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Ten Ways to Getting Through Hard Times

twins.jpgA footage from “Joined for Life: Abby and Brittany Turn 16” via The Learning Channel can truly inspire us during our deepest darkest despair. “Abigail and Brittany Hensel (born 7 March 1990, United States), are dicephalic [tag]conjoined twins[/tag]. Brittany is the left twin, and Abigail is the right twin. They have two spines which join at the pelvis. They have two stomachs, three lungs, and two arms. ” They are intelligent, energetic, fun-loving girls who just happen to share one set of legs and one set of arms – each girl controlling one half of their conjoined body.

Abigail and Brittany narrate their top ten list of interests since they turned 11. Despite the obstacles , they are able to drive, shop, attend high school which any “normal” teenager would love to do. After watching their video, I am amazed to see their wonderful positive attitude and their ability to live a normal life. Of course, they are probably adapted to their bodies.

Their lives truly reminds us not to take our bodies and health for granted. It reminds us that others are going through hard times and that they are able to manage it. Just like Abigail and Brittany, I am sure they have their share of stressful times.

Hard times are part of our lives, growth and moving forward.

What we do with hard times is our choice. Looking at the twins, they continue to enjoy an active teen life. We can use the energy of [tag]hard times[/tag] to work out, and work through our issues. We find ways to fine-tune our skills and our spirituality. Another choice is to be riddled with bitterness and refusing to change. I often hear unhealthy people say “Nothing good ever happens to me… Life isn’t worth living”.

Hard times can motivate us to bring out our best. That choice is ours. We don’t need to have stress or hard times to change ourselves but if it happens, we can learn to channel it into achieving what’s good in our life.

So what are the top 10 ways to getting through hard times? The answers lies in you.

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12 thoughts on “Ten Ways to Getting Through Hard Times”

  1. these is the type of stories that should be regularly aired on television and featured in magazines, not like the sorts of “Britney shaves hair, or Britney gets a tattoo, or Paris Hilton….).

    the story is an inspiring one. despite their obstacles, they still go through each day, with a positive attitude. looking at their condition makes one feel so blessed to have complete body facilities. life is beautiful and the choice is ours to make the best out of it.

  2. It just proves to show the many things that need to fall into place for a ‘normal’ child to be born. A lot of things could indeed go wrong over and come to think of it, if a different sperm cell met with a different ovum, all of us wouldn’t be blogging today.

  3. This is an awesome piece, Noems. Life is how we make it. Happiness is something we create for ourselves. These are the messages I pick up from the twins’ story. You summed it up very succintly: It is our choice. Thanks Noems for sharing it with us. Will click the link. What’s dicephalic?

  4. Someone should bottle up their optimism and zest for life and share it with the depressed people of the world. Ang galing!

    I’m curious though if they take tests together? Does one write with the left hand and the other one with the right? Do they have different strengths – English or Math or Science or Art? Their life is so intriguing and their story so inspiring.

  5. You make a good point. But just when I thought I had it figured out that every adversity I’d encountered had left me a better person, I ran into one that took away far more than it gave.

    Today I am completely housebound, literally too fragile to leave the premises in over two years; and semi bedridden. The disease is progressive and incurable.

    I ended up learning I’m stronger than I ever could have imagined – I had normal health until I was 37. But I can’t say it was worth it!

    Still, I do think, as you suggest, that often our whining and complaining is for nothing. All but the most severe adversities tend to leave us better persons in the end if we look at them in the right light.

  6. these girls/thing is disgusting. i am having nightmares after watching this creature on that special. but have also shown it to many people as obviously it had to be dvred, as this is not something you see everyday, and have had great fun laughing at other peoples reactions. anyway stop glorifying this thing, its future only hold fending of the sickest of the sick guys out there which would actually want to have sex with it. this 2 headed girl should be put down, its the only kind thing to do.

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