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Philippine Idol Wildcard Performance & Results Night

I can still feel my heart pounding–kabog-bog-bog. My husband and I were seated at the left side of the spectacular [tag]Philippine Idol[/tag] stage, just below Mel Villena and his band. Gosh, the bass sounds made my heart go thumpity-thump after the show and my throat searing with thirst. As a live audience we are constantly reminded to continue the rooting, raving and cheering throughout the show. I don’t think we have to be reminded as the fans were screaming their heads off. The Wildcard performance photos will explain more on the inside story of the live show as I am already sleepy and tired.

My favorites are for the girls:
IRA and MAU while for the guys, it’s GIAN and ONYX


View the behind the scenes Philippine Idol Wildcard Performance photos and if you missed watching it, here are some youtube videos

View videos of Mau, Gian, Onyx, Ken, Suey , Ramirr , Joseph and Ira , Ting, Stef and click for more youtube videos of the Philippine Idol Wildcard Performance

Edit- September 17 (Philippine Idol Wildcard Results– and the winners of the wildcard round are:
Gian, Stef, Mau and Ken

I am so disappointed that Ken Dingle won. I know it’s unfair to base his performance on this song but he didn’t do well in top 12 male performance night either. The Filipinos are not objective enough to vote for the real talent. Sometimes I think it is money (to buy text load) that can assure you of the votes. What about Onyx and Joseph who have more talent than the rest but have limited resources? I wish the judges can make a plea to the TV viewers to vote on talent and not because that contestant is from their city or town. I know it’s a long shot. American Idol had its growing pains when it first started but after 5 seasons, the voting audience has become more discriminating. Bring the true winner based on talent, star quality and that x-factor.

Anyway, watch out for my Philippine Idol entry when the top 12 sing their hearts out at the Aliw Theater in Roxas Boulevard on September 30.

More Exclusive photos of the top 12 finalists and the Wildcard Results Night at the [tag]Philippine Idol Photos[/tag] WebSite

8 thoughts on “Philippine Idol Wildcard Performance & Results Night”

  1. I think the main problem is the pathetic (to none) signal of ABC sa mga probinsya. But I think, medyo level na ang playing field. Naalis na kasi yun mga contestants na walang ABC sa lugar nila. Too bad, hamak na mas magaling yun ibang natanggal.

  2. we’re with yah…heartbreak talaga na hindi nakapasok si ONYX! heartbreak that he did not have the financial backing para magpower voting…last saturday was just a preview of what this guy can do. it’s also sad na kailangan nya pang magka wild hair color para ma-feature sya last monday sa i heart phil idol. hindi talaga fair ang exposure nila—did mr c have to say “it may be too late?” obvious naman na di nila manok si onyx. API!!!

  3. haay.. kakasad naman di naka pasok si IRA.. favorite ko pa naman sya saka si paw.. i think mas maganda pa ang boses ni IRA kesa sa mga nanalong 4 na girls.. well.. ganyan talaga.. pera pera lang talaga kasi yan..

  4. @Aaron- yes poor signal is one factor that makes it hard for people to vote.

    @Jan- sayang si onyx. his voice is really unique. sad talaga

    @gabs- maybe Ira can make it without Philippine Idol. God has other plans for her

  5. Hi there,

    I appreciate your comment regarding my brother. All i want to point out is first, i hope you don’t get disappointed the next time ken sings and the second thing i want to point out is the text vote that my brother got are text votes from viewers and not from the “Australian Dollar” that you are claiming, people must have seen something extra ordinary with ken all through out the competition that’s why they have voted for him..anyway we will see what happens..but no hard feelings!

    regards…and hopefully if my brother prooves your conviction wrong then i hope you support him all the way.


  6. @mark: yes what we need is for Ken to prove us wrong because I am not alone in my sentiments. The people beside me (since I was there in SM cinema) were shocked to hear he made it. Did you even see Ryan C’s reaction? What i meant re australian dollars is that you or his friends had the resources to buy text load as compared to the other male wildcard contestants. Come on…you saw the mother of Joseph. She’s not well-off. You have more resources than them. The truth will prevail . I stand by my opinion that Ken does not have the real talent compared to other contestants. But then I can also be wrong. We’ll see.

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