Moms engage online and influence other moms. Nearly 91% of moms use social media regularly and spend twice as much time online as the rest of the population.

That’s the US stats on moms using social media in the USA four years ago. I am sure the number of Filipino moms who use of social media has increased. It’s no wonder more brands are turning to influencers like moms to promote their product or service. Moms rely on the online recommendations of other moms, and most of their purchases were influenced by information on social media sites. I know because even if I am a blogger, I turn to my online friends’ recommendation or reviews whenever I need to buy a product or use a service.

I am happy that there is now a network of moms that can share such information to other mommies.

momfluence network

Janice Villanueva , of  the mover behind the MOMFLUENCE network, gathered a group of mommy bloggers for brunch last week to celebrate the launch. It was so amazing to see old and new mommy bloggers.

momfluence network

Mommy Mundo says all  moms are “influencers”, not only with our children and families but outside of our homes .  Moms’ influence are felt  even in the school, community, and to the larger community, our beloved country.

Purposeful influence is the mantra of the MOMFLUENCE network and it was symbolized during the launch through candles, books and flowers.

momfluence network

Candles- Purposeful influence allows a Momfluencer to be seen as a guiding light. They are not afraid to shed light to certain info that they share online. they are instruments of guidance and knowledge—he;ping their followers being enlighten being enlightened individuals. Also, purposeful influence allows momflueners to touch a lot o readers’ lives. Through the inspiration and relatability they openly give.

Books- Purposeful influence is giving the right and TRUTHFUL information that their readers/followers deserve. In a time of social media, where things can be fake , too curated or too biased, influencers part of Momfluencers make sure the info they put out off and online are based on facts, experience and everything in between.

Plants and Watering cans-
Purposeful influence is  all about giving and helping others grow. Not just the momfluencers’ children but also their audience/reach. The power that their words have over others is used not to sway them to create biases but to allow their readers/followers to pen their eyes and make opinions for themselves. To help them in holistic growth by sharing a part of their lives to their followers.

That is just beautiful and something I believe in as well.

momfluence network

As you can see, brands eagerly supported the MOMFLUENCE network. I do hope that these brands recognize not only the influence of millennial moms (born between 1978 and 1994) but also the growing circle of Mom influencers and advocates who no longer have young kids.

Jane explained about this group of Moms, “social media savvy, still involved with our families, wiser (we would like to think) after many successes and failures during our parenting years. We have survived the schooling years of our kids, even going as far as sleepless nights helping them with exam preparations, homework and projects. We graduated from tutoring as our kids graduated from school. We saw them through struggles to find employment on their own. We have been there through their heartbreaks and relationships. We have worried over them as they traveled to foreign lands. We have prayed each day for their protection as they drive off to work. And we remain a presence for them even if some of them have already left the ““nest” to settle somewhere else.”

momfluence network

I hope digital advertisers understand the advocacies I support. I am not a political blogger. I am an advocate. As a mom blogger, I cannot isolate myself from the larger society. Yes, I may seem controversial at times but I do this to advocate social change.

My concern is to nurture both my family and community. Dealing with politics is incidental. Sometimes when you want change, the best way to attain is to through political means. But politics is not an end in itself but merely a means to an end. I use social media to drive an advocacy, to push for social good.

Mommy Mundo appreciates how moms influence our followers in their own unique ways. I am looking forward to working closely with the MOMFLUENCE network in their campaigns and advocacies.

momfluence network

Photo via Jane U. Some rights reserved


MOMFLUENCE is a network of accredited select mom blogs, social media and influencer personalities, made up of credible, dependable source of information and support for moms, dads, and families. It is founded by 


I cringe every time someone outside the blogging world, asks me “what exactly do you do? or How long do you spend at your computer?” Well, let me just say, that we, mom Bloggers are not frumpy women that hang out with our computers all day. There’s more to being a mom blogger than one might think. Some of us are former career women, and professionals who decided to spend more time with our kids and blog because we are passionate about something and not as our primary job.

We also know when to have fun, to take time away from our kids and to take care of ourselves. When someone feels rotten about their day or asks me “what should I do? we had a fight” , I often say “take care of yourself first. Love yourself. ”

A famous Dalai Lama quote says it all ““If you don’t love yourself, you cannot love others. You will not be able to love others. If you have no compassion for yourself then you are not able of developing compassion for others.” I believe one cannot give what one does not have.
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Mommy bloggers, and Future Mommy Bloggers, come join our Mommy Bloggers Booth on May 10 from 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM at the Expo Mom 2009, Rockwell Tent. Yeah, we can only be there on May 10 because we are attending the iblog5 on May 9. But don’t miss us there!

Your favorite mommy bloggers will be hanging out there and present a powerpoint slideshow of blogging 101 and other mom blogger sites to booth visitors.

If you are a mommy blogger, please post a description of your blog and the url on the comment section so we can include your url and screencap of your blog in the presentation.
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