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A Laptop and Lap Cat on My Lap

It has always been my dream to have an affectionate and cuddly cat ever since Spitz died in 1985, the same day that Butch proposed marriage to me. Butch didn’t know Spitz died of course. He just called me long distance confirming the “pamanhikan”. Months before that when Butch and I were discussing marriage plans, he emphasized that Spitz just had to go because a cat makes him asthmatic etcetera. I hedged and hawed a lot and it disappointed Butch that I hesitated. Oh but didn’t he know that I grew to love my cat, my sleeping companion for years? Of course he didn’t. It baffles me now that Spitz died the same day Butch finalized his marriage proposal. Maybe Spitz felt it.

Twenty three years later, Butch finally allowed me to have my very own pet. I ponder over the change of heart but I am not complaining. Maybe because the girls had two cats with strong cuddly personalities of their own. Or maybe because the kids are older now and my nurturing days declined.

While pondering over my first entry for 2009 I cannot resist Missy who snuggles comfortably on my lap and by my laptop. This little feline amuses me to no end so I thought I’d reciprocate her by showing some videos of Siamese cats. More like entertaining her to movies.

The little kitty is surprised at seeing an exact replica of herself and a cat that looks like Kylee, Lauren’s pet.

She frantically scampers around my laptop turning around the back to catch these two cats.

What fun she had.

This is where I believe the law of reciprocity works. The classic Law of Reciprocity is essential for good cat-human relations. Remember, there is nothing in the cat’s nature which requires them to be affectionate with us, unless we create an ““affection deficit” which they must address. That is our power; that is our only power.

A cat cannot ignore our sweet overtures. Just as we find it difficult to not return a smile from a fellow human, a cat finds it difficult to not respond to continued demonstrations of our love and interest. Find the courage to express our devotion to the cat, and be confident that it will be returned. In fact, our own confidence will communicate to the cat that our intentions are of the best.

It wasn’t an easy start with Missy to make her stay on my lap. As I continue to extend my hand of friendship, Missy can’t help but close the gap. She is now my very cuddly, lap cat beside me when I work on my laptop.

Can I say the same about the Law of Reciprocity to people who are new to my life?

Trust takes time to be earned. Like a new kitten in my life, I need to earn that trust and gain confidence.

As I extend my hand of friendship to you, I hope you will get to know me more through my advocacy, recovery work and blogger activities in future entries.

Happy New Year my beloved readers and subscribers. Cheers to the good things that will happen in 2009 to you and your loved ones.

10 thoughts on “A Laptop and Lap Cat on My Lap”

  1. I’ve always wanted to have a Siamese cat, but I’m afraid with all the things I’m doing, there might be just not enough to time to spend taking care of it.

    And in our family, it’s always bad luck to have a cat die in your household.Perhaps when I’m already married and have grand kids, but that won’t be happening anytime soon.

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