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The President’s Sons are Spoiled Brats

I was watching Gina de Venecia interview on “Strictly Politics” where she called the President’s sons — Pampanga Representative Juan Miguel Arroyo and Camarines Sur Representative Diosdado Macapagal-Arroyo as Spoiled Brats. Gina de Venecia said “the Arroyo children in the House are ““drunk with power,” and that the move to remove her husband was not done out of national interest.” They were instrumental in removing her husband, a vendetta for their son’s Senate testimony linking Jose Miguel ““Mike” Arroyo – their father – to the controversial national broadband deal with the Chinese firm ZTE Corp.

Were they acting as spoiled brats? or as loving sons to their mom and dad? Then I remembered my kids reaction the night of ex-speaker Jose de Venecia’s (JDV) impassioned speech.

Upon learning that the two sons played a part of the JDV’s exit, my girls pretended to have that the spoiled brat attitude , Oh daddy, can you buy me an island?

Blood is thicker than water, said my husband.

It may have been understood that JDV knew of his son’s plan to expose the ZTE broadband deal and didn’t stop his son.

I told my husband, “you think it’s easy for parents to stop their adult children’s activities? Look at Lauren. When I tell her to go home early, she doesn’t really follow us. They speak their own mind.”

I wouldn’t know how to react if my parents’ friends committed corruption. Will I blow the whistle? Politics is a different ballgame. The President’s sons may just have acted out of love instead of being spoiled brats.

My husband now agrees with me when he said that

Whatever else is said of Joe De Venecia, who is no saint, no one can deny that he is a good father. In this, he may have found some redemption.

11 thoughts on “The President’s Sons are Spoiled Brats”

  1. That’s just typical of Philippine politics. Pami-pamilya. Birds of the same feathers are…the same birds! Kaya nga pamilya. hehehe…Seriously, masyado nang magulo yang ZTE but in the end I think nobody will go to jail. The Filipinos are still at the losing end.

  2. I really dont like JDV before, but somehow after his speech, i kinda like him.

    Maybe its because he really showed how good of a father he is.

    and I agree with the newer post, the sons of GMA are spoiled brats. really. it will be creepy if one of them will rule the country soon.

    That I won’t allow. (Lol, it seems like i have great powers).

  3. I am sorry for whatever is happening to the Philippines.I cant understand why people such as politicians would still want more. This is greed already. When some people hardly can make ends meet ,why do they still have a conscience to steal more. Will it make them happier to have more money when they are already in power. I think it would be better if they leave a good name while they are in public service rather than have money but their names tarnished.

    I really cant understand why??????

  4. @betty: people are taught 1 + 1 = 2 by teachers and parents, but nobody teaches people how to handle power and money. we have schools, colleges, universities, even parenting classes, marriage seminars etc… but has anyone heard of or gone to a responsibility teaching classes? oh how i love spider-man.

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