First Breastfeeding station

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Ah, the predicament of breastfeeding in public. Lauren only drank breast milk for 8 months because infant formula caused her colicky pains. Knowing the difficulty of breastfeeding in public, I usually brought along stored breast milk . The opening of the breastfeeding station in SM Megamall is indeed good news for mothers.

“The breastfeeding culture is now on the brink of extinction,” Esguerra warned on Tuesday at the opening of the pioneering nursing station.

The SM project is seen as a significant step toward reviving breastfeeding among Filipinos who, according to the World Health Organization, spend P21.5 billion yearly on infant formula. Giant mall opens 1st breastfeeding station

As a working mother, I pumped enough breastfed milk while I was at work. My boss allowed lactating mothers to store their milk in the office’s refrigerator. Hehe, fortunately he never mistook it as his coffee creamer.

I can attest that [tag]breastfeeding[/tag] forms a strong bond between mother and child. It stimulates the release of ‘feel-good’ hormones and gave me such a relaxing feeling. My second daughter could not drink my breast milk because I just recuperated from Acute Hepatitis B. The pediatrician said that the virus might pass through the breast milk. I can really see the difference especially in our mother-child bonding experience. Also, the inconvenience of washing bottles!

Breast is best!

My sister, (who is part of the Children for Breastfeeding and the Philippine Academy of Lactation Consultants ) wants me to draft a proposal for their website. She thinks I am a web designer but perhaps I can come up with something.

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  • truly, breast is best!

    i just hope i’d really be brave enough to weather it out when my breasts get sore and achy… and that i’d have enough milk… and that my nipples won’t be inverted like my Mom’s (which caused a lot of frustration for me, methinks)

    PAL Centennial airport, for all the terminal fee it collects, doesn’t even have a breastfeeding and diaper-changing station 🙂 uyy, i think i should add that to my latest blog post…

  • airports should have . maybe they will follow suit 🙂

  • Hi There,

    It’s good to know that back home we are still pormoting pro-breastfeeding campaigns… Your blog is a good example for one as well 😉

    My name is Jerl and I found your blog via google-ism (heh). I was actually looking for breastfeeding info back home (Phils.) since a good friend of mine gave birth a a week ago. She may need help to go through it. I know by experience that the first time is always a challenge. I had to fight for my decision every step of the way starting from the hospital…

    You mentioned about the “Children for Breastfeeding and the Philippine Academy of Lactation Consultants.” Do they have a number?

    I would really appreciate it if you can get back to me. Please and Thank you!!!


  • sean

    Hi…i just wanna say that i happen to be 100%against breastfeeding in public, i find this act to be revolting and sexually obscene. Public breastfeeding is a primative behaviour which shows that we are not much different than Animals, we as a society needs to stop abandoning common sense that public breastfeeding is indecent behaviour and quit looking at this whole issue as womens rights political correctness Bull****. The trouble with our society is that its too liberal, we live in a liberal free society that teaches us as a new generation to be rude and impolite and to make it ok to be rude and impolite which is what public breastfeeding is. A liberal society is miseducating a new generation to socially accept this indecent, lowclass, primative behaviour to where we are becoming more like ignorant savages and plus lose a civilized society with no moral values. These liberal womens rights lactivist are doing everything they can to indoctrinate a new generation in the 21th century of the bad ways which we should look at as social mores. Lactivist are a poison to this country and they set a bad example for all breastfeeding stay-at-home-moms, the ideal traditional conservative breastfeeding mother, usually stays at home with her children to breastfeed, or to show some class by breastfeeding her baby in a restaurant bathroom to show some honor and respect for all restaurant customers. Any women who has class would do that, public breastfeeding needs to be banned in all 50 states to make America a decent more civilized country with good moral values since the pilgrims came out here. Public indecent exposure such as breastfeeding in public is eroding our society, which is contributing this moral breakdown in our society. A society who believes in manners and decency would and can make a difference by signing petitions to have laws passed to make public indecent exposure illegal such as public breastfeeding by getting involved in the Republican convention. Public breastfeeding is a ugly, shameful, dirty, sexually explicit act that makes all women look bad and makes the ideal traditional conservative breastfeeding mother look bad. Public indecent exposure is whats hurting the moral fabrics of America’s values , because it used to be at one time or a nother that breastfeeding was done behind closed doors and remained a mystery. People knew about breastfeeding back in the 1920’s, 1930’s, 1940’s, 1950’s and 1960’s era, it just wasnt veiwed out in public to push it in our face sort of thing which gave women a sense of dignity, decency and class. I dont have a problem at all with breastfeeding or nursing in public, i only support nursing in public, but only with the acception of a babybottle, just not THERE KIND of nursing in public of how Lactivist want it to be as an arrogant push-it-in-your-face-boobs sort of attitude. Like i already said before, lactivist dont set good examples for every breastfeeding women out there, they are bad role models for every idealistic conservative, traditional stay-at-home breastfeeding mother out there. Lactivist are hateful (make-trouble-for-you-people) bunch of scumbag militant groups that have really made a big embarrasment for all decent breastfeeding mothers out there and made a big embarrasment for themselves. These nurse-in-mother lactivist need to be repelled from our society and deserve a shot of pepper spray in there eyes for making business hard for Delta company when they sit around with no life to hold up signs for a big demonstration all because some lowclass trash like Emily Gillette couldnt take responsibilitys for her actions to use discretion or to take it to a bathroom. Public breastfeeding does tend to creepout restaurant-store customers and also makes business look bad, it gives a restaurant-store establishment a bad image. Women should feel a sense of shame, embarrasment, awkwardness and feeling out of place before doing something discraceful like that. If our screwy liberal government and senators are having legislation passed to have public indecent exposure such as public breastfeed legal just about anywhere including the workforce, how long will it be till laws are being passed to urinate-defacate in public. In france its perfectly legal to urinate in public and could very well be like that in America with the rate of socially accepting public breastfeeding to be a social norm

  • Maria

    With the American family looking for ways to contain and detach themselves from their children at a rapid rate it’s GREAT to see that there are still people out there promoting the positives of breastfeeding as well as advocating the bond that it promotes. Thank you so MUCH for your work and please keep doing what you’re doing. If we ALL stand together people whose opinions are that of Sean here won’t matter and we can disregard the blatant hatred for attaching the family and growing a family bond that lasts a lifetime.

  • Methinks our friend Sean protests too much, lol.

    Disregard the tirade, it’s pretty much meaningless and off topic. Breastfeeding isn’t what he apparently thinks it is, and people like that are the smallest minority, they just get very brave with the chance to be anonymous on the internet. We are more intelligent than to allow simpleminded and inaccurate arguments like that to phase us. Keep up the good work of spreading positive info about breastfeeding and nursing in public.

  • This message is for Sean.

    I just want that uneducated fool to know that his comment on lactivists is revolting!! Only a sex starved ugly maniac would ever be turned on seeing a mother nourish her child with God’s perfect food. HOW DARE YOU!! Breastfeeding in public is a mother and child’s God given right!! You eat in public, do you not? Why have a double standard for a mother breastfeeding her precious child?? Babies need to eat and eat they will!! Stop DROOLING OVER BREASTFEEDING MOMS!! THEIR BIG BEAUTIFUL BREASTS ARE NOT YOURS TO ADMIRE OR GAWK AT!!

    What did you think breasts are for in the first place, to make a woman’s t-shirt look pretty?? Get it in your thick head that breastfeeding is also eating!! Did you know that breastmilk is like a 3 course meal?? Formula pales in comparison from taste, smell to nutrients!!

    Go get a clue Sean!! You are the only one I know who has ever been against breastfeeding in public!!

  • Robin

    Im Robin. 15 from salt Lake city

    And i think Boobs are lovely
    Breastfeeding is beautiful and natural

    Sean? “ugly, shameful, dirty, sexually explicit?”

    With all due respect..
    Pull your head out of your ass


  • Joyce

    SEAN. Breastmilk is the most essential milk for babies. And babies get hungry every once in a while. What do you want mothers to do? Go back home and make their babies wait until they die to hunger??? Read the breastfeeding act of the Philippines and then go shoot yourself! Might as well, show your face in front of me and I’ll be the one to shoot you, you narrow minded cockatoo!!