Happy 23rd Birthday to My Dear Lauren

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My beautiful daughter, L is 23 years old today.

I used to tell my children that I built a house when I was 23 years old, thanks to the funds from my dear daddy old boy. M said she’d do the same when she turns 23. L didn’t say anything and then surprise, surprise, a month ago, she announced to us that she found her condo. She invested in a condominium (rather a shoe box) at the age of 22 years old, with her own savings, nary a single centavo from us.

This girl of mine is very frugal. She doesn’t like eating out much. Eating out in restaurants like Pepper Lunch where she thinks there is little value for the food is beyond her means. As a college student, she never complained about her allowance. Buying unnecessary gadgets seemed sinful to her. Whenever I give her money to buy brand new outfits, she turned to ukay-ukay clothing much to my chagrin. Lauren indirectly helped me pay for her college tuition. Whatever material gifts we shower upon her is all a bonus for being a frugal daughter.

I am so blessed with a beautiful and smart daughter who has a vision of her financial independence. Day by day, year by year, I watched her grow, grabbing hold of life, with grace and determination, and making it on her own while molding her dreams into reality.

I watched her beam with pride with each new accomplishment. I have also seen her heart broken and felt her pain as the tears spilled from her eyes.

I wish nothing but love and happiness, perfect health all throughout her life , as much money as she may need to make life easier, to do the things she wants to.

I wish her joy and satisfaction, the appreciation she so deserves, the courage when facing fears, and when she is about to lose her nerves.

Ah, my daughter, such a special person, all her own. She has always been a child full of wonder. I will always cherish the wonder and joy of watching her grow into a beautiful young lady. I’ll always be proud to say to the world “This is my daughter”. She is life’s greatest gift to me (all my children are) and I love her so much.

Happy Birthday Lauren!

Model unit of her Shoebox

Noemi Lardizabal-Dado (1386 Posts)

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  • My condo shall be decorated more awesomely than the model units!

    Laurens last blog post..Surfing (or Learning To) at La Union

    • am sure your condo will be lovely! Happy birthday my dear.

  • I can feel your heart and your pride in this post, Noemi. Very well-written, so touching! I admire Lauren – she is who she is largely because you helped her become that.
    Happy birthday Lauren! You’re doing awesome. (Buti ka pa, may own house na 😀 )

    imoms last blog post..Small Price for a Big Lunch at Italianni’s

    • pasaway din! She is her own person. I can see some traces of me in her.

  • I agree! She is one smart and beautiful lady. Happy birthday, Lauren! I pray that the Good Lord will keep you near Him always. 🙂

    Meikah Delids last blog post..Vote for Mother Earth

    • I pray too Meikah. Thanks for the prayer.

  • Happy Birthday to your daughter Tita. Mom was just telling me about this blog post~ 🙂 Congrats. Haha. She is the opposite of me though, where your daughter is frugal, I am a spender. XD

    Christas last blog post..My Childhood Companion

    • talaga? I think Lauren got it from me. My husband is a spender.

  • Wish my mother could honestly write something like this about me, but at least she loves me more than my siblings. My only consolation. 🙂

    BrianBs last blog post..First-Gen iPod Nano Owners on $25 Settlement

    • does your mom blog?

  • Happy birthday to your daughter! You brought up your daughter so well that’s why she’s like that. I admire how she handles money and thinks of being financially stable at the age of 23.

    Badets last blog post..Playboy Philippines sponsors Bloggers Night Out at the Source Bar

  • Happy Birthday to Lauren! I can’t think of anything more to wish for. She’s so blessed to have very loving and supporting Mom and Dad and because she’s smart, she can attain anything she wants to.

  • Whoever becomes the husband of Lauren will be a lucky guy. Darn it, I wouldn’t have imagined investing in a condo when I was her age. She’s young and she’ll still fly high, high, high. Happy burp-day!

    • there are more opportunities to invest now.

  • As a mom, I am sure you feel truly blessed that the labor pains you had 23 years ago have resulted into a priceless lifetime gain – Lauren. Cheers to you Noemi and Happy Birthday Lauren!

    • thanks dear. She was a fussy baby but turned out such a sweet girl.

  • rhodora

    Happy Birthday, Lauren! And oh, on the side, may I comment… you are one heck of a writer ! Go, girl! 🙂

    • yes she is a great writer. Those stupid accusations by the cat that I was her ghost writer when she was 10 is just preposterous.

  • wow naman! I know you’re such a proud mommy!

    I never thought Lauren’s like that. I totally admire her for the person that she is. Nakakatuwa. I hope to meet her someday. Hehehe.

    Happy Bday to her!

    • maybe your paths will cross.

  • Ria

    i can only hope that when the good Lord blesses me with my own daughter, she can be even just a little bit like yours!

    i admire your relationship with your children!

    happy birthday to your Lauren! you definitely make your momma proud 🙂

    Rias last blog post..I Hear Ya’, La Sallians!

  • Happy Birthday to Lauren!!! 🙂 Hey now…. shes lucky to have you as a mom too 🙂

  • You’re so lucky to have a daughter like Lauren. In this day and age, young people are so much into spending every chance they get. I hope my son grows up like your daughter. Belated happy birthday, Lauren!

  • Belated Happy Birthday to Lauren! Congrats on her new condo. I admire her independence and commitment at such a young age.

    Rach (Heart of Rachel)s last blog post..Weekend Snapshot #67

  • Admirable, but not my personal choice to decide to move out of my parents’ house. It’s probably just different here in Bacolod. There aren’t many condominiums here yet. If I were to decide I move out I’d have to look for a low-cost housing project (given that I just started working and still have insufficient pay to be on my own) which is in the suburbs. Our house is situated in a very convenient part of the city. I wouldn’t trade it for anything else.

    If ever, I’d most probably be the one paying for the renovation of our house. But I have a long way to go saving up money for that. Hehe. My mom is just proud that I found work that I like. That’s the best gift I’ve given her, for now.

    Lizzys last blog post..Breakfast at Tiffany’s