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Hell Hath No fury Like a Woman Scorned

Edit: the disbarment was never filed at the Supreme Court

woman scornedLet’s just assume that indeed Maria Celia Virginia Suarez (otherwise known as Maricel or Virgie) is the former mistress of the First Gentleman, Mike Arroyo then she must have had some knowledge of the “Etiquette of being a Mistress”. Her complaint, Disbar the First Boor is either a black propaganda of the first gentleman’s enemies or a result of a woman scorned. The petition says that “Sometime in the mid-1980’s, the relationship turned sour when petitioner discovered Respondent’s secret relationship with Vicky Toh (Vicky).”

I am not an expert with mistresses but I have met a few who would rather move on with their lives than fight out a legal battle. Still, I am sure Celia Suarez felt betrayed.

Whatever made her file this disbarment petition looks like a “Hell Hath No fury Like a Woman Scorned” action.

You know there can never be a promise of marriage until the final papers of annulment are approved. This is so funny.

Well settled is the rule that when a member of the Bar seduces a woman to have carnal knowledge with her on the basis of misrepresentation that he is going to marry her is deemed a grossly immoral act. (Almirez vs. Lopez, G.R. Adm. Case No. 481, 28 February 1969, 27SCRA 169). In fact, the acts of Respondent are so corrupt and false and so unprincipled or disgraceful to a reprehensible degree which will justify his disbarment! This is reflected in the that all throughout their relationship, Respondent would always promise to marry petitioner declaring that she was already separated from GMA. The petitioner readily believe the respondent the latter being a lawyer at that. It was only after a while that petitioner came to know that Respondent Arroyo tricked, deceived and used her in order that she would continue in allowing him to 1have carnal knowledge with her.

Even without the promise of marriage, most mistresses know that it does not happen overnight and some are resigned living that kind of life. I think most mistresses know they are contented to be with their lover even without the benefits of marriage. It’s terribly naive of any girl to think that she wasn’t aware of the marital status of their lover.

Reading Disbarment Petition against Mike Arroyo, the betrayal smacks of a dramatic scene from those cheesy Mexican soap operas shown in our local TV stations:

19. Sometime in the mid-1980’s, the relationship turned sour when petitioner discovered Respondent’s secret relationship with Vicky Toh (Vicky).
20. When petitioner could not take it any longer, she entertained other suitors.
20.1 When Respondent got wind of the same, he became very angry and confronted the petitioner.
20.2 Petitioner was the aggrieved party. However, Respondent would like to make it appear that it was the petitioner who betrayed him.
20.3 During a particular confrontation, knowing that she is being made a fool by Respondent, petitioner threw the Ateneo College ring given to her by Respondent to the latter’s face. Petitioner could no longer bear the hurts and betrayal upon her by Respondent.
21.~ Though Respondent was adamant, Petitioner resisted all of Respondent’s attempt to win her back. In one evening, Respondent went to petitioner’s house in Pasig City.
21.1 Respondent was very, very drunk, crying, crawling and vomiting. Respondent begged for petitioner’s mother to help him win back the petitioner.
21.2 Respondent’s theatrics was not able to persuade petitioner’s mother. Ultimately, Respondent fell asleep in his car.
21.3 Suddenly, GMA arrived to pick up petitioner’s mother demanding that petitioner leave Respondent alone.
21.4 Petitioner’s mother retorted that GMA should take care of her husband if she does not want it to loiter around or else she would sue them for trespassing.
22. Respondent still tried to woo her to no avail, as petitioner knew that Vicky Toh had already replaced her in the office and in his [tag]illicit sexual life[/tag].

Oh yes , such theatrics can only happen in extra marital affairs. I can just picture our diminutive President with hands on hips in the above dramatic scene.

Just reading all the graphic details of the frequency of their sex life was quite shocking as well. Was this really necessary for the petition?

The manner of exposing these trivial details through her blog and emails is quite cunning too. The person behind this marketing ploy definitely knows the viral effect of the blogosphere and forwarding emails.

Lessons Learned:
1. Men —don’t be too friendly with women. Some women don’t get it. Some might think you like them when you are just being nice and friendly.

2. Be careful of compromising photos. It could be used against you.

3. Spouses should avoid extra marital affairs at all cost. It’s not worth the drama. Work it out with your spouse first then have a clean break from [tag]marriage[/tag] either through legal separation , annulment or any mutual agreement before getting another partner in life. Beware of having affairs with bloggers too. Who knows your extra-marital affairs might be blogged one day by your offending spouse or mistress or lover? hee-haw!

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4 thoughts on “Hell Hath No fury Like a Woman Scorned”

  1. the blog – we never know where it could lead us to. it is so powerful that we should use it only if it benefits us and others. and yes, lead a good life, so that we cannot be faulted.

    as to photos–remember the doctored piolo and sam milby photos? with technology, anything can be done to suit the person what has malicious intentions. i shudder at the thought.

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