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noemidado4My daughter studied the birth certificate from the National Statistics office. She laughed as she saw the occupation of her parents.

Father- Law student
Mother- Homemaker

She could not believe her father was just a law student. I glanced at my husband, “Wasn’t it just yesterday we were struggling newly weds?”. Looking up from her birth certificate, she asked “Mom if I was born this year, what occupation will you place?”

I replied ” blogger”.

My answer brought a smile to her lips. She nodded “I thought so too.”

She didn’t have to say it but I felt she was proud that I am a blogger.

In the social media circle, I am known as the mom blogger, two words that mean a lot to me.

I loved being a full time mom till their college years even if it meant meeting financial challenges. Blogging opened doors for me and kept me busy when they were all at their boarding house. Seeing them go to college was just heart breaking. A semi-empty nest was how I felt when it was just me and my husband at home.

These days, I don’t smother them that often. I don’t feel bad leaving them whenever I am busy with election-related events. Well, I don’t feel bad because they are working anyway.

I often think of their future and the new leader of this country. I try to do my share in the upcoming elections because I know my children will benefit directly from good governance. That is my role as “mom blogger” in social media.

Ann Landers was right when she said “A hundred years from now… it will not matter what my bank account was, the sort of house I lived in, or the kind of car I drove… but the world may be different because I was important in the life of a child.”

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  • Full time mom till their college years? Wow! 😀
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  • how candid naman…i like what ann lander said and how very true..what is really important is the time we spent with our kids/loved ones

  • jo

    Hi Ms. Noemi, this comment s somehow not related to your post, but I found out that your husband is a lawyer. May I ask how much does lawyers usually ask for an affidavit of loss? Yung mga notaryo publiko, do they do it for free? Sorry, wala po talaga akong alam, I’m only 19 and a college student.I lost my sim po kasi and have to submit an affidavit of loss sa Smart. Hope you could enlighten me po. Feel free to delete my comment na din po if nakakadumi lang. Thanks and God bless!

  • Being a mother and blogging must be difficult. I hope you can handle the both!

  • I visit this blog often times, but I just read your articles without leaving a comment. Anyway, this is gonna be my first comment here… I can say that your daughter must be proud of having a mom blogger. Being a blogger really means a lot.
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