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parents having sex

Parents, are you sure your kids don’t hear you when you are having sex?

I came across my daughter’s forum a 12 years ago on “have you heard your parents having sex” and their thoughts on their parents having sex.

We learn a lot from our children. It never occurred to me that our kids think we have no sex life. Just because we have reached our 40’s doesn’t mean sex life is over. I found their candid answers quite helpful and amusing. Remember, these are teens’ opinions from all over the world.

The forum question was:

I have never heard my parents have sex, and I’m pretty sure they don’t anymore. What about the rest of you? Do you ever hear them?

The replies from my daughter’s online friends who were then in their teens:

1. No. hehe. But I think it’s sweet that parents still have that passion and affection for each other.

2. I think it’s horrid enough hearing them talk about it…

3. i don’t really want to imagine parents having sex. but i hope that when i reach their stage, i would still have sex. it sucks to have no sex life.

4. Oh Lordy… I have walked in on my dad and my mom…a few years later.. I walked in on my dad and my stepmom..and I’ve heard them many, many… MANY times. There should be a law or something..

5. I’ve heard them before, really shouldn’t sleep in the bedroom right beside theirs…

6. lol. well, i would be glad that they still have sex. it’s so good they’re so loving. but i really don’t want to think about it.

7. as their kids, there are some things we just don’t need to know! and it just seems perfectly fine when we do it, no?

8. we have double standards when it comes to sex.

9.Never heard them.
Never walked in on them.
Never want to.

I’d like to thank the people who made our walls as thick as they can be for having never experienced such a horrific thing. And I knew my parents were having sex because there’s a 12 year gap between me & my next sibling!

10. I walked in on my mom and dad…and I saw more than any child should. I have walked in on my mom and step-dad as well. Funny thing is…I’ve only walked in when they were making babies in the living room. I still have the scars. Oh, and I’ve heard them a few times to. So yeah, I know my parents are still “active”.

11. i hope i’ll still be living a life full of passion and romance at that age. i wouldn’t want to be all dried up like some grandmas.

12. No, my mother and father aren’t very affectionate. And my mother sleeps with my younger brother rather than my father. sheesh. I don’t want to witness the act, but they could at least treat each other like they’re actually a couple, no?

13. i don’t think my parents do it anymore either. but one time when i was younger, i swore i caught them one saturday morning because i just busted into their room to go sleep next to them.. but i think i’m blocking that memory into some dream i had or something, haha.

14. I used to hear them .. when I was little. Not anymore. On a popular radio station called K92.. well.. popular over here… They had a special called, “Grandparents Do IT To” it was halarious.

15. I ‘ve heard it. No big deal. Frankly I’m more disturbed when I don’t hear anything. My parents aren’t aliens and I like to be constantly reassured of that fact.

16. Yes I have it was embarrassing they obviously didn’t know I was home. It was horrible my mom was talking really dirty.

17. I’ve heard my dad and my stepmother but never my mom and stepfather. I was going downstairs in the middle of the night to get a magazine I had left and I over heard them and I just scurried upstairs before anything more happened that I didn’t want to see or hear. I laughed to myself though thinking… dad still has it going on… good for him! LOL

Besides, there will be pleny of payback when I bring my girlfriend/wife home for the holidays some time in the future.

18. Nope, never heard my parents doing it…. They probably do it when I’m not around.

Now it’s my turn to say my piece on this. First of all, I don’t think my kids have ever heard us having sex. Reply number 18 is more like it. Hehe. Second, the only encounter close to sex was when one of my daughters overheard her dad say to me “it’s been awhile since we ****” (that four letter word verb…shocking) . My daughter was on her way to my room at that time. I forgot my reply to my husband but I hope I wasn’t talking dirty. Not knowing she overheard her dad, I wondered why she pushed the door and tugged my hand , “Let’s now go to the salon”. Then at the salon, “mom it’s really traumatic to hear dad asking you to have sex”.

I just had to laugh “at least we are still loving to each other. Don’t you like that?”

My daughter pouted “it’s very disturbing. Sex is for young people”

I smiled “Sex is a loving expression for couples, young and old. Especially married couples. Just learn to be cautious when you approach the door to our room”

As a young child, I often wondered why my parents required us to knock at their door. Now I realized that they also had an active sex life.

Yes children (as I know I have young readers), your parents still have an active sex life. How active? It depends, of course. Just because we are reaching 40 or 50 does not exempt us from having a healthy sex life. And the older one gets the better it becomes.

I know “ewww.” *nods*

What have I learned from their replies?

1. Parents, it’s fine to espouse sex education to our kids, if you’re comfortable with the topic.

2. Sex education doesn’t mean talking about our sex life to them.

3. It’s alright to show affection to our spouse . At least our kids know we are loving to each other.

4. It’s not okay for our kids to hear us having sex. We have to learn to lock our doors or ensure thicker walls to our rooms, and other privacy measures as some kids can get shocked.

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  • Very brave post,this 🙂 Not many Pinoy parents are comfy talking about sex, let alone their own sex lives, more so on whether their own kids might be hearing it. Bravo! We do need to be more open in discussing this so that we can be more equipped in teaching our kids about sex. My husband and I have always thought that we prefer our kids first learning about sex and all related issues from us rather than have them hear distorted versions elsewhere. We began as early as when they were taught body parts as toddlers and added to the info as they grew. Part of effective sex education ismaking them feel they can discuss everything with us – yes, including knowing that their parents have a healthy and happy sex life and that it contributes to having a loving and happy family. Have they heard us ever? Actually, I can’t say I know the answer for sure. I can just hope we have prepared them well enough so that their reaction would be more of amusement rather than horror 🙂

  • @maia- this post was inspired by a talk I had with Dine at the iblog 3. We often wonder at the limited topics on “sex” in our country. No wonder my entry “sex education in the Philippines” rank quite high in Google search.

  • this is why I Love you.. 🙂

    my hubby and I have a very active sex life(http://feistymomma.com/WP/?p=11), read the very last part ;). that’s why our bedroom doors are shut and we’ve made it perfectly clear to our son to knock first before coming in.

  • @dexie- hehe. Good thing you taught your son early on. I never taught my kids to knock. We just lock our rooms.

    Incidentally, when I was house hunting, I made sure our room was not beside the kids room.

  • I have always been an open-minded person and I believe (though I didn’t learn from home), that sex education should be taught from home. I never did heard my parents (when my mom was alive) have sex. Though my sister said that she remember walking on my mom and dad when she was little having the o*** performance. She cried when she saw that. 🙂 Anyway, I will try to remember this advice when the time I have my own kids. I will definitely have to lock doors as my husband and I are very “loving” persons.

  • Noemi, such an interesting post. I don’t know what my own kids have to say on this topic. I don’t want to find out especially my little one’s room is adjacent to mine. i know she can hear even our lighthearted conversation. Ahhh, few more months and she is off to college.

  • This is interesting! I think it’s time that Filipinos become open-minded about sex.

  • KK

    Very interesting post Ate Noemi. Ah! That’s why my parents taught us how to knock and they have a very good lock on their bedroom door. hehehe ;). My daughter is only 5 years old and she sleeps so soundly. Thanks to your post I will be more careful to make sure the door is locked in the future.

  • I never heard. But I know. >:)

  • I think it’s about the children’s understanding regarding sex that makes them interested in knowing. The one who started the forum probably thinks that hearing her parents having sex means that they still love each other.

  • lemon

    LOL, Ms. Noemi,this is such an eye opener. I once read a magazine article in which parents went to such lengths to have their intimate moments but still get “caught” doing it by their children.haha.
    That thing about knocking first we’ll have to teach our daughter when she’s old enough.
    Great post as usual, Ms. NOemi.

  • @lemon- the best way is when they are not around or at the dead of the night.

  • as I was reading this post, i remembered Connie’s post on co-sleeping with the child because this is our current situation at home.

    i have a 3-year old who co-sleeps with us (and we still prefer that he sleeps with us until he’s old enough to be in a room of his own). though we know he has no understanding yet on matters relating to his Mom and Dad’s intimacy moments, we thought it’s best that we should not be caught because when he is old and knowledgeable of sex already, baka, he would recollect and say “ah, yun pala yung ginagawa ng Mommy and Daddy ko!”.

    so in short, at this point in my married life, having those intimate moments were really a challenge. 🙂

    • While a child remembering catching his parents having sex when he is older and knows then what sex is, is a concern, so too, should be giving him more brothers and sisters. So that could be a reason to go ahead and enjoy those intimate moments, even though there’s a young child in the bed. I imagine that a child in the bed, for many couples, simply does not stop sexual arousal, which of course can naturally lead to foreplay and sexual intercourse. Husband and wife sleeping together is supposed to be arousing. They are relaxed and their penis and vagina may be less than a foot apart, so of course they are going to attract each other and become erect at some time during the night. As I heard somewhere, it’s the maximum temptation and opportunity for people to mate and reproduce children, probably why it’s so traditionally expected that husband and wife should commonly sleep together. Also why it’s probably a good idea to try, if possible, to get children trained at a young age, to sleep in their own room in their own bed, even if it’s the next room over for their seeming security to sleep soundly.

      Often with love, tucking children in, giving them a night light and such, small children often do learn to accept sleeping in their own beds.

      Anyhow, I think in such matters, that parents are in the position to decide what they think is appropriate for their families.

      • Alexi Stushnoff

        The future is X-rated. Why don’t you just put on some hardcore porn and let your kids watch it with you. Then they can know how good it feels & have fun starting to having sex as soon as possible. How would you feel if your 12 year old was pregnant? No more fun for your baby. You know there are reasons that there are laws against that kind of shit.

        Here’s a Sublime – Wrong Way quote for you.

        Annie’s twelve years old in two more she’ll be a whore nobody ever told her it’s the wrong way don’t be afraid with the quickness you’ll get laid for your family get paid it’s the wrong way.

        Nobody ever told her it’s the wrong way.

        Now I grew up with kids who had to hear that kind of shit. They started having children around the ages of 14-17. In high school. The adults who actually do the right thing feel sorry for those poor children. Some of those poor children get fracked by 30+ year old men because they didn’t know any better.

        Knocking on the door at night. “Mommy is he hurting you?” She opened that door and gave that poor little boy/girl a beating. They have terrible terrible nightmares. “Mommy are you ok is he hurting you”

      • Bryce Sunduk

        Sublime – Wrong Way

        Annie’s twelve years old in two more she’ll be a whore nobody ever told her it’s the wrong way don’t be afraid with the quickness you’ll get laid for your family get paid it’s the wrong way

        I hope the parents feel proud when their little girl gets pregnant in High School ages 14-17. Let’s ruin life.

    • peopleperson101597

      parents should keep their room private if your child is close to you you would not do it at the momment instead when your child is at school…but its ok bthat you are still doing sex…it shows love for each other..when i was 12 i saw my parents doing them it gave me nightmares…i told myself you know that childhood mind i said i dont want to have another baby in the house i want me (im not an only child)anyway kids are much smarter than you thought….oh by the way im 12….haha

  • Bob

    Childrens, especially teens have knowledge about sex which they get from school and thier peers. I think it’s better to just tell them about it first, than let them hear it.

    • lala

      ya tell me about it god…i’ve learned about ‘it’ from my friend first then my grandma and a little bit from health class. but from my parents??? NOPE sad isnt it?

  • HILARIOUS!!! how else could i have had 7 children? and yes, dear readers, young and old…there’s mighty S after 40. i may be room hopping from night to night (sometimes i end up sleeping in any of the kids’ rooms), but there’s always time for S, there would always be other places apart from home for S. as Noemi said, it is an expression of love. S is positive!

    this is a liberating post, dear Noemi

  • Haha. I’ve never heard my parents talk about or have sex. I’m thinking they never did it as they grew older. 🙂 Interesting topic! Surprised someone blogged about it–a mother at that! Kudos 🙂

  • @feng- cosleeping is a birth control measure which works .

    @bob- I wanted my kids to hear it more accurately from me.

    @sexy mom- Very liberating. 😛

    @tiffany- you never know. I’ve always been very open about the topic. I grew up with a mom who was just as crazy as I was.

  • wow! crazy post! haha… when i was young i did suspect when they were doing it but im sure my folks are still at it! they love each other really.

  • Well, I had walked in on my mom and dad several times when I was a child. It felt weird, considering I had no inkling what sex was all about. But when I grew older—and wiser—I thought about those incidents and found myself more troubled. If having sex supposedly leads to intimacy (or is it the other way around?), why did my parents separate?

  • hahaha! this post is soo true!
    filipinos should be more open-minded when it comes to sex!

    i never heard my parents doing it – but i heard my aunt and uncle doing it (before) and i was like
    toog toog-a-toog!

  • ScarredForLife

    Oh geez. I caught my parents last week for the first time. All I was doing was getting toilet paper and I even knocked. Nobody answered. Horrible experience. They’re like 40-50, they’re too old, they should be like not able to move or have the energy to do that….

  • ItWasJustADream

    I AGREE WITH “ScarredForLife”

    I am 17 years old, my parents just turned 60 (both of them) and I am DYING right now… I told my parents I’d stay at my friend’s house for a little while( it was getting late)… a little while passes and I walk into my house quietly (didn’t want to wake anyone up) and the next thing I hear is “maybe it’s better if I go on top”
    I am seriously scarred for EVER. I keep telling myself, “it’s just a dream, it’s just a dream, it never happened..” BUT I CAN’T GET IT OFF MY MIND. I tried to take my mind off of it by playing video games and watching a movie..but i still can’t stop thinking about it… ugh it disgusts me!!!!!!!

    It’s weird because this is the first time I have ever heard of them doing it, EVER. The worst part about it is, I thought maybe my mo m was giving my dad a massage or something, and as I walk up the stairs, I hear some scurrying and my dad runs out with nothing on but a pillow covering his crotch saying “But you said you were coming later on!!!!!!” OOOOMG… OMFG I CAN’T stop thinking about ittttttttttttt.

    well anyway, I thought maybe if I let it all out it would pass quicker so I can forget about it… overnight, hopefully??? SHIT.

    • iyer

      good. cant forget the scene. i also had the same experience dear

  • kavitha

    Realy i enjoyed it


  • imalsoscared

    omg i walked in on my mum n dad doin it other nite i saw both of them naked n in n out of each ova n stuff..it was like eew.my mum looked at me and my dad stood up and said OUT OUR ROOM they havnt mentioned it since.=/

  • hi my name is alana and just to say i have sex and im 22 and theres nothin wrong with havin sex…..

  • when i was 17 i was at my friends house my parents call and said that i had to go home the next day and i said okay………..so later in the night i realize their is school and i had a test that day so i had to go home and get my stuff for tomorrow……..and i got in the house and i heard a bed shaking and i was getting scared and then i was looking for my bookbag and i fond it and i heard[ohhhhh baby faster faster]and then i heard that and i knew it was my parents and i was laughing cause my dad is 39 and my mom is 38 so i was sitting on the steps by my parents door and i was hearing them and i saw my dad putting his **** in my moms ***** and i walk in and said STOP in a loud tone and they said get out and then i got my stuff and left after that night i was scarred till now cause im 18 now

  • It’s common that sex is always taboo in the filipino family. Its the kind of upbringing that we had from the spanish times but gradually up to the present sex is already an open topic but still not within the family. I would say there is still conservatism in the filipino family in general especially in the Philippines but there are other filipino families outside of the country where probably its more liberal but i would still think its not many. Just an opinion from rodaflip http://flipantasticweb.blogspot.com

  • John

    My wife and I are sure that our oldest teenage son must hear us because our room is right next to his. Neither he nor our younger teenage son complain like some of the posts here do. At home and on vacations in timeshares, we don’t feel like we have to hide our sex toys, special lotions, or glow in the dark bubble bath. It is no big deal to us that our boys know that married people in their 50ties still enjoy doing it. They did walk in on us when they were little, but we have made sure to lock the door since then.

  • Morgan

    omg i can totally hear my parents having sex in the next room its so NASTY i just want to peel my ears off at first i thought my dad was hurting my mom b/c i couldn’t really tell of she was crying or what so i almost walked in until a realized that they were do’in the do i quietly went back to my room and acted as if i heard nothing the next morning i was trying so hard to avoid my parentsit was so weird but they didn’t know that i heard them it was gross
    its sweet that after all these years people can still have the hots for each other but when its your own parents its just creepy

  • Andrea

    I am 24 years old and I have heard my parents have sex many a times. I recently got married and our sex life is suffering because I cannot get the mental picture out of my mind that I am doing the exact same thing my parents did. I have been to therapy over this, I have even gone to church, I’ve not said one word to my husband about it though. What is a girl to do??? I never thought my sex life as a married woman would suffer because I heard my parents have sex. And when I don’t have the episodes and we do have sex, then I’m ok until the next time we visit my parents. And then when we go over to their house to visit, in the back of my mind I know that my parents know we’re a married couple and we have an active life. And then when my husband and I go back home, he wants to make love and I am sooooooooo not in the mood. Parents: You guys HAVE NO IDEA what it does to a kid when they hear you have sex. You guys have got to be careful. It sucks and it’s disgusting and it’s crude. Don’t let your kids end up like me! The only reason I came across this forum is because I am thoroughly concerned for my own well being. And this post actually helped me to cope a little bit about what I had experienced as a child. Thank you!!

  • John

    Ladies, your parents are human beings. Their having sex co-created you with God.. Did your mom ever talk about sex with you? Andrea, I’m glad you are concerned about your own well being. For the well being of your marriage, please discuss this with your husband and see a marriage therapist together. I think there is more going on here than just hearing your parents have sex which is evidenced by shutting down sexually after visiting at home.

  • holly

    im 15, i hear my mum and dad every night
    every night i canot sleep because of this i have had sex befor and it is the best thig ever but i dont want my um and dad to do it
    i have also found toys and lube in there bedroom
    i one walked in the just looked at me and then my mum kept blowing i will never regret them for runing my childhood
    sdex is the best fealing try it if u havent but where a condom

  • Nessa

    One time i was about 8…or 7 i think and back then i did kina no what sex was but i dont even remember how i new what it was..and now im 13..but anways

    i was going to my freinds house withc was like across the street and i whent there i was gonna stay for the night but then around 1 hour later i 4got to bring my toothbrush and i just ran back home to get it i came in the house and started calling my mom and she wouldnt reply do i got scared cuz the door was open so she couldnt have gone anywhere then i was like whatever ill just go get my toothbrush,key to lock the door when i got upstairs to my room witch is night next to mine i saw across the hallway my mom and step dad(EWW) having sex and it was so gross and then i was like yelling at my mom i was like MOMMM WHY ARE u screaming(lol) and then i just went and sat on the bed and taked for like 15 mins to prevent them to start again when i left ..then they broke up and my mom found this new guy witch they got married together for 5 years now but i always hear then have sex all the time its so gross…but really i think perants just..shouldnt have *loud* sex like be quit cuz when ur loud this is kinda weird but the kids wanna no more about it and like.. u wanna have sex faster then ur sapose to like when ur just a teen so perants DONT HAVE SEX IF UR KIDS OUR HOME JEEZ!

  • wtf

    um… ur only 15 holly and u had sex thats fucked man ur so stupid u shouldnt have sex when ur 15 ..and now ur telling other ppl to do it too…thats messed…and tell me is the guy u had sex with still with u ? let me guess not…ur gonna go to hell

  • Biz

    Always brings back memories for me, when I was about 12 I cound never understand all the noises comming from my parents room, it used to wake me up many times, some times I thought my father was really hurting my mother she made so much noise. I even started to notice them going upsairs in the afternoon for ‘a liitle lie down’ mother always used to turn the tv up before going upstairs which always baffled me! One day the bed was squeaking so lound one afternoon that I wentt upstairs to investigate, big mistake by me, saw parents naked on bed, father on top of mother with his head down, he didn’t see me and caried on, mother did but couldn’t stop him straight away so I saw everything, totally puzzled by now until mother shouted “GET OUT” I ran downstairs and was followed by mother in her gown, well I was told the facts of life there and then by mum, talk about being embarrassed and even worse she even went back upstairs and the noises started all over again so I got the theory and the practical at the same time!I was a shy 12 year old and could not look my parents in the face for months on end, it also started my life of masturbation the very next night and I eagerly awaited night times so I could indulge my habit, indeed I used to be very, very dissapointed if there was no sex going on during the night! Grew out of it eventually to the point where I found it gross in the exreame, guess my parents were just highly sexed!

  • fmdyo

    ew, ive walked in on em once.
    but i was like 8, and ever since i walked in on em i’d always be paranoid.
    and ive heard them a few times..sick, i feel disscusted.
    but i guess ive gotten over it. i just turn on up the tv really loud !

  • I recently heard them…I’m 17 and so it’s not like I’m not used to the idea of sex. Friends, tv, etc, I mean. But when I heard them, it was the first time ever that I heard them in my life. And I wasn’t surprised, I know older people get it on. But I was really…unhappy. Disgusted even. To hear my mom make those sounds…I heard it a few days ago and I’ve gotten over it, but occasionally my mind recalls hearing it, and I get sick. I felt so weird. Probably because I didn’t think it was them. It was semi late at night and I heard something when I was brushing my teeth (the bathroom is right next to their room) and I heard it while the water was running. I turned off the faucet and listened more to see what it was…then I heard it and thought it was a neighbor or something from downstairs (apartment building) through a pipeline. I was still unsure and curious so I listened even further, until I realized it was my mom moaning! It’s really bad to hear that. No matter what anyone says, it’s natural, it’s accepted, they’re old, whatever, but still — no child should ever hear or see that. Parents, please think of the trauma you can cause. Wait till no one’s in the house, okay?

    Amandas last blog post..Scholastic, NY Public Library unveil original Beedle

  • to john: your sons wouldn’t open up to that. i’ve heard my parents and there is no way I can say to my mom “hey i heard you last night”
    pleaaaaaaaase take us into consideration: kids are understanding…we just don’t wanna hear the deed!!! that’s like if you were in a room with your friends or even your teachers having sex…please please please make sure ur kids dont hear u…u wont know the effects, they won’t say, its embarrassing

    Amandas last blog post..Scholastic, NY Public Library unveil original Beedle

  • John

    Maia Jose, your post sounds one from a person whose children lack the type of parents of as I read many of these other posts.

    Andrea,frankly your not being able to your husband in your parents house sounds like someone who is still a little girl who has not left home and not a grown woman.

    Holly, at 15 your knowledge about sex and the place of sex in a marriage is not even out of kindergarten and you are playing with dynamite which you want to do but want your parents to stop, I guess for the reason as one person put it they should know they are too old for that or they should not have that much energy, but when you are that age you might well wish you did. You would not be able to have sex today if your parents had not had sex 15 years and 9 months ago.

    Frankly, I think no child little or grown and particularly 18 as any business to tell or even worse walk in and tell your parents to stop making love.

    It is unreal to me how many people and even many church people who view sex which God made as something nasty, dirty, only done in the dark and quietly. One extremely sad thing today is many teens are having sex but have no idea what making love is which is really what makes sex great and cannot always be planned.

  • Michelle

    Come on John,…you mean to tell us you don’t feel nervous with your heart racing with excitement whenever you hear the sound of moaning, screaming, and the bed screeching in rhythm which can lead to climax, let alone embarrassing because of the pleasure it brings at such a young age. It can be traumatic for such a person. And I wonder if it doesn’t effect the quality of sleep, which can lead to lack of consentration and poor performances in school for a child? That’s what a lot of us kids experienced growing up. I did. Why do you think sex sell ? Sex is tooo exciting for anyone…and it will be constantly on our minds…no one is exempted from it. Children our sexual beings too. I remember experiencing orgasms before the age of 5..when I heard my parents…although I did come from an abusive upbringing…Not sexual abuse, but mental and physical abuse.
    Please understand that I know sex is not bad and dirty. Sex is beautiful, a gift given to married people by God. So parents shouldn’t stop making love, but should take into account their child cognitive development, because it can lead to sexual addiction. Remeber none of us is alike, nor is our experiences and feelings.

    • Lizzy

      Michelle, I agree but if you did’nt know the first thing about sex like me at 12 years of age and are subjected to a highly sexual home enviroment, parents making loud noises during sex, having sex during the day time when I was about and could hear every moan, groan and squeak of the bed, dad always groping mums ass, mum going to the bathroom naked after waking me in the early hours after having prolonged noisey sex etc, etc..the effects can be long lasting,even to this day, probally why I slept with so many men and had no long-lasting relationships, if it had been explained to me that these things did hapen between couples, albeit not as excessive as my parents habits then maybe I would be a sexually stable person?

    • Face it, many children are going to be born to parents who are quite horny, having much sex, because the parents who aren’t having much sex, perhaps aren’t having hardly any children.

      The natural flow of human life should be encouraged, so that more and more people can live and come alive, which means then, that as families grow, parents keep on making love.

      Some homes are small, and some people are too loud with their sexual sounds, so children are sometimes just going to be aware of it. With breeding material (so many people) all around, I don’t expect people to use any means of “birth control,” and we should expect lots of babies to be born. People need not so much “control” their reproductive urges, provided they keep sex to be only with their married spouse, and provide for and love all the children God allows them to have. Wherever parents would be expected to sleep together, they ought to also be expected to be enjoying sex. And in small homes having big families, I think many children may often know what goes on, as human reproduction naturally grows to become a mighty force of nature, filling the world with ever more and more people.

      • Bryce Sunduk

        Pronatalist I hope you feel proud when you see all those under aged girls pushing around their babies. The fun is over for them.

  • yasser

    i just hate it when i hear them my fucking dad always has sex no mater hat

  • John


    My parents divorced when I was 3 and we went to live with her mother and my great aunt. We did not move until I was twelve and was very glad to get a step-father and two step-brothers. Thus, I never heard much noise as you describe. My wife and I have never been as loud as
    screaming, and the bed screeching in rhythm for one thing we have a very good and solid bed.

    We’ve never had the option of having a house in which our bedroom was not rather close to our boys. We do try to be quieter than when they are not home, but I’m sure they hear some. At 51 and my wife at 53, we are no longer late night people. Our boys get plenty of sleep, the 16 year old is academically gifted and our 18 is very smart with great relationship skills and writes with a depth of insight very much beyond his age.

    I do think possibly one reason a friend of mine’s younger sister never married was she complained about hearing their parent’s bed springs almost every night so Denise was glad when David moved out to college because then she got the basement bedroom.

    On the other hand, my uncles and aunts on my dad’s side all have between 8-13 children in which often almost all of the girls are in one bedroom and all the boys in another bedroom with a room or two for those older teenagers. I’m sure their kids heard them and I saw my aunts pregnant so often that even now I can often meet a pregnant woman and guess how far along she is in her pregnancy.

    Concerning sex addiction, I think there are many factors in that one being poor or no teaching from churches and often fundamentalist churches at all. It is not surprising that in the USA Bible belt more porn and adult toys are sold than anywhere in the USA. A high school classmate of mine told me that as a social worker the highest number of incest cases were among the fundamentalists. I live in a very fundamentalist county with huge fundamentalist churches and a fundamentalist college, but we also have three strip clubs, several porn shops, and I’ve heard quite a number of sex clubs for various interests along with one of the highest HIV infections and unwed mothers of the state.

    • It seems to me that when parents just let their babies push out from their having much sex, as they should so that more and more people can live, let the home fill up with ever more children, because they have very sensible practical or religious objections to the contrary-to-nature unnatural use of “birth control,” aren’t they increasing the odds of some of their children perhaps sometimes hearing them have sex? More children around, every bedroom full as can be with children?

      Sure, parents ought to be a little discreet and private about sex, but that’s not near as important as respecting the natural reproductive rhythms and welcoming the natural flow of human life, and doing their part to help grow the already huge human race. I expect that the parents themselves, are in about the best position to decide what the appropriate level of family modesty shall be. Or in other words, those who are eagerly reproducing the most children, aren’t going to be able to realistically conceal their frequent pregnancies and all the evidence of their natural babymaking. Such is a fact of life, that we should reasonable respect. Quite many families throughout the world have more people than bedrooms, so not only is privacy for sex largely a “modern” invention, but often still lacks throughout much of the increasingly populous world.

      My Mom had 4 children, and I don’t recall ever hearing sex. Perhaps some parents can make babies rather quietly, or some children sleep rather soundly? Or some children may not yet know what those strange sounds at night mean? But had my family had 8 or 13 children, I shouldn’t be surprised if some of us heard sounds of sex at night? I mean there does have to be a cause for there being so many babies coming to life?

  • claudia

    I read this whole article, and I felt very Identified with Michele´s comment. please read this if you are interested in knowing how all this can affect your child and how traumatic it can be for us to the point off affecting our everyday future life.
    I`m an 18 year old girl and I still can´t forget the disturbing image I saw at the age of 5.
    At the time we we`re kind of poor, so mymom, my steofathr and I lived atmy aunt`s house and all three of us slept on an iron bunk bed whixh was already kind of rusty. one day by dawn i was sleeping and i startes to feel the whole bedmove , at first i didn´t pay much attention, for i had a pure mind and never even thought about sex, so i just shoputed, stop m,oving, oi said it for about 3 times. after rthat i was so pissed off that i just got up and i was about to yell at them for waking me up..but iwasnñt able to do it ..it was a shocking image what i saw ..my dad sittin on top of my mom both moving, moaning and gasping ..they were just as shocked as me , and froze.. i just ran out of the room yelling and crying towards my aunt´s room. afterwards my mom came and talked to me and told me they did it so that i could have a little brother(whiswas actually a sister).. from this moment on , i developped some kind of resentment and disgiust towards my stepdad… but the worse part is that i got specially interested in sex..by the age f five can you imagiune?! ..i once almost tried to do it with my cousin , but we were caught so nothing happened, well, at least not till i was 12. when we moved to a bigger house and everyone had their room , i used to spy on them and would hear every noise on purpose, and felt excitation and disgust and hate towards them, specially my step dad , everything tthe same time..i ´m not sure where this sort of hate comes from, iñm not even sure if it is hate but,..it´s still scary to talk about it…i would also look at porn , something that became adictive at some point..but that with some will i managed to control , and got over it… afterwards they got divorced..and i actually felt relieved with the fact
    anyways this kind of experience is really traumatic..for the sake of your kids mental health be very careful of them noticiing about your sex life..i know everybody says it shouldn´t be taboo..even though i´m no psychologist or anything, somethimes i think it should..

  • Lizzy

    It happens so often now that I’m used to it, but it was a major problem when I first heard it as I thought my dad was really hurting my mom, it got to the point where I was going to ask her about it, THANK GOD I did’nt because I managed to work it out for myself and I would have been SO embarresed asking about the noises I heard most nights, could’nt work out why they arguyed so much during the day and then had sex at night, did they love each other or not? I know parents do have sex but I never thought they did it so often, and why the noise? don’t they know people might hear them?

    • It’s also possible they may not care that much, that other people may hear them? They may have also heard their own parents having sex? Anyway, I hear sex is hereditary. If your parents didn’t do it, neither would you.

      Humans curiously enjoy being constantly “in heat,” able to conceive babies year-round. So should it really be so surprising that in our increasingly populous world, we may hear parents, or nearby neighbors, having sex at night? It’s a natural sound or music of nature, we can sometimes hear the already huge human race naturally growing some otherwise quiet nights.

      Of course maybe people ought to be a bit more discreet and quiet with their sex. But then God made what populates the planet so extremely pleasurable, some people find it hard to be quiet enough, especially during an intense orgasm. Selfish humans need some natural “persuasion” to keep the natural flow of human life, going and growing, as God intended for us to multiply.

      Somebody’s got to get the bedroom next to the parents? Most homes don’t put the master bedroom over on the other side of the house. And houses are notorious for having squeaky floor boards, or creaky or squeaky beds or mattress springs.

  • John


    Maybe your parents argue during the day because they are honestly discussing important issues instead of keeping everything bottled up then later make up by having sex. Until you have sex and sex with deeper and deeper personal intimacy, you will not quite understand the noise. I tend to be nosier than my wife, but my wife cannot hold it in when she has one of those really powerful orgasms. The non physical part of sex over the years makes you want to feel that close to your spouse very, very often. It ain’t the main thing about marriage but it does reflect the intimacy of the relationship. Be glad they are still active because the health benefit from this is very good for men for those who remain active over the years have a far lower rate of prostrate cancer.

    • major problems now

      hey john most people love is a kiss or a hug and not something that make your kids practicaly traumic ond and emotional issues. people like you are the ones that would make me and almost all of the people who made comments on here have bad pictures in their head ond so on.

  • Confused

    I understand that parents of all ages have every right to sex. I am 20 and last night I came home unexpectedly early and thought I heard my dad throwing up upstairs. I got about 3/4 of the way up the stairs when i saw my dad screwing my mom doggy style. I wish I could say that i was only a little disturbed and that i’m now ok with it but that would be a lie. I dont know why it’s affecting me this much but i can’t get the image out of my head and everytime i think of it i just want to cry. My whole life my parents have made sex into a horrible, dirty act and although i know that it’s a natural and necessary part of life, to see them doing it was just horrifying. I think it would have been different if it looked like they were ‘making love’ but they were full on fucking and it was gross. Like i said, i KNOW that this is normal and that sex is part of a healthy lifestyle but the fact that they were doing it that way just made them seem like hypocrites. If i was brought up in an atmosphere that acknowledged sex for what it is and accepted that it was natural and normal, i don’t think this wouldve been a big deal. sure, it would have still been unpleasant but at least it wouldn’t have been psychologically damaging. Seeing them made me feel like a helpless little kid which is crazy…….i feel as if i am overreacting but seeing them just troubles me so much. My brother is even more upset than i am – and he didnt even see what i saw.

  • sally

    As I write this they, my parents are at it again! I think it’s getting worse, every night this week and twice in the afternoons, no way I can ask my friends over to visit me as I wuld just die of embarresment! it’s a wonder the niegbours don’t complain about the noise..Hey it’S STOPPED!! pity now that I’m wide awake, might just just put ny music soo f^^cking load it might keep them awake.

    • craig

      When I was 10-14 yrs old I had to stay with my aunt and uncle. I had to get up for school in the mornings so I got up about 615-630am. A few times out of the week in the morning I would hear my aunt and uncle getting it on so I would just stay in my room untill they were done because they left their bedroom door wide open. So one morning I did not hear them, went to the kitchen to get my breakfast and was taking it back to my room and caught my aunt and uncle getting it on. However, the way they were doing it was way diffrent. My aunt was laying on her back with her legs bent, knees pointing towards the ceiling, and my uncle was next to her facing her on all fours pushing down on the bed. I dont know what they were doing or if they knew what they were doing but I didnt need to see that.

  • juju

    Ewwwww I can hear my parents having sex all the time….let me tell you my dad really know how to give (with his 10 inch cock)

  • kim

    i hear my parents every single night and i mean it like really EVERY SINGLE NIGHT i was shocked when i heard them for the first time but now i’m use to it and i’m happy they still love each other oh and p.s i’m only 12 that means its harder for me to cope with it 😛 so plz repect my comment thank you

  • kimia

    i hear my parnts having sex every single night andi mean it EVERY SINGLE NIGHT i was soooooooooooo shocked that i stopped talking to my mom and dad i wake up ever night because i them and i cant get the sound of my head like one day i was sleeping and then i heard my mum and dad joking and talking and laughing i was happy that they still loved each other but when they stopped talking and laughing after few mun of silence i heard my mum breathing in and out my heart beat up really really fast and then i pulled the pillow up my head but i still were hearing them my rooms door was wide open so was my mum and dads so i could hear them clearly my mom came to close the door and i acted that i was sleeping but one of my eyes open i saw her completly naked and some thing that i’m not going to mention cause it’s disturbing when she closed the door i started crying really quitly so they wouldnt hear me and i was only 12 and still am 12 and from then i now hear them every single night and please i’m only 12 so respect my comment and dont say you should be happy that your mom and dad still love each other.

    • Sloan

      Come on i am 10 and have seen things you wouldn’t dream of!!
      Tell me !

  • Bryce Sunduk

    I’m grateful that my parents never put me through such torment. But it makes me feel sad and sorry for my x’s little boy. Her own words are “He’ll Pretty Much Sleep Through Anything.” I feel sorry for that little boy because I never had to grow up hearing those awful sounds. But he is and can only hope that he isn’t going to be traumatized from it.

  • Blownbyurmom

    Omg disssssssgusting i would cry if i saw my parents bangin. One time my parents went to their room to nap and i opened the door and jumped under the covers with them( i was only 6) and i looked under anf i saw my dad wasnt wearing any clothes( i only saw his legs and found out he was naked) and i blew it off because my dad doesent wear underwear only shorts but now that i think of it he probably just finished doin it wit my mom. Now im extremely disgusting. Iwwww

  • major problems now

    i heard my mom and dad having it in a motorhome. i pretended to be asleep so i wouldn’t get in trouble for being up late. now i suppose that my act of not telling the truth with my body led me to thinking horrible things about my parents, expessialy my dad. i think about it all the time , i have even seen sex stuff lying around in thier room. i cant stop thinking about it. i cry all the time because of it . iswear i now have emotional problems and depression. now i am even afraid to see my parents go out at night because if they get back late i have know idea what they are doing. i really didnt know what to do while i was in the motorhome i wish i could erase it, i prayed to god but mabe i need to know i because i still think like that.

  • claudia

    oh my god! its las if i were the one who worte @major problems now” comment. i totally get you sweety, i also developed that anger towards my father. and i had these crazy thoughts about them going out just to have sex out at nighht, i remember one time. i was supposed to be sleeping andi heard they opened the front door and i ASSUMED, IMAGINED they were going to a hotel to have sex and that they were gonna leave my sister and i , and we weren supposed to notice and we werent going to because theyd be back by the morning,.and that they probably always did that. i got al crazy and startede yelling and screaming , and they came up so i told them all the story but they jst wouldnt listen . i fell aseep while crying. i was a little 7year old paranoic girl.. gosh… so you know whta ? i recommend you to tell your parents that you want to g to a psychologist ,,, he might help you to be able to survive the fact of living i the same house than your parents. take a break of em and go live somewhere else for a whil e like a month or something

  • major problems now

    hey john i really dont like you because you talk about sex like it is nothing. god tells us not to have sex but be fruitful and multiply.even though my parents have sex they never let me have a little brother or sister.god lets us do whatever you want but you always sin. in the holy bible (and practically everything other one) He never tells us to have sex for fun. so why cant you and who ever has not had a baby after sex just do not do it. people stop yourselvs you can have sex with the “bundles of joy babies” instead of exposing anyone to it. including me, may i remind you that i know have emotional and depression problems and i am only 12.

  • Neutral

    Listen guys, I’m 16 a girl. I ‘have’ walked in on my parent’s when we lived in an apartment. When we moved I got the fartest room, possble from their’s. My sister was little so she didn’t understand, but one night she came knocking on my door one late night while I was readin a book. She looked horrifed. I let her sleep on my floor, and she told me she heard them she was 12 at the time I was 14 going on 15. I told her ‘why do you think I got the fartest room?’ She said because I was a genrous person. I shook my head. “No so mommy and daddy have sex and I don’t hear it with my god dam virgin ears.” She laughed at that, but I told her. “At least the horros of them getting divorced is over.” She looked at me confused. Then I explained mom and dad were fighting alot, me and my sister got worried. “-So at least that they have sex it means there is still something.” SHe nodded and went to sleep. Then I had to sleep one time in her room, and this was in the winter. Our grandma was living with us and like the sap I was she took my room. I heard them, I was reading a book, and my sister was snoring. I looked at the time it said 2:00 and went to 7:00. I never got any sleep, it was horrfying to hear of course I’m a dam teenager! I was also like ‘dam!’ they got it going on, and at that just impressive. So much for my fathers middle life crisis huh? Well hears my point all kids are horrified, in fact we found a porno in our parents room when me and my sister were cleaning it for punishment. I decided to tell mom and dad ‘we hear you..we are fine with it..we love you..we are scarred, but we love you.” My dad was cool and laughed, my mom got mad flipped out and grounded me for a week -.-;. Of course hears my point, it’s just as trmatizing for us to hear our parents cause when we were younger it didn’t exsist. Like for our parents it would be tramatizing for them to hear us being sexualy active, my dad would get a bat and go kill the guy..wel for my case girl and my mom would be trmamtized. My dad wouldn’t care he accpects my perfrence, but my sister any boy she brins home he’ll say. “I’ll go clean my gun now.” SO you see it’s vise versa, if we have to talk to our parents about being active and why can’t they? Cause at one pint we have too. Instead of yelling “get out!’ and or throwing something at them so..parents talk if your kids see you just talk to them, parents just picture ‘your’ parents dustirbing just like us so you know were it comes from.

  • OMFG

    I am 13 and I am adopted and my parents seem (or seemed) to be the average parents. I mean like, they have arguments sometimes, and they go to partys and have fun, and don’t show too much affection anywhere. But one day last week, I was looking in my moms drawer in the bathroom because I was looking for something and then in the back of the drawer was a squeeze bottle of KY Lubricant. Since I’m adopted my parents had to be a certain age or something to adopt me, so they are both in their 50’s now. I just looked at the bottle, horrified, and then took notice that the middle of it was squeezed and that some was gone. I was freaked out. But after reading what other people, who are teens like me, have gone through, I realize that I am not the only one out there who has this scar. BTW my mom weighs less than me and my dad isn’t huge, but he weighs like 160lbs. I have some bad thoughts running through my head….. ugh….

    • Anonymous

      even i am 13 i am also adopted
      my mom told me tht she was never pregnant in her life
      she is such i lyier i saw her pregnant pics
      my parents meet in collage and had a luv marriage
      she adopted me wen i she was 43 so now they r over wid there menopose so they hav sex evey single day and once my dads friend and my dad touched my moms personal parts i feel so digusting this inciedent happed last week they were drunk and peeped into the key hole and they watch pron movies my mom is a wet nurce she feeds other peoples kids once even my maids

  • OMFG

    So….its the same 13 yr old and i just wanted to add for those people who had to witness ‘it’ at a young age, I Thought Parents Were Supposed To Lead Their Young Children AWAY From Porn and Influences Like That. geez.

  • mylas

    i think my parents are doing because they alyways want privaxy and lock their door

  • Sally

    Fair enough I’m only 13 but I know what they do in their room, but still can’t understand why my mom sounds as though she’s being hurt real bad.

    • Taylor

      I feel your pain

  • @Sally/Taylor: Your mother doesn’t have *pain*, she has *pleasure*, no, very big pleasure. It may sounds like she has pain, but she doesn’t.

    For saying about my self, Iam 31 yrs old and have currently no children (but I want to, with the right woman). But I think when my child steps and caught us “inflagranti”, that means while we “enjoy and love each other a very intimately way” I would tell the kid the truth, what he/she is seeing.

    Mom and dad love each other very much! 😀

  • claudia

    (To roland)..well, that’ s just dumb

  • ashley

    i always her my parents have sex but they think i dont no when they clos they door they talk and have sex and starting to get out my nerves . if us kids cant have sex why can they have sex but when i tell my parents can your please stop the keep going it tireion and my mama say they e sleep they dont because when my sis ask for something u can hear her voice like she not even sleep i hear them i think the things they do is stupid ifeel my sis and i are not exist my mama always lik it feels good she cant stop the oise and theyu do it when school night we be so sleepy in the morning in class we sleep on our subjects. my sis had walked in why they doing it thats when my cousin was there

  • I was raised in a one room house in the islands. I shared a big bed with my little brother and our mom and dad. We never wore clothes around the house or yard, as this was the custom.

    I loved it when mom and dad would let my brother and me stay in bed when they did it, but sometimes they chased us out. My brother and I would pretend we were doing it too, and we would make noises and laugh. We thought of sex as a fun game. Our parents never told us otherwise.

    As we grew older, both my brother and I came to appreciate our exposure to loving sex at home. It was just a natural part of growing up and a part of life.
    .-= Magdeline´s last blog ..Tribute to Saint Michael Jackson =-.

    • Yes, I agree that humans having sex and reproducing babies, should be considered just a natural part of life, as natural as breathing or eating. And it should be enjoyed naturally, without any means of anti-life “birth control.” More and more people would be glad to live, so the natural increase of people should always be eagerly encouraged, within responsible families but of course. Encourage large families worldwide, so that far more people may live and experience life.

      However, reasonable morals requires sex be limited to those people committed together by marriage into stable families, so that resulting children who come to life as a result, are assured that they will have parents to take care of them. There is also the moral expectation of some reasonable level of privacy for sex, as it’s a special and intimate relationship between fathers and mothers. It hardly seems appropriate for children to be sharing the same bed that their parents are having sex in. However, it’s quite understandable that privacy obviously lacks among large families who all live in just a single room, or within the motel room or family tent while camping. And the natural spread of human life is of far greater than actual privacy, so I think parents should not be ashamed to get sexually aroused and engage in sexual intercourse with children watching, where big families live in small homes without enough actual privacy. In that case, I think privacy can be virtual, meaning not talking to outsiders outside the family to embarrass people about intimate details they don’t need to know. Humans should be expected to enjoy natural sex, most anywhere that the parents would normally sleep together, even if that happens to be within the same room as their children, as their large families continue to naturally grow.

      I don’t understand why your parents couldn’t somehow find a separate bed for the children? But proper family modesty and privacy, are to be decided by the family and parents, so there’s really not much way to regulate such things, nor for outsiders to insist that bedroom or bathroom door be closed when people are “doing it,” or using the toilet, as it’s a family affair to decide reasonable family standards of respect and privacy. Throughout much of the world, families are large and “unplanned,” and there may be but one bed in a 1-room home, so children seeing parents having sex, is probably far more common than many of we spoiled Western Americans may like to think?

      I especially think it’s okay to let babies see their parents having sex, as babies need too much constant attention to just always put them in a separate room. Nothing wrong with carefully enjoying sexual intercourse, while the baby breastfeeds at the same time, as naturally large families probably are plenty busy with breastfeedings, every 2 hours or so, making it too hard to schedule such natural activities always at a separate time than natural sexual lovemaking. It’s not that babies won’t remember what they see. Rather, I suspect they do. Rather that babies are innocent, and need too much attention, thus a lot of privacy from babies, isn’t all that practical for some families I would guess. Babies are already exposed to sexual lovemaking anyway, as couples enjoy intercourse during pregnancy. Think the baby doesn’t feel the rhythmatic movements of the natural procreative act? But what do do, the baby is trapped in the womb, so that’s works as a suitable excuse for it.

      Sure, sex should be relaxed, natural, and enjoyable. But I wonder if your experience was a tad bit too relaxed? As the huge human population continues to grow, hopefully ever larger, requiring more towns and big cities here and there to hold us all, it’s quite understandable that having enough privacy everywhere people may happen to live, is a bit of a challenge. So I think it unrealistic to think that all parents in poor countries, where large families often share small cramped home, can reasonable keep their enjoyable procreative sex, as private as it otherwise probably ought to be.

  • Hi Noemi,

    I read some stories of the commenters here and it makes me laugh.

    I myself once saw my parents in action before because when we were young, we used to share the same room with them together with my brother.

    But it did not affect me. I think it all depends on the children.

    It may be disgusting at first but time will come that the young child can understand about it and will no longer be treated as something as nasty.
    .-= Millionaire Acts´s last blog ..Pay Less On Your Next Car =-.

  • Nichole

    i was watching tv in my living room once and i had my head leaned against the wall and i heard a strange noise…. so i went and tryed to open my parents door it was locked i kept calling “mom,dad?” they wouldn’t answer.so i went outside and looked through the window and….. and…….. you know. i am emotionally scarred for life. I am only 10 years old and this happened recently.


  • me?

    children shouldnt have to “be cautious” when approaching parents doors. parents should be respectful enough to their children to not be having sex when theres a chance the children could find out. think about it, how would you feel if you children were having sex in the room next to yours and you overheard? would you think, oh they just love each other i should be happy? dont think so.

    • If children don’t want to “be cautious” when approaching their parents’ bedroom door, then they should be all the more understanding when they happen to see “the facts of life,” that married people commonly like to or need to enjoy sex.

      Obviously, not all families are uptight or careful to shut doors, and it’s up to the parents to set the family modesty standard in this, as it’s not any business of outsiders to be concerned with. Some homes don’t heat or air condition properly, with doors shut, and some people may feel comfortable that they will be alone enough most of the time, to not bother shutting the bedroom door. There is no “safe” time for sex, with children around, for who knows when a child will wake up or have to visit the bathroom during the middle of the night, to pee?

      When sex is spotted accidentally, be respectful and overlook it. Just another fact of life that most everybody (married) “does it.” Just another reason why the world now has so many billions of people.

  • Holland

    I agree with Comment by me. Given my parents’ past with each other my views may be somewhat skewed on the whole issue but I believe that sex between parents should be kept for those times during the day when the kids AREN’T around or at least if your kid is a really really sound sleeper in the dead of night and I mean so sound a sleeper that not even the Apocalypse would wake him/her up. Another thing is parents doing it in the same room as a child. That’s gross. That’s why we have motels nowadays or dropping off a kid at a relative or separate rooms for crying out loud. >_> I did not appreciate that.

    • Sex isn’t just for night time or when children are asleep. I can see parents doing it during the day, or when they become aroused, even though children may see. They should go to their separate bedroom for some reasonable privacy, but not all people in the world have such large homes to have that option. Sometimes but 1 common room is all there is.

      Going to a motel is absurd, when sex should be in their own home, and motel rooms cost too much. I am quite sure that many families aren’t so rich as to rent an extra room for the children, so when they actually are all staying at a motel, they are all sharing the same room. Many parents may wait for sex until they think the children are asleep, but really there is no way to ever quite be sure?

      When parents and children live in the same home for nearly 2 decades or more, children are bound to see “something” eventually. Although I didn’t see much, as my parents divorced when I was 6 years old. I would rather they had stayed together, even though they might someday have been caught by me or a brother or sister, “doing it.” If they love each other so much, then we shouldn’t have to worry about them separating or divorcing? I mean like children are supposed to forever remain clueless as to how babies are naturally made? I don’t think so. Back in the old days, when families were commonly large and homes, small, weren’t people more relaxed about some of those facts of life, and children more often knew from a young age, how babies come to be made?

  • gabrielle

    hey guys, i’m 15 and i’ve just seen my parents having sex this midnight and i was f**ckin traumatize! i was picturing out what they were doing. i wanna forget about it but i cant! really. gosh,

    i woke up in the middle of the night to pee and when i walked through mom and dad’s bed they were gone. i was pretty sure they were in the living room eating or whatever they’re doing except having sex. sex didn’t come into my mind. But after i pee in the bathroom, i heard my parents’ whispers in the living room so i went there to see them,. I saw dad was on the couch covering his —- and mom was still naked and she was already wearing her pants w/o her panty. i said “GEEZ! SORRY GUYS!” then i went to sleep. after that i didn’t open that topic anymore to my parents.
    it was so so disgusting when you guys see your parents having sex. i wish i didn’t go to the living room anymore.

    parents, you must have sex in your homes without your children or even in the middle of the night cuz sumtimes us children also pee in midnight and might hear you or see you and you don’t know what would be our reaction when we’ve seen you,. soo EEWWW. but we understand. 🙂

  • Ria

    my bedroom is on the side of my parents’ room and i live in a sh*tty house so the wall has NO insulation and i hear them every friggin night and it DISGUSTS ME!! i mean theyre young and all but they dont even get along (cuz my dad is an a$$,) but teyre up Every Night doin it and its like literally 6 feet from my bed , plus we used to live in a nice big house bt we had to move to this 100 year old piece of shiz cus my dad wanted to live on his homeless rescue property that LITERALLY has helped No1 so i have to hear their MOANING every night… i hate them…

  • mandy

    I hate the weekends, my parents are due back anytime now, they try to do the right thing “are you awake” when they come in, but every time the noises start, the bed noises at first then the moaning, I have to put my hands over my ears to block out the noises, why do they have to do this to me?

    • Ria

      I KNOW IT SUCKS! my parents dont give a shiz that i hear them. my idiot father probly thinks its funny cuz he always talks about him and my mom havin sex in front of me and my older bro and we’re all like, NOONE WANTS TO HEAR IT YOU DDOUCHEE we both hate him.

  • This pisses me of. No this but my parents i mean damnit i fucking think theres a damn zoo in there and im twelve and i hear it and it makes me fucking sick because its disrespectful for them to have sex and dont give a shit that i have to go through that shit EVERY FUCKING NIGHT

  • Bryce Sunduk

    If you don’t like it then say something to them about it. If they laugh at you and think that it’s funny. Then you can try what my friend did and teach them a lesson like they teach you. You’ll get in trouble but fill up a cold bucket of water and if they have the door unlocked. Run in there and throw it on them.

    He got in trouble but it showed them.

    My friend does that to her child like her father did to her. So you can guess what that child is going to grow up to do. I’ve seen some dumb comments in this last week on here and they say they have a right to do what they do and they do it but. I know some of those children who grew up like that. Today most of those people have become fucked up drug addicts and their children hear those same noises without a care. A nock on the door “Mommy are you Ok?” That’s tramua you NEVER forget.

    Some of them don’t speak to their parents anymore & I’ve seen their patents, as a grown man cries out in anguish because of what he had done. Their parents had rights, But So Do You.

    Learn from their mistakes & don’t repeat them when you have children. If you can change things for the better then start trying now before it’s too late.

    God grant me the serenity
    to accept the things I can not change;
    courage to change the things I can;
    and wisdom to know the difference.

  • Hlias kirtellis

    I’m 15 yr old
    and I hear my mom with my secod father having sec every night ( I never seen my real father ) my bed room is next from my mom’s and I can heAr clearly what they are doing what can I do for this?

    • iyer

      no problem u cant control it dear. its their right. u can enjoy the liveshow as i also had the same. aftersometime, when i feel they dont care, we see them doing sex, then why should we feel sorry. i was eagerly waiting for the liveshow. enjoy

  • Hlias kirtellis

    I was mean “sex” not sec i’m using my mobile cos I have not pc

  • oopsie

    i am fortunate that i have never actually seen my parents going at it. …but lately i’ve been noticing more signs that show they have been doing it. it’s natural, i know…but it’s still embarrassing for me to know. first i was looking for something and opened my mother’s bedside table drawer and saw a little bottle that had a label on it that indicated it was a lube. i was quite embarrassed even by that.
    and then one night i was sleeping a motor home with my parents, when i suddenly awoke to feel the whole thing shaking. i thought it was the wind at first and i was about to shout out that the wind was disturbing my sleep, when i suddenly realised that it was actually my parents. thankfully they were in an enclosed cabin in the motor home, but it was absolutely shocking even so. i could even hear the bed squeaking and i thought the motor home was going to tip over with all the shaking. i was shocked and disgusted and embarrassed…but then i suddenly felt a bit horny, after about 15 minutes. and that disgusted me even more. i pretended to still be asleep, despite the fact i desperately needed to use the toilet. and then the shaking stopped and my father tell my mother to “just rub it” and then he said “mmm..that wa nice”. i couldn’t look my parents in the eye for a long time after that.
    and just today i was talking to my parents about a holiday we’d once had, and my father starts smirking at my mother and said to her “mmm…remember..”. i demanded to know what he was smirking about and he said “it’s too rude for you to hear”. i raised my eyebrows at him and asked “did you see or hear something…?” he just said “no…” and i didn’t ask anymore. i later figured that he and my mother must’ve had sex when they left me in the hotel to go and have a private spa together.
    there have been a whole lot of hints and clues that tell me that they still do have a very active sex life, despite how old they are. it just never occured to me that my parents would still be active… it still shocks me.
    i just hope i never walk in on them.

    • Sex is natural and proper for married people. What’s the big deal, if there’s sounds, or indications, of parents having sex, when sex is how we children were conceived? So why should it surprise us that parents still enjoy and need sex?

      Generally, if one becomes aware of their parents having sex, I think children should be respectful and simply go on as if they are asleep. Don’t interrupt the possibility of another baby brother or sister, possibly coming to life at or soon after that moment.

      I would much have rather heard the natural sounds of sex, even from parents not being quiet enough or whatever, than for them to have divorced when I was only 6 years old. I would rather they have worked things out, and give me more brothers and sisters. I am pro-life, and don’t mind having to share my bedroom, as may come to be needed, if the house fills up with more children.

      About the RV shaking comment. I thought that RVs had leveling feet that keep the RV from shaking? Why weren’t they lowered? If there’s no such feet, then I see nothing wrong with the RV shaking from natural sex, with the children inside the RV. What? Should the children be evicted and sent outside into the cold rain, every time the parents need some lovemaking? I don’t think so. It’s just a fact of life, that “everybody does it,” well at least people properly married, ought to be enjoying natural sex, and bringing ever more babies into the world, more people alive to experience life. It’s not just RVs I imagine, but in a crowded campsite, it’s possible sometimes to hear the people in the next tent, enjoying natural sex. Just overlook it and respect people and their needs. As long as husband and wife enjoy sex, where they would normally sleep together, that seems enough morally in line to me. Yes, that could be, inside a tent with the children present, or in an RV. Some tents have a thin privacy wall, and some RVs have a separate “bedroom.” But not all do.

      Where there’s not enough privacy, what about “virtual privacy?” That means, if one becomes aware of sex, ignore it, and respect people’s privacy.

    • hello i love u


  • Mackenzie

    im 11 My moms not married but shes dating… every tuesday she goes to his house and “gets it on” and thats fine with me. But my mom is always saying ” if we get married your going to have to hear it every night(why cant they just have quiet sex?)

    we went to Galtlinburg and spent a night in a cabin, my mom made a deal with me that she wuld have sex because she knows it bothers me(im scared IDK why).But she mized up the rules. she said “hey how about we can have sex but really, really quit?” i said ok. well i hear thumping(my room was down stairs right under theirs.) moaning, and graoning.so finally she cmes down stairs at 2:00 in the frikken morning. and im crying be cause im scarred ive been scarred my whole life. she says why are you crying. i said because i cant sleep be cause of you and Brad(boyfriend). your promised you be quit. she said thats as quit as i get, laughs and falls asleep. im still pissed at her today. BTW she gets mad at me when i get scared and i dont know why please help why i cant

  • Melissa

    Im 11 and i hear my mom and her boyfriend having sex, mostley every week! I hate it! They arent married and it really annoys me! I hear my mom moaning and telling Brian(boyfriend) harder, harder! I cant stand them! When I talked to my mom about it she said i was just hearing things! But then she admits that she did and does! I hate when her and Brian have sex! Its became like a routine for them now! I hate when they have sex so bad, that ive wanted to comitt suicied! But then i remember i cant give my life away just because of this! And im afraid that if i talk to my mom about me hearing them having sex she will get so mad! How do i get them to stop!? 🙁

  • teen – teen

    that’s horrible….talk to someone whom you trust,can be a teacher or a relative…sad to know it’s your mom who gives you a problem…be strong…

  • Mac

    Hey all on 19/01/10 I will go 17 all we know about sex but when we hear us parents or yours mom or mine mom doing it it’s horrible. I hear every night some times doing it it’s realy crazy for me to hear from my non-father “lets make a party baby” or something I am from Greece my mom from Australia I do not care for my non father any way guys or kids do what I did talk to your mom or to you father (I do not have father I dint meet mine or see him I do not know who he is) say to your mom …. Mom listen something i can hear you all night having sex and this is realy horrible for me so if you can do it when iam not at home do it but NEVER when I’m at home and sleeping or doing something else

    • Bryce Sunduk

      Well I’ve been thinking about it and my advice to you poor, children is to get a pair of ear plugs and sleep with them in your ears. It’s the best advice I can think of I don’t know what to say. Reading this stuff brings tears to my eyes that. Small minds think alike and there isn’t much you can do about it. Maybe if your feeling brave get a tape recorder. Record it and call the police on your parents. The cops will probably take you away and put you in a foster home. If your parents Truly Love You That Will Teach Them A Life Lesson Which They Will Never Forget. But it would probably make life better or worse. I wake up each morning and this

      Serenity Prayer

      God Grant Me
      The Courage To Change
      The Things I Can
      The Strength To Accept
      The Things I Can Not Change
      And The Wisdom
      To Know The Difference

      I say this To you “Have HOPE I Believe In You, That You CAN Do Anything & Never Give Up”

  • Anonymous

    Yo, are you JOKING? That is so gross!!!!!! Oh my god! how would you like to hear your kids fucking in the middle of night and hear moans and shit. thats beyond gross and yea it is for YOUNG people. idont give if you think you are young! omg, thats gross! ew. why would you even consider to do that when your child could walk right in and shout “Moms a whore!” because, i have done that and i have so much disrespect for her ever since that because, when your kids are home that is just plain gross. and you know they are, they could walk around and stuff and hear all the trash. this should be ILLEGAL as far as i am concerend.

  • bethany

    i think i have herd my dad befor and one time i was at my friends house and we were pretending to sleep so then when her mom went in to shut the door we waited and then went out and her parents had not sut there door so then we saw every thin so then when we got the idea we went to have the idea to get frozen hotdogs and have sex with them it was the most amazing night ever we still do that verry speshal thing evey friday and saterday night when we hve no school… we are also savin up are money to buy one og those strap on dicks wow right now i am wotching my parents having sex there are making so much noise … oh oh ya uh faster man fast …oh man i need to get off to put this on youtube dont care if i just in trube it is not that long … ok now i know that you r thinkin i am a slut well i am the first time i had sex was at age 8 or9 and it was so nice

    • Alexi Stushnoff

      Sublime – Wrong Way

      Annie’s twelve years old in two more she’ll be a whore nobody ever told her it’s the wrong way don’t be afraid with the quickness you’ll get laid for your family get paid it’s the wrong way

  • Bryce Sunduk

    Sublime – Wrong Way

    Annie’s twelve years old in two more she’ll be a whore
    nobody ever told her it’s the wrong way
    don’t be afraid with the quickness you’ll get laid
    for your family get paid it’s the wrong way
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    but I’m staring at her tits it’s the wrong way
    strong if I can but I am only a man
    so I take her to the can the wrong way
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    but I’m gonna make it hard to live
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    so we ran away And I’m sorry when I say
    that straight to this very day it was the wrong way
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    her two brown eyes are leaky like a sive
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    Sublime (1996)
    annie’s 12 years old in two more
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    i gave her all that i had to give,
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    And I’m sorry when I say that to this very day
    It was the wrong way
    She took a hike it don’t matter it I like it or not
    Cause she only wants the wrong way

  • Caitlin

    Hi guys! Well it’s like half one in the morning and I had a big argument with my mum earlier about her and my dad. You see the first time it happened I was ten we were in Blackpool on a wee holiday and I had a great day and then we went back to the hotel and my mum and dad had a few drinks. I had went to my bed early and I remember they woke me up it was just one room so it was really loud they had obv just came in and my dad had settled down and he was asking my mum to wank him off and stuff like tht and I remember it like it was yesterday I cried for hours and was totaly I’ll for the holiday. Since then anytime I hear them, which is not often I have to admit but I’m up for hours after crying. It’s usually when they have had a wee drink. I hate everything about it and I had considered bringing it up for ages but never had the nerves. But today my dad was out at the hospitality at the football and I knew he was gonna be drunk when he came in so I kinda panicked and me and my mum are really close and my dad too but on nights like this I hate them. So my mum new I was worked up about something and asked me and I totaly flipped out told her everything and she went crazy. I was already crying but she was just screaming you make me feel cheap and how do you expect us to have a relationship and she ran away down the stairs. I was in complete shock I just cried. My dad still wasent in and my brother was panicking. She doesn’t understand how angry I get and then feel sick afterwards. I panicked when my dad came in because he saw I had been crying and my mum told him about the argument but he still tried having sex with her but she wouldn’t not after the argument so he stormed off and I went down to see my mum who was sleeping. I just don’t get why they do it I mean I know it’s natural but we stay at our grans alot and they could at least do it then ae? I’m totaly scarred for life and I’m only 12 I mean everyone talks about it at school but I can’t listen but I feel totally guilty now for bringing it up but I had to get it out if my system. I just wish that they could understand.

  • Leah

    My parents’ bedroom is right next to mine, and the house we live in has thin walls, so thin that I can sometimes hear my neighbors having it off, so it’s understandable that I would sometimes hear my parents having sex. I just wish they would be less loud and more secretive about it. They could at least have the decency to wait for me to turn my bedroom light off, when I might at least be asleep, instead of up reading. Plus, my mom has off some days when I’m in school and my dad works from extremely early in the morning until around noon, so there’s plenty of time for them to do it then, when I’m not around. It’s just uncomfortable to hear them going at it. I know it’s natural for them to do it, they love each other, and I know sex is an enjoyable experience and all, but they could be a little bit more private about it.

    • Meredith

      Same Here! I am only 12 years old but from 2 schools with lots of kids, and parents that are very open about talking about this stuff…I pretty well know every sex term..and all of the above. I live in a 3 story house. I am in the basement and my parents are upstairs. Of course, yes, they do have sex! Their room is RIGHT above mine. I can never sleep at night and when they expect me to get up at six in the morning to go to school after having to listen to them get it on till 2 in the morning, its really frustrating and its making me fall behind in school because I always fall asleep in class. I don’t confront them about it. But I have walked in before on accident. I don’t think they noticed. It makes me so mad that they know I have to listen to them everynight. It makes me really just like hate them when they have sex. I hope they enjoy their freaking trip to Vegas tomorrow. Ughh! I am just soo mad that they cant understand about this… It really makes me mad. I know school is really important…. But it is just sooo embarresing to confront them about this. :/ What should I do? HELP!

  • Ash

    I hear my parents having sex. like i hear EVERYTHING. >.<. they have all kinds off sex toys and everthing. it gives me chills… for some reason it makes me hate them. i am posting this comment becuz right now they are.. help..

  • I Don’t Know

    I really don’t think my parents “do it” any more. I am in the room next to them and the wall is pretty thin. I can actually hear my dad talking on the phone. But my parents never show affection and I know thy love each other but it seems to me they are like best friends.
    I was talking to my bet friend and her parents are very open about sex; they have told her they do it and she and I were talking to them. They think that a marriage can only last if you have sex.
    I don’t think this is true though. Bub I still wonder if my parents do. I hope hey don’t and I know that sounds selfish but I would cy if they did and I thinknparents can still love eacher withou having sex.
    But I also would still love my parents if they did.
    To tell you the truth maybe I don’t want to know

  • Mickey

    Since my dad found out that my stepmom has been playing around he’s had sex with her 11 straight nights that I know about, the old man been giving it to her real hard cos I can here every moan and groan, every thrust and every orgasm, heard him tell her “I’ll make you toe the god darn line lady” looks like she can barely walk straight in the monings now!

    • Mickey

      make that 14 nights, I think he’s trying to frigging kill her1

  • Chelsey

    I Dnt Think Parents Should Do It If The Have Children There. If The Child Doesnt Hear It Then Thats Fine But When Yu Have Young Children You Shuldnt Do It. It Should Be Done While The Child (Children) Are Asleep , Its Not Fair In The Child And One f The Comments I Read Was That It Wouldnt Be The Same If A Parent Heard Their Child Having Sex Next Door They Would Barge In And Demand Answers And Stuff . Its Not Fair In Life And Parents Should Realize That !!!

  • Jayden

    I heard my parents having sex many times when I was 8 and wondered what the hell was going on

  • Alice

    I hear mine regularly- every 2 weeks and they call it “smoochin'” and talk about it like planning nights IN FRONT OF ME, a 13 YEAR OLD and 2 4 year olds. Makes me so f***ing angry because they don’t even try to hide- cuz they don’t even think about how their kids are scarred by this sh*t.

    • Reply to Alice:

      I don’t see a problem with your parents talking about planning to make love, as even on the Cosby Show, the parents talk about going upstairs to do you-know-what. Be glad they still love each other, and be happy that you might even get another baby brother or sister. I also think more families ought to be more relaxed about the natural family growth, and be more eager to let their families grow quite large, welcoming however many children God would allow them to have.

      Sex shouldn’t be something to be ashamed of, if people will be responsible to be married first, and to provide for and love all their children that may naturally result.

      People should have some reasonable level of modesty, but that seems to vary from household to household, and I see the parents being responsible for setting the modesty level, as to whether bedroom and bathroom doors should be shut, and so on.

  • understanding mom

    Ok, first of all…all the twelve year olds out there. I have been in your shoes. I remember it very vividly. It was at night. We had all gone to bed and I heard strange sounds coming from my mom and her boyfriends bedroom. I knew what they were (I didn’t understand them) but I was so angry and disgusted. I heard my mother moaning and groaning and I got out of bed, went to their door and yelled…”Get Real!” lol. I was 10 when that happened. I am 30 now and I feel really bad that I did that because I realize that what she was doing was completely natural. We have two children…11 and 10…and our daughter busted us twice (with the door locked AND a two story house AND being as quiet as possible) after they went to bed. Don’t stand outside the door and listen kids! Stop thinking that parents are old. People in movies “do it” all the time. They are not 12 years old! They are not always 18 years old! They are all age ranges! It is sad that so many children are angry about sex. I was too. I’m not anymore. It’s wrong to be mad about your parents having sex. If they are still doing it…then they are happy! It’s true. My parents haven’t done it in sooooo long, that I’m actually worried. You build up chemicals in your brain that can cause you to stress out and SEX is a release of those chemicals. When you 12 year olds actually start to go through puberty then you will forget all about your parents having sex and it pissing you off. You cannot control your parents and if you think telling them about it will make your life so much better then do it. But don’t expect them to be so nice to you once you reach a point in your teenage life where you start to get feelings (which are totally natural) that make you want to do it too!!

    • ryan m.

      thank you, lol, im 10 2… same thing with me..

    • natalie.stamper

      I’m not mad my parents had sex. I’m mad that they didn’t have enough respect for me to do it quietyle and out of my sight. Don’t assume that everyone who heard their parents have sex were standing right outside the door. I was in the same bed when I heard my mom and her BF do it. Hell, they could have got up and went into a different room. We lived in a two bedroom house. You also can’t tell people how they should feel about certain situations. If a man came up to you out of the blue and slapped the shit out of you, should I tell you that his anger was natural and you should get over it? Pissing and shitting are natural yet that’s done discreetly behind closed doors, why can’t sex? Parents know how to be quiet. I hate to say this but I seriously think some parents are so self absorbed that the fact they are causing their children trauma is turning them on. I’m 23, married, and out of the house now so I’m not trying to control my parents. I just want to know why they didn’t have enough respect to keep me innocent until I was old enough to understand sex. Yeah, people do it in movies. Does that make it anymore right? Hell no. Movies are not reality. When I reached the age of wanting to have sex, I had enough common sense and respect for my parents to do it away from them. So if a young person developing these natural feelings can have this respect for their parents, don’t you think parents should set an example and do the same?

    • yea, but my parents are differnt, they know i want them to stop n’ stuff…but they dont care, not even about me,,, just sex is all they care about

    • It’s completely not the fact that they share intimacy, its the fact that it damages our emotions because it causes anxiety and stress for us – while they are so called relieving their “stress” creating Oxytocin , Dophamine, whatever chemicals are released into the body to create that “happy ” sensation, the are causing the issues for the listeners who are their children , who view them differently around this age. Also, if done since at a young age, this can be mentally traumatic, and perceived reactions towards it when the child is older, can just be pent up disturbing violations of angry memory and lack of respect.

  • ryan m.

    hello, im 14, lol, i went to a hotel a couple months ago, my parents were, well uknow, and i was like eww?ahh?whaa?im scared. i dont like it, just because i have a stepmom. anyway, now it seems like every night they have ‘it’ even though the dont do it much. i read a post, like the same thing as meh… parents do not realize wat it does to childs. lol

  • Joey

    I’m 17 and I’ve had the same girlfriend for four years (yesterday was our 4 year anniversary actually 😀 ) and she better still want to have sex with me when we’re married and 40, 50, 60, 70+ years old.


  • Hi Tita Noemi! 🙂 Just read this post. May I share it on my blog? 🙂 Of course, with due acknowledgement. 🙂 Just some parts. 🙂 Thanks po!

    (When we were young, my parents would lock their door a lot too! hahahahaha)
    .-= Tina aka TeacherMama´s last blog ..Where To Go This Weekend – Events Around Manila =-.

  • Halo

    God I’ve heard my parents having sex loads of times and Im frickin hearing them right now, I hate it and when I do hear it I just hope my step father gets a bent D**k!!! Ive seen my mum and one of my step fathers watching porn while having sex once when I was a child, I’ve also seen his porn collection. And now my new stupid step father walked in on me in the tiolet last year at night and I saw everything right after he had sex with my mum. I hate seein or hearing them, it makes me feel so uncomfortable and I just wanna ran far away every time. Ive had alot of bad experiances in my life that have left me scared and this by far never ever helps!!! Besides the fact I really dislike my stepfather, Im not racist or anything but hes a stupid, old, ugly pommy bastard (im part pommy aswell = proves im not racist just descriptive). hearing them infuriates me to the point where I think nasty thoughts in my head, like I wish he’d get frost bite on his D**k and it’d drop off. I HATE HEARING THEM GOING AT IT, AND EVERY TIME I TRY TO TALK TO THEM BOUT IT AND SAY I FIND IT UNCOMFORTABLE HEARING IT CAN YOU PLZ BE ALITTLE SOFTER I GET A SERIOUS YELLING AT BY MY MUM, AND THEN I FEEL LIKE PIUNCHING MY MUM IN THE MOUTH. Why should I be expected to do this sort of stuff if they wont. Im begining to hate my parents more and more because of their feral habits and a**wh*le attitudes!!!!

  • Greedo

    Thankfully, I’ve never walked in on my parents doing it. At least not past third base. I still shudder whenever that memory comes up. Yes, the door wasn’t locked and no we never had the custom of knocking on doors because my parents were separated and my mom never did see the need to hook up with another man and neither of us ever did certain personal things in our rooms that warranted a knock on the door. I respect my mom for that. Anyway, the earliest memory would have to have been when I was around 9 and my folks were still together and in the same room as I but thinking back on it now, they may have simply been kissing. Didn’t see anything and I only heard smooching sounds. That’s cool and in a way adorable, I guess. I hope that was all that was going on because if not…
    It was the second time in my life that made me WTF at the time and it involved the aforementioned unlocked door and third base. My parents were way beyond separated since my dad had been divorced from his second wife for some time. And as someone who was raised to have good ethics and morals… lol I MAD

  • Robin Tsong

    Had an argument tonight with a friend of mine who likes to brag about being the man who gave his 2nd wife her 1st orgasm. She was so thrilled that she expressed herself very loudly – so much so that the youngest of her 3 children (who was 6) pounded on the bedroom door because it sounded like she was being hurt. He’s inordinately proud of this and goes on to relate that they had noisy sex several times a day. Since “sex is beautiful and natural”, he thinks that the kids were perfectly fine with this. So many of the comments above thoroughly disprove his theory. My heart goes out to all the children whose parents are so totally clueless about their children’s feelings….. With adult perceptions and experience, one does experience sexual knowledge totally different than children. Children do not appreciate having sexual knowledge forced on them, their sleep disturbed night after night, etc.

    I’m sorry for all you children that are suffering with selfish, inconsiderate parents – promise to yourselves that YOU will be a better parent, because you will remember how you felt and will break the cycle with your kids….

    May you all find peace!

    • iyer

      there is no problem seeing the parents doing sex as long as they didnt care of ur seeing it, i had so manytimes that chance and they also know i was seeing and the best part was my dad above 50 and my mom below 40 and they had sex to the extreme level and i enjoyed the show many a times and my dad is very particular of doing sex everytime my mom got her period clear and make her pregnant.

  • Erin

    I actually googled this site out of desperation because I just heard my parents doing the deed. Yeah, I know it’s natural and beautiful and a gift and everything, but that doesn’t dismiss the fact that it’s downright disturbing. I don’t have a problem with them having sex, but they’re really loud, they do it a lot and they don’t even close their doors. But it’s done it late at night, when my brothers and I (all under 16) are all asleep, which is at 11:30 or so. I am not a very good sleeper so I always wake up. Awkward. It’s traumatizing sometimes how careless they are.

    • O Huddlestone

      right to try and make them stop just walkin while there having it

  • Freddy Freb

    my mum and dad do it every week i see them doing it somtimes

  • Anonymous

    i dont know why im doing this but to distract me, i have to tell somone. im 10 years old and parents are doing it right now but im to scared to tell to be quiet. i have before but all my mom sayys is that thier tring to make a baby. I DONT CARE DO IT WHEN IM AT SCHOOL OR SOMTHING! can you help me?

  • I hate it when my brother works nights and my sister is at her boyfriends because I KNOW! then i can’t get to sleep but know i have to or else! I’m twelve and first heard them on holiday in our villa. It has the living room/kitchen with the two other rooms = bathroom and my bedroom coming off. They slept on the sofa bed. So one night i decide to play my ds all night and heard mum screaming it out not even trying to be descrete. I was sick in a plastic bag i found because i couldnt get to bathroom without seeing them! I hate my mum always making remarks and talking about it! Anytime something comes on tv immitating it or any remarks i cry and am sick! I hate my mother for it because my i know my dad isn’t into it but my mums addicted! :'(

    • Anonymous

      i know how you feel, im 13 and we live in a flat and my room is right next door to theres, but its my mom and her boyfriend and it makes me sick,i think my mom is addicted to :'(, she tried to talk to me about it but she thinks its fine 🙁 ive hear her with lots of diffrent men and its horrribe 🙁 carnt they just do it when were not in :'(

  • Catherine Grace Wiechern

    Im not sure why im doing this i just need to express my anger.My Parent’s room is right next to mine in my house we have very thin walls.They have been trying to break a world record or something because they have been going EVERYNIGHT for 2 and a half weeks.i have told my friends about it but they just say “eww”or”haha shame!!” i cant sleep at night anymore I also have a sleeping disorder so it takes me like 2 hours to fall asleep when i go to bed at 6.30 my parents go to bed and have thier gross fun 30 minutes afta me!! I CANT SLEEP AT NIGHT NO MATTER WHAT I DO!!.I am a 12 yr old girl and I have always found refuge in my mum, someone to help me grow, sive soothing words of wisdom when i need them…shes was the only one who could calm me down after a hard day at school with the bullying and falling behind on my school work…but now i try not to talk to her because when ever I do I remember the txts she sends my “dad”, or the sickning noises she makes at night, now there is no-one to talk to.I am going suicidal she was the only one…

  • Samuel Jones

    There is a line that needs to be drawn here. Parents should be respectful of their children and try to keep it as quiet as possible. I’ve never really faced this problem with my parents. But my wife has. As a child her parents would have sex while she had company at any time of the day and be very loud. If you’re going to do it, try to keep in mind it makes children uncomfortable. And if they have friends over, try to contain yourself. They don’t want their friends hearing it.

  • Omg, I get so pissed off, It makes me wanna KILL THEM.!! I found lots of there ‘sex products’ << my mom has dildo's , see threw dresses…to make em horny,,, and naughty words, and they have cards ( One said play hide go seek each roud take your clothes off). Once I got SO mad I broke there door…uh oh! Then I ran away and hide for 1hour i was too scared to come out. I love our hot tub but when i see my parents have sex in it, it makes me wanna kill them..because, I don't want to go in it anymore. I'm only 12, hearing this already! And I really wanted to go in the hot tub the other night so i went to open the door. Before I walked in I saw my mom and dad get in, so i'm like awesome now i can hang out with them…however their clothes were off, so I got really mad!! They also watch porn video's and my dad leaves them on at night. It bad enough hearing them, I don't wanna hear the T.V. What sucks most is that they don't care, so i can't do anything about it, except try to sleep, when i her the bed creeking. I wish they would learn to STOP! And how I feel about this, I mean like C'mon I'm only 12.

  • Look I don’t care either way whether or not they have a sex life. I just don’t want to hear it. It’s loud, annoying, irritating when I’m trying to concentrate or homework or a book at night, and uncomfortable. EXTREMELY uncomfortable. And all of you advocates of the learn to like it ideal, sex is not just a gift of life. It’s a rough, sexy, intimate act that one- especially kids- don’t like to associate with their parents. And enough of these “you’re inturrupting the process of making a new little brother or sister, dear!” No. For all you know, one or both parents is sterilized. My parents are old. Menopause has come and gone. They are zero chances of getting any new siblings, so there is no excuse for not having some respect and either keeping it down or doing it when no one else is around. Because that is just disgusting and awkward. In fact, why don’t parents pick out a room on the other side of the house in advance? No house’s walls are THAT thick, and us kids shouldn’t have to resort to earplugs.
    Here’s an example. My best friend and I were having a sleepover in my basement. Two entire stories below my parents’ bedroom. Around midnight we, preteen girls, were still awake. All of a sudden I start hearing a thump-thump-thump. We were both confused at first, but I quickly realized the origin of the noise. I accidently let out an “Oh, that’s what that is…” and my friend kept asking me what it was since I obviously knew. I couldn’t answer. I just layed there, uncomfortable and angry at my parents for doing that while I had guests, of all times.
    Seriously, parents, have some respect! No one’s saying close the gates forever, but it’s disgusting and it only enrages your kids when they have to go through that on a regular basis. And eventually the “we’re just making babies” or “don’t worry about it” remarks will not work. Would you like it if us, your kids, had wild and loud sex right across the hallway while you were trying to fall asleep? I didn’t think so. Think before you act, literally.

    • I feel the same way! my mother right now, is such an insensitive selfish , whatever you want to call it. They got home last night, and banged, then in the morning, they banged, then now, I am trying to study, I called her in to tell her that, and she does it again and I am hearing everything. I shouldn’t have to put on headphones every time she decides to bring someone over to get it on and make loud disgusting ,and disturbing noises. My head hurts because I tried to sleep until the guy left, and when I woke up at 1:30 pm , he was still here – I didn’t even want to go use the rest room because there is no door in the living room where they do it, and the bathroom is near by. Yesterday, I had to go so badly , so I figured I’d sneak it, and I seen my moms legs in the air, and I wanted to literally strangle them both. It’s so demeaning to my thoughts to experience an act so profoundly insensitive to those around them because they are so damn incompetent of having respect for others because of their own needs – then she ends up crying later because of some crap that happens between them, and I have to be there for her?! not happening anymore, and her damn birthday cake can stay in the fridge and she can light her own damn candles and share the freaking cake with him instead of me who went out during all of this to get it for her.

  • Anonymous

    Now let me ask you KIDS as you say! something, how old do you think we should be to STOP having sex??
    One of you said it is sick for them to have sex, well let me tell you something!!!!!!
    It is not sick, because if they were fighting all the time or coming in at 2AM drunk as hell then you should be pissed! but as long as you have 2 loving parents enjoy them!
    some kids don’t have that those kids that don’t would love to see there parents happy and living life happy! I Do and we enjoy it everyday!


  • i dont care if my parents are doing it as long as its only in there room and im not home

  • Greg AwesomeFace

    oh my god…what are you people? some kind of trolls? reading your reply’s makes me even madder that you try to blame US for getting traumatized almost every night. I’ts not the process that is called sex that is traumatizing us it are the person(s) who are doing it, like your mom or dad or both.

    It sets out a reaction in our mind that mostly triggers bad emotions. for example if 2 random people were having sex like next to me i wouldn’t really care but right now my mom and some guy that is suppose to be her boyfriend is having sex right now and i am so furious atm, she even insisted on meeting her ”boyfriend” and i insisted not to since i might not be able to hold back and break something from him.

    I am not easy to get mad but thinking that my mom doesn’t even care that i am in the next room really gets me mad, having my headphones on so loud it hurts my ears,and i really am not planning to go deaf before i turn 20, and yes ofc its a beautiful,natural,gift of god/life or w/e but those things should not be thrown into your childrens face that early.

    that you wer bred in some kind of trolltank and not feel these emotions is not our problem but dont come here and pretend the problem is us. i am 18 and i am still very bothered about this so i did something about it which is moving out i cant w8 till that day
    i am even having problems at school about this i mean yh i give them props but seriously from 22:30 till 4:15?? I CAN’T SLEEP!

    • I feel the same way! my mother right now, is such an insensitive selfish , whatever you want to call it. They got home last night, and banged, then in the morning, they banged, then now, I am trying to study, I called her in to tell her that, and she does it again and I am hearing everything. I shouldn’t have to put on headphones every time she decides to bring someone over to get it on and make loud disgusting ,and disturbing noises. My head hurts because I tried to sleep until the guy left, and when I woke up at 1:30 pm , he was still here – I didn’t even want to go use the rest room because there is no door in the living room where they do it, and the bathroom is near by. Yesterday, I had to go so badly , so I figured I’d sneak it, and I seen my moms legs in the air, and I wanted to literally strangle them both. It’s so demeaning to my thoughts to experience an act so profoundly insensitive to those around them because they are so damn incompetent of having respect for others because of their own needs – then she ends up crying later because of some crap that happens between them, and I have to be there for her?! not happening anymore, and her damn birthday cake can stay in the fridge and she can light her own damn candles and share the freaking cake with him instead of me who went out during all of this to get it for her.

  • ericapangle

    I heard and saw my parents having sex when I was younger. I thought it was the most disgusting thing ever. Im 23 now, my husband is 31, married almost 5 yrs and we have 3 beautiful children. Now that theyre getting older (5, 3, and 1yr) we make sure to lock our doors and they are asleep for the night or sometimes napping. We enjoy our sex life. Anyways, my point is this, you cant expect your parents to stop having sex because you know they are doing it. EVERYONE does it and there is no age limit to say your old now you have to stop. You also cant blame your parents, it is not there fault you accidentaly walked in when they thought you werent going to be home. Or you woke up in the middle of the night and heard something, they thought you were asleep. If you are waking up everynight and counting how many days in a row they are doing it, then I think your torturing yourself on purpose. They dont go announcing “hey kids we are going to go have sex now so cover your ears” and they dont perform the act in front of you. And its definetly not logical to tell them to leave THEIR house to be intimate. So whats the problem? Let them be. All of you who complain will understand when your married and are parents. No matter how quiet or how discreet you think you may be accidents happen. Just go on and be happy that they still enjoying each other, there really could be far worse things happening.

  • Guest

    I am 13 years old, the first time I heard my mom (My mom and dad are split up, I never see my dad) having sex first was when I was in kindergarden. I knew what they were doing because b4 I asked my mom how babys were made: She said it was a certian snuggle called ‘sex’.
    The next time I heard her was with a different guy in 2nd grade. From there on I have heard her almost every single time. It discussed me knowing how many different men she does it with, and how often. I have wanted to tell her for so long that i have heard her but i just cant…But for some odd reason it has made me hate my mom. It has made me hate her because she thinks Im stupid enough to not know whats going on, or to think I dont hear her. It also makes me mad that she cant just keep one guy and she does it with so many different guys, I have tried to tell her that I dont like all the different guys coming and going, but she says its her life not mine so i shouldnt be making her dessisions. Every time I see my mom there are so many mixed emotions that I avoid her as much as possible…Is there anybody and or anything I can do to help me get closer with my mom? I feel like the main reason to all my hate towards her ends up going back to hearing her do “stuff”.
    The reason I feel like she thinks im stupid is that OFCORSE I am going to hear her because I am always home when she does it, she also lies to me about it when i try to make her confess what she was doing. Once I heard her doing it with a guy on the couch, when I came out in the morning to go to school the guy and her were both laying naked on the couch. Her excuse was that he must of slept walked out her naked without her knowing…I mean REALLY!? There have been many other fibs she has told like that too. I wish she would tell the truth. But I wood never be able to tell her that I have heard her so many times without telling her. Any Advise?

  • it kinda grosses me out…and i have walked in on them before…not a pretty sight,disgusting for me

  • dave

    I spent the weekend at my god parents house and on saturday night i stayed up late as i was going to my bedroom i almost passed out from hearing thm doing it..but im happy they did, they were looking a little unhappy i was worried. But no matter how soft they were trying to be i could still hear them and it was long smh.

  • brod

    I am 37 years old, I have kids between the ages of 3-18. Parents should always be cautious around the little ones and if your old enough to complain and confront your parents about this matter, then its probably time for you move out.