Typhoon Frank Aftermath Photos in Metro Manila

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It was 5:00 AM when Lauren knocked on our room . The loud noise outside her window woke her up almost the same time as the brownout hit our home. “Don’t worry the MERALCO wires have a ground wire now” I told her to sleep with us if she was still scared with the noise. Thinking it was just the rattling roof in our neighbor’s house, I didn’t think much of it. It was still too dark to investigate.

At around 9:00 AM, we discovered the remnants of a roof lying a few meters away from our house , narrowly missing my daughters’  bedroom window. The roof came from the fourth floor of this ongoing construction across our home then , probably flew off and landed right smack along some cables and electric wires in the house beside us. No wonder we have no Globelines broadband and Skycable connection.

typhoon frank
Apparently, our neighbor was unaware that it was Typhoon signal No. 3 and didn’t secure the construction materials. Besides we only discovered at around 11:00 PM that Typhoon Frank (international codename: Fengshen) would hit Metro Manila at 5:00 AM today. By 11:00 PM, the construction workers already left.

typhoon frank

This is our first typhoon experience in our new home and naturally I was worried. Typhoon Milenyo struck our old home with some damage in our garden and front portion of our home. It took us days to clean up the damage. (View photos of the cleanup)

typhoon milenyo

I haven’t toured around the neighborhood to survey and take photos on the damage of Typhoon Frank. Photos on the gmanews.tv site shows flooded streets in Manila.

flooded streets
(Photo Credit: GmaNews.TV)
I am grateful there is minimal damage in our area but I also wonder how others in Metro Manila are coping with this storm.

How are all of you in Metro Manila? Hope you are all safe!