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Getting to Know Senator Manny Villar

““A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.” John C. Maxwell

Disclosure on Political Affiliations: I do not work for Senator Manny Villar or any other politician. I was only aware of his friendship with Senator Alan Cayetano through my husband when he told me a day before the interview. Ties with Senator Pia Cayetano and Senator Alan Cayetano date back even before they became senators. Former President Fidel V. Ramos is a family friend due to ties from my father-in-law. I used to be a student activist in my UP Diliman days. My political views range from conservative to liberal. I don’t have plans to run for public office. Meeting with politicians and writing about their programs is part of my current plans for this blog till 2010. Any endorsements (if any) will be made just a few weeks before Elections 2010.

I have always been curious why Senator Manny Villar ranks high in most Presidentiable polls. There must be something he did that made him quite popular with the masses. My helper told me that he is known to help her “kababayan” way down south. Really? All I know about Manny Villar is that he is a successful real estate business man and associated with that C5 mess. Yesterday, I asked my husband what questions to ask Senator Manny Villar. Butch said “ask him about the corruption charges with regards to C5” and added “oh and they are good friends with Alan Cayetano”.

The opportunity came today when a few bloggers had an intimate interview with Senator Villar at Bo’s Coffee Shop. Present were a few of his staff and his two sons, Paolo, Mark and his daughter, Camille. I thought it quite unusual that he brought his three children and was quite charmed by their humility. No airs at all.

What were the points that struck me in the more than 3 hours conversation?

1. I am not privy to the facts on the C5 corruption but he claims the charges are untrue. He gives the real score on C5 which I will let you judge for yourself. (see his explanation below and the video interview). Even after a year, there is still no evidence of corruption. He never got the money. If ever, the DPWH should be held accountable.

2. I think he should be more supportive of the Reproductive Health Bill even if they are Catholic Couples for Christ. Being a Catholic is a personal choice but as a potential leader, he should be able to dissociate his political and religious beliefs. Besides, the country is not composed of the Catholic faith alone.

3. Like all the other political ads I see on TV, I find them just so sickening and self-serving. I know it is all a marketing strategy. Senator Villar claims that the stories in the ads are all true and the funds come from his pocket. Of course he sets priorities on the beneficiaries. He needs to place ads because he is at a disadvantage compared to other presidentiables that have some “media celebrity” status. Hm. let’s see Senator Loren Legarda, Senator Mar Roxas and his fiancee,, Vice President Noli de Castro Chiz Escudero because of FPJ, (edited to correct the fiancee part)

4. I believe him when he says that the country should be ruled by someone with experience in managing people. Senator Villar says he has the experience of being a leader in his own business, the Senate and the Congress.

5. I also support his advocacy on Entrepreneurship which he will launch simultaneously in all sectors of society whether he is a President or not. Apparently, media does not really cover his interest in entrepreneurship. Like Senator Villar, I believe that entrepreneurship values should be encouraged in our society so we can be self-sufficient and stimulate economic growth.

Of course that advocacy remains to be seen. During the photo opportunity, I told Senator Villar that if he becomes President of our country, I will show this photo and remind him of his promises.

And he reassured me “Don’t worry, I will pursue Entrepreneurship even if I am not President” and then thanked me for bringing up the topic of his cause on the small and medium-sized enterprises. I later found out that he authored and passed into law the landmark New Magna Carta for Small and Medium Enterprises (RA 8289) and initiated creative legislation such as the establishment of the Small and Medium Enterprises Stock Exchange and Business One-Stop-Shop centers, the latter he immediately implemented in Las Piñas City with the help of local officials.

It was an enlightening chit-chat. I have more to say but that will come once I’ve talked to all the Presidentiables.

Manny Villar Platforms and Legislative Performance

Manny Villar Governance Matrix

Senator Manny Villar’s Legislative Record

The Real Score of C5

Judge for yourself
C5 the Real Score

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62 thoughts on “Getting to Know Senator Manny Villar”

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  2. “Vice President Noli de Castro and his fiancee” You must mean Sen Mar Roxas and Korina Sanchez right?

    Anyways, it’s really not surprising to know that he paid for those ads with his own money. After all, he is included in the top 20 richest persons in the country.

    The wisest thing he did with regards to the C5 corruption mess was not attending any of those so-called hearings on the ethics complaint against him in the Senate. If Madrigal were really serious and had compelling evidence, she should have gone to court instead. But we all know that was just for the other senators to grandstand and gain more media exposure at the expense of public funds.

    I’m not a full supporter of Villar though. At present I remain indifferent to him and that’s just about it.
    .-= Jhay´s last blog ..Nano particles used to fight ovarian cancer =-.

    1. Filipinos. Its near the voting date… I want us to consider that we are ranked 4th most corrupt country in the Asia pacific arent we ashamed that this is happening. We quibble about the right president. But we never get one that is intelligent enough to be thinking of the welfare of all countrymen. I am very sad cause its true what our national hero said ” The Filipinos will always be too intelligent for their own good”. Entirely ALL POLITICIANS will be always thinking of $. If you really are studying law you would know that the annual salary of a president is P240,000.00 a year or P20,000.00 monthly duh! what the fuck! what politician would stand that kind of salary, they will have to turn to corruption no matter what. I am only a nursing student now and i am a voter. And WHAT THE FUCK! there are millions of poor people in the Philippines who will give their vote to a unknown politician just for a bag of rice and a picture with the man. What is my vote for ? COMELEC ? you think they are great… i dont think so POEA, COMELEC, DENR, DPWH, this ones are corrupt. CORRUPT

  3. very nice article. i think your article is really unbiased. buti na lang you asked these questions to him. Seriously speaking, I think Villar is very capable of leading our country. Maganda ang experiences niya. Compared to other presidentiables, napaka simple niya magsalita. very direct to the point. Hindi ka bobolahin at papaikutin. Though there are times that he does not appeal well to the media and to some viewers- I mean, I think he has a boring personality. But I’d take his personality compared to the cunning, well spoken, forever rich, plastic candidates.

    As of now, he has my vote. But I am part of INC, so I dont get to choose who I am voting. hehehe

  4. “I believe him when he says that the country should be ruled by someone with experience in managing people. Senator Villar says he has the experience of being a leader in his own business, the Senate and the Congress.”

    Of course the country must be ruled by someone who knows how to manage people. But the problem lies in the fact that most of the presidentiables, like Manny, are good in managing people. Some of them, like Manny, had been leaders in their respective businesses; sat in House and in Senate.
    .-= pinoygossipboy´s last blog ..Ara Mina, milking half-sister Cristine’s career =-.

  5. he does appear to be nice in these interviews one reason i am iffy about him is his anti-obscenity bill

    this thing probably began with good intentions but ended up becoming a badly written bill.

    there is a clause that bans what they term offensive material (ex: depictions of sexual acts, showing nude human bodies) regardless of the motive of the author. again, regardless of the motive.

    this will basically render medical books that show human anatomy bannable material. amorsolo’s nude paintings, again, bannable material.

    john silva explains the point best:

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      1. doesn’t matter what kind of educations people had, education not much help for a successful people. we’re looking for a true Filipino who can lead and stand for the faith of poor people.

  7. Villar is really thick-faced. This guy wants to be president? He will never have my vote. I will also blog about how shitty he is. I hate politicians. They are all liars.

    As to mar Roxas, he’s as bad as Villar, pareho lng silang makakapal ang mukha. Sarap paguntogin mga ulo nila.

  8. I met this man at a financial planning forum organized by RFP Philippiens at his Mandaluyong mansion. So far, I think he is the best Presidential candidate so far since he supports entrepreneurship and he’s into real estate. I like what he does in the real estate industry.

    However, he is not yet at par with my standards of what ought to be a President. I think that this man thinks that the prosperity of this nation hinges on having a just leader when that is not really sufficient.

    Suppose Jesus Christ were our President. I don’t think He is capable of changing things over night. The same could be said with Manny Villar, as well as other Presidential candidates for that matter.
    .-= Elevic Pernis´s last blog ..Aiming to Finish Human Action =-.

  9. (4. I believe him when he says that the country should be ruled by someone with experience in managing people. Senator Villar says he has the experience of being a leader in his own business, the Senate and the Congress.)

    You may want to dig a li’l more deeper about his business. Try to focus more on the sentiments of the people who have actually suffered from his “business” and then visualize it on a more larger scale

  10. “Don’t worry, I will pursue Entrepreneurship even if I am not President” and then thanked me for bringing up the topic of his cause on the small and medium-sized enterprises. I later found out that he authored and passed into law the landmark New Magna Carta for Small and Medium Enterprises (RA 8289) and initiated creative legislation such as the establishment of the Small and Medium Enterprises Stock Exchange and Business One-Stop-Shop centers”

    among the presidentiables we have right now, manny villar seems to be the most business savvy. and that’s a good thing, right? he’s appealing to the middle class pinoys who are likely to benefit first from his livelihood programs. i just don’t know if everyone shares this sentiment. as for me, i’m still not committed. posts like this really help us undecided voters.

  11. Manny Villiar was one of my favorite politician,since when he was in congress and now in senate I admire him for the things he have done.but I was shock when he got involved at C5 extention. That’s why I got puzzeled if what was the truth about that project.

  12. This is my challenge to Sen. Villar, to make a study on this and try to make this as his pilot project if he’s really sincere to help the Filipino People and our Country. Make this as his platform of governance. Seriously if Sen. Villar can do this, then we’ll all have a very bright future ahead of us. Strengthening our economy by starting up from the very BASIC and we’ll see that it will lead us to SUCCESS. We are an AQUA-AGRI-INDUSTRIALIZED COUNTRY. SO NO DOUBTS WE CAN’T DO THIS!


    Do you want to ask why? Please read and evaluate.

    It is because I have not seen anybody from our current leaders the sense of sincerity, the heart and the will to really alleviate the life of every Filipinos. They have no REAL CONCERN to their people and what they’re after of was for the benefit of their businesses and personal agenda and gain. For all we know a good leader should and must be a leader that CARE and would WORK for the WELFARE of HIS/HER PEOPLE and COUNTRYMEN not for his personal gain and of his allies. I would only believe and choose a LEADER that a really cares and love his people and would rather convey with my PLATFORM OF GOVERNANCE in which I strongly believe the Filipino People does really need. Though this is not done in detailed but we can improve this and make a study. Here are some of my thoughts which I think our country need to implement.

    • To established reform and focus for more effective governance.
    • To avoid redundancy of duties and responsibilities.
    • To minimize pointing out of fingers when certain issues arises.
    • To established proper accounting of our land use and allocations.
    • To ensure proper allocation/division of lands to landless and farmers who can manage and knows how to cultivate that land.
    III. EMPLOYMENT. How and Why?
    • Upon dividing our lands to fit people and after testing what suited to it then will assign it by Province for implementation.
    • Then we’ll invite investors from both local and foreign to invest or maybe put a factory, plant or industries that will benefit our raw materials/supplies.
    • Then we can create jobs, business and employments
    • After division of the lands for use and develop it will follow that we will have a harvest and that would result for abundance supply of food to feed our mouth, our people and of course the opportunity to export products out of it.
    V. EDUCATION. How?
    • As we develop areas thru investors, it is of course necessary that they will build schools and amenities in the community for their employees and their families.
    VI. HEALTH. How?
    • Same as education, it is should be a law that once investors will come in and invest. Healthcare services like hospitals and clinics should be jointly build and operated by our government and our investors. And it should be free for all.

    By doing all of this, everything will follow. Tourism, education, health, farm to market road, employment, industrialization, peace and order, food security and GDP and GNP will also goes up etc… We are not just aware of this because we only focused on how to get easy MONEY and KICKBACKS that is why we don’t dare to evaluate our natural resources and how it can be very USEFUL TO US and to our people.

    The SECRET for a SUCCESSFUL COUNTRY does not depend only on how rich, popular and powerful a LEADER can be but ON HOW A LEADER CARE, LOVE and IN VISION HIS COUNTRY AND HIS PEOPLE.


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  14. i am a senior student in up diliman. i, too, am a center-right activist.. i have been actively participating in activities or events that will help me to get to know the candidates better. though to be honest, if i were to vote today, i’d go for noynoy without batting an eyelash. i think because it feels like it is the right thing to do. like what they say, it’s gonna be good vs evil as in the people vs the administration.

    your entry sounds fair and i find it really informative. however, i could not avoid questioning villar’s intentions. i mean why would someone want the presidency so much that he will go to the extents of spending hundreds of millions for campaign ads as early as now? when we all know how much money the president earns.. he can’t tell me that it is pure love for the country??!! i mean, seriously???

    1. Thank god, a comment with good common sense. I find it appalling how people can easily be swayed by his non-stop commercial ads. Villar is an entrepreneur. And for entrepreneurs, only one thing matters in the long-run: the rate of return to capital. Its fairly obvious where and how he’d get a high “rate of return” if he were elected President.

      According to Forbes (international magazine), Villar is the 9th richest person in the Philippines. If he had not held power, surely this would turn out differently. He used his pork for the benefit of his own businesses, he short sell-ed a couple of financial instruments decades back thereby hurting other investors, and god knows what other monkey businesses he had divulged in. Villar is a capitalist, and capitalist intentions with the power of the Presidency wouldn’t result to something really beneficial. That’s why the Makati Business Club doesn’t support him. They see through his propaganda and instead his dreams of monopoly and acquiring business ventures with the pressure of power.

      Manny Villar, tunay na mahirap?? Since when did “mahirap” ever translate to going to a private school for one’s primary and secondary education with around 9 other siblings that the parents also care for.

      Cynicism, awareness and common sense is what this county needs.

    2. hard to believe especially if one is a skeptic.

      But yes, he has attained his goal in life to earn money and he wants to use this money to be of service to the country. At least he discloses that he is the main source of funds and is not beholden to anyone.

      1. he has already attained his goal in life of earning soooooo much money that he wants to use it for his campaign ads, just for the presidency?? yeah true… as early as now, we can see how he breaks the law by spending more than what a presidential candidate should spend, per comelec ruling!!

        as an entrepreneur, a capitalist, a businessman.. or whatever he could be, the money spent forms part of his investment… its return has already been calculated (he is good at it, he is a CPA, right?) that is why, he now resorted to several dirty tactics, desperate moves of someone who can never be as honest to himself!! he has even gotten really desperate to the point of fabricating lame stories against his opponents..

        if he was once poor, it does not mean that he has his heart for the poor people! Again, fellow citizens, voters… lend me your ears.. let’s think really hard about this guy.. the way he wanted people to see him, at least those who can easily be blinded by his ads and poetry (and money too!), please take a closer look.. and look hard enough… everthing we see about Villar DOES NOT SPELL PRESIDENCY, NOT EVEN LEADERSHIP!!!

  15. Fake BIR papers used to overvalue Villar properties: lawyer

    In an interview over dzMM’s Tambalang Failon at Sanchez, Atty. Ernesto Francisco said Adelfa Properties and other companies owned by Villar used fake or tampered BIR certifications to overvalue several properties that would be affected by the C-5 road extension project. He said the certifications were submitted to the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) and directly benefited companies owned by Villar.

    “There was a pattern, a modus operandi in order to sell the property to the government for a higher price. If the value of the land was worth only P7 million at 4,500 per square meter, the company would produce a BIR certification that the value of the land is really P30,000 per square meter and was actually worth P48 million,” he said.

  16. I agree with Rain’s comment, Villar, with the C5 mess, guilty or not, he is too controversial. As the biblical saying goes…it is easier for a camel to pass through a needle’s eye than a rich man to go to heaven. My point is… if you have that kind of wealth like Villar do…you will do everything within your power to protect it. I would go for Noynoy.

    1. Villar mentioned in his ads that if he wanted to get rich, di dapat mag negosyo na ;ang siya. He knows the presidency is not going to bring him the same kind of money as business does.

      and what can noynoy bring? he has no track record. just pedigree

      1. from the way i see it, you are a true blue pro Villar.. your comments are very obvious.. you are not biased but you are not fair either!

        dapat nga mag negosyo na lang si villar, doon siya magaling.. presidency is not any business venture!

        the legacy that cory and ninoy left for the Filipino people is more that the track record you are talking about!! and that is what noynoy have, and he has everything to lose if he falls short of the expectations of the filipinos!!

        it is more dangerous to choose someone to lead this country especially if that “someone” has the passion for profit (pronounced as “money”), return of investment (“money ” pa rin yan uy!), business (still, “money ” pa rin ang bottom line)..

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  18. I am a lifetime LP supporter but this time i will campaign wholeheartedly for Villar. Noynoy and Mar don’t know the meaning of Bayan muna bago sarili so why should I vote for them? The case.. few months back when Noynoy was asked if he will be running for a higher position and he said no. Upon seeing the people’s sympathy to his family when Tita Cory died he changed his mind. Now, is it bayan muna or sarili muna? I could have accepted it if he just gave the presidency to Mar since Mar is more ready than him, and he as the VP. But Mar himself was afraid because he’d been lagging behind with Villar in the surveys. In other words Mar himself is not ready for presidency. Sa survey lang takot na; lalo na kaya sa mga Abu Sayaff? These guys are all good in talking especially against Ate Glo but both of them did nothing as public servants.

    To those who are not sure yet of whom to vote I suggest you better pull their resumes through Google and compare it. Hwag yong dahil siya ay mayaman, anak o apo ng presidente, ang pamilya ay nasa telivision o dahil gusto sila ng mga artista. Vote based on their personal background as a leader, not because our emotion have said so. Vote wisely if you love your country. Salamat po!

  19. Why is he so willing to spend so much money (in the billions) on his campaign – it is because he knows he can make it back and acquire so much more once he’s in position.

    And because he spent so much more – he’d probably need to earn/steal so much more.

    You must also look at his constituents. It is impossible that all this money coming from him – nobody is that stupid. He has people funding him through deals, brokers and promises.

    Who are they and why are they willing to spend so much. And how many deals is he making and what are the parameters of his promises?

    A person who has a case against him should not be able to run for president – until the case has been closed beyond reasonable doubt.

    This holds a stronger significance in Many Villar’s case, which involves corruption, plunder amongst other things.

    It’s easy to get swayed into thinking that he’s an ok guy when you meet him – it did the same for me when I met President Ramos. But let us not let our star struck state dazzle us from proper thinking and proper investigative procedures in getting to the truth.

    I do not support any politician – but am most weary of Manny Villar.

    1. and where are your facts? There is no pending case against Villar in the courts.

      Give me the case number. What you read is a senate hearing which should be held in closed doors but these politicians decided to hold it openly for their own poltical reasons. If these senators felt that Villar was corrupt, why didn;t they file a case in the Ombudsman.

      Again, where is your source of the case? Stop spreading false stories.

      In our interview with Manny Villar, he said he needs not recover his money. I believe him because I know some rich people who give money to their causes. his cause is serving the country as president

      Read more in here

      Villar admitted that he is spending a lot, almost all of which from his own pockets. He’s a billionaire, after all. It was, he said, his only way to level the playing field among other contenders with celebrity status, with celebrity parents and siblings, or with government machinery. When asked how he planned to recover the hundreds of millions he has and is still spending, Villar said he need not recover it. He claimed that he is content with his family life and had no reason to further enrich himself or his family. It’s a weird sense of philanthropy, perhaps. He said he just wants to fulfill his dream of making the lives of Filipinos better, with him as President, and he had no problem spending his money for it.

  20. Villar can be the president or noynoy..but to lots of Filipinos, we want Bayani Fernando back in the government so lets elect him as the Vice President. One thing, Roxas will add two school years in the curriculum..your children will not graduate on time….

  21. Anu ba talaga ang mga batayan ng mga botante sa pagpili ng kandidato? May mga ilang nagsasabi na kailangan ibase ang susuportahan sa mga nagawa ng kandidato at may ilan naman ay batay sa popularidad ng kanilang pangalan at pamilya. Kung tutuusin, mahirap talaga humanap ng kandidatong susuportahan para sa darating na eleksyon. Mas madali pa kasing hanapan ng kasiraan ang isang kandidato kaysa tignan ang mga magagandang ginawa nito para sa tao at bansang Pilipinas.
    Isang mahalagang halimbawa na lamang nito ay si Sen. Manny Villar. Sinisimulan na ang kanyang kontrobersyal na isyu ng C5 extension project. Nagsimulang umusok ang usapin ng lumabas sa isang survey na 11% na lamang ang pagitan ni Villar kay Sen. Noynoy Aquino. Ang nasabing maliit na pagitan sa pagkapangulo ay bunga na rin ng sandamakmak na patalastas o tinatawag na infomercials na nagpapakita ng iba’t-ibang mukha ni Villar kung papaano malulutasan ang mga problema ng Pilipinas.
    Ang mga infomercials ni Villar ay hindi maikakaila na nagpamangha sa mga Pilipino. Higit sa lahat, napukaw ng patalastas na ito ang mga bata na kabisadong-kabisado ang bawat linya ng campaign jingle. Ito ay nagbigay daan upang tumatatak sa puso’t isipan ng mga Pilipino ang mensaheng gustong ipaabot ni Villar. Ngunit hindi ata alintana kay Villar na masyadong malaki na ang kanyang nagagastos sa mga TV ad campaigns. Ayon sa isang TV executive, tinatayang mahigit 2B hanggang 3B na ang nagastos ni Villar sa pagpapalabas ng mga infomercials simula pa noong nakaraang taon. Iilan lamang siguro sa ating mga Pilipino ang may kakayahang maglabas ng ganoon kalaking halaga ng pera.
    Marami-rami rin ang ipinangako ni Villar ngunit hindi niya tahasang sinabi kung papaano niya gagawin ang mga ito. Sana lamang ay ginamit na lang niya ang bilyon-bilyong piso sa mga proyekto para sa mahihirap gaya ng pabahay at proyekto para sa edukasyon ng nakakarami. Hindi biro ang bilyones na ginamit ni Villar dahil nagsisimula pa lang ang pangangampanya at kung ganoon kalaking halaga ang nawaldas na niya, paano pa kaya sa mga susunod na araw?
    Paano siya magiging mabuti at magaling na lider kung ngayon pa lang ay hindi na siya marunong mag-budget ng sarili niyang pera? Hindi kaya maubos lang ang kaban ng bayan sa kamay ni Villar? Sana naman ay hindi niya inaasahan na maibabalik pa ang mga perang nawaldas niya gamit ang mga buwis na binabayad ng taong bayan.

  22. A business man’s goal is always to gain profits and to make money and to be the wealthies of all. Manny Villar will be like Thaksin Shinawatra, ex prime minister of Thailand,, who at the end was deposed by a military coup.

    All his doings seem like good deeds but in reality he has computed his return on investment. Don’t believe in him. Dont’ believe his ads. Don’t believe his words. What he is after is to be in POWER and to be the RICHES.

    Look at his troops, he gets the MARCOSes. For what? More votes? He doesn’t mind what the Marcoses has done to us. All Manny Villar wanted is to win the election and be in POWER. It will never be good for the people but only for HIMSELF.


    1. not all businessmen are what you think they are. Some are philanthropists and want to do more than just earn money.

      I asked that question to Senator Villar on Dec 17, 2009 on how he will recover his money- He said (and I quote a fellow blogger who was with us at the interview)

      “Villar said he need not recover it. He claimed that he is content with his family life and had no reason to further enrich himself or his family. It’s a weird sense of philanthropy, perhaps. He said he just wants to fulfill his dream of making the lives of Filipinos better, with him as President, and he had no problem spending his money for it. “

  23. my personal experience with manny villar.,,

    Experience 1

    when i was in college, i wrote a letter sent to all senators and the president, asking help for my college tuition. It may sound stupid but I did it anyway. I never expected anything. i addressed my letter…malacanan, office of the senator…thats it.

    I received two replies…

    Lacson gave me a christmas card with his face on it.

    Manny Villar gave me 500 pesos in a certificate i claimed at the post office. He also replied with a note that stuck in my mind forever.

    He said…”it is not much…when i was a student…i had nothing…i have to work to support my studies. Sipag at tiyaga ang kailangan natin.
    Merry Christmas.

    Experience 2

    Iligan City built its first overpass in front of a big university(MSU-IIT) where i studied. If you are from this place..the overpass has a name on it “Badelles Millenium Overpass” named after our congressman.

    Manny Villar was invited at the inauguration. There were many people. The national hiway was diverted. All of my classmates were there too.

    He started his speech praising the local politicians of their work…But he said something really, really, shocking and embarassing.

    He said…”sana naman huwag natin ipangalan sa ating sarili ang mga bagay na hindi naman sa atin”

    Ouuccchh…This must be the most humiliating experience our congressman had.

    Experience 3

    Now that I’m working abroad (Dubai), Manny Villar bought return plane tickets to our kababayans ( mostly maids) who are stranded.
    Dubai consulate can attest to this.

    I pray we will have a leader who will love our country. A leader that will only look for progress to our country.

    I love my country very much. I miss it a lot. I boast of how beautiful the Philippines is to my foreign collegues here even if, they say a lot of bad things to it, which is true anyway.

    I pray that the Philippines will prosper on the next leadership. I want to work back home. I wana go home.

    Please vote wisely.

    Mark Harvy
    OFW Dubai

  24. First to Noemi, thanks for this blog and the chance to make some comments.
    I had the oppurtunity to work for Mr Villar for 4 years right after my college graduation in 1987 up to 1992 just as he started/joined politics. Mr Villar has so many unique impressive qualities as a person and as a human being. But one thing that stands out to me is he do not condone nepotism. You can research his company since it’s incorporation in 1975 you will not find any relatives such as brothers/sisters/cousins working nor engaging business with his company – it is forbidden. This guy when it comes to management really means business. this to me in itself is impressive and to think that he was not doing this to impress a country, he was doing it because that was the right thing to run his business.

  25. He does not condone nepotism but in real life his sons & daughter are taking care of his business. In short, he doesn’t trust ’em (relatives).

    A businessman is one who engage / manage a business & will always find ways to gain profits. A leader is one who leads a country & is not self-serving. Golden Rule: you cannot do two things at a time.

    1. I agree with you his children now is starting to be involved in their business especially the 2 sons… but I guess thats the cycle in life…he is not getting any younger. im sure he did not envision that his business will be handed over to a stranger when he can no longer carry on.
      Conventinal wisdom will tell us that we cannot do 2 things at the same time… or in boxing you cannot carry your power as you go at a higher wieght class more so with 4 to 6 divisions higher but we have Manny Pacaquio … conventional wisdom also tells us that…those that wear the robe are holy…the Pope recently just offered apologies to victims of these men in robe in Ireland…Lastly A businessman is one who engage/manage a business & will always find ways to gain profit…but New York City have Mayor Mike Bloomberg, the first mayor who inherited leadeship of NYC post 9/11 attack – look him up and see how he is doing as a leader and as a businessman… Conventioanl wisdom is a good guide in life but should not supercede what we feel/see/hear/ but what do I know – Cheers!!!

  26. well, i don’t know Manny villar personally. i only know him on what they show on their slogans and commercials. I’ve seen his ads and how organize his campaign is. pretty impressive in terms of managing a campaign. but looking beyond that, i am not sure if he is really capable of being a good leader. i don’t know his motives. i only seen him go for a debate once, and I am not impress and I don’t expect him in the next couple of debate sessions in the coming weeks. the money that he spends on his ads are very expensive. the commercials that he made costs for some are a lifetime savings already. but what does he really want? Will he be willing to give a portion of his wealth to the Filipino people or will he get his ROI from the pockets of tax payers? He always promotes that he came from the poor and he will be for the poor, but what kind of agenda for the poor is he referring to? I’ve been living on this country all my life. Once, I believed on one president. I thought she was the right one to lead our country. As many are opposed, I still think she did a good job. after “hello Gargi,” and the ZTE crap. I’ve lost faith.

    As years passed, I saw that it was just a facade. a tactical trick in order to lure people into believing that the government is sincere. It was a lie. looking at these scams, it is plain to see that politicians can get away with anything, IF you press the right buttons. What makes you think Mr. Villar is any different? he already has a lot of things on the news. I pity people in believing on Mr. Villar for the wrong reasons. If he really wants to help Filipinos, he should be transparent on everything. not just showing a good face on a jingle or a commercial.

    1. Dayspring I can relate to your cynicism I too grew up in the Phils, come from a very poor family. Numerous times in the past, each time a new president is elected, I thought he/she will bring something positive to the country particularly in the south cause thats where I come from.
      I never knew Villar was and is a good orator – I always thought that there were officers in our company that were good if not excellent in that dept. The thing I knew is that he was efficient in utilizing the assets among his employees and his decission making process was /were always well thought out.
      I do not want you to vote for him, all I want is to share info, for you to look beyond what you hear/see in media cause there really is more in the man than how he is projected. After you weigh things, your choice of candidate is really up to you, that is your God given right.
      It is a fact that he was already wealthy long before he joined politics in 1992, It makes me wonder that if he is crooked the way his detractors claim he is…why only now or in the last say 6 to 12 months he became a crook… only when he declared his intention to run for president.
      I have no thought on the ROI thing, as to the TV adds, as far as spending …the opponents are not doing bad either…look up the different TV stations tabulation of paid airtime for the different candidates…

    2. on transparency. – every candidates should be transparent

      I am leaning towards villar because he has the track record . He has management skill as he managed a sucessful business.. Noynoy is on the bottom scale on legislative performance.

      On debates he is all for it. What you meant are forums. In fact he agreed to Noynoy’s call for one on e one. Villar just asked him”name the time and place”

    3. I second to this. what I realized is that… Filipinos tend to be so emotional in everything…we tend to be attached to a person that tickles our soft spots. but in the end, it is not a wise way to decide on things. Before you vote define first what is a real good leader…. Villar is so tied up in so many things…I don’t really know him, and there is no point trashing him nor any other candidate. Villar is like Paquaio, he is better off being a businessman as Paquaio is better off with boxing. What we really need is sustainability. You cannot help the poor by giving out money…it is not sustainable. Poverty is a complex thing, and it boils down to history. Being slaved for 300 years under Spanish rule had messed up our way of thinking. It takes a lot of self realization to admit these things.

  27. Here are my opinions. Just opinions. =)

    I hate it when Villar brags himself as a poor boy.
    – what for?

    I hate it when Villar uses poor children in his ads.
    – what for?

    I hate it when Villar spent billion of pesos in campaign.

    – – – – – – – –

    These are enough for me to not vote for Him. As long as he can manipulate the minds of people, he will, just to get the highest position in the country.

    1. It is a fact that he was once a poor boy.

      his ad is to deliver his core message on poverty and he has been successful in the delivery.

      Indeed, campaign strategists and public-relations experts point to Villar’s ads as the major reason why he has been able to catch up with the frontrunner in the presidential race, Senator Benigno ‘Noynoy’ Aquino III.

      It is a fact that Villar was prepared for this presidency and prepared years ahead. He is using most of his money for the campaign. What do we know of others? where did they get their funds?

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  29. What I really dont like about Manny V is first his infomercials where he is spending lots of money. I think thats his Capital (in terms of politics) and the profit…?

    Second, C5 road project. Hindi pa man cia presidente nagawa na nia to how much more when he’s already d president of our country.

    Sa dalawang rason lang na to mapapaisip ka na kung karapat dapat ba cia talaga. How much more kapag nadagdagan pa? Hindi ako naniniwalang ang reason nia why he want to be the president is becase he want to help filipino people specifically ung mahihirap.
    I am 2000% (kung meron mang ganon) na ang reason ay POWER. He is rich already. He doesnt want money. Kung meron ng money… kulang na lang power. Pag meron ka na ng dalawang to magagawa mo na lahat.

    Noynoy Aquino, ang magiging kontra mo lang sa kanya kulang cia sa experience. Pero malinis ang pangalan nia (so far kc wala akong naririnig or nababasa na nakakabit sa pangalan nia)

    Anyway, wala pa akong napapagdesisyunan kng cno ang ivote q na presidente pero I would rather vote for Noynoy than Manny V kung clang dalawa rin lang ang choices.

  30. Pakiusap, kaibigan. Huwag kakalimutang iboto sa May 10 ang AAPS Party List, ang party list ng mga retirado at senior citizens. I-shade lang, No. 21 sa balota. Sa atin ang AAPS!

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