. You won 200,000 pesos and a free Nokia N95. Didn’t you see your cellphone number flashed in ABS-CBN show last night? (All this time, I just listened to his defensive explanation because I was raring to get information on their scam strategy).

Me: Talaga? I didn’t watch TV last night. Paano ko makuha yung nanalo kong Nokia N95? (How will I get my free Nokia N95?)

Man: To get your prize, you need to submit requirements before 10:30 AM

Me: So what are the requirements?

His response shocked my virgin ears.


Then he hanged up.

Duh, I was just asking the requirements. I bet he was thinking “This woman is trying to nail me down and report me to the police”. I should have spoken in Tagalog.

Oh well, I called Globe’s Customer service 730-1000 to report the number.

Another innovative marketing strategy…

Crown Regency Hotel

A friend asked me over Yahoo Messenger if the Crown Regency Hotel is legitimate. I remember Crown Regency Hotel. They entice you with

““You have just won a FREE 4 days 3 night package for two including 2 children from Crown Regency Hotel.”

You get this text message whenever you are willing participant in some “raffle contest” in those events you attend. Then you will receive this text message:

““There is no catch. The gift certificate is valid for 6 months and you have the choice of staying in our Mactan or Davao Hotel. All you need to bring is a valid ID. You don’t even have to bring cash, credit card or a checkbook”“.

What kind of freebie is that when you have to pay 4,000 pesos as booking fee to get your room? Not only that, you have to sit down and hear their boring lecture on vacation ownership? How cunning they are to tell you not to bring your credit card, cash or checkbook? It makes them look “clean”.

I told my friend : “While not exactly a scam, it’s a total waste of time. If you’re looking for investment in vacation ownership, then this is your kind of thing.”

Read more on Crown Regency Hotel Scam story

And yet another innovative marketing strategy.

Danvil Plans (Formerly Known As Family First, Incorporated , and Berkley Plans) and soon to be Legacy Consolidated Plans

Diana first emailed me about her Danvil Plans Fiasco a few weeks ago but I wanted to be a walking target to see if they will jump on me and say You won a prize!. But no, the Danvil Plans’ guys probably think I look too bitchy to be their target. Diana’s horror story started when she affirmed that she had a credit card.

Then she said I won such and such price, provided that I listen to their product. They said that they’re not getting ““artistas” to promote their sales. I believed that their approach is better (having a booth in SM), than hiring artists to endorse their product, that’s why I went along.

You can read more about her Danvil Plans Fiasco.

To cut the story short, Diana gave an initial payment of 6,650 pesos from her credit card as initial payment for the insurance. There is nothing wrong with the insurance investment per se. Diana felt that I want to file a complaint against their maltreating their clients by insulting them. I am strongly against their manner of getting customers. She just felt duped.

If you don’t know yet, Danvil Plans was formerly Family First Incorporated, and Berkley Plans. They must have changed their name a lot of times because of the numerous complaints lodged against their dirty or high-pressure tactics to close insurance deals. Check Family First Sucks thread which relates stories against Family First and Bob’s entry on high pressured tactics used by Danvil Plans. The good news is with Diana’s persistence, she got a full refund with the help of the Insurance Commission.

But what about the others who felt they were scammed? Do they still have a chance to get their refund? Maybe. Diana advises them here.

Please send SEC your letter of complaint via email to Director Jose Aquino at [email protected]

You can also send a letter of complaint to the Insurance Commission at [email protected]

Most importantly, send a letter of cancellation to Danvil Plans ASAP at [email protected] Better yet, go to their office at the 4/F of Equitable Bank Bldg., Paseo de Roxas, Makati, to cancel your account.

One more thing, avoid these Danvil Plans’ guys when you’re at any SM Malls like SM Megamall or SM Southmall. You should read Philip’s (Mr. Mark Philip Banaag, who claims to be an ex-employee of Danvil and probably hired to sanitize blogs talking of Danvil Plans) smug comments , brag how Danvil is legal so can’t do anything to stop us! Even SEC and the Insurance Commission cant do anything about it, coz if they can do something, then they should have put us out of business! So sorry about this.. He has the temerity to brag that Henry Sy backs them up.

Kung manloloko kami how come Henry Sy still trusted us for 10 years now? and how come the company is still there standing? And how come ABS-CBN and GMA are supporting us? At sino magiging katapat namin? YOU? Even Tulfo or Mike Enriquez couldn’t penetrate ikaw pa kaya? Your nothing to Danvil, i dont thing you can even afford to get one of our plans.

Oh yeah, just because you pay rent on time does not mean Henry Sy endorses your business. If that Philip can talk that way, what more with the current employees?

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EDIT- July 15 Probe features Danvil Plans

Probe featured Danvil Plans in one of its episode. View the video

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Even business opportunities are into it.

Nuskin part of Pharmanex

Dine blogged already about How to Detect Misrepresentation in Jobs.

Dear Readers, you might be interested to read about similar experiences with a company in the 15th Floor, Octagon Center, which has apparently victimized, some say ““scammed” a lot of people with their misrepresentations—just to get people come to their office to listen to their sales talk.

At about the time Dine blogged this entry, Lauren and I were in the car when we received a similar call. What was strange was I got the call first and ten seconds later, Lauren received a similar call. When comparing notes, the offer was a job opportunity, that they were looking for key people for their import/export business. Lauren was not interested because she had a job and I have my own business. But what about the others?

Businesses like Danvil Plans, Crown Regency Hotel, NuSkin are just annoying to consumers. No one wants to feel they were duped to buying a product or service. No one wants to waste their time listening to their innovative marketing strategy. To avoid being conned by their misrepresentation or dirty tactics, just remember that one should :

1. Never accept receive freebies or raffle prizes without asking “what’s the catch?”. If money is involved to claim it, it’s not really a prize.

2. Not listen to pressure talks. Be firm, Excuse yourself, Get up and leave the room.

3. Follow “BUYER BEWARE” rule all the time. Exert due diligence. If you’re not in the lookout for investment or job opportunities, do some research first. Go online (Okay you’re online) and do a search query.

4. Never, ever let go of your credit card. They can swipe it and charge any amount. And even if they swipe your card, don’t sign the charge slip.

Of course, if you are curious and are absolutely sure of your bitch power, go ahead and listen to their talk. But if you don’t want to waste your time, then refuse altogether their high pressure tactics.

Oh yes, they will claim they are a legitimate and legal company but does that make them ethical? Do you think high pressure tactics or insults hurled at you are correct business practices? Know of other businesses that employ this dubious or questionable innovative marketing strategy?