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Swine Flu A(H1N1) in the Philippines & Interim Care & FAQ on Swine Flu

I’ve been sick with some kind flu since monday but never developed a fever, just a bad cough wracking my body that it now gives me splitting headaches. That would be May 18. Apparently, Health Secretary Dr. Francisco Duque III Thursday night confirmed the first case of Influenza A(H1N1) infection in the country—in a 10-year-old Filipino girl who arrived from the United States with her parents on May 18.

““The DoH confirms today the first case of AH1N1 in the Philippines. She is a female traveler who arrived in the country on May 18 from the United States, whose throat specimen tested positive based on results from the Research Institute for Tropical Medicine (RITM),” Duque said.

It is a bit worrisome now that there is one confirmed case in our country. What should one do?

The public should observe proper hygiene, strengthen resistance and do social distancing—avoid going to crowded areas if the need is not urgent. Other precautions:

1. Frequent handwashing

Wash your hands, wash your hands, wash your hands! “Hand washing with soap and water for at least 20 seconds after touching objects, surfaces or another person’s hands can physically remove cold viruses,” Dr. Clifford W. Bassett, an assistant clinical professor of medicine at the Long Island College Hospital and faculty member of NYU School of Medicine (Read 10 ways to prevent Swine Flu)

2. Covering up coughs and sneezes,

3. Staying away from work or school if not feeling well

4. Stay away from crowded places

5. Avoid hugging and kissing at public gatherings or the beso-beso. Let’s just wave at each other instead.

I read that the virus appears responsive to the antiviral drugs, like Tamiflu and Relenza, which can be used to reduce the severity of the flu if used within two days of the appearance of symptoms. . Tamiflu is readily available in Mercury drugstores costing around 180 pesos per tablet but please don’t panic-buy and deprive others who might need it.

We all need to monitor ourselves closely and check for symptoms that include a fever of more than 100, coughing, joint aches, severe headache and, in some cases, vomiting and diarrhea.

I wrote about the Swine Flu last month and provided some interim care and FAQ below. Just read more on it.

Anyway, what are your other precautions? Care to share?

A (H1N1) Influenza Booklet

Swine Flu Interim Care and FAQ

Swine Influenza Guidance Homecare

FAQ About Swine Influenza

Interim Guidelines on Antiviral Recommendations

Update as of June 4, 2009

The number of confirmed A(H1N1) cases in the Philippines rose to 29 after seven more people were confirmed to have contracted the disease, including a staff of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and another De La Salle-Manila student, the Department of Health said Thursday.

In a press conference, Health Sec. Francisco Duque III said the second De La Salle University student might have had contact with the Lasallian female exchange student confirmed with A(H1N1) infection last Wednesday.

A dzBB radio report quoted Duque as saying that an ADB employee also tested positive for the virus.

Source: DOH: A(H1N1) cases now 29, including ADB staff

16 thoughts on “Swine Flu A(H1N1) in the Philippines & Interim Care & FAQ on Swine Flu”

  1. Being vigilant and observing proper hygiene is very important! I personally have started making it a consistent habit to have alcohol/sanitizer on hand because sometimes there are no facilities to wash our hands right away (i.e. coming from the grocery). At least it is a temporary and instant way to safeguard against viruses. Since school is starting quite soon, I am making sure too that our school is sanitized and cleaned thoroughly!

    Rias last blog post..Keeping Schools Safe from the AH1N1/Swine Flu Virus.

  2. I really admire how the health department is handling this case so as not to cause panic.

    I hope the media (print and TV) don’t sensationalize it too much so that panic won’t ensue.

    P180/tablet! Wow! And that would go up if the paranoia spread in our country, let’s pray it won’t… so as the virus too.

    Roys last blog post..I’m A Bad Liar

  3. I’m glad to be here visiting your site. It’s really true that we need to be careful in everything especially cleaning our hands always. That’s what I told my sons. It’s good that the Health Dept. is concerned of the health of everyone. Thanks for sharing these thoughts.

    God bless you more…

    Sarahs last blog post..Mommy Moments # 9

  4. I’m also thankful that we’re quite safe here. I hope so. I’m a Filipina but working here in Thailand as a teacher. And I’m also concerned of our fellowmen in the Phil.

    I will be passing by once in a while to know more about the updates in the Phil.
    Thank you for your updates.

    Sarahs last blog post..Mommy Moments # 9

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