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explosionMy hubby sent me a text message yesterday to get away from the [tag]Glorietta Ayala Malls[/tag]. He knows it’s my favorite mall since it was just a 10 minute drive from our old home in Makati. I texted him back that I was in another mall and not to worry about me. As soon as I reached home, I googled for “[tag]Glorietta 2 Explosion[/tag]” and was surprised at the Google Search Engine Results. I was suddenly taken back in time. Lauren’s May 18, 2000 entry showed up on the first page that there was a Glorietta 2 explosion on May 17, 2000 which injured teenagers mostly since the blast occured near a video arcade:

Glorietta 2 was bombed yesterday ( the third bombing in just a week ) and one of the girls in my batch, Ana May, was there and got hurt. Twelve were injured and mostly teens cos it happened at the Synergy video arcade (the other arcade we go too sometimes). I guess it’s good that me and Stephen aren’t, well, exactly friends cos if we were, we woulda been there like every other Wednesday and I don’t really like the idea of my body parts flying all over the entire mall.

Why Glorietta 2 again? Not that I want other parts of the mall to be blasted away. It just seems so suspicious. I was at the Glorietta 2 entrance just a few weeks ago and remember raising my eyebrows when the security guard didn’t check my bag. He was busy reading the text messages from his cellphone. (Ayala Mall security, remove their cellphones while on duty please)

Anyway, just 3 days after that May 20, 2000 entry, Lauren wrote another one and this time on the SM Megamall Bombing that happened on May 20, 2000 where a janitor was killed.

Looks like I’m gonna have to stay at home till we leave for Cebu this Wednesday cos another bomb was found in SM Megamall (another big mall) and this time, one person actually died while several had multiple injuries. I’m not sure if this could count as a premonition, but as I got out of the shower last night, I heard the sound of bombs exploding outside. It scared the shit out of me. Fortunately, I was clothed and dry at the time so I sought refuge in my mom’s bedroom. I was like, “Mom, do you hear something?” and she said, “No,” then rolled over and went back to sleep. Since Mom wasn’t being very cooperative, I decided to play a CD really loud and blow-dry my hair like nothing was going on. Inside, I was shaking like a leaf. I know that the bombings only happened in malls and other public places but you never know the Abu Sayyaf. What if they decided to go for residential areas instead? Just in case we had to make an emergency evacuation, I made sure my bra and sandals were within reach…

We have never really learned from all these bombings. All the innocent victims of these senseless blasts were just there to have fun. Who is the target? The innocent citizens? or the government?

You know what got me as I read Lauren’s entries? It’s the memory of that janitor who died. My Luijoe was so affected by his death that he composed a prayer just for him. I remember sitting down with him and praying for all the victims who died. And that was a week before Luijoe died, already an angel at work. I forgot his exact prayer now but I am forever touched by his concern for the victims.

My thoughts and prayers are now with the 9 casualties and 119+ injured in recent Glorietta 2 explosions . I hope justice will be served to them.

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