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Danvil Plans, Crown Regency Hotel, NuSkin, Cellphone Raffle Fraud, Scams

For those searching about Danvil Plans, my post on this is in the middle. Read also the comments section to know more about Danvil Plans Scam or How to Cancel your Danvil Plans Policy.

What is it with freebies or raffle prizes? Sure, a freebie or raffle prize is exciting to receive if there are no strings attached or pressure to buy another product or service. Scammers or near-scammers use this time tested innovative marketing strategy to get what they want: MONEY.

This morning, I received the following text message from +639266957989

Globe 3g congrats for winning a Nokia N95 in our network to claim ur prize pls call toll free #09266957989 per dti ncr permit, #2838 series of 2008. God Bless.

I am sure a lot of you receive this type of text message but what caught my attention was no prize money was mentioned. Just a Nokia N95. It piqued my curiosity so much that I wanted to know their modus operandi. I called the number:

Man: Hello, Globe 3g.

(Hmm, the con man is trying to sound official and important)

Me: Hello, I called because I received a text message that I won a Nokia N95. Is this true?

Man: (who sounded defensive) If you see in the text message, there is a (Department of Trade Inc) DTI permit. You won 200,000 pesos and a free Nokia N95. Didn’t you see your cellphone number flashed in ABS-CBN show last night? (All this time, I just listened to his defensive explanation because I was raring to get information on their scam strategy).

Me: Talaga? I didn’t watch TV last night. Paano ko makuha yung nanalo kong Nokia N95? (How will I get my free Nokia N95?)

Man: To get your prize, you need to submit requirements before 10:30 AM

Me: So what are the requirements?

His response shocked my virgin ears.


Then he hanged up.

Duh, I was just asking the requirements. I bet he was thinking “This woman is trying to nail me down and report me to the police”. I should have spoken in Tagalog.

Oh well, I called Globe’s Customer service 730-1000 to report the number.

Another innovative marketing strategy…

Crown Regency Hotel

A friend asked me over Yahoo Messenger if the Crown Regency Hotel is legitimate. I remember Crown Regency Hotel. They entice you with

““You have just won a FREE 4 days 3 night package for two including 2 children from Crown Regency Hotel.”

You get this text message whenever you are willing participant in some “raffle contest” in those events you attend. Then you will receive this text message:

““There is no catch. The gift certificate is valid for 6 months and you have the choice of staying in our Mactan or Davao Hotel. All you need to bring is a valid ID. You don’t even have to bring cash, credit card or a checkbook”“.

What kind of freebie is that when you have to pay 4,000 pesos as booking fee to get your room? Not only that, you have to sit down and hear their boring lecture on vacation ownership? How cunning they are to tell you not to bring your credit card, cash or checkbook? It makes them look “clean”.

I told my friend : “While not exactly a scam, it’s a total waste of time. If you’re looking for investment in vacation ownership, then this is your kind of thing.”

Read more on Crown Regency Hotel Scam story

And yet another innovative marketing strategy.

Danvil Plans (Formerly Known As Family First, Incorporated , and Berkley Plans) and soon to be Legacy Consolidated Plans

Diana first emailed me about her Danvil Plans Fiasco a few weeks ago but I wanted to be a walking target to see if they will jump on me and say You won a prize!. But no, the Danvil Plans’ guys probably think I look too bitchy to be their target. Diana’s horror story started when she affirmed that she had a credit card.

Then she said I won such and such price, provided that I listen to their product. They said that they’re not getting ““artistas” to promote their sales. I believed that their approach is better (having a booth in SM), than hiring artists to endorse their product, that’s why I went along.

You can read more about her Danvil Plans Fiasco.

To cut the story short, Diana gave an initial payment of 6,650 pesos from her credit card as initial payment for the insurance. There is nothing wrong with the insurance investment per se. Diana felt that I want to file a complaint against their maltreating their clients by insulting them. I am strongly against their manner of getting customers. She just felt duped.

If you don’t know yet, Danvil Plans was formerly Family First Incorporated, and Berkley Plans. They must have changed their name a lot of times because of the numerous complaints lodged against their dirty or high-pressure tactics to close insurance deals. Check Family First Sucks thread which relates stories against Family First and Bob’s entry on high pressured tactics used by Danvil Plans. The good news is with Diana’s persistence, she got a full refund with the help of the Insurance Commission.

But what about the others who felt they were scammed? Do they still have a chance to get their refund? Maybe. Diana advises them here.

Please send SEC your letter of complaint via email to Director Jose Aquino at [email protected].

You can also send a letter of complaint to the Insurance Commission at [email protected]

Most importantly, send a letter of cancellation to Danvil Plans ASAP at [email protected]. Better yet, go to their office at the 4/F of Equitable Bank Bldg., Paseo de Roxas, Makati, to cancel your account.

One more thing, avoid these Danvil Plans’ guys when you’re at any SM Malls like SM Megamall or SM Southmall. You should read Philip’s (Mr. Mark Philip Banaag, who claims to be an ex-employee of Danvil and probably hired to sanitize blogs talking of Danvil Plans) smug comments , brag how Danvil is legal so can’t do anything to stop us! Even SEC and the Insurance Commission cant do anything about it, coz if they can do something, then they should have put us out of business! So sorry about this.. He has the temerity to brag that Henry Sy backs them up.

Kung manloloko kami how come Henry Sy still trusted us for 10 years now? and how come the company is still there standing? And how come ABS-CBN and GMA are supporting us? At sino magiging katapat namin? YOU? Even Tulfo or Mike Enriquez couldn’t penetrate ikaw pa kaya? Your nothing to Danvil, i dont thing you can even afford to get one of our plans.

Oh yeah, just because you pay rent on time does not mean Henry Sy endorses your business. If that Philip can talk that way, what more with the current employees?

For Danvil Plans Users, be empowered and read these entries:

1. High Pressure Tactics Employed by Danvil Plans
2. Mark Philip Banaag wrote smug and insulting coments against current and almost -duped Danvil Plan customers. Philip claims to be an ex-employee but just decide for yourself when you read his insulting comments to Danvil Planholders.
3. How to Refund your Payment/Cancel your Plan from Danvil Plans
4. DANVIL Plans Inc. sucks!!!!!! MAY GAMOL SA MEGAMALL Bldg A 5th Flr
5. Fuck off Danvil Plans Inc.
6. Family First Insurance Inc. Scam
7. Company of the year? Who Cares?!? Still the Doucebags of the Century

EDIT- July 15 Probe features Danvil Plans

Probe featured Danvil Plans in one of its episode. View the video

(Part 1)

(Part 2)

Even business opportunities are into it.

Nuskin part of Pharmanex

Dine blogged already about How to Detect Misrepresentation in Jobs.

Dear Readers, you might be interested to read about similar experiences with a company in the 15th Floor, Octagon Center, which has apparently victimized, some say ““scammed” a lot of people with their misrepresentations—just to get people come to their office to listen to their sales talk.

At about the time Dine blogged this entry, Lauren and I were in the car when we received a similar call. What was strange was I got the call first and ten seconds later, Lauren received a similar call. When comparing notes, the offer was a job opportunity, that they were looking for key people for their import/export business. Lauren was not interested because she had a job and I have my own business. But what about the others?

Businesses like Danvil Plans, Crown Regency Hotel, NuSkin are just annoying to consumers. No one wants to feel they were duped to buying a product or service. No one wants to waste their time listening to their innovative marketing strategy. To avoid being conned by their misrepresentation or dirty tactics, just remember that one should :

1. Never accept receive freebies or raffle prizes without asking “what’s the catch?”. If money is involved to claim it, it’s not really a prize.

2. Not listen to pressure talks. Be firm, Excuse yourself, Get up and leave the room.

3. Follow “BUYER BEWARE” rule all the time. Exert due diligence. If you’re not in the lookout for investment or job opportunities, do some research first. Go online (Okay you’re online) and do a search query.

4. Never, ever let go of your credit card. They can swipe it and charge any amount. And even if they swipe your card, don’t sign the charge slip.

Of course, if you are curious and are absolutely sure of your bitch power, go ahead and listen to their talk. But if you don’t want to waste your time, then refuse altogether their high pressure tactics.

Oh yes, they will claim they are a legitimate and legal company but does that make them ethical? Do you think high pressure tactics or insults hurled at you are correct business practices? Know of other businesses that employ this dubious or questionable innovative marketing strategy?

114 thoughts on “Danvil Plans, Crown Regency Hotel, NuSkin, Cellphone Raffle Fraud, Scams”

  1. Have you heard about Aowa Appliances? Google “aowa scam.” My brother’s girlfriend’s mother almost got snagged by their shady business tactics (claiming that the customer had won a showcase and such).

  2. @Prudence- based on the number of comments coming from your entry and Dine’s, I must say they are desperate to clean up their image. Baka next time, they will change their name

    @Chats- very annoying gimmick. Red alert talaga.

    @BA- yes i heard of that too. I am not sure if this is the same. I know of a friend who was so happy to receive a “raffle prize” of cooking pots in the mall. But to claim their prize worth 60,000 pesos, one had to pay 20,000 pesos. Oh my. I bet the cooking pots were worth less than 20 thousand.

  3. Hello Noemi,

    I couldn’t agree more to your points to remember about avoiding these annoying innovative marketing strategies.

    I’ve learned so much from the fiasco. I didn’t realize until now that I have bitch powers in me. I thought my mom only had it. 😛

    Thanks for the link, and I really hope others will learn from this.

    Dianas last blog post..Twitter Updates for 2008-06-16

  4. @diana- your experience was not a waste. I am sure others will search and read your entry and be careful. I also advised Lauren about businesses that use “innovative marketing strategy”. Am truly glad you got your refund. Thanks to your bitch powers inherited from your parents.

    1. I pity those who work for this company but I pity who more those have been duped. I hope that the SEC, DTI and Insurance Commission will do something about this to stop them from renaming their company and totally revoke their license and totally stop them from doing any business.

  5. hay, i remember this company which offered a free stay in club panoly , no strings attached, all we had to do was listen to a seminar that would be held in an office in west ave. i didn’t want to go but a friend totally believed it, so i went with her. and it was like what you said, a total waste of time.
    now here’s the thing, an hour into the “talk” my friend had realized her mistake and she wanted out. we had to endure 30 or so minutes because they wouldn’t let us out of the room! kesyo we had to fill up forms why we didn’t want to finish it, kesyo there was an exit interview, kesyo the boss of the sales rep didn’t want us to get out without a “valid explanation.” the sales rep we talked to who was so nice when we entered was unbelievably bitchy when we said we wanted to leave. as in dinadabugan kami. i’ve finally had enough, i threw a tantrum in the conference room AND the reception and dragged my mabait friend out of that office – who felt obliged to fill up those forms, hay.
    since then my friend refuses all offers of freebies in exchange for attendance in seminars or talks. at least she has learned her lesson.

    lady cesss last blog post..The 4th Year

  6. @Miguel – I was thinking the same thing. I wonder if they are compensated well.

    @SexyMom- It’s one reason I blogged about these companies. I’ve received emails asking about them if they are legitimate. I felt that we should give a fair warning to consumers to exert due diligence.

    @Cess- congrats to your bitch powers. One has to be very assertive in saying NO, I have enough of your BS. Good thing your friend learned her lesson. Good for your friend you were also there.

  7. OMG… I also encountered this Danvil Plan sa megamall… hindi ko sya pinatulan… buti na lang at wala akong pera that time… ang nakakalungkot lang nito, that same day, kasal ng officemate friend ko… ipinagpalit ko yung kasal nya over Danvil… im really sad and disappointed… sabi ko sa officemate ko babawi na lng ako… im not sure kung kukunin na lng nya akong ninong… waaaahhh

    yatots last blog post..Pinoy Dream Academy season 2 opened up with new batch of scholars!

  8. It annoys me whenever people from Danvil plans ask me this, ” Sir, may credit card po ba sila” while walking around the mall. I just wanna give my silly reply “Anong pakialam mo?” hehe

    About NuSkin, I got several calls from them too. Why it took me such? Well, everytime they call me, I confirm my attendance even if I won’t really go to their office and waste my time listening to their crap. =D

    Eds last blog post..Philippine Music Charts Weekly Updates from June 8-15, 2008

  9. actually I do have a credit card… a BPI classic card… nag-worried nga ako after they had gotten my credit card kasi i heard several stories about magnetic card reader and using CC funds of others in restos… baka ganun kasi ung tactics nila… and then Ive checked my account the next day online… good thing wala silang ginawa… well.. cguro so far… Im still not sure about it…

    tapos sabi nila my bond is like Php 4500… after two hours of talking wala akong nahita sa kanila… even yung sincerity… sa simula pa lang I was doubtful about it… I was sincere about them talking about personal life and stuffs but their sincerity really sucks… they just talk and shake your hands… sana nag-umattend na lang talaga ako ng kasal ng friend ko… or better yet… isang bible study baka sakaling may makuha pa ako sa kanila…

    yatots last blog post..Pinoy Dream Academy season 2 opened up with new batch of scholars!

  10. Hubby and I have this thing about people who employ hard sell techniques. Ten seconds into the sales pitch, we tell these people that we’re not interested and if they still insist, we look at them sternly and say “kung ayaw ninyo na mag away tayo, please just stop.”

    I even know of a friend who turned off a lot of her friends because she would invite them to her home purportedly for a party, yun pala may marketing pitch.

  11. SOURCE: The Manila Times is the oldest existing English language newspaper in the Philippines. It is published daily by The Manila Times Publishing Corp. with editorial and administrative offices at 371 A. Bonifacio Drive, Port Area, Manila.
    QUOTES FROM: “Danvil preneed portfolio to transfer to Legacy” (JUNE 06, 2008) by: Likha C. Cuevas-Miel
    …Based on its published notice to policyholders, “Legacy has agreed to assume, under their original terms and conditions, all in-force education and pension plans previously issued by Danvil.”
    …the company only has one preneed product to date, and 80,000 policyholders, most of whom are families based in Metro Manila of overseas Filipino workers.
    …“I want to emphasize that Danvil Plans’ trust fund worth P4 billion held by its trustee banks is still intact and will only be used by Legacy for the sole purpose of paying for the maturities of the plan holders,” the firm’s corporate communications chief added. –Gina dela Vega Cruz
    …At the time of the sale, Berkley has 60,000 active policies and trust fund assets of P3.8 billion with policy-holder liability of P3.2 billion with trustee banks.
    …Daniel L. Villanueva, owner of Danvil Holdings and former Berkley International chief finance officer, said last year he planned to overhaul Berkley ’s products and let these evolve into mutual funds that are not presently available to the B and C markets.
    …According to de la Vega-Cruz, since Legacy will absorb Danvil’s assets, which consist of its mall-based marketing offices and most of its workforce, Villanueva may just retain his key officers for other business ventures that Danvil Holdings, the preneed firm’s parent, might pursue.
    Check out the webpage:

  12. @Noemi:
    … I wanted to be a walking target to see if they will jump on me and say You won a prize!. But no, the Danvil Plans’ guys probably think I look too bitchy to be their target.
    (Too bitchy mmm.. or you don’t look that QUALIFIED to join the promotion, as you can see they don’t want to waste their time talking to you if you don’t look QUALIFIED. Among the other Anti-Danvil bloggers here it’s unfortunate that you are the only one who looked NOT QUALIFIED after trying to spy on DANVIL. Tsk. tsk)
    … They must have changed their name a lot of times because of the numerous complaints lodged against their dirty or high-pressure tactics to close insurance deals.
    (The original name of Danvil was Berkley International Plans with Family First Inc. as its marketing arm. Daniel Villanueva former Chief Financial Officer of Berkley bought the company and solely owns it as “Danvil Plans”… So there is a big difference between a lot of times and once, as it still has to finalize its transfer with Legacy Consolidated)
    (Dirty sounds very “street language”.. I think more of Extensive Financial Advising Presentation.. and by the way Consultants are all trained and licensed by Insurance Commision)
    … avoid these Danvil Plans’ guys when you’re at any SM Malls like SM Megamall or SM Southmall.
    (You don’t have to if you are not really qualified like Ms. Noemi here, Coz I’ve heard its products will be overhauled and will be tailored for CLASS A market only)
    … Oh yeah, just because you pay rent on time does not mean Henry Sy endorses your business. If that Philip can talk that way, what more with the current employees?
    (Yeah, it is so fortunate that we will remain in the malls for quite a long time and I think the company also plans to expand all throughout metro manila and provincial areas as well)
    … You should read Philip’s (an ex-employee of Danvil and probably hired to sanitize blogs talking of Danvil Plans) smug comments.… Philip claims to be an ex-employee but just decide for yourself when you read his insulting comments to Danvil Plan Users.
    (I beg to disagree, First, I am not hired by Danvil to “sanitize” blogs, I am here to enlighten planholders not to listen to some crap posts here against Danvil coz they are nothing but stupid claims made by people who are not taking responsibility for own actions. Second, I am not insulting Danvil Plan users coz I myself am a planholder of the company, as a matter of fact because of these blogs I have talked to several planholders and they decided to continue their plans after our exchange of emails, PITY as what they have commented to those people who DON’T UNDERSTAND what Danvil is all about.. and one more thing if this is what you call smug comments, then what do you call your POSTS? In my own opinion, such posts are nothing but a slur, affront, self-opinionated, judgmental and purely rude.

    1. Hi Philip! I just visited this site today because I don’t have time to search d net. OMG! I’m really confused and worried now after reading all these blogs about Danvil. I am an OFW here in Canada. I paid a large initial payment to Danvil during my vacation in the Phil. To date I almost paid around 200,000.00.Do I have to cancel my plan or continue. I tried to invest because I am preparing for my retirement. I am worried that I have nothing when I will finally retire in d Philippines nx yr. Danvil Plans is the only investment I’ve got while working in Canada as caregiver-Nurse.pls need ur advise. thanks!!I haven’t receive yet a letter informing me re: transfer of policy to Legacy. PLs reply asap. I might have a heart attack worrying!!!

      1. Hi syners..

        got any updates on this issue?

        Kindly shared if you had one.. I am also one of the planholder and i’m starting to freak out..

        thanks for any information u can share…

  13. noemi, you know what, scams here targets the old people now. the oldies would receive a letter saying they have won a vacation and asked to gather in a place tapos they would be taken to for a ride, an outing and then in a hotel for a free stay and free food but of course, it would turn out not to be free… most of them would rather forget about the experience than report it. literally, they would be taken for a ride lang. and of course, such scam text messages and phone calls just like in pinas — dito pa nga sa mismong TV games scam na minsan e, hayyy

    raqgolds last blog post..Who needs househelp?

  14. @Philip- I did not try to spy tsk tsk. I just happened to pass by as I frequent that floor and see what happens if I pass by. eh nothing happened. tsk tsk.

    and one more thing if this is what you call smug comments, then what do you call your POSTS?

    I am a blogger and I write opinions. I based my opinion on your insults/comments you posted in Diane and Bob’s entry ….Not only are the comments insulting, they are condescending too. So let me count the ways (bold to emphasize):

    1.So please… baka ikaw na ang pinagtawanan ng mga tagaDANVI nung nainvite ka sa sales room. Dahil ang mga taong kagaya mo na walang “K” pinaglalaruan lang namin ika-nga NQ or non-qualified. oops.. sori

    2. But, I dont think you are a planholder, so as stupid as you are how are you going to use this document?
    Please do give me feedback. Thanks.

    3. @bennizer3:
    It’s nice to hear. You are not that intectually incapacitated after all, like as what you have personally admit in your first post:
    “…im not one of those people na mataas ang iq level or communicating skills or understanding level”.

    4. @Zai:
    “…Can you come to our office at 10/F Cybergate Center Tower 1, and lets compare our payslips?”
    I am sorry I cannot visit you at this time, because I am here abroad. And I do not have to compare my payslip to you, baka magmukhang pangkatulong lang salary mo compared to what I am earning here abroad.

    and from here:

    5. Reah, we have clients who have high social status than you,, oops! obviously you dont belong to one.

    And from Bob’s blog

    6. I would like to express my deepest sympathy for those people who have posted in this blog.



    Those are but a few and many more from Bob’s entry. I wonder what Danvil Plans have to say about your rather scathing comments . You still have contacts with them as I saw in one of your comments that you have inside information about the transfer to Legacy. If you want to compare rudenss with me, panalo ka na, Mr. Philipi! I only said you had smug and insulting comments based on a fact as stated above.

    I beg to disagree, First, I am not hired by Danvil to “sanitize” blogs

    Really now…you are practically in all blogs that talk about Danvil Plans. Still not learning from the Family First complaints dating back in 2006, eh? Now if only Danvil Plans read your insulting comments, I wonder what they have to say. (Paging Danvil Plans Customer Service)

    So let’s take a look.

    what is this, you write as if you are part of Danvil Plans. If you were not part of Danvil Plans, you don’t use WE, you say Danvil Plans

    To nyars:
    I respect your opinion sir regarding this matter actually all you just said are all true. but unfortunately, I am not guilty at all coz what we are doing does not only benefit clients to have a good savings for their future but also us. Regarding the professionalism part partly you may say that we do not repect our clients, I would like to disagree with you because we value our clients, without them we will not earn money, it would depend on the client on how they will take our opinions regarding them,

    tsk tsk…

    I posted this as a favor from Diane so others won’t be fooled by Danvil Plans high pressure tactics and cunning innovative strategy. Diane’s entry is a fact NOT hearsay. The Insurance Commission helped her get her refund.

  15. Now Philip (Mr. Mark Philip Banaag) is using [email protected]. How interesting… especially since he has been bragging all along that he’s now in Dubai working in an international company.

    As far as I know, once you’ve switched companies, you don’t have access to your previous company email. Or if you still have it, I think it’s bad practice to still use your previous company’s resources such as email address. Am I right?

    Sige, , we’ll check if you are really an ex-employee of Danvil.

    Dianas last blog post..Me = Supreme Nerd God? No Way, Dude!

  16. @Noemi
    …I did not try to spy tsk tsk. I just happened to pass by as I frequent that floor and see what happens if I pass by. eh nothing happened. tsk tsk.
    (Maybe you should dress-up and put extra effort in terms of fashion, maybe the Promo Officers thought you were just running errands)
    …you are practically in all blogs that talk about Danvil Plans. Still not learning from the Family First complaints dating back in 2006, eh? Now if only Danvil Plans read your insulting comments, I wonder what they have to say. (Paging Danvil Plans Customer Service)
    (Well, maybe you should ask the 80,000 planholders of Danvil, your group is nothing but a speck compared to this number of valued clients that we have. So poor thing, you need more effort and try harder to bring Danvil down.. at least you tried. lol)
    …what is this, you write as if you are part of Danvil Plans. If you were not part of Danvil Plans, you don’t use WE, you say Danvil Plans
    (Yes, I am a planholder my dear. My policy number is FPN052769, you can check with our Offices. So, I have all the right!)
    …so others won’t be fooled by Danvil Plans high pressure tactics and cunning innovative strategy.
    Here’s one thing I am going to tell you Ms. Noemi, yes, its true we have high pressure tactics like what you have coined. We throw “insults” as what you have opinionated. We entice clients to join our promo and present our product BUT with a NO OBLIGATION policy. All of these are TRUE! However, Ms. Noemi, can I ask you something? How much TAX are paying our government? Coz, these people you are accusing at Danvil pay more taxes than YOU, and you check BIR for the TRUTH! How much money have you donated to Bantay Bata 163 and GMA Kapuso Foundation? Coz, for the past years we were part of the success of these Foundation and several schools in Manila have computers now because of Danvil, just to let you know, maybe you are unaware. Do some extra research about what Danvil had contributed to the society, which I think is far more important than on some nonsense and petty complaints that you’ve heard from others. If you really are a FAIR, UNBIASED and CREDIBLE blogger!
    And lastly, How many people have you helped in terms of securing their Future? Zero. Very obvious coz people like you with a “crab-mentality” attitude knows nothing but to bring people down with you and become low-life like yourself. It is very sad that such people exist in this cruel world. Let’s just wait 10-15 years from now and see who has something and who is empty handed. Right now I can already conclude and obviously its not going to be me!

  17. @Diana- lol oh I wonder what Danvil Plans have to say about their spokeperson. Naturally they will say that’s not our official statement but still they tolerate this person’s condescending attitude towards their planholders

    With regards to Philip’s comments

    News on Danvil Plans in newspaper are PAID press releases so BUYER BEWARE as well.

    Readers, I will let you be the judge on Danvil Plans. I just cautioned you all Buyers Beware. One thing though, don’t you notice when commenters ran out of logical reasoning, they resort to off-topic replies or better yet TOOT THEIR HORNS. ad hominem alert

    If you are a regular reader of my blog, you will get the answers to Philip’s insinuations on my character. Till I have Danvil’s official statement, Philip’s comments will not be posted here anymore.

  18. Philip, manahimik ka na please.. kaka defend mo sa Danvil, mas lalong nakakatakot maging member. At paano napunta ang usapan sa tax, bantay bata at kapuso foundation? Sing labo ka ng daan dito sa Dubai kapag may sand storm… I bet alam mo yun kze nasa Dubai ka ngayon… divah!

    Ms. Noemi, please wag mo na i-post ang mga comments ni Philip… napo-pollute lang ang site mo…

  19. @happy_joy – Thanks for your comment. That’s the last Philip comment. I posted that last comment so readers can judge for themselves. Philip’s malicious comments towards me speak for itself.

  20. Ms. Noemi looks MORE THAN QUALIFIED, in my opinion, to purchase a plan, or whatever the Hades she wants to purchase.

    For someone so “educated” and “suave”, I’m almost amused how silly the ad hominem attacks are, coupled with the incredibly horrid grammar and spelling that just plain reeks.

    I think I have something to write about tonight, then…

    Marcelles last blog post..Aaaannnnddd… My Brain Goes "Melt"…

  21. wow, grabe manlait si philip.

    about the scams, nakakainis kung kapwa pinoy mo pa nanloloko sayo. but oh well, there goes the concept of bayanihan. i also receive calls about a cellphone or cellphone plan that i “won” from telemarketers from the philippines that target pinoys abroad. and they go to extremes to pretend that they’re based in the US kahit alam mo na call center sa Pilipinas. i didn’t enter any contests and i “won” something or got “selected”. it’s a pure waste of time. at obvious na gusto ka lang nila kunan ng pera. how low can these people go, kapwa pinoy pa naman.

  22. Hay naku I hate those Family First/Danvil/whatever their company is called. I would see them whenever I go to SM Southmall. Sometimes I feel bad because their employees probably just need whatever job they can get but I really can’t stand their kakulitan. Sa entrance palang ng SM South nakaharang na sila, even the area leading to the escalators. One time I snapped at them, “Pwede ba wag kayo humarang sa escalator?!” Their usual tactic before asking if you have a credit card is to compliment you. I don’t need to hear from them “ate ang ganda ng buhok mo, ate bagay sa yo ang kulay ng t-shirt mo,” before they ask “May credit card ka na?”

    Hope bloggers can be more vigilant so non-bloggers/ordinary citizens will be more aware.

  23. @bob- well these companies tend to make their strategy sound innovative.

    @yam- my daughter often encounters them in the malls. Haha, if they were after the Class A. Don’t they know my daughter is still in college?

    Danvil Plans is using questionable methods in getting their customers. THey must be stopped.

    @iyaness- Philip is defensive obviously. They have so many consumer complaints. Hence he resorts to ad hominem.

  24. hay grabe..beware of this DANVIL Plans Inc…i was a victim also…last june19 lang…it was a nightmare…i just dropped by SM southmall to buy some pasalubong for my baby…then this girl approached me…madami siyang sinasabi..then slightly hinahawakan niya yung arms ko…hanggang makarating na kami dun sa booth.. i told her nagmamadali ako..she told me it wont take long…basta daw wala akong be honest..hindi talaga ako interested sa inooffer nilang Prize..tao lang kase..ayokong mambastos as much as possible kung wala namang sinasabi o ginagawang masama yun..dinala niya ko dun sa office nila..and even offered me some drinks..i declined..but she insisted..para nadin daw maka inom nag oo yun..pinapasok nako sa loob..may binigay na papers sakin para fill upon..sabi for filing purposes lang daw finil upon ko naman..oo nalang ako ng oo dun sa babaeng kumakausap sakin..para lang matapos na..dahil tawag na ng tawag sakin ang mom in law ko..dahil pinapauwi nako..everytime na gusto kong tumayo..hinahawakan niya slightly yun kamay ko..para pigilan ako..then nung huli meron siyang pinasulatan sakin na sinulatan ko na para matapos nalang..then hiniram credit card ko ibe verify lang daw..edi binigay ko naman dahil madaling madali na nga ako..sabay nagulat nalang ako naglabas na nung resibo yung cashier! edi nag freak out ako! kung sino sino ng kumausap sakin para pakalmahin ako..pero naging firm ako..sabi ko please! stop explaining! hindi na magbabago isip ko! paki credit back nalang yan sa account ko…and paulit ulit ko yun sinabi..nahalata yata nila na hindi ko sila lalayasan hanggat hindi nila i void yung transaction ko..then after 1hour yata of arguing with them..binigyan din ako ng ‘void’ receipt…ayun nilayasan ko na sila…grabe..talagang manloloko sila! kahit idemanda pako ng DANVIL na yan dito sa sasabihin ko! kahit san kame makarating lalabanan ko sila! mga bwisit! nasayang oras ko! hindi pako nakatulog nung gabi..dahil kakaisip kung na debit ba sa account ko yun! it was such a horrible experience! and simula ngayon..diko na masyadong paiiralin ang ‘soft’ side ko…inaabuso lang..i bet may hypnotism din silang ginagamit..diko alam pano nila nako convince yun mga tao don..buti nalang di ako masyadong natingin dun sa mata nung kausap ko! tsk tsk! so BEWARE!

  25. I hated the day na invite ako ng Danvil sa kanilang office… i canceled my plans na with them, di ako makatulog after nun kumuha ako ng plan… good thing lang anjan si philip at nag cocomment dito, mas na assure ako na di ako nagkamali to cancel my pre-need plan with them… kung ganyan ung employees ng danvil sa mga clients and prospective clients nila manlait… i won’t think twice to cancel my plan with them…

  26. # jay says:
    June 22nd, 2008 at 10:17 pm

    I hated the day na invite ako ng Danvil sa kanilang office… i canceled my plans na with them, di ako makatulog after nun kumuha ako ng plan… good thing lang anjan si philip at nag cocomment dito, mas na assure ako na di ako nagkamali to cancel my pre-need plan with them… kung ganyan ung employees ng danvil sa mga clients and prospective clients nila manlait… i won’t think twice to cancel my plan with them…
    (were you able to get your money back? eh sa ichura kasi ng mga yan..and based from the attitude they’ve shown me…parang di talaga sila basta basta papayag ng ganon..i dont care kung legitimate ba silang company or what…i just don’t like the way they harass people..grabe talaga..iibahin nila yung term na ginagamit sayo to mislead you..)

  27. i’m just a recent victim of these Danvil Plans Inc…it just happened yesterday June 24, 2008 at SM Megamall… I send cancellation letter to them..I also wrote complaint letter to SEC and IC.. I also called my credit card company to know about this.. I just want to refund what they have been debited on my credit card.. They harassed and pressured me on this.. Di tuloy ako mkapag-work ng maayos..

    abys last blog post..XML Sitemaps

  28. Mark Philip Banaag – doesn’t know how to use the word “WE” and “THEY”..that only means that he is still connected the DANVIL. He’s the designated janitor of their blood sucker company to clean their stained name…Mark Philip Banaag…you suck!

    Noemi, thanks for keeping this blog so active and balance.

    niknik matiniks last blog post..My Most Memorable Birthday

  29. @jeloni arellano
    sorry ngayon lang ako nakareply.. yes, nakuha ko ung money ko pero ang hrap bago na charge back to my account, not to mention un sleepless night ko na iniisip if mababawi ko pa ung money ko anfd also traumatic yon.. yeah the way that they treat their clients ay napaka unethical, para basta makuha lang sila ng client in any way ok lang sa kanila.. kaw? na victim ka din ba? were u able to get your money back?

    1. hello can u help me nadali din ako yang prudential life insurance na yan today sep 2 2009 sa ngaun hnd me makatulog sa kakaisip i have read all the blogs here it was happened to me seems i was hepnotized by them i have say already that i dont like coz i need my money in paying the bills at home then they ask me to try my card if bank can berify it and i didnt that its already deducted from my bank i was shuck,tomorow i need to go back to there office to cancelled it,they are many who comes always to me say that they are the presedent 3girls and 2boys sa sm pampanga ground floor

      1. now lng nkpgchek ng blogs na yan.! i was also victimized jan sa prudential life sa sm pampanga pro pgkalabas ko prang naswindle ako bumalik me agad ng kinancle kc almost 20K na-bawas sa atm ko after more than a month buti nbalik sa account ko after so many follow-ups!

  30. Shit guyz… nabiktima ako ng danvil… panu yan? ano kailangan ko 2 cancel my plans… guyz plz help… Last June 15, Father’s Day i was in SM megamall shopping alone then someone approach me on the 5th flr worker sa danvil… den i attended the 30-45min talk… una ayoko magsign kaso parang pinilit ako. Na swipe na ung 9500php na initinal payment ko guyz… guys plz help me im just a fresh graduate from ilo2x den nagbakasyon lng ako sa manila. den ganito… grrr… nu gagawin ko?

  31. guyz… d pa dumating ung statement ko sa credit card… pro na bwas na ung 9500php ko… kailangan ko b un bayaran? plz help guyz… napapanic na ako

  32. @jay— yeisz..pina void ko yung transaction..right after ma swipe yung card ko..nabigla ako eh! hindi naman kasi nila sinabing i sa swipe na nila yung card..kaya nag freak out ako don…kaya yun..nakipagtalo pako..hay naku..kahit nga void na yung transaction ko..hindi pa din ako mapakali..kaya pinakatago tago ko yung void receipt..kasi baka mamaya maisipan nilang i post ang transaction ko eh..wala akong habol..hay..grabe talaga ang ginawa nila!

    @shacqy—napaisip din ako dun sa tanong mo kung kailangan mong bayaran yun..kasi for sure kung maka cancel man yung transaction mo with danvil..30-45 days pa ang waiting period bago mai credit back ang pera sa account that time baka magkaron na ng interest yun…ask mo yung customer service ng credit card mo..for sure alam nila ang gagawin..relax ka lang sis..madami ng naka pag cancel ng transaction with danvil..and they were able to get their money back..for sure maga grant din yung sayo..

  33. to phillip:

    enough of your defense for Danvil/FFI! Karindi na eh, and you don’t need to flaunt that you’re freakin’ planholder. pucha, saan pa kayong nagkalat na FFIers kayo!

    patunayan mo ngang walang obligation, kasi with the way how your agents do their sales talk parang namimilit sila sa tao na bilhin insurance nila. another thing, one time, when i visited danvil-Mega, may sumugod na customer run sayin “niloko siya”…. which reminds me…

    kapag tanungin mo “Insurance”, mapilit na sagot ng agent “Hindi po”.

    Pagpilitan bang “Hindi insurance”????

    Though it’s a neccesity or anything, pero mas masaklap kung misleading ang marketing strategy ninyo, tapos sasabihin ninyong naghahanap kami ng reason NOT TO SAVE.

    Gawd! There are lots of ways to save other than Future Provider Plan, and we can no longer be bought with “Discipline Savings” Bullshit!

  34. and before you accuse Noemi about not being credible blogger, ask yourself first:

    Do you really know what Blog is?

    Hindi naman kami news reporters rito so we aren’t expected much credibility in what we write.
    Kung journalists kami, asahan mo kami ng much credibility, eh mga hamak na bloggers kami so we have the prerogative to write our thoughts and POVS, and the way you lash into this site it’s like suppressing us tapos ang kapal mong mang-insulto, and the most ridiculous thing is may gana ka pang gamitin ang psychology principles sa ibang blog.

    Ano’ng klaseng Danvil Agent pala kayo kung ganyan ka pala ka-defensive. Kung defensive kaming mga na-biktima ng Danvil eh di mas defensive kayo because you don’t recognize it’s customer’s rights to rant for every disservice and dissatisfaction they’ve experienced, tapos kayong mga taga FFI or Danvil magngangal-ngal kayo then making yabang of your so-called assets daw and your recent earnings and worse “hindi ko ine-entertain ang mga below 100k earners gaya ninyo (in other blogs by other pro-Danvil ranters)”.

    So ganyan pala taga-Danvil? Kapag nilambast todo-sensitive?

    If you appreciate freedom of expression, never ever step into this blog again. You can never stop anyone from screaming their dissatisfaction to Danvil. You ain’t educating eh!

  35. thanx pipz!

    @jeloni – schocking tlga… paeang nasira ung bakasyon ko and to think hindi tlga cla considerate na my nasal surgery pa ako kina umagahan. i kip telling dem na nagmamadali ako coz my dad is waiting in the hotel gabi na un eh ako ata ung last client nila na 11pm na kami na tapos sa sm megamall at close na ung mega and d pa ako nag dinner… grabe tlga ung experience at d ko pa sinsabi sa dad and mom ko hanngang ngaun ung nangyari sa akin kasi takot ako mapagalitan. kaya im asking for your help guys buti na lng nakta ko ung blog na ito while searching about their company. sa ilo2x pa naman ako at no internet conncetion for 10days ako dito after the typhoon frank. Disaster tlga ung bakasyon ko jan sa mla ngaun. kaya ngaun d na me lumalapit sa sm mega A esp ako lng mag isa at sa 5th flr. na troma na ako. sa mga pilit ng mga tao ng danvil. thankz pipz! please help me tlga…

  36. pipz, nag send na ako ng Letter of Cancellation sa Danvil actionan na lng raw nila ngaun.But ung sa side nla hindi ko makukuha ung refund ko. pro na try ko na rin mag send sa SEC pro d pa po nag rerep ung sec.
    Question, kailangan ko pa b ipacancel ung CC ko?

  37. @shacqy- from what i know..kahit ipa cancel mo pa yung credit card mo..once na nagreflect na yung transaction mo with still have the liability to pay for that…the only difference is that..blocked na lahat ng mga succeeding transactions…bakit ganun ang response sayo ng IC? eh same process lang naman ang ginawa ng fellow victims natin…at ang sabi ng danvil hindi daw nila irerefund ang pera mo? wag ka papayag

  38. @jeloni – napacancel ko na ung transaction ko sa Danvil pro sabi ng customer service nila na rcv na nila ung letter of cancellation within this day raw ma confirm na ung cancellation ko mag send daw sila thru email. kaso hanggang ngaun wla pa rin ako na rcv na email. tapos ang sabi tawagan ko cla after 2 days kng na cancel na nila.
    So, mas ok b na ipacancel ko ung CC ko ryt now for sure na hindi na nila ma charge ung suceeding transaction ko?
    About SEc, nag email na po ako sa kanila. kaso hanngang ngaun wla pa rin clang rep. What will I do pipz? super scared na tlga ako.

  39. @noemi – i tried to email na sa SEc pro no reps pa hanggang ngaun. What should i do? napacancel ko na rin ung transaction ko sa danvil pro sabi nila natanggap na raw ung letter of cancellation ko pro hindi pa na verify ng higher management.

  40. i used to be part of BErkley Life’s start up team…back then Berkley and Family First had an entirely different set of officers and staff…berkley was run by a Filipino team,while the Family First team was run mostly by Kiwi expats…iba ang ugali at culture nila ever since, while we were supposed to be the mother company..all the officers and staff of Family First earned more than us…as in they were permanently billeted in Shangrila Makati and in dollars ang pay nila … yung mga expats ang nagspearhead ng training ng Family First Sales Team…mind you even kami na taga Berkley kinukulit nila to buy plans from them…even with all the complaints, mayabang pa rin sila to claim that there were indeed valid sales kasi they had the account authorization and signatures of the planholders/victims

    word of advice to all victims and would-be victims, the best defense is to simply ignore them…or if andun na kayo sa office nila lumayas kayo…and never never give your atm and credit cards to them…ika nga nila kayo naman ang nagabot nun sa knila…hindi naman nila ninakaw sa wallet nyo…

    i left them when the merger between Berkley and Family First was finalized…as in pagbalik ko from a seminar e biglang nag merge na pala with Family First as the surviving entities…i opted to leave..that was also the time that they were engulfed with so many complaints from hoy gising/ted failon…i knew about the details of the rigging fiasco…to put it simply, i left bec i want to work for a company i’m proud of

    i still have friendswho are still connected with Danvil/Legacy Plans…they have been with the company for 11 years and to be fair…they are decent and civil people…hindi barubal tulad nung self proclaimed PR defender nila..there are laways polite and professional ways of handling complaints without attacking their person

  41. sus kagabi ko lang nalaman sa asawa ko nabiktima rin pala sya sa sm,mga halang na mga bituka nitong mga to ang lufet,d kya nila iniisip kung tumaob na lang sila bgla sa daan,tandaan nyo may mga pamilya rin kayo kawawa maiiwan nyo sa buhay.,hindi ako nananakot!? “NAGBABANTA TALGA AKO” dapat sa inyo ubusin na dto sa mundo lahat ng mga corrupt mga scammer dpat sa mga taong to patayin na,ano sa tingin nyo…?

  42. Pipz, nasa sm malss pa ba mga danvil devil after the probe team? wla na kasi akong update sa kanila cause im from Iloilo City and im also one of their victim during my vacation in manila last june.

  43. this is scary. my husband started paying family first when we were still boyfriend/girlfriend and now the plan is over and entire payment was deducted from his monthly salary. can we still get the amount in full?

  44. I just want to share my experience with this Danvil Plans, I was in the same situation last night. Naasar tlga ako sa kanila. They were forcing me to avail their plan. Sabi nila 45 minutes lang daw ung session but it took us 2 hours. It was a complete waste of time!!!

    At first, I was talking to their presenter. She explained to me too much information that I could no longer understand some of them. Pero ung pinaka-natatandaan ko sa kanya ay ung paulit-ulit nyang pagpilit saken ng idea nya on “how to save money”. Despite of all the “sales talk” that she threw at me, she still wasn’t able to convince me. I told her that I am not going to avail their plan and that I will seek advice first from a friend which is a bank officer. But then she told me that this is a one-time opportunity and I can no longer go back to their office after that session (which really sounded “scam” to me).

    They were even insisting me to give them my credit cards… they will just verify daw with the bank if I am eligible for their plan. That time, I already sensed something really bad! It is a trick! Naisip ko kagad, after i-swipe un credit card then that’s it! I have already fallen in their bait! The card will get charged of the starting amount. Buti na lang hnde ako nadala sa mga pinagsasabi nila. I refused to give my card and insisted not to avail their offer.

    When she finally gave up, she then passed me to his supervisor. I told myself “finally this will come to an end”. But when her supervisor approached me, he told me that he is going to evaluate the performance of the presenter…and guess what?…he started explaining again everything what the presenter told me and he again offered me the plan which I again refused. In short, more talks happened and I told him that those were the same thing that the presenter told me and he is just repeating everything. But he still insisted the offer (sobrang makulit!).

    He then asked me why I refused to avail the plan. I told him that I prefer investing my money directly on a bank through my savings account since this is where I am more comfortable of doing it. But guess what the supervisor replied to me…he quoted “…if we always stay in our comfort zone… we’ll never grow!…”. Natawa na lang ako sa sinabi nya…hahaha…Does anyone would invest their money on something that they aren’t comfortable or something that they aren’t sure of? Hey…COMMON SENSE!…(cguro sadyang naubusan na sya ng masabi para maipilit ung insurance nya)

    The worst thing that this rude supervisor did is he raised his voice at me and told me “Magulo ka!” after I reiterated to him my preference on how to save my money. Then another dirty tactic came in, he questioned my capacity to pay. He told me that I cannot afford their lowest plan that’s why I’m not accepting their offer. That made up my mind to no longer prolong the conversation. I told him that I want to go out now. I already felt that I am being bullied to buy something that I am not interested of.

    I told them that I had enough and it is already late and I want to go out of the room. Pero sadyang makulit ‘tong supervisor na to… he then offered me a lower amount plan!… Naasar na tlga ako..and I told him directly “I am not interested!” (sabay kunot ng noo).

    Within that 2 hours in the room, there’s an agent that was able to close out a deal with her customer. It was announced loudly by another agent. I hope the customer accepted that offer with her whole heart and not because she was forced to sign it.

    My Message To Danvil:
    You are bragging that you are in the top 5 insurance companies in the Philippines. But you are forcing your clients to avail your plans… is this what keeps you on top? You, Danvil agents, are bunch of losers!

    Also, just a thought… if there were reports of this anomaly happening within the establishment of SM Malls…why does SM management still keeps them around? This type of tenant is ruining the reputation of SM Mall. (From now on, iiwasan ko na lng dumaan sa part ng SM North na un sa may banding Cyberzone because of this bad experience.)

  45. Hi ,
    I would like to share my personal experience regarding my 10year plan with FAMILY FIRST/ DANVIL with reflectivity date: march 18 2000 & MATURITY DATE: March 2010, the plan has a gross price of 117,000.00 with MATURITY Amount of 150,000.00.
    Very recently (OCT 14, 2008), at MEGAMALL 5th level where I frequently visit their office, the THE STATEMENT of ACCOUNT I received showed that I already paid 101,700.00 and a balance of 15,300.00 to complete my policy.
    But they have debited three (3) 900.00 pesos on my UNION BANK account last Sept 19 2008. The problem is:
    1. the withdrawal was made but did not reflect on my S.O.A
    2. no body could tell me where my money went.
    3. they always promise to give us a call & updated receipts which never came.
    4.I have to go to their office during regular working hours just to have a negative answer.
    5. They point to someone who holds the collection which they cannot even tell who?
    6. How could I get my investments back to pay for the college education of my children?

  46. hi pips, plan holders mga parents ko but my dad is in abroad and my mother doesnt have the capacity to transact kc malabo mata nya. how can we cancel the plan? nagbayad na sila upto 2 years, makukuha pa pba ung full refund? please help naman po.

    1. Hello po sa lahat,

      In reference s query in Ronald, I am also a planholder under Danvil. I really feel so worried about the issue that i want to cancel the policy. i got the policy last May 2008 when i went home for vacation. how can i possibly cancel it? I am an OFW and bibihira lng makauwi ng Pinas. if in case na pwd ko macancel, how much money pa ang marerefund..

      We really need ur help guys… lalo na po ngayon n may financial crisis and marami ang nawawalan ng trabaho. it’s so hard to imagine na mawawala lang po ng ganun ganun lahat ng pinaghirapan natin….

      Salamat po…

  47. hello, i just want to share my experience regarding Danvil plans

    nakakainis talaga yung sa Danvil (ngayon ko lang nalaman na dati pala cyang family first), I don’t know kung alam ba ng SM management ang pinaggagawa nila.Yesterday (nov 16, 2008) ang maituturing kong pinakamalas na araw ko sa buong buhay ko until now sariwa pa rin sakin ang nangyari.

    magkikita kami ng mga college friends ko sa jollibee megamall sa main entrance at exactly 4pm, sa hallway pa lang marami na dung nakauniform or nakaformal attire lalaki at babae, marami cla, then a girl approached mo ang sabi “ms itatanong ko lang kung me credit card ka na?”then tinitigan ko cya sabi nya “wag kang magalala, di ako nagaalok ng credit card, meron lang kc kaming promo na mamimigay ng freebies sa mga visa and mastercard card holders.” YUng ibibigay namin sanyu na mga payong or mga bags, ala pong bayad yun ito ay para lamang maadvertise ang aming company, pwedeng patingin ng card nyu po?” pinakita ko yung card, at ang sabi nya ay may raffle promo raw cla at ang grand prize is honda na kotse.Cinongrats pa ako ng mga kasamahan nya.At dat tym sabi ko sa sarili ko hay naku parang family first ito.Pero Danvil naman kc ang name kaya sabi ko iba to.

    Then I just thought na pwede namang mamaya na lang after kong i-meet ang friends ko sa jolibee,ang sabi nya cge samahan na kita, tapos ewan ko ba kung bakit di ako makaalis sa kanya at di ako makahindi. Tapos nasa 3rd floor na kami at habang nasa escalator, kinukuwentuhan nya ako kung taga saan ako at nung cnabi ko na taga caloocan ako ang sabi nya taga dun rin daw cya,what a coincidence di ba? pero kasama pala to sa marketing strategy nila,para mailapit ang loob nila sa magiging clients nila. At cnabi pa nya na educational plan ang inaalok nila at ok lang daw na tumanggi kc ala pa raw namn akong anak so di ko kailangan ang educational plan, maybe I could refer someone na mas kailangan nila ang educational plan na yun.

    As we were in escalator, sabi ko hindi ito bluff ha? mabilis lang to kc meron pa akong imemeet sa may jollibee,she keeps on saying na sayang naman po ang ang mga prices at me chance pa po kayung manalo ng kotse, ang layu-layo na hanggang sa umabot na kami ng 5th floor or 4th floor, ang sabi ko san na ba? pwede bang mamaya na lang? sabi nya saglit lang po to alam ko naman po na di nyu kailangan ang mga payong at bags eh, hangganga sa makarating kami dun at magugulat ka na ang lahat ng empleyado ay nakapormal attire na kung susuriin mo ay di makakagawa ng mga kasinungalingan at pandaraya sa kapwa.

    Pagpasok pa lang makikita mo na maganda ang place at may malaki clang TV na merong movie na pinapalabas. Tapos tinawag na ang name ko at pinapapirma ako dun na ang nakalagay ay na willing akong umattend sa “45 mins presentation” so sabi ko pwedeng mamaya na lang kc me pupuntahan pa talaga ako 4pm yun nakita ko sa relo ng babae, ayokong pumirma at tinwag nya yung nagdala sakin dun na ang tawag “Alona” na parang ang tono ng boses nya at meaning ng pagkakatawg nya ay ano ba tong recruit mo? Then Alona, approached me na cnabi cge na po ma’am saglit lang naman to eh, madadala ka talga sa pananalita nila at magagaling clang magsalita na napapirma ako dun.

    Si alona ay kinausap ako after kong pumirma ang sabi nya ma’am galingan nyu po sa pagpindot ha kc kailangan pabilisan lang ang pagpindot para makuha nyu ang instant jackpot na honda mabilis lang po kc nga marami kaming clients.Ang game na cnasabi nya ay yung me 8 numero dun sa itaas dapat sa pagpindot nyo sa baba ay kaytugma nung nandun sa taas, intersting di ba ?kc kotse ang grand prize.

    Maya-maya tinawag na ako ng lalaki at kinamayan, dinala ako sa pinaka-office nila at mapapansin mo na marami ang nandun, sa isang table nakaupo ang isang agent at isang prospective client nila.

    Dinala ako sa isang bakanteng table at doon ay inumpisahan nya na ang pagpepresent ng company nila.May hawak cyang papel na ang nakalagay ay Philippine Prudential Life Insurance Company,then I asked him affiliate ba cya ng Prudential Life?sabi nya hindi.

    Then ininterview nya ako,he approached me as a friend and he was so nice inalok nya pa nga ako ng iced tea,tapos yung takbo ng usapan namin from my personal info ay napunta na dun sa laman ng savings ko at kung anong credit cards meron ako,then sabi ko sa sarili ko once na tinanong nito kung anong number ng account ko talagang mag-wawalk out kc alam kong bawal ibigay ang account number lalo at company cla. So hindi naman nya kinuha ang account number ko pero at that time ninerbiyos na talaga ako,at gusto ko na ring umuwi dahil merong naghihintay sakin sa jollibee at nakakahiya talaga pag di ako makapunta, sabi ko parang sa family first na to ah, because maraming kumalat na balita na pangit ang marketing strategy ng family first, well, having a plan or insurance is good but their means are not.

    Sinabi nya ang tungkol sa investment na dapat daw habang bat pa ay nagiipon na at ang lahat ng maiipon ko is for my future and my family, paikot-ikot kami dun sa mga topic na yun at ang sabi pa nya na ang investment daw sa kanila ay 32/a day lang daw or 960 per month at makukuha mo lang cya after 5 years na magkakahalaga ng 175k which is malaki namn talagang halaga, sabi ko di namn po ito sapilitan di ba? ang sabi nya di namn kita pinipilit ah, pinapliwanag ko lang sayu yung mga kagandahan ng savings, sabi ko oo maganda cya pero I cannot decide as of this moment, sabi nya bakit di ka makapgdecide as of this moment kc napepresurre ako at the same time ay may iniisip ako na mga tao na naghihintay sakin, ang sagot nya di kita pinepressure ha?

    tapos sinabi ko rin na kailangan ko kc munang iconsult ito sa family ko dahil kasama sila sa budget ko tapos babalik na naman kami dun sa start na ang sabi nya di ba ang savings nyu samin namn ay para sa family nyu at para sa future mo? sabi ko , your motive is good at maganda ang proposal mo pero ayoko at gusto ko ng umalis kc me naghihintay sakin na di ko namamalayan at umiiyak na ako at lumalakas na ang boses ko, Naiiyak ako dahil gusto ko ng umalis pero di nila ako pinapaalis, for me it is unethical kung lalabas na lang ako basta basta, ang sabi ko pa sa kanya ang sabi ni alona (yung girl na nagdala sakin dun at nagapproach sakin sa main entrance) is educational plan ito at pwedeng umalis kahit na anong oras, alam mo ang sabi nya, hindi ito educational plan! so ang sabi ko eh di sinungaling si alona, meron daw clang educational plan but hindi yun ang binebenta nila ngayon.

    Sinabi ko pa na ang sabi ni alona I could refer someone na lang kc nga di ko pa namn kailangan ng educational plan kc ala pa akong anak, ang sabi nya gusto mo ba? cla meron at ikaw ay wala? Tapos bumalik na namn kami sa start about sa kahalgahan ng investment.

    Then a lady approached us, ang sabi, mam kc pumirma po kc kayo sa 45mins presentation eh kaya patapusin nyu na lang po cya.At sabi nya sa lalaki “Bilisan mo na kc para makaalis na si ma’am”

    Tapos balik na naman kami sa start tungkol sa kahalgahan ng investment sa kanila.

    Tapos sabi ko kuya di ako masamang tao pero gusto ko na talagang umalis at ayoko talaga ng binebenta nyu!then sabi nya di ko cnasabing masama kang tao ha? Tapos start na naman cya.

    Sabi ko kuya, aalis na talaga ako ayoko talaga ng binebenta nyo, kaya pwede ba gusto ko ng umalis.

    Tapos ang sabi nya cge wait lang ha, kc me papakiusap ako sayu na tao, sabi ko sino na naman yan? baka naman pipilitin nyu ko ulit sa pagbebenta nyan sa kin, gusto ko ng umuwi,talagang malakas na ang boses ko.

    sabi nya hindi daw kc yung pupunta dito ay i-eevaluate daw cya dahil for promotion daw cya at tatanungin ako, sabi ko bilisan nyo lang ha kc gusto ko na talagang umuwi at sabi ko I’ll give you 10, tanong nya anong 10? sabi ko 10 out 10 ang rating ko sayu which is 10 is the highest para lang matapos ang lahat.

    Tapos tumayo cya at me hinhanap cya at di nya makita ang hinhanap nya, tinwag nya ako at sabi halika ma’am dito na po tayu, sabi kom san nyu na naman ako dadalhin?baka naman tungkol yan sa investment na naman ayoko na gusto ko ng umuwi at sabi nya hindi po dito na po tayu sa exit pauuwiin na kita, tapos nag-log out ako sa logbook nila at bingyan nila ako nh ballpen.

    Nang pagdating ko sa escalator at tinanong ang isang mama kung anong oras na ang sabi nya ay 5:30 na at yung cnsabi nilang 45 mins ay umabot ng 1 ang half hour. Yun sa bandang huli di rin kami nagkita ng mga kaklase ko, kakainis talaga!

    Ito ang mga napansin ko sa kanila na naisip ko habang nasa bus ako pauwi:

    Pag tinanong ka nila kung me credit card ka at tipong nakapormal at marami clang nakaharang sa daaanan, wag ka ng huminto tuloy-tuloy ka na sa dapat mong puntahan dahil once na maharang ka nila at inintertain mo cla, the more na ma-attract ka nila dahil sa galing nila sa pananalita.

    Ang Danvil ay family First rin pala, ngayon ko lang nalaman nung nagsearch ako sa internet.

    Pag nagtanong ka sa kanila na tipong ayaw mo sa ibinebenta nila ay ibabalik nila ang tanong sayu hanggang sa ikaw ang mapaisip, Yun ang one of their marketing straegies.

    Eto pa, pag cnabi mong taga-saan ka sasabihin nila namalapit lang cla dun, sino ba namn ang nakakaalam kung totoo ngang taga doon cya,way nila to para mapalapit ang loob nila sayu.

    nag-apply ako sa family first before i graduated sa college nung 2006, aaminin ko na naakit ako sa title ng position nila na “Sales Management Trainee” at for 5-day training na ako at dat tym, sa office nila sa the enterprise tower ayala, makati. Pagdating ko sa bhay pinagalitan ako ng father ko bakit daw ako nagapply dun dahil nga marami ng kuwento na di maganda ang company na yun at first job ko yun if ever.Nalaman ko ngayun na pareho rin pala ang tactics nila sa pagkuha ng client at paghihire ng tao.Bago ang 5-day training sinabi na sa amin ang gagawin namin as part of the team, pag me client dapat tanungin mo muna ang mga personal info nya halimbawa tagasaan ang magulang mo?at halimbawa ang sasabihin ay taga-Bacolod ang dapat daw na sabihin ay ako rin taga-Bacolod,di rin naman malalaman na taga-bacolod ka ba talaga eh, way nila yun para makuha ang loob ng kausap mo.

    Magaganda ang mga incentives at motivations nila sa employee nila, me trip for two sa hong kong, bahay at lupa at kotse me pictures pa cla dun sa office nila na yung nagsasalita sa harapan kaya parang maiinspire ka na mag-apply. Kaya cguro di mo rin masisisi ang mga empleyado dun kc pag magdala ka lang dun na dalawang tao sa office nila for 45 mins presentation ay may 20 thousand na agad yung nagdala sayu dun.Yan ay base sa explanation sa min nung kumausap sa amin sa mga newly hire dapat.

    Eto pa ang sabi, yung ibang nasa loob na akala mo ay client ay hindi pala, kakuntsaba rin daw nila yun, para maattract ka na kumuha rin kc makikita mo marami ang kumukuha.

    Nagtataka lang ako at bakit ito pinahihintulutan ng SM na magoperate sa building nila. Di ako nakatylog ng gabi na yun at ninerbyos ako baka kc me nakuha na cla dun sa account ko, meron din daw kc na kahit di mo binigay ang credit card number mo pag tiningnan lang nila kabisado na nila yun, Kaya tumwag agad ako sa BPI para itanong at iinform din cla. Kaya ingat sa lahat, sa hirap ng buhay ngayon they are using different tactics para makalamang sa kapwa.

  48. Hay naku… Family First pa lang inis na ako kaya ignore mode na ako dyan whatever name and tactic they use (ngayon meron pa “sir, may credit card na kayo?”).

    I was just passing by Starmall Crossing when FF agents enticed me with their raffle for listening to what was supposedly just around 30 mins presentation… so payag naman ako and dinala pa nila kami by van from Starmall to SM Megamall… may free iced tea pa… then the “consultant” did a table presentation about their plans… kuha pa digital pic ko, printed it and made a mockup plan with my pic… may mga pala-palakpak pa sila pag may nag-signup… syempre to entice other people to consider their product… sabi ko parang networking na may power-powerrr…

    Later the presentor asks you about payment facilities you have like checking account, ATM, credit card, etc. … sabi ko bago akong uwi na OFW kaya wala ako lahat nun locally… hehe… sabi ko na rin ok naman yan plan nyo kaya lang I am already paying my USD life plan with AIA so I cannot commit paying for another… kaya hayun inabot rin ng about 2 hours yung presentation… gayun pa man di uubra taktika nila sa akin kaya I asked that we proceed to the raffle where I (at least) got their big umbrella… funny thing though is that they make you sign some sort of a long document… for what, a raffle? weird…

    after that isinumpa ko na yan experience ko dyan… one time they approached me sa Megamall ako naman nagbigay ng flyers sa kanila… hehe…


    How about Prudentialife personal accident insurance freebie, any experience? This one is old but annoying…

  49. That PHILIP guy, ka ka turn off ang mga comments. The more I believe DANVIL and he are the DEVILs.

    AT least, agree siya that they employ HIGH PRESSURE sales TACTICS. In the US, HIGH PRESSURE sales tactics is considered illegal. Dapat ring gawing illegal iyan sa Pilipinas.

    The time-share companies operating in the US, were hit by the high pressure tactics that they empoly on their prospective clients. At least, we get some sort of compensation (the “prize”, like a short stay in some hotel, even though sometimes, they are the dilapidated hotels, or show tickets to some concert from unknown artists, or certificate for free dinner) with the promised 90-minute presentation. Plus, we can stand up and CLAIM our “prize” after 90-minutes, whether they are done with their presentation or not. They can be sued if the client at any time feels that they were subjected to HIGH PRESSURE TACTICS. So naging hands off sila sa PANGUNGULIT.

    Whenever we attended in the past these kinds of “presentations”, after the HIGH PRESSURE SALES TACTICS was made ILLEGAL, we tell them, “We are definitely not making our decisions now. We need to bring home the papers and read carefully the fine print. We can not sign anything without understanding the full impact on us.” In reality, we almost signed a contract in one of those sales presentations, for such an overpriced time-share. If ever we signed up, I found out, there is a three-day period we can cancel the contract, no questions asked. Three days. Consumer protection in the US at work.

    Eventually, we stopped attending those kinds of presentations. The 90-minute video-showing/sales presentation, is such a waste of time for everyone. Better watch the grass grow, than be subjected to their self-promotions, false claims and misrepresentations, designed to make you part with your hard-earned money.

    About life plans and educational plans in the US, ang legit iyong kaming consumers ang tumatawag sa kanila, not the other way around. We, the consumers ask them the questions. Not the other way around. Consumer ang bibili, taga sagot lang sila ng tanong ng consumer. At siempre, napaka unprofessional naman, kung gagawing personalan, by asking personal questions, not relevant to life plans and educational plans.

    To Danvil, Nu Skin, and all those companies trying to dupe people to attend their seminars/soft-lauch/job-interviews/sales-presentation or whatever they call it,

    It is better for them to advertise their plans or “seminars” or “soft-launch” , in newspapers. State that they have a seminar on financial planning, or educational planning or retirement planning, or selling of Nu Skin or Pharmanex, or business seminar whatever, conducted by experts. Indicate in the ad, that it is sponsored by their company. Full disclosure, but that there is NO OBLIGATION TO BUY plans from them, buy Nu Skin or Pharmanex products, or sign up to be a distributor of Nu Skin or Pharmanex. But their people will be around to answer any questions.

    If they want to attract more people to attend, they can say that they will raffle off attractive prizes for attendees (like a trip to Boracay for five, or a stay in Amanpulo Resort in Palawan, for five; or a trip for five to Hongkong Disney, which includes airfare, accommodations and tickets to HK Disney; not naman kaldero, ano ba yan, kailangan attractive prizes) , at the end of the seminar. Nothing to buy, no cash outlay. (Tignan mo na lang, magbabarkada will surely sign up to attend your seminar/sales presentation.

    Disqualified from winning any prizes are employees or distributors and relatives of employees or distributors. The prizes can only be claimed in person, otherwise, they will have to raffle off the prizes again, to whomever is in the room. Again, no money outlay from those who attended the seminar and sales presentation.

    It is the company’s way of thanking those who set aside time to listen to what they have to say.

    If the people who attended the “seminar”, “sales presentation”, “soft-launch”, or whatever they call it, were duped into believing other things, just to get them to attend, THE COMPANY SHOULD BE SUED, to reimburse the cost of time and cost of transportation of the attendee. The behavior of the employees or distributors or whoever is working in behalf of the company is the responsibility of the company itself. No such thing as, “only a few of those people do improper things in this company”, kasalanan ng isa, kasanalan ng lahat.
    They should be FINED heavily.

    They have to compensate people for their time. Filipinos’ times, is not that cheap anymore.

  50. From a US government agency, the Federal Trade Commission or

    it suggests that

    you use common sense, and
    consider these seven tips
    when you make your decision:

    1. Avoid any plan that includes commissions for recruiting additional distributors. It may be an illegal pyramid.

    2. Beware of plans that ask new distributors to purchase expensive inventory. These plans can collapse quickly — and also may be thinly-disguised pyramids.

    3. Be cautious of plans that claim you will make money through continued growth of your “downline” — the commissions on sales made by new distributors you recruit — rather than through sales of products you make yourself.

    4. Beware of plans that claim to sell miracle products or promise enormous earnings. Just because a promoter of a plan makes a claim doesn’t mean it’s true! Ask the promoter of the plan to substantiate claims with hard evidence.

    5. Beware of shills — “decoy” references paid by a plan’s promoter to describe their fictional success in earning money through the plan.

    6. Don’t pay or sign any contracts in an “opportunity meeting” or any other high-pressure situation. Insist on taking your time to think over a decision to join. Talk it over with your spouse, a knowledgeable friend, an accountant or lawyer.

    7. Do your homework! Check with your local Better Business Bureau and state Attorney General about any plan you’re considering — especially when the claims about the product or your potential earnings seem too good to be true.


    “The FTC works for the consumer to prevent fraudulent, deceptive, and unfair business practices in the marketplace and to provide information to help consumers spot, stop, and avoid them. ”

    Mrs D, since we do not have a Better Business Bureau in the Philippines, where can we report these scams happening in the Philippines? What Philippine government agency protects the consumers in the Philippines?

  51. Hi Dianne,

    I am also a victim and would like to ask for your help? can you send me a copy or format of the e-mail you’ve sent to SEC, IC and Danvil? any suugestions on how i can get back my money is very much appreciated.

    Thanks in advance!

    1. hi diana, same plight with you guys, am hoping you can help me too to cancel my plan n have my money refunded. pls can you send a copy on how you did it? thanks in advance godbless

  52. I am also a “victim” and would like to ask for your help. Actually to ask if you could send me a copy or format of the e-mail you’ve sent to SEC, IC and Danvil? I got my 5/15 endowment plan last january 17,they charge 16,800 on my hsbc card, after seeking help from lawyer friends from SEC & IC, i decided to cancel it last january 20. The manager signed the cancellation letter and gave me a copy. Im still worried since i cannot trust this company anymore. I am waiting for the statement regarding the Cancellation upon inception. I also called hsbc regarding the dispute. do you think i should just wait patiently? Any suggestions on how i can get back my money is very much appreciated.

  53. im also plan holder of danvil for 3yrs. im just force to got this crazy insurance & im still under pressure of paying monthly. They also force me to got another plan of P777 monthly. the total i’d already paid to danvil for 2plans is 100,000 for 3yrs. im worried bec. of the news i heard from the television & i search thru internet about danvil & i finally read ur comments about danvil, if i seen ur comments bef. for true im already cancel my account. pls help me is there any chance that i can refund my money?what will i do pls help me?

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  55. Hello I am one of the victim also of that insurance compay.i am a planholder since april 2004 and I am inquiring how can I cancel or what can I do to get my money back.thanks in advance pls help me

  56. hello,
    ‘m also a planholder of danvil since january 2008. i’m so sicked worried about the news i’ve been watching on the television and serach on the internet and found all your comment about this company. can please somebody help on how to cancel my policy and i’m working abroad. actually if you could send me a copy of your email to the SEC, IC and the cancellation letter to would be very much appreciated. please help me!!!!

  57. hello,
    greetings to all…at this moment we are also decided to CANCEL as a plan holder w/ danvil..we’ve been a planholder since last january wife presently in uk,@ she paid by her credit card 15thousand plus/month.we had already paid a total of P370,816 for 14months..ang testimony sa iba,wla ding pagkakaiba sa na experience din namin sa mga danvil employee…since my wife back to work to uk,she heared some rumors regarding sa ndi magandang performance for this first ini ignore ko lng kc akala ko ma solve lng ang lahat,pero parang parami ng parami pa rin ang,syempre alam naman natin lahat ang global crisis ngayun,,mahirap kumita ng pera. until na nka decide na kami ng mrs ko na finally CANCEL na namin,kaysa naman mapunta lng sa wla ang lahat ng pinaghirapan namin.

    So please…whoever, who are kindhearted @ a good samaritan….please help us on how to process to get our money back. and if possible pls send us sample letter for SEC,IC @ for DANVIL.


    PS. pls advice kung kailaingan ko nb stop ang credit card.
    hopefully to heard the advice soon…..

  58. hi guys please help me naman, kumuha din ako last january 2009 ng endowment plan, i paid 24,000 as initial payment but i terminate/stop already my credit card at BPI after reading all bad comments about danvil sa takot na magdeduct sila sa kin ng di ko alam dahil sobrang sama na ng reputation nila. Im afraid na di ko na makuha pera ko dahil ala na ko credit card. Hope u could send me guys a sample of cancellation letter and letter to SEC and IC. email me po for the sample, [email protected]

  59. hello miss noemi,

    hello guys, can you please help me to get back my money as well from danvil plans. i’ve been a plan holder since jan. 2008. if you could send me an email of the copy of the complain letter to the SEC, IC. i’ve already cancelled my plan to them but i really dont know how and where to start the claim for my money. it would be very much appreciated if your going to send me a copy of the two letter.

    thank you so much.

  60. Hello jenny,

    baka my copy ka na ng cancellation letter, pde rin bang makahingi. I’ve been a plan owner since june 2008. Noon ko pa gusto i-stop nde ko lng alam kung paano…at kung mababawi ko pa ung hinulog ko. help me naman po. Thank you very much. here’s my email add [email protected]

  61. hello, salamat mmga coments nyo sa mga blogs na nabasa ko, ang iba ay naka tulong ang iba nmn ay nag bigay pa sa akin ng takot. tulad ng after 24hrs, pero salamat, ang DANVIL PPL ay legal na companya kaya dmo madedemanda, ang illegal dun ung amerketing startegy nila. kumuha akko ng plan last march 25, tapoos pagka uwi ko, nag search ako s net, nalaman ko na bogus pala ito at scam, so, wala n kc ako s manila eh, nag punta ako ng probinsya, pag balik ko kahapon, buti napa cancel ko pa sya, kc hindi totoo na 24hrs lng, pde mo ipacancel hanngang 30days, dpaat firm ka sa decision mo at magsama ka ng kasam, dapat din itwag mo s bank mo para ma block n ang card mo at magawan mo ng dispiute, ang gnwa nila, ni receive ang cancelation letter ko, tapos, binura n nila s sytem n active ang account ko, ang naka lagay na ngaun CANCELED FROM INCEPTION, kaya irerefund daw s credit card ko within 30days, buti nlng nagwa ko kaagad na pumunta dun, ayaw kc nila na mag wawala ka don, kc mas madami pang mwawala s knila, ang hindi lng talaga maganda s company any ang mrketing strategies nila at kapag kukuha kna ng pera mo , wala kna makukuha kya nag wawala ang ibng mga tao doon! tandaan nyo, ang change of mind ay hindi mo pde i reason kc matatalo kla pag dinala sa DTI. wlng nagwa c leo mallari kundi pirmahn un letter of cancelation ko at civil nmn cla kausap! sana nga maibalik na sa akin, kc may nabsa ako an 2 weeks lng, na crecredit back na kaagad, may ilang gbi din akong hindi nakatulog s kakaipi nun nagwa kong pagkuah ng plan.

  62. I just got my SOA also, i went to sm megamall today and file my cancellation request, the manager tried to convinced me again and warn that this was a legitimate transaction. I insisted that i’m within 24hrs to file my cancellation and i will file a case if necessary just to get my refund….They issued SOA and advised of 30 to 45 working but i haven’t filed yet a dispute with my credit card company…Does it really need to have the cancellation letter from Danvil or the SOA already enough to file my dispute to my credit card company?

  63. hi to everyone… like most of the bloggers here i’m one of the plan holders of danvil. i started payment on may 2008. in the beginning i really did not want to get a plan. the problem was, i was with a friend and since we’ve been inside the “orientation room” for at least three hours, nahiya na ako dun sa kasama ko, napilitan na rin akong kumuha. nung una credit card yung kinuha sa akin, pero sabi ko atm na instead of creditting my monthly installments on the credit card, they had me sign a debit agreement for my atm…now with the problems prudential life is having, natatakot ako na kung i-continue ko yung payments, kung dumating na yung maturity nung plan ko, hindi rin lang mabayaran. should i zero out my atm balanse? but they said that i had an option to loan out my payments, up to eighty percent as long as i pay one year of my installments… i’m thinking of availing of the loan, and charge the twenty percent difference to experience…shushunga shunga kasi ako, nagpadala sa pressure… ilang araw rin akong hindi makatulog pagkatapos kong bilhin yung plan… feeling ko kasi wrong decision… ok na sana, kaya lang kung kanikanino pa nila gustong makipagpartner… pati ba naman sa legacy? eh noon pa naman alam na may scam dun sa kumpanyang yun…kung saan saan na napupunta itong sinusulat ko… i just want to ask help… could someone answer my questions…please…(1) should i stop payment on my plan?, (2) do they really allow the loan out of payments made?, (3) is it possible for me to get a hundred percent refund on my payments, and where should i complain? thank you so, so much….

  64. hello po,i am a plan holder din since last nov 2008, indi ko alm kung icacancel ko ung plan ko or not, aftr ng mga nababalita ngaun nkakatakot.. pwede po b ko mkahingi ng copy of cancelation letter for danvil and ung letter for SEC para guide ko po at my idea ako kung panu..marerefund ko pa po kya ng buo ung mga nahulog ko… could u pls send it to me at [email protected] thank you..

  65. i’m a planholder of Danvil plans last April 28, 2009, after 1wk nagfile ako ng cancellation letter and asked for a refund of my initial premium of 16,800.00…ngayon for process pa lang. di ako nahirapan magpa-cancel ng plan. pinirmahan kaagad yung letter ko at binigyan kaagad ako ng SOA, mga 30mins. lang ako nasa opis nila, i’m thankful di ako nahirapan.

  66. Hi All,

    I also would want to seek advice from all of you… Nabiktima rin ako ng Danvil kahapon lang, 12June, dito sa branch nila sa SM North Edsa.

    today, 13June. nag internet muna kameng gf ko about this Danvil company and nakabasa nga kame sa mga blogs about the complaints of their clients. We printed the steps, and also made my cancellation letter.. nagpunta kame, mga 1hr kameng inentertain para hindi na namen icancel.. lumabas muna kame ng GF ko and tinawagan yung bangko ko.. which is hsbc. sabi nila. hindi pa daw napopost yung transactions na nacredit nga kagabi… hintayin nalang daw mapost. they also said na hindi nga affiliated ang danvil sa kanila at wala silang pinapayagang endowment acct ng ganun ganun lang.

    bumalik kame sa office nila, at naging persistent na kame sa pagcancel… kinuha nila lahat ng documents.. ang ibinigay lang nila is yung photocpy ng receipt, yung cancellation letter signed by their manager(hindi ko nakuha yung SOA ko. wonder if its needed. or kung kelan ko pwedeng kunin) Ang sabi samen. update nalang daw kame within 30-45 days and marereceive na namen yung full refund sa aking credit account…

    somehow, i feel relieved but not until i get my money back to my account. i still am wary…

    can you suggest me on when i would call them up? and ano yung mga dapat kong sabhin? please help me… you can send me a pm at my yahoo account. cleric_hao

    Thank you very much

  67. Hi All, Neri,

    I also would want to seek advice from all of you… Nabiktima rin ako ng Danvil kahapon lang, 12June, dito sa branch nila sa SM North Edsa.

    Today, 13June. nag internet muna kame about this Danvil company and nakabasa nga kame sa mga blogs about the complaints of their clients. We printed the steps, and also made my cancellation letter.. nagpunta kame, mga 1hr kameng inentertain para hindi na namen icancel.. lumabas muna kame ng GF ko and tinawagan yung bangko ko.. which is hsbc. sabi nila. hindi pa daw napopost yung transactions na nacredit nga kagabi… hintayin nalang daw mapost. they also said na hindi nga affiliated ang danvil sa kanila at wala silang pinapayagang endowment acct ng ganun ganun lang.

    bumalik kame sa office nila, at naging persistent na kame sa pagcancel… kinuha nila lahat ng documents.. ang ibinigay lang nila is yung photocpy ng receipt, yung cancellation letter signed by their manager. (we dont get the SOA because they said na bank to bank transactions ang mangyayari). ang sabi samen. update nalang daw kame within 30-45 days and marereceive na namen yung full refund sa aking credit account…

    somehow, i feel relieved but not until i get my money back to my account. i still am wary…

    can you suggest me on when i would call them up? and ano yung mga dapat kong sabhin? please help me… you can send me a pm at my yahoo account. cleric_hao

  68. a while ago. i called my bank. HSBC. and said nga na kanina.. napacancel ko yung account/transaction ko from danvil. ang sabi ng CS representative. dapat, hindi na mapost yun Php16800 creditted from my hsbc account kung talagang napacancel ko yung account ko. the moment na nagpost siya as creditted transaction sa aking hsbc account, thats the time daw na magfile ng dispute yung hsbc and dun na rin sila mamamagitan.

    i feel relieved kahit wala ung SOA ko with status cancel upon inception, ang pinanghahawakan ko nalang is yung cancellation letter ko signed by their manager.

    good thing i also have my online hsbc account para namomonitor ko. any suggestions pa? i would gladly appreciate any help.

    1. hello,
      isa din me sa nabiktima last september2,2009 bago lng yang danvil company sa sm pampanga tapos na pacancell ko ung plan sept 3 b4 24hours umaga me pumunta nong una ayaw talga sila mag sign ng cancellation of letter ko sa sobrang galit ko lumakas ung busis at sabi ko hnd me lalabas pag hnd sila naka perma at ayaw talaga naisip ko na kukuha me ng head ng security sa mall lumabas me tapos after 10mins bumalik me ulit kasama ung security after noon ng sign sila sa letter ko at pinagawa pa me ng isang letter in hand tapo binigay ung SoA na nakalagay ung CANCELLED FROM INCEPTION kinuha nila lahat ung documents sakin ung pinahahawakan kolng ung cancelation letter ko at SOA tapos hntay lng daw me 30-45 day para ma refeund ung pera ko

      please help me if kailangan ko pa ba ung receipt ko sa bank na kinuha nila at kong kailangan ko pa silang i call for follow up refund. ty and God bless ask lng me if nakuha na nyo ung refund

  69. Very informative post re: these urban scams. The NuSkin/Pharmanex/Synergy fanboys/cultists are already under my team’s surveillance, and Danvil is next as we’re still gathering information. My job is to make the unsuspecting public (especially in NuSkin/Pharmanex/Synergy’s case, the students) aware of these con schemes.

    I’m also linking this post as well on my multiply.
    .-= SPO4 Bantay Scam´s last blog ..Bababa ba? » Blog Archive » Scam? =-.

  70. hello!!!
    na biktima rin kasi ako ng potyang prudential life insurance na scam na ito!!august 30, 2009 ako na biktima…till now di ako makatulog panu ko makakansel itong potyang inang ito plss help namn pede ko pa bang makansel itong pota na ito naka saad kasi sa kontrata may auto debit na 1.6k ehh pota tlga!!!!plss help me guys!!!di ako makatulog 6k ung initial payment na naswipe sa crdit card ko plss help me!!

    1. jem..isa din ako sa nabiktima ng danvil plans inc..i need help to refund also my intial deposit na 6,650.00 kahit kasi ako nagfaxed ng despute letter sa citibank di pa rin na honored until now prob ko pa rin yun kasi monthly na charge sa akin 1,610.00..pwede ko ba marefund yun eh nakabili ako ng policy nila ng nov 2008..i do hope guys will help me this kind of prob.

  71. ei isa rin aq s nbiktima ng danvil plans s sm north edsa nung sept 16 2009, nag pacancel din me nung sept 18 2009…bat ganun ktagal ang pag refund ng pera q 30-40days para maprocess ng money q ..

  72. helo to all victims of danvil/philippine prudential life… try to send a letter of complaint to DTI since they are the implementing agency of Consumer Act of the Philippines regarding the violation of some articles of the Act.. Just study the articles before you cancel your application of the plan so that you have enough knowledge bout the Act… Since, in their Raffle Draw, they said they are exempted from DTI Permit, just ask DTI bout it, and bout their marketing strategy with high pressure, just read the articles and include it in your letter of Complaint to SM ADMIN, DTI, SEC, and Insurance Commission..

  73. helo ..

    another tip, if you get a plan and swipe your credit card.. tapos natauhan ka after 24 hours…. ang gawin mo lang, write a cancellation letter, gawan mo ng diskarte para lang mapirmahan nila ang Cancellation Letter mo.. Then wait for the bill of your credit card, then kung nacharge yun, file a dispute to the credit card company with your Photocopied Cancellation Letter. try that, pwd rin tawagan nyo muna ang Agent sa Credit Card kung ano dapat gawin…. ok??

  74. to guys…

    send your complaint letter to DTI… I think it is also useful to complain to that agency. just be firm… send also to them the flyer of the Sales Promo they are conducting… Because, as I know they still have to secure a DTI PERMIT in conducting sales promotion, and they are giving “daw” 10,000 US dollars and a HONDA CITY CAR for the winners… Such a BIG AMOUNT.. (even there are lots of clients canceling their policy…. where they will get their prize money.. hehehe)

  75. hi everybody….i’m one of the newest victim of this so called phil prudential life just this feb 2010. I had exactly the same story as everybody else & tried to cancel the contract after 3 days. It didn’t work out & instead they were able to convince me to downgrade my policy. I said yes thinking it’s lesser than the amount we agreed on the first meeting. They told me to think over first before they make any changes & they have to seek first the approval of the management & will just call me for updates. 5 days had past & i never receive any call so i went to their office @ SM city. They haven’t processed the downgrade of my policy yet. I called one more time to check but they said it would take 2 wks to know the result. I just had my vacation & just came back to the country where i’m working right now. I’m still worried because i still don’t know the result of my downgrading but after reading all these blogs i would really want to cancel the policy & request to charge back the exact amount from my credit card. I still don’t know where to start. Any suggestions pls? I would appreciate it a lot. Thanks!

  76. @quarry: I thinks you should call their main office, but being in a different country you could probably look for their email address and try emailing them to find out about the current status of your plan.

  77. I was about to shop in SM Southmall a while ago, when i was trapped with this guy from DENVIL Inc. for a 45 min talk to promote their company, It was a very hot day so I was convinced to take that time in their office to play for their game to win a Honda City and a raffle for a 10,000 $ chance. I am already aware of the situation because of the Family First Inc, irregularities before, so i stay firm to their sales talk. At first still the same talking a lot of of my personal status. And lo! they are now asking for your ATM to check your savings if you are qualified to transact once you have agreed to take their damn offered “SAVINGS PLANS”. So i take the risk, to let them check my ATM upon entering my own pins… However they would never get even a penny in it because it only has a minimum balance of 12K Php which i transfer to my other accounts regularly.
    If you have a credit card, you better not to declare it so that you will be safe… So back again, I was tried for about an hour and a half which is beyond of their 45 min, so i closed the conversation, that i can’t afford to free up 2600 down to 6 Php a day just to talk on that damn plans. So I said to them that I was just there shop and win their Honda City and a raffle… Even when i was about to stand up from my place the agent wants me to wait for a while and talk to their manager which i saw has a war-like situation with the other client. So i got up and played their computerized game to win that car, fill up the coupons and went out. I checked my ATM balance again, reverse my pins and draw the balance…. Now I concur that this DENVIL and the FAMILY FIRST is damn one.. thank God i’m saved, my mother 5 years ago was attempted to join with that former company but thank God we’re safe.
    lessons have learned. Don’t give that credit card…stay firm

  78. everyone in here please i need your advice regarding my situation. i availed the endowment plan last september 2009. it was exactly the same thing that happened to me as mentioned in the previous posts. the agent told me he will see if i can avail of the plan by checking my atm. it had 38,000 and 16,800 was deducted from it. when i arrived at home i have decided to cancel it because i was afraid my mom would learn about what i did. the next day, i called their office at SM North where I availed the plan, I was instructedto drop by their office and make cancellation letter and so I did. But when I came there the manager talked to me and was persuading me again for another bogusness. I was told that I can only get my money after a year, that i can continue with the plan in that case i could either pay monthly for 1610 or just leave it unpaid. so i just left the office and did no further action. after a month i received a notification letter informing my first due date of payment for october. i didn’t respond nor did pay. after a few days i already left the country and had no any news about the plan. but last december 2009 i received an email from PPLIC that my plan is now on pastdue status, it was stated by the agent that my account was insufficient making my plan on lapse status. I actually intended to leave my atm almost empty so it won’t be auto debited every month. in reply to the agent, i stated that i plan to cancel it again and he said that i should raise my concern to the authorized person and send email to Guys please help me, what do you think is the best action for this? Please enlighten me. I’m still hoping to get my money back. I’m still out of the country and will go back in PI this month. What shall I do?? Help me.

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