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So why should you subscribe to my weekly newsletter when you are already subscribed to my blog? Isn’t it redundant?


Before I encourage you to subscribe to my free weekly email newsletter, let me bring you back to Janette Toral’s commendable project, Philippines Top 100 Blogs for 2008. Unfortunately, I did not make it to the event but she sent a series of interview questions like What have you done this year for your blog that contributed to its growth?

I’d rather measure my blog’s growth to the rewards reaped from my blog’s goal than statistical measurement. Sure there was a rise in subscribers and readers but if there is one thing that touches my heart, it is Saving a life. Strange that this should come from a blog that promotes grief support in the Philippines but I figured that I can do both, save a life and comfort others.

I received an email from someone thanking me that my page on Suicide Prevention saved the life of his friend. The thing is the Suicide Prevention page was more for parents , health practitioners and educators to help prevent suicide deaths. Never did I imagine “suicide thinkers” to actually research on dying by suicide and re-think their plans.

This one email continues to affirm that my blog is going the right path. This affirmation plants my feet to the ground. This affirms my blogging goals for

1. I continue to blog here for relevance yet I have other blogs to sow my other seeds of passion.

2. I blog for social change. I want to focus more on advocacy groups that may reap the benefits of blogging.

3. My advocacy lies in the empowered woman, parenting, child’s health and safety and of course my grief support groups.

With my renewed energy in blogging comes more updates and follow-up stories which may be hidden in the deep recesses of the archives. Questions emailed to me on previous entries often fill my inbox. I really don’t have the time and energy to email each and everyone. The idea of a newsletter solves this dilemma. But I have more to add:

    1. Follow-up stories to my blog entries which I normally don’t post in my blog.

    2. Events or contests to all of you, my valuable readers which are scattered all over my blogs are now in one place, the newsletter

    3. Highlights to my other blogs such as Pinoy Food Recipes, Shopping Finds and Blogging tips. I have long wanted to blog about blogging tips but didn’t think it fitted the theme of this blog. The newsletter will be a great venue for this.

    4. Tips and Advice for Balanced Living. I will include answers to some anonymous questions sent to me.

    5. Sharing my various advocacies such as, The Compassionate Friends, Parenting, Child Health and Safety.

These are just but a few reasons. I don’t have any promotional gimmick to entice you to sign up though I plan to give some freebies to my newsletter subscribers now and then. It’s really there for you to use or not but still…

Hope you subscribe to my free weekly email newsletter today.


Through this blog, I will continue to empower the good in myself, others and life. I will continue to choose what I want to affirm and I will make it good. That’s a promise to myself.