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JC de los Reyes on Servant Mothers, Humble Nation-Builders

jc-de-los-reyesI have been swamped lately with our interviews of presidential candidates in One of these candidates, JC de los Reyes of Ang Kapatiran party moved me so much. Let me make it clear. I am not supporting a presidential candidate as of the moment. But I like JC de los Reyes, the humble person and public servant, and pretty much how I felt when I met Nick Perlas that I even wrote about his views on new politics. These are competent but not too popular presidential candidates. Well, not yet because they are not given a chance by the Filipino people and more so with media. JC de los Reyes was not invited to the de La Salle forum or even the upcoming January 14 Romulo debate in AIM. But really, these presidential candidates have the compassion, the vision and the clear platform. Truly new politics. It frustrates me that traditional media do not give the same media mileage given to Manny Villar, Gibo Teodoro, Dick Gordon etc. Let the electorate decide not those stupid surveys to bring in ratings or brisk sales.

After our interview with JC de los Reyes, he recalled his article Servant Mothers Humble Nation-Builders when he saw the work we are doing for Blog Watch. He promised to send us the article. He sent me the link just a few hours ago. Reading his article just touched me even more as I saw the photos of his three lovely children.

I am forced to stay on in politics because awang awa na ako sa mga mahihirap. I also have to fight for my children’s future. Justice demands that those who have been blessed with a good, comfortable life should do battle with a rotten, corrupt system, oppressive to God’s beloved children – the poor and the marginalized…..

What caught my attention with Atty. Grace’s email is how she connected patriotism and motherhood, where homemakers are at the fore-front of dreaming of a better world. But shall mothers stop at dreaming? I propose that ideally, real moms not only dream of a better world for their children, they raise their children to shape a better world. The word ‘authority’ comes from author. What do we want to author in our children?

I can dream, can I?

I just want a better future for our children. It’s that simple. It’s been A Mother’s Hope, A Mother’s Love.

This is for my two girls and to all our children.


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2 thoughts on “JC de los Reyes on Servant Mothers, Humble Nation-Builders”

  1. Thank you for a very nice article on Jc. He is truly inspiring. The Philippines is blessed to have many honest to goodness servant leaders, we are after all, a birthing ground for heroes and patriots… however, our countrymen should break the paradigm on politics. Not all deserving leaders have the guns, goons, and gold. And not everyone is famous. I agree with you, the media should give more attention to alternative choices, rather than those plastered everywhere. Thanks again!

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