Thursday Thirteen:Number 2

Thirteen Things to do before Moving to our New Home

I can’t believe it’s just 16 days before we move to our new home . My head reels of a thousand and one things to do. In fact, I carry a paper planner with me all the time. I take note of all my daily activities to keep me on track. In honor of [tag]Thursday Thirteen[/tag], allow me to list the top 13:

1. Order appliances like the refrigerator, gas stove, washing machine, water heaters and airconditioner. Why new ones? Well, our appliances are over 10 year old and almost dying. In fact, the airconditioner in our room conked out. Butch and I sleep in either L and M’s room if it’s vacant. If not, we sleep in the spare room just so we can enjoy the cool comfort of an airconditioned room.

2. Buy new beds for L and M. The girls want a new look in their respective rooms. “mom, our rooms are a 10 year old look”, they protest. I gave them the freedom to take ownership of their room design.

3. Prepare internet connection. I will have to cancel my internet service provider, Destiny Cable effective end of March. I’m sad to say goodbye to my trusty 8 year old provider. In 1999, they were the only cable or broadband provider and they have been really efficient and reliable. Unfortunately, Destiny Cable Internet is not yet covered in Pasig.

Since I need redundant internet connection, I will continue Smart Bro subscription since connection has been quite good the past few months. In place of Destiny Cable, I am choosing between PLDT and Globe Broadband. Any ideas?

Globe Broadband has this new promo that comes with free landline use and an internet connection for only 999 pesos a month. PLDT came out with the same promo at 888 pesos (?).

I might get Globe Visibility too.

4. Prepare for another garage sale on March 3. I think I have disposed about 1/4 of our junk but there are a few left. My husband surprised me by discarding his old clothes (oh joy!) and some of his books. Still, I am not satisfied. He needs to remove a lot of his stuff.

5. Finalize the design of custom made cabinets and tables. Thanks to Connie, I found Marlon, a talented carpenter totally dedicated to his craft. Right now, he is painting the work station I designed for my sooo disorganized husband. Other customized furniture in queue: bay window table for M, writing table for me and L. The problem is Marlon might need to leave for Australia anytime.

6. Finalize all documents for the sale. Our loan was just released last week so registration of title , and other papers need to be in place.

7. Decide on the moving company. I thought that it wasn’t worth it to stress myself out with the packing and moving. Using the yellow pages, I called 3 movers to give me an estimate for the packing/moving/unpacking job.

8. Finish the paint job. The outside facade is already bright and new but the interiors need a fresh coat of paint.

9. Sand the second floor narra wood parquet floors. It costs at least 18 pesos per square foot for the sanding and polyurethane coating. It should be worth it.

10. Reupholster the couch for the living room and the other couch in our room.

11. Hire an extra domestic helper during the move. I am such a “senorita”. Enough said.

12. Inform banks, creditors and others of our change of address.

13. Finalize documents of the sale. Ah paper work!

I know that I might not accomplish all of the above but at least attain it partially. it’s just a list.