Shopping for a new Cable Broadband Internet Provider

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mydestiny_flyer2.jpgMy family is moving to our new home in the Pasig-Markina sometime next year. It’s an exciting move and something to look forward to. One of the things that I will miss in Makati are the array of Cable Broadband Internet providers and free wi-fi hotspots. I just realized how fortunate Makati residents are when it comes to broadband providers. I have been spoiled by Destiny Cable my primary broadband provider since 1999 which provides us with no speed limit at a reasonable rate of 1688 pesos a month. And this includes TV cable as well. In fact the speed falls to 386 kbps, the support service is sent to the house. Now, I also have Smart Bro which is incredibly slow. If you are spoled with 2MBPs internet speed by Destiny Cable, you will scoff at Smart Bro’s dismal less than 200 kbps speed. It’s supposed to be 386 kbps. Speed and reliability are important to me because I am a netrepreneur and derive income from my e-commerce sites.

When I started to ask around the area of our future home, disappointment overcame me when I found out that my trusty cable provider did not have any service there. I need 2 cable broadband internet providers for redundancy measures. What choices did that leave me?

1. PLDT Mydsl– the most popular of the providers in the Pasig-Marikina area. The myDSL Xperience cost Php 999/month at 512 Kbps speed.

2.GlobeQUEST Broadband Internet – Aside from the broadband internet, Globe Innove launched a new product/service called the
Speak and Surf which is an out of the box solution for broadband internet and landline telephone. This is really cool but I’d like to test it first before being stuck to their 12 month lock-in period.

3. Bayantel’s SKYDsl has a 14 day satisfaction guarantee program which is similar to a money back guarantee. This is a great deal since one is never sure how an internet connection works unless you try it out.

4. Smart Bro Wireless BroadbandSlow, Slower, Slowest! I use this service as backup. But see, their site boasts on 7x faster than the speed of dial-up! If you are so used to dialup, it’s not a problem but if one is aware that unreliable speed is unacceptable, it’s illegal for them to even display such a speed limit of 512 kbps.

My sentiments go to all the broadband providers. Don’t promise a speed you cannot attain about 50% of the time. Don’t cram customers in your server/lines. In fact, provide customer service if connection speed falls below 256 kbps for long periods of time. So in the following months, I will be looking for two [tag]cable broadband internet[/tag] providers . Hopefully I can test their services first before getting tied down to the mandatory 12 month lock-in period. Only in the Philippines can you find such a crazy scheme . When I first started out with Destiny Cable in 1999, they were the only broadband provider. They only lock you in if you leased the modem from them but if you purchased it, then you ‘re not stuck with them. I cannot for the life of me, understand why the current cable internet providers impose the lock-in period. Are they not confident of their services? Or are they just greedy and need to contain their market share?

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