Laughter is the best medicine

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Even just the expectation of a mirthful [tag]laughter[/tag] involved in watching your favorite funny movie has some very surprising and significant neuroendocrine/hormone effects. That’s what this paper “”Beta-Endorphin and HGH increase are associated with both the anticipation and experience of mirthful laughter,” stated. Earlier experiments showed that viewing a favorite funny video can offset symptoms of chronic stress, which can suppress various components of the immune responses, particularly those related to anti-viral and anti-tumor defenses.

No wonder my body seeks comedy shows. My hubby knows me better now that whenever the American Idol season starts, I watch it with the anticipation of great entertainment. Naturally, laughter ensues when singer-wannabes become delusionary. Hehehe.

He enjoys hearing the sound of my shrill laughter. Every night, my family and myself watch the “Jacks” Comedy channel and the late night talk shows of “Late Night with Conan O’Brien” and “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” .

What I miss the most are the original jokes of my brothers, Oscar and Ruben (bless their souls!). My family of origin loves to laugh and I thought it was normal to have loud laughter and noise during dinner. Yes, I grew up in a noisy family where song and dance followed after dinner. Good thing our house was located in a huge lot and neighbors were far apart. It came as a culture shock to me when I married a husband whose family was let’s say…quiet. Not much [tag]humor[/tag]. So when my second daughter took after my family’s genes , my hubby often warned her to lower her voice in front of his mother. Oh boy! That used to cause marital conflict. But that soon came to pass after I set my foot down . There is nothing wrong with laughter during appropriate times.

“Why do you think Reader’s Digest has claimed that ‘Laughter is the Best Medicine’ for so many years?”

Hubby has now learned to laugh along with us. There’s nothing like a family who laughs together.

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  • aw….indeed. Laughter is the best medicine. It’s all over Robin William’s great classic film; “Patch Adams.” I just love the movie and it inspired me to laugh more and to become a doctor…someday.

    My family also loves to laugh, and laugh out loud. We would tease each other and laugh our heads off after meals. Through thick and thin, we were always laughing.

    It’s been with me ever since. My friends and classmates even ask how come tbey rarely see me pout or cranky or sad and sappy. I just say that I laugh, I just laugh. It’s like a mask to help me get through some tough times, when everyone else is moping, crying and down, I’m jumping to and fro with laughter, and it helps!

    I plan to carry this laughter and pass it on to my children. 😀

  • Toe

    Love that American Idol auditions too! Laughing keeps you young as well. I can only watch light comedies after a stressful day… don’t know how some people could watch heavy drama after a difficult day at work or after an exam.

  • Jhay: Oh that’s a good thing to pass on to your children. It’s laughter that’s kept me sane the past years especially during my greatest trials.

    Toe: I can’t stand drama either. Light comedies are great stress reducer indeed.

  • My family love “America’s Funniest Home Videos.” You’ll hear us burst into laughter when watch we it every Sunday night.

  • niceheart: oh yes, I love that show too. But I can never seem to catch the schedule.

  • Just be careful you don’t laugh too hard and too long though. That’s gonna cause you severe belly ache and a painful jaw. Cheers to happiness and laughter! 😀

  • if there’s no laughter in our lives, we’d all be depressed tight-a$$ human beings. so yah, laughter is good 🙂

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  • kurt

    hay buhay…. hinay hinay lang po sa pagtawa baka magmukhang ewan….

  • Very useful and interesting article that has new tips which I haven’t read about before. Keep up the good work. I just added your RSS feed to my Google News Reader..Thank you for sharing – keep lauging and smiling!!!lol

  • Ika nga ng isang singer, (I forgot his name – may memory gap na yata ako, wehehe), tawanan mo ang iyong problema. Tayong mga Pinoy likas na masayahin. Marahil ito ang isa sa mga kayamanang minana natin sa ating mga ninuno. It’s not that we’re taking things lightly, maybe it’s our way of coping up with problems. Smile, things will get better.