Future Bloggers, My Blogging Goals

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In the photos are FUTURE Bloggers who are active Filipino American leaders such as Yolanda Stern (President, Federation of Philippine American Chambers of Commerce), Jose Pecho (Chair, Regional NAFFAA Northern California) Larry Flores (Seattle Transportation), Maurese Owens and more!

My sister, Lorna, is quite active in the Filipino-American community . It is no wonder that she initiated a workshop, How to be a ““Techy” Non Techie with Internet and Technology Tools to Effective Communication for the National Federation of Filipino American Associations’ (NaFFAA) 8th Empowerment Conference in Seattle on September 26-28. The goal of the workshop was to provide a quick overview of “techy” stuff for the emerging or seasoned community leader to complement their grassroots efforts in advocating social change by using some of the exciting and simple internet and technology tools.

The thing was she didn’t feel confident about the blogging part. I taught my sister to blog in 2004 even way before I started my personal blog but she felt I could best handle the techy part.

I asked, “what’s the profile of the participants?”

Lorna said, “mostly 40 and up”.

It should be easy, I thought. The day came and I presented the Filipina Images online campaign which caught the attention of the Filipino Americans while my sister presented Ben Menor’s online reputation management. The questions were a breeze as soon as they came in.

But one participant raised his hand “But what is a blog? I don’t even know what it means”.

Geesh, there I go again. I take the word “blog” for granted. I merely listed down the characteristics of a blog. duh. Good thing, he got it.

Lesson learned: define, define.

These Filipino American leaders from across the states have a lot to share to their constituents. I found out that they often use the mailing list. A mailing list is not interactive enough because the responses can be quite a handful and invasive. Blogging makes communication easier and faster if one wants to take a quick look at their various projects.

In other news….

loida lewis nicolas
With Loida Nicolas-Lewis
I am reunited with Loida Nicolas-Lewis, my case subject for the University of the Philippines (UP) Centennial through a book launch, Iskolar ng Bayan Gives Back, the Enterprising Way. She has a lot of fans among Filipino-Americans here.

The workshop was also the perfect opportunity to introduce our group blog, Good News Balikbayan which is not quite finished yet.

Meeting a few Filipino American Youth Leaders who might one day be future leaders of America was quite an honor. What smart kids. Jenab-i Pareja, regional youth chair for NaFFAA Region 8 (Northern California) and he is from UC Berkeley and Dave Gilbert Pederson, the youngest delegate at the recently completed Democratic National Convention in Denver. I admire their spunk and energy.

Blogging is not a big thing yet among these Filipino-American leaders but it will soon be. They proudly call themselves “future bloggers” as we gathered around the podium for a photo shoot.

How heartwarming.

Now that the Philippine Blog Awards are over, I want to focus more on advocacy groups that may reap the benefits of blogging. My efforts will not be in vain because they will be able to complement their grassroots efforts in advocating social change. I just want to help others. How grandiose can my plans be? Life is too short. I started my blog to promote an advocacy, Compassionate Friends and not for you to take pity on me for the death of my son. Yet, negative people want to see it otherwise. I have long let go of these type of negativity in my life. Why waste it on negative people who can’t see beyond themselves and prefer to nitpick on trivial matters?

What about you? Do you still see yourself blogging many years from now?

Noemi Lardizabal-Dado (1385 Posts)

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  • Congratulations on the successful workshop.

    Rach (Heart of Rachel)s last blog post..Blood Donation Experience

  • Good to know that there is still a lot of upside potential for blogs, given that many people still don’t know what a blog is. May your posts and talks inspire even more people to blog, Noemi. 🙂

    Jhoannas last blog post..Melamine and New Zealand

    • To think there are 60 million americans reading blogs!

  • Congratulations Noemi, you are part of my inspiration to pursue my mission in Mindanao a better place to live in with blogging as a tool.

    yolynnes last blog post..PRESS RELEASE: The Network for Enterprising Women Oct 17 Networking Party

    • I can see how passionate you are by the way you contribute to FilipinaImages.com. I hope you can pursue that mission for Mindanao. Good luck.

  • Nice! Congratulations! 🙂

    Yes I still see myself blogging for many years. For as long as my love for writing is there, I will be blogging.

    tonis last blog post..Husby Funnies

    • oh toni, you are a wonderful writer and blogger. I struggle to learn the rudiments of writing everyday.

  • ems

    Wow! Sounds like you’re having a great trip so far. Keep up the great work, you serve as an insipiration. I myself am still helping my advocacy groups figure out how we can use blogging to promote our cause. It’s time the non-profit and advocacy world learned to embrace this medium because it has so much power to help make your cause reach its tipping point!

    Congratulations on the workshop 🙂 Hope we at the World Youth Alliance can get you to speak for us also!

    emss last blog post..Under Construction

    • sure I can help! Just email me….

  • Yes, I still see myself blogging several years from now. Blogging with my kids 🙂

    These are wonderful experiences, Noemi 🙂

    • our whole family is blogging now!

  • congrats, Noems! i guess GoodNewsBalikbayan.com will now be on the way to meet more bloggers (or vise versa). take care, and do enjoy the working holiday.

    Sexy Moms last blog post..An Excellent Post on Parenting: Raising Chris Tiu

    • I love your entries, Dine! such wonderful writing.

  • Congratulations, Noemi!

    You’re really touching a lot of lives. Let me know if you’ll have that workshop here. Someday soon, I plan to be fulltime on my blogging and make it more professional. I just get so inspired when I read from people like you.

    Best regards.

  • I have to admire you with your goals ..

    “I want to focus more on advocacy groups that may reap the benefits of blogging”

    Keep it up!!

  • I like seeing congregrations where blogging is part of the topics that are discussed. It presents a new type of meeting. It also is serving to bring like-minded individuals together.

    Armen Shirvanians last blog post..Spoken/Written Words vs. Intent