katipunanI glanced at the mirror , smiling and quite satisfied with my latest transaction for an off-campus housing accomodation for my 2 girls. As I inspected my makeup, I was horrified to see my right ear had white dangling earrings while my left had red earrings. Driving at 6:00 am is hazardous to one’s fashion sense. The landlady must have thought I was a nut case. Oh well. Hehehe.

My eldest girl is in her senior year and wants to be closer to her college. She’ll be involved with the school magazine and a thesis so it’s a busy schoolyear for her. Having to live in a dorm again was not an option at first. During her freshman year, she went through hell roommates , as she called them. Her ideal roommate is her younger sister because they know each other’s quirks. Younger sis will not get offended if older sis request the radio to be turned off and vice-versa. Armed with Ateneo’s list of off-campus student housing or dormitory facilities and a tour of the katipunan area, I visited a few of them.

Why oh why do some of these dorms provide double deckers for 4 people in a teeny-tiny room? The room looks like an army barracks. Take for instance, “Elizabeth Hall”. It’s brand new and has an interesting layout. Sure, it has a private bathroom and all but the room is so cramped because of the two double deck beds. MyPlace near Kentucky Fried Chicken is a luxurious dormitory facility but at 7,500 pesos or $147 a month (their cheapest rate) is quite expensive for me. Lauren specified that the room should only occupy her sister and herself. That added to the challenge.

esteban abada
We continue our search. There are dormitories along Esteban Abada st. which is parallel to Katipunan Avenue.

filipino dorm
This Filipino themed room is quite ethnicy but it had a dark aura around it. Perhaps , it was due to poor lighting.

prince davidA condominium at Prince David or Burgundy would be nice but still expensive. Lauren and I were about to give up when we discovered a nice house which had a vacant room for 2 persons. It felt like home. The room comes with an airconditioner, DSL line, complete kitchen facilities and standard dorm services. At a monthly rate of 4,000 pesos or $78.00 for each person, the rent fell within my budget. Look at it this way, if I hired a driver to drive the girls to school, his salary will cost me around 8,000 pesos a month, just as much as the dorm fees. It doesn’t include gasoline, his food and transportation expenses. Living closer to the college is a better option for the girls. They will learn to be independent , attending to their laundry, cleaning their room and cooking their meals.

Their mommy can relax at home, sitting pretty by the computer, right?

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