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Fam Pics: The Glossy Writing Table

Every first monday of the month, Pinoy Moms Network members share photos through the Fam Pics project. This month’s theme is Glossy

writing tableA writing table for my adorable husband seemed like the perfect sanctuary for him at night. I wanted to situate it by the bay window in our bedroom so he can quietly surf with his laptop before he sleeps. My specification was Light walnut Flat finish. I paid the 50% downpayment of the list price which was 5,500 pesos at the Klapptstuhl, Inc. 3rd Level Market Market! Taguig City. The price is not bad at all. The quality of the furniture looked really fine even though I wasn’t sure if the wood is really hard wood. I could live with it though. My husband just needed a functional writing table in our bedroom.

Thirty days later, the writing table finally arrived.

I was horrified to see a glossy writing table. I demanded to know why they delivered a glossy table. The delivery man says “Madam, you said Not Flat”

“No I said Flat Finish. I find glossy finish so tacky. Let me look at the order form”

What do you know? The salesman noted my order like this:

walnut table

Light Wall Not Flat Finish

My order should have been spelled as Light walnut Flat Finish NOT Light Wall Not Flat Finish. My head took a spin when I overlooked this tiny detail. I looked around at my bedroom to see if the glossy writing table blended well with the rest of the furniture.

Seeing that our bed headboard is of glossy finish, I relented . “Yes , it will do. But I will call your sales manager and advice him to teach his sales staff to SPELL properly”

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24 thoughts on “Fam Pics: The Glossy Writing Table”

  1. Noems, this is a really funny post! No wonder my husband thinks I’m “anal” when I insist on getting a written confirmation of my orders and for me to confirm an order in writing.

    Other than this, I love Butch’s Queen Anne-style (or Knightsbridge) writing table. Wish I had something like this!


  2. ROTFLMAO, Noemi! How can a table have a wall?? That is just hilarious, but I’m sure you did not find it so when the glossy table was delivered. I remember that table – it’s the same as the one I have here at home. Anyway, it still looked good in your gorgeous bedroom.

    LOL @ connie’s BEECH specs!

  3. hahahaha!this is just too funny.I’ll keep this in mind when I order furniture.

    Makes me remember a particularly snotty saleslady in a store selling unique brooches. Instead of replying to my question of how much the brooch cost, she arched her eyebrows and pointedly told me, “ah ung broach.” I went out of the store laughing.

  4. Hahaha, natawa din ako. It reminded me of a line in a book for editors: “Panda bears eat grass, and shoots.” instead of “Panda bears eat grass and shoots.” Hehe, a panda bear in a Dirty Harry pose comes to mind, doesn’t it.

  5. Tita Noemi, I suddenly remembered what my teacher in Spanish taught us about communication. Haha. We always have to repeat an instruction, an order, or a statement to make sure that what we’re saying/copying is correct.

    They should have remembered to do that..

  6. Maraming ganyan dito sa middle east 🙂 Lalo na yong ibang lahi. Minsan nga they can’t spell the word at all. Hay!!! Natatawa na lang kami pero minsan nakaka-stress din 🙂

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