Singing a Lullaby at Red Box Trinoma

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It’s not the pale moon that excites me
That thrills and delights me, oh no
It’s just the nearness of you

It isn’t your sweet conversation
That brings this sensation, oh no
It’s just the nearness of you

When you’re in my arms and I feel you so close to me
All my wildest dreams came true

I need no soft lights to enchant me
If you’ll only grant me the right
To hold you ever so tight
And to feel in the night the nearness of you

The “Nearness of You” is 1940’s song probably meant to be a love song but I chose it as a lullaby for my 2 girls from the time they were babies till around 4 years old. Instead of singing the usual baby songs, I chose a slow and soul-soothing song as my way to calm my fussy babies. My pitchy song helped lull them to sleep and surprisingly calmned me at the same time. There is just no substitute for these quiet moments of connection — time spent nurturing my little loves.

Last night, I sang this song upon the request of my husband to tease the girls. When they were much older (6 years old), they used to sob when I sang this song. Perhaps they became nostalgic?. After sobbing, they slept soundly. I never had sleeping problems with any of my children because of this lullaby.

Right after my tone-deaf rendition of the song, Butch asked the girls “Are you crying now?


Speechless, methinks.

It’s the first time that I ever sang in a karoake club. I used to be squeamish about singing in public. But it’s my belated 51st birthday celebration with a few mom blogger friends and family so there is always a first time.

red box
(thanks Dine, Chats, Lisaflor, Julie for being there.)

It’s also my first time to visit Red Box Trinoma. Their bright and cheery room inspired my guests to belt out a song. I am so used to Red Box Greenbelt 3 branch which offers a buffet outside the karoake rooms. The Trinoma branch offered the buffet inside the room. The food was simple yet yummy for the prize of 99 pesos per person.

I was so “kilig” that Butch sang and dedicated “Misty” and “Moon River” to me.

butch singing

The night was still young but mommy bloggers being mommies needed to be home with their babies. I left Lauren with some of her friends to eat all the food we left behind and sing the night away.

Now, if you were invited to a karoake, what are your usual songs/repertoire? Please share.

Noemi Lardizabal-Dado (1388 Posts)

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  • Na-shy kami kaya di na kumanta (hehe). Thanks din for having us there, sarap ng food and cozy nga yung place. 🙂

    I’ll ask for copies of our photos po. 🙂

    lisaflors last blog post..Of Handwritten Letters and Dried Flowers

  • @lisaflor- I was just forced to sing seeing my husband is already serenading me. haha. I will email you the pics later.

  • Dina

    My favorite would be “My way”. Just kidding. Let me see, I usually sing slow Beatle’s songs like Yesterday.

  • @Dina- My Way is such an emotional song. I like Beatles too but I prefer listening to them than singing it.

  • Ed

    Belated happy birthday po!

    Anyway, the place looks so cozy. We’re definitely giving Red Box a try soon! =D

    Eds last blog post..Dice & K9 Mobbstarr: “Time Space Rhythm Starrs” Album Launch

  • Looking good, tita Noemi! The veg diet must be working wonders for you. Belated happy again 🙂

    Jeffs last blog post..A moment of pre-WWDC08 reflection

  • @ed- It’s really cozy. Hubby wants to hold a party there some time.

    @Jeff- Thanks to the magic of illusion too.

  • Hi, Noems! The Nearness of You is a song I cannot sing BUT Belen sang it for us during our wedding reception (we had a keyboardist for accompaniment)… so it does give us good memories.

    I am SO inggit! I have to visit Metro-Manila soon (after the move!) and go out to some of these fun places, without breaking my wallet and my partly-veggie diet (try aiming for 1500 calories a day)…

    Forcing me to sing karaoke songs — when people can drag me to a karaoke event. Songs suited for my voice: Carole King’s “You’ve Got a Friend,” Dusty Springfield’s “Call Me!,” James Taylor’s “Rainy Days and Mondays,” Helen Reddy’s “I Am Woman,” and some of the Burt Bacharach, Carpenters, Stylistics, and Bread songs… Memories talaga!

    Best karaoke singing experience ever: In 2000, when a group of top level famous Asian Americans accompanied a UN official (representing the US) to a private karaoke place (room) — and we all goofed off, very rare in the normally-reserved group. I had a blast singing off-key AND we had a great time bonding.

    Lorna Dietzs last blog post..Cheapest internet airfares to the Philippines!

  • @Lorns- I cannot sing it well but do babies really care? When you’re here, we can definitely party at the Red Box.

  • Awww you’re such a sweet couple! 😀

    I usually sing Joey Albert songs. Haha!

    tonis last blog post..How to cope with work

  • Arlene

    Ms. Noems, Belated Happy Birthday! Judging from the photos, you did have a wonderful celebration. And, oh, that was so sweet of Atty. Butch serenading you. 🙂

    Sorry, i missed again our compassionate friends meeting last saturday. I brought my son at medical city for his flu shot. I intended to catch up on the group sana after the immunization, kaya lang sa dami ng patients, past 6pm na kami nakatapos. hope to see you and the others soon.

    May you continue to inspire others with your selfless works. More blessings and good tidings to you and your family.

  • kainggit naman kayo… hehehe I wish I can visit Red Box one of these days… pag di na masyado busy.

    Manila Freelancers last blog post..Bloggers Top affiliate payouts are coming from Clickbooth!

  • @toni- sweet when we’re not into arguments.

    @arlene- just come to our meetings whenever you can. As a mom with young kids, I could hardly go out. I understand.

    @Melo- I bet you have a whole repertoire of songs ready.

  • sorry i wasn’t able to make it. =(
    thanks for sharing the pictures. you all look so lovely! i especially love that picture of you and your hubby. ang sweet-sweet nyo.

    lady cesss last blog post..Hello, How Are You?

  • @cess- it’s okay! Haha, sweet when he wants to.

  • Like Cess, I love that photo of you and Butch, so sweet! My hubby also sings for me, or rather plays the piano and sings for me. Now he does this with the kids, playing their favorite songs or teaching them how to play these.

    I had a wonderful time, thank you very much.

    Now I am off to read you other entry and I hope this won’t get me teary-eyed.

    julies last blog post..Philippine Sea Tragedies

  • i did enjoy the get together with your family and other mom bloggers. my kids, maybe even when they were still not born, knew the melody of “They Long to be Close to You”, as it was the song I sang to all of them. It has always been my desire to sing Loving You, but it was only Minnie Ripperton who could do justice, I guess, and she’s gone now. Thanks for the nice time, Noems.

    Sexy Moms last blog post..Parenting–The risks I took (and continue to take)

  • @Julie- wow kilig factor talaga if our hubbies sing for us.

    @Dine- Ah sayang . You should have sang it !

  • Hi Noemi! Daya mo, we left na when you sang it… Ako din shy, like lisaflor hehe. Nakaka insecure ang voice ni Belen eh. 🙂

    Thanks for inviting us. I enjoyed catching up with you and the others. 🙂

  • Hi Noemi. I’m sorry wasn’t able to make it. I’m glad to know that you all had a wonderful evening.

    I love the song Nearness of You. It reminds me of someone special back in college. It’s one of the songs in the movie, Indecent Proposal.

    Honestly I’ve never tried singing in a karaoke/videoke before. Sadly, I cannot carry a tune. But I don’t mind listening to other people sing. I’m happy that way.

    Thanks for sharing these photos of your fun moments.

    Rach (Heart of Rachel)s last blog post..Aloha Friday #32

  • To be serenaded is so kilig especially with the ‘Moonriver’ song. I rarely belt during videokes. The few times I was forced to, I did ‘Buttercup’ and ‘That’s what friends are for’.

    witsandnutss last blog post..Fries, anyone?

  • @chateau- it’s always fun to meet up no matter the occasion

    @rach- you will have your first time! I am 51 now. So you wait and see.

    @witsandnuts- I like “That’s What friends are for” too. I’ll keep that in mind.

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